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Ole’s At The Wheel

As Ole continues his succesful run we reassess if he should be given the job, look at the weaknesses in the squad, discuss players we need to strengthen and contemplate how realistic 4th and a cup win is. Show Notes: 00:47- News01:27 – Now Ole has face the big boys should he be given the job09:26 – Having seen the players played for multiple manager we’re in a better position to judge who needs to stay and who needs to go17:06 – How do we strengthen?26:02 – Is 4th realistic and how likely are we to win the FA Cup30:21 – Closing statements


9 Mar 2019

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We analyse Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s blistering start as interim gaffer. Show Notes: 01:10 – News update01:55 – Could any manager have done what Ole’s done?06:45 – What specifically has Ole done to turn it around?12:34 – Is Ole a contender for the permanent job?20:44 – Are youth given enough chances?32:06 – Who’s been a hidden gem under Ole?40:25 – Quick fire questions42:37 – Closing statements


25 Jan 2019

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No Way Jose

We’re back and in this bumper episode we dive into the inner turmoil at the club and discuss some of the issues Show Notes: 00:40 – Where did it all go wrong for Jose?06:26 – Is having a caretaker the right move?10:10 – How much responsibility for this situation lies with the players15:25 – Does the organisation of Man Utd need to change from top down?27:20 – What we think of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as caretaker manager34:00 – We discuss the next Man Utd manager and the cadidates42:07 – What is the first thing the new manager should do?


21 Dec 2018

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D Blind Leading D Blind

In this 2017/18 pre-season episode we review last season, look at the transfer ins and outs and review all the pre-season games. Show Notes: 01:45 – Last season review 04:00 – How did the new boys do last season? 10:45 – New season transfer news including Lindelof, Lukaku, Matic, Rooney and Zlatan 19:45 – Pre-season game 1 vs LA Galaxy review 22:06 – Pre-season game 2 vs Real Salt Lake review 24:08 – Pre-season game 3 vs Man City review 25:45 – Pre-season game 4 vs Real Madrid review 28:04 – Pre-season game 5 vs Barcelona review 29:11 – Pre-season game 6 vs Valerenga review 30:00 – Pre-season game 7 vs Sampdoria review 32:00 – Pre-season top performers 34:00 – One last thing


7 Aug 2017

Rank #4

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Lacking Carrickter

We review the Liverpool and Fenerbahce games and preview the Chelsea game. Show Notes: 01:11 – Liverpool game breakdown 03:44 – What’s more important winning or playing well? 07:18 – Positives from the Liverpool game 11:15 – Fenerbahce game breakdown 14:35 – Has Carrick still got it? 16:50 – How seriously should we be taking the Europa League 18:30 – Putting Rooney under the microscope 24:44 – Chelsea preview


23 Oct 2016

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The Fat Gene

We’re back after an extended break and we catchup with all the drama of this season so far! Show Notes: 01:12 – Is the Pogba deal a downward spiral? 04:28 – Charity Shield final 06:05 – What’s going on with Bastian and Mata? 10:08 – How is Zlatan doing? 11:23 – Where does Rashford fit in this season? 12:57 – The City game 19:14 – Pogba’s problems 24:03 – Where’s it going wrong for the team? 26:24 – Are other players under performing? 29:30 – The Wayne Rooney debate


10 Oct 2016

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Paul’s Pogcast

Jose’s first offical Utd press conference reveals a lot about the future of the club! Show Notes: 01:40 – Jose’s style of play 05:04 – Rivalry with Pep 07:56 – The truth about Giggs 10:11 – The Jose and youth misconception? 19:35 – Jose the bitter reject? 22:10 – Rooney’s role 29:27 – Transfer rumours including Paul Pogba!


14 Jul 2016

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Taking The Mkhi

Jose’s flashing his cash as Utd start splashing out on more players! Show Notes: 01:20 – More info on Giggs’s future 05:52 – Insight into Jose’s managerial style 08:10 – Pre season and start of season fixture analysis 11:45 – What we think of the new Utd kit 14:31 – Transfer Rumors including Henrikh Mkhitaryan & James Rodriguez 22:30 – Future of our defence 26:00 – Utd boys at Euro 2016


29 Jun 2016

Rank #8

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Jose’s getting his house in order before he looks to start splashing the cash! Show Notes: 01:00 – Jose’s first act as manager 04:45 – What’s going to happen to Ryan Giggs? 12:39 – Eric Bailly Jose’s first signing? 16:56 – Matic to United? 20:11 – Who can solve our attacking midfield conundrum? 24:40 – More Zlataan news and chat 29:27 – Michael Carrick’s contract renewal and our thoughts


9 Jun 2016

Rank #9

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The Horny One

Louis Van Hell sacked, Mr Chelsea is in, oh and we won the FA Cup. Show Notes: 02:18 – FA Cup final pre-match entertainment review 03:46 – Our reactions to being crowned FA Cup champions 05:23 – FA Cup final as we saw it 08:17 – The 13th man for us 09:19 – Smalling’s performance or lack thereof 11:25 – Where did it all go wrong for LVG? 17:43 – LVG’s best bits 20:48 – Is Jose the right man for the job? 25:20 – Mr Chelsea (Jose) at United, how do we feel? 30:52 – What should Jose do first? 32:23 – Transfer rumours


1 Jun 2016

Rank #10