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The Portafilter Podcast with Nick Cho and Ashley Rodriguez. For coffee professionals and fanatics only!

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Craft Chocolate and the New Podcast Team!

A conversation with Colin Gasko, founder of Rogue Chocolatier, and Carla D. Martin, founder and executive director of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute. Oh, and the Portafilter Podcast is BACK, and with a new team! Meet Ashley and Bigmatt!


23 Mar 2016

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Oliver Strand - The Portafilter Interviews

Oliver Strand, freelance writer with a book about coffee due in 2014.

1hr 21mins

12 Dec 2013

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Peter Giuliano - The Portafilter Interviews

Peter Giuliano, Director of Symposium at the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

1hr 21mins

15 Oct 2013

Rank #3

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Ric Rhinehart - The Portafilter Interviews

First in our interview series, Ric Rhinehart, Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Hope you enjoy these new shows!

1hr 17mins

5 Sep 2013

Rank #4

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PF.net 102 - Episode Number 102 - The Portafilter.net Podcast

Mark gives Nick a hard time, SCAA Chronicle article, the inaugural SPRUDGE Radio Minute, and the first in a multipart exploration of the coffee C Market, this one with Peter Giuliano from Counter Culture Coffee. OUR CALL IN NUMBER is 805-727-3638.

1hr 7mins

13 Mar 2011

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PF.net 072 - Secret Working Title - The Portafilter.net Podcast

From Artifact Coffee, Baltimore, MD. Special guests, writer and author Michaele Weissman talks about her book project about specialty coffee, and chef Spike Gjerde of Artifact Coffee and Woodberry Kitchen talks about his exploration into food and coffee... and of course, some random jibber-jabber without which the podcast wouldn't be the podcast.

1hr 56mins

17 Jun 2007

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PF.net 071 - The 20,000 Dollar Pyramid - The Portafilter.net Podcast

From murky coffee, Arlington, VA. Jay and Nick talk about the upcoming SCAA 3-Day Skill-Building Workshops, Washington DC July 6-8, 2007), news and notes on CoffeeFest, zacharyzachary.com, we call (unsuccessfully) Heather Perry, we call (successfully) Layla Osberg from Blenz Coffee and winner of the 2007 Atlanta CoffeeFest Millrock Latte Art Competition about her win and her 20,000 dollar bonus, we call Ellie Matuszak about the DC training, and much more.

1hr 38mins

7 Jun 2007

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PF.net 068 - The Very Symmetrical Number - The Portafilter.net Podcast

A rehashing of the discussion from podcast 67, followed by Brent Fortune (Crema Cafe and Bakery, Portland, OR), Andrew Barnett (Ecco Caffe, Santa Rosa, California), and an important discussion about time and date.


10 May 2007

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PF.net 067 - The Portafilter.net Podcast

UPDATE: MAY 16, 2007 - At the request of the SCAA, this episode has been removed.

10 May 2007

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PF.net 064 - Shake Your Maracas! - The Portafilter.net Podcast

From the SCAA Long Beach Roasters' Guild Party: An in-depth conversation between Jay Caragay and Michelle Campbell, Director of Community and Events, SCAA, Nick talks about possible brain injury, US Barista Championship sponsors, Nick on the SCAA Board of Directors, local geography, the SCAA 2008 Conference, and much, much, more.


10 May 2007

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PF.net 063 - Onward to SCAA and USBC 2007!!! - The Portafilter.net Podcast

Brought to you by DaVinci Gourmet and 1st-Line.com. Especially family-sized for those traveling to Long Beach this week, Jay and Nick (via Skype) are joined by Ellie Matuszak (Intelligentsia Coffee, CA) to talk about recapping the MANERBC, chattin' up the SCAA, the BGA, the "Black Cat Conspiracy," what's unfair in barista competitions, Jay and Nick run down the USBC competitors (at least who we know), and we finish up with a heart-to-heart from Nick. See y'alls in Long Beach!

2hr 20mins

1 May 2007

Rank #11

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PF.net 060 - Beasts of the East - The Portafilter.net Podcast

From the Mid Atlantic Regional Barista Jam, hosted by Cosmic Cup Coffee, in Easton, PA. Enjoy the cacophony!


9 Feb 2007

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PF.net 059 - Table for Two at El Bulli - The Portafilter.net Podcast

Yeah, it's a long one, but the time will fly by, we promise. Highlights: What Is Geoff Watts Thinking About Today? Nick and Jay and their travelogues, Marcus Boni - Master Thespian, BGA Jam in PA, run down of new WBC rules changes, and Jay and Nick make a reservation for two at Ferran Adria's celebrated restaurant in Spain, El Bulli.

2hr 33mins

2 Feb 2007

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PF.net 058 - Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar... oh my! - The Portafilter.net Podcast

A straight-from-the-horse's-mouth interview with Getachew Mengistie, Director General of the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office in Addis Ababa, regarding the Ethiopian coffee origin names issue that's been in the press and on the blogs. It was a huge honor and privilege to have the gentleman at the core of the issue on the PF.net microphone. For more information about licensing agreements with Ethiopia, write Director General Getachew directly. The email address will be published at portafilter.net.

1hr 35mins

27 Dec 2006

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PF.net 057 - Portafilter DriveCast - The Portafilter.net Podcast

With Katie Carguilo in the back seat, Nick and Jay are P.W.D. (podcasting while driving). Topics include: Visit with Lindsay and Matt from Canada, Aida Batlle, the unnerving world of espresso blend development, a rant on coffee-blogs, and a non-update on PF2007.

1hr 21mins

14 Dec 2006

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PF.net 056 - Black Gold The Movie - The Portafilter.net Podcast

An insightful conversation with the directors, cinematographers, and producers of the documentary film, "Black Gold - The Movie," Mr. Nick Francis and Mr. Mark Francis, along with Counter Culture Coffee Director of Coffee, Mr. Peter Giuliano. Check out their website at www.blackgoldmovie.com. The best part of this chat is that it becomes a true dialogue, not just an interview.

1hr 21mins

23 Nov 2006

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PF.net 054 - Trish's Layover - The Portafilter.net Podcast

When Zoka's Director of Coffee, Trish Skeie, gets stuck in Washington DC en route to Brazil, what do you do? Answer: break out the microphones! Discussion topics: Why is Trish on the show, news and notes, skate board decks are cool, live audio from the NWRBC awards ceremony, recapping the SERBC, Portafilter 2007, the Celebrity-Barista discussion, and a little five dollar wager. Imagine that: another 2-plus hour podcast.

2hr 15mins

23 Oct 2006

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PF.net 041 - Klaus - The Portafilter.net Podcast

An intimate chat with the newly crowned 2006 WBC Champion, Klaus Thomsen, Estate Coffee, Denmark

22 May 2006

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PF.net 017 - Crema Coffee and Bakery (Portland) - The Portafilter.net Podcast

Special guests:Chris Tacy (malachi), Sarah Allen (Barista Magazine), Brent Fortune (Crema Coffee and Bakery), Jana Oppenheimer (Stumptown), Stephen Vick (Stumptown), Phuong Tran (Zoka/Lava Java), Billy Wilson (Albina Press), Trish Skeie (Zoka)- Talkin about the Clover- Catching up with Coffee Fest and NWRBC news- What is Chris Tacy thinking about today?- Whining about lost podcasts- Barista Magazine chit-chat- Down 'n dirty about barista competitionsQuestions? Comments? Hate mail? Email us at podcast@portafilter.net, and we might read your email during the next show.

9 Nov 2005

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PF.net 011: Jay in Vegas and Mark Inman - Portafilter.net Podcast

Podcast ElevenSpecial guest: Mark Inman, President and Green Buyer, Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee and TeaPodcasting from murky coffee, Arlington, VA... and Las Vegas, NVJay's in Vegas! Thank God for cellphones. Quick note: we mention that we're gonna do a call-in to the Roasters' Guild annual retreat... and it never happened. We'll catch up with the roaster-folks later, but we should have explained that but we didn't. Oh well. Good stuff otherwise.Show highlights:- Jay in Vegas- Nick responds to coffee geeks- call-in with Mark Inman, with discussion about organic farming, possible innovations in coffee production for espresso, etc. Information overload! Great stuff!- a very special and exclusive and important announcement from Mr. Inman!Questions? Comments? Hate mail? Email us at podcast@portafilter.net, and we might read your email during the next show.

21 Aug 2005

Rank #20