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A podcast focusing on women's stories in genre fiction and pop culture.

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Episode #4: The Works of N.K. Jemisin

The Heroine’s Journey is a weekly podcast by women, for women, about women. Each week,  LC Brown and a rotating cast of guest hosts shine a spotlight on the lady-driven stories they love. “Episode #4: The Works of N.K. Jemisin” This week, LC Brown is joined by Tanya DePass of #I Need Diverse Games to […]


10 Mar 2015

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Episode #17: Jane the Virgin

This week, LC is joined by Sylvia Monreal, creator of @ComoSeDiceNerd and one of the organizers of GeekGirlCon, to dig into Jane the Virgin, the CW’s awesome foray into the world of telenovelas, including: Drama with heart, characters without shame: How Jane the Virgin subverts stereotype How women propel the action, while men struggle with […]


16 Jun 2015

Rank #2

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Episode #16: Ms. Marvel

LC is joined by Tess, one of our Patreon patrons, to geek out over Ms. Marvel, the new Kamala Khan-led line that’s taking the comics world by storm, including: Why we love Kamala Khan and the parts of her that are “too big, too weird” Why so many adults struggle to write believable teenagers Kamala […]


9 Jun 2015

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Episode #15: The Secret of NIMH

This week, LC is joined by the fantastic Kiva Bay, creator of the Feminist Deck, to deep dive on The Secret of NIMH, Don Bluth’s dark and weird and weirdly dark 1982 animated flick, including: What makes Mrs. Brisby such an unusual heroine for a kid’s movie Women are from the field, men are from […]


2 Jun 2015

Rank #4

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Episode #20: Jurassic Park

In honor of our 20th episode, LC welcomes our first guest, Jay, back to the show to talk about Jurassic Park films, including: Ellie Satler: Fending off velociraptors and gross male academics since 1993 How Lex Murphy got a generation of girls interested in STEM Our lasting impressions of The Lost World: Crushes, gymnastics and […]


14 Jul 2015

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Episode #18: Portal

Nadia comes back to the show to geek out over Portal, the 2007 first-person puzzle platformer by Valve and source of a thousand memes, including: Looking back on Chell as a heroine, eight years later GLaDOS as the dark mother, and how a computer got to be so good at emotional abuse Why LC never […]

1hr 1min

23 Jun 2015

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Episode #19: Live from Rabbitcon Summer 2015

This week, we record live (sort of) from Rabbitcon!  LC pulls in some of the women in attendance to talk about what they’re reading, watching and playing now. Join Jen, Kate, Kittylexy, Ariel, Sam, JennSka and Lola as they talk about: Pretty Little Liars; Sue Ann Jaffarian’s Odelia Gray mysteries; Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 […]

1hr 3mins

30 Jun 2015

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Episode #14: The Fifth Element

This week, LC is joined by the delightful Apple Cider Mage, cohost and editor of the Justice Points podcast, to talk about The Fifth Element, Luc Besson’s deeply problematic yet deeply awesome 1997 futuristic classic, including: A strong disclaimer — is The Fifth Element really a good example of a lady story? Our problems with […]


19 May 2015

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Episode #13: Farscape

This week, LC and Nadia tackle one of our most requested topics: Farscape, the cult classic sci fi show by the Jim Henson Company, including: Raindrops, tentacles and body swapping: When we fell in love with Aeryn Sun Zhaan, Jool, Noranti, Grayza… so many women, so little time! Is John Crichton the “competitively ineffectual” girlfriend? […]


12 May 2015

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Episode #12: Final Fantasy

This week, LC welcomes Jay Kateel back to the show to talk about Final Fantasy, the game series that defined a generation of games and gamers alike, including: What makes Final Fantasy’s female characters so unusual? Heroine’s Journeys and humanism porn: Why these games are our catnip Defending the Sorceress and the Knight trope Why […]


5 May 2015

Rank #10