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Hygiene: Kew Green Preparatory School

Message from the laboratories at Imperial College London: Hand hygiene and bacteria .


15 Mar 2016

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Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU) video for potential trial participants

What are the advantages of taking part in clinical trials?


5 Aug 2015

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Ebola vaccine trials

Imperial is recruiting healthy volunteers to take part in the first trials of two new Ebola vaccines. (Extract 2 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 3 June 2015)


3 Jun 2015

Rank #3

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News: T cells and the Imperial Festival

A discovery that could lead to a new cancer therapy and a look ahead to our big event on 9-10 May. (Extract 1 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 22 April 2015)


22 Apr 2015

Rank #4

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Salamanders in peril

News: A skin-eating fungal disease brought from Asia by the pet trade poses a threat to European amphibians. (Extract 1 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 12 November 2014)


11 Nov 2014

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How to Catch Flu

A short animation film about Influenza, commissioned by the MOSAIC consortium. Designed and Produced by Steve Appleby and Peter Bishop, with scientific input from Professor Peter Openshaw and Dr Calum Semple.


9 Jul 2014

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New study involving Imperial College London estimates over 50 million children infected with tuberculosis

Researchers have found evidence that a large gap exists between the number of recorded TB cases and the true underlying incidence. The study published in Lancet Global Health, shows that TB in children is a major public health problem.

9 Jul 2014

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How to Catch the Flu. MOSAIC @ Imperial Festival 2014

This video clip shows how the flu virus can spread through a community using an interactive display of dominoes set up over a city-scape. It also shows how vaccines (immunisations) can protect individuals, their family, friends and contacts

17 Jun 2014

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Spanish Flu to Swine Flu

Professor Peter Openshaw looks at the challenges these viruses create and how we could lessen the impact of future pandemics.


19 May 2014

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A new antibiotic?

Medical student Thomas Webb has designed a drug that could defeat the most resistant bacteria – but he needs donations to put it to the test. (Extract 4 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 15 January 2014)


15 Jan 2014

Rank #10