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In service to securing your liberty and the security of a free state! A former cop and military combat veteran examines samurai related martial arts, personal empowerment, and the principles of political economy as a path to liberation.

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Ep35: The Martial Journey of James Williams Sensei, Part-1

James Williams Sensei of Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho shares his path from boxer to teacher of samurai tradition to elite special operations units. Nami-ryu Aiki Heiho and affiliated dojo: https://www.namiryu.com/ Williams Sensei on the Eye and the Mind: https://www.systemofstrategy.com/blogs/news/112407494-the-eye-and-the-mind Special Mission Knives by Sensei Williams: https://williamsbladedesign.com/ Bugei Trading Company: All Things Samurai https://bugei.com/ Study Japanese (or any other language) with a free trial: everydaysamurai.life/rocket


24 Dec 2019

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Ep36: The Martial Journey of James Williams Sensei, Pt. 2

James Williams Sensei continues to share his unique approach to martial arts training, skillful aging, and personal development by releasing fear and subconscious programming in a way that allows you to focus on prevailing even in edged weapons engagements. Show notes: www.everydaysamurai.life/36


12 Jan 2020

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Ep32: Military Flag Officers Threaten Liberty

A recent opinion piece from retired Navy SEAL Admiral William McRaven highlights the threat to liberty posed by a standing army and the high-level bureaucrats that helm them in service to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. McRaven’s Op-Ed: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/17/opinion/trump-mcraven-syria-military.html Van Buren’s Comment: https://wemeantwell.com/blog/2019/10/18/so-admiral-mcraven-just-called-for-a-military-coup-kinda/ Master your mind: www.everydaysamurai.life/zen12 New ED-Shi gear: shop.everydaysamurai.life


2 Nov 2019

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Ep31: Dissecting the Leftist Deep State

The so-called deep state has leftist roots aiming at the centralization and control of political power. This manifests as decision-making authority of financial resources and private property at the expense of personal liberty. All states tend to become deep by the very nature of bureaucracy, which is inherently plagued by the failures of socialism, an inability to conduct economic calculation and direct resources to their highest-valued ends. Therefore all bureaucracies are not only wasteful but also, in the absence of market competition and price signals, blind to the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. Bureaucracies naturally transform into self-serving institutions ripe to advance leftist ideology and advance the deep state. Leftist capture of key social and governmental institutions especially media outlets and education further grows the deep state through social engineering and shaping public discourse. Rather than preserving liberty and encouraging free thinking, leftists, politicians, and senior executive bureaucrats look upon individuals as pawns in their master plan. All of this is inimical to free-thinking, entrepreneurship, and liberty. Leftists and the deep state prefer an ignorant and distracted citizenry that they can tax, mold, and direct at will. Yet government in the Enlightenment tradition is supposed to protect liberty and secure a free space for people to pursue their own happiness. In order to restore the proper role and function of government, all leftist designs must be resisted and the deep state must be undermined. It begins with understanding the principles of justice and must translate into positive action. Learn how with this discussion of history, current events, and the essential nature of martial art in the security of a free state. Get a free download outline of Igensho: The Book of Dignity www.everydaysamurai.life/dignity Learn the history, economics, and political science to secure a free state: www.libertydojo.com About Albert J. Nock: https://mises.org/profile/albert-jay-nock Frederick Bastiat, The Law: https://fee.org/resources/the-law


20 Oct 2019

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Ep39: Dr. Edwin Vieira on Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Part 3

Dr. Edwin Vieira contrasts immigration sanctuaries from those protecting the Second Amendment, differences in local sovereignty between the Dillon Rule and Home Rule, and how the Bundy Ranch standoff would have played out had Constitutional federalism was actually in effect. Notes: www.everydaysamurai.life/39 Your victorious mind: www.everydaysamurai.life/rise


12 Mar 2020

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Ep14: Myth, Reason, and Law

Myths can entertain or inspire a heroic journey, yet are no way to make policy in a free society. Only reason and fundamental truths can reveal the path to justice. Explore the link from Mars, Thor, Hachiman, and the American Revolution. Learn the only two valid laws needed to live in peace. Pick up a tactical pen and get our training guide as a bonus: shop.everydaysamurai.life Get into fitness & flexibility: www.everydaysamurai.life/Progress Get the coaching you need to prevail in life: www.everydaysamurai.life/success Learn more about the Igensho approach to training: https://www.tacticalstudiesgroup.com/ Geopolitical & investment author Richard J. Maybury: http://www.earlywarningreport.com


20 Oct 2018

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Ep28: Heart of the Problem

Today we go to the heart of the political-economic problems confronting the United States, and the world for that matter, to find Constitutional solutions scholar-warriors can implement and seize the initiative. Based on an article by Dr. Edwing Vieira Read the show notes at www.everydaysamurai.life/28 Fitness: www.everydaysamurai.life/progress Mindset: www.everydaysamurai.life/zen12 List: www.everydaysamurai.life/dignity Gear: www.everydaysamurai.life/logo


17 Feb 2019

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Ep15: Pattern Recognition

Recognizing hostile patterns of human behavior is the best way to overcome threats to life, liberty, and property. This is equally true on the individual, communal, and international levels. Find out more about how to develop your awareness and prevail. Pick up a tactical pen and get our training guide as a bonus: https://shop.everydaysamurai.life Get into fitness & flexibility: www.everydaysamurai.life/Progress Get the coaching you need to prevail in life: www.everydaysamurai.life/success Learn more about the Igensho approach to training: https://www.tacticalstudiesgroup.com/ Geopolitical & investment author Richard J. Maybury: www.earlywarningreport.com Active Self Protection (ASP): www.activeselfprotection.com/


28 Oct 2018

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Ep33: Free Man Beyond The Wall Interview

I was interviewed by Pete Quinones on the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast regarding my article on how Military Flag Officer’s Threaten Liberty. We discuss a bit of my backstory and how I became interested in political-economy as well as what to do about the threats posed to the “security of a free state” by the permanent bureaucracy. Pete Quinones: https://freemanbeyondthewall.com/ Original Article: https://www.everydaysamurai.life/blog/how-military-flag-officers-threaten-liberty/ Mindset: www.everydaysamurai.life/shots Swag: shop.everydaysamurai.life


2 Dec 2019

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Ep34: Dave Chappelle's take on the Second Amendment

Dave Chappelle recently said that the second amendment was there “just in case” the first one didn’t work out. This endorsement is welcome, however, also falls into the slippery slope of ceding entirely too much ground to aspiring tyrants. 2A rights are to secure a free state, not for waiting to rebel against an out of control Leviathan. Training with the tools of combat , exemplified by samurai related martial arts, leads to a society of individuals empowered with awareness, discipline, and an understanding of cause and effect. Carlin on a rant: https://youtu.be/oI5EY5kqiBU Brainwave Shots: www.everydaysamurai.life/shots Shop.EverydaySamurai.Life


12 Dec 2019

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Ep37: Dr. Edwin Vieira on Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Part 1

A conversation with Dr. Edwin Vieira on the situation in Virginia and how to secure so called Second Amendment rights using the legal tools available in both the state and general Constitutions. Dr. Vieira holds four degrees from Harvard, including a PhD and juris doctor. As a lawyer he has argued several precedent setting cases before the Supreme Court and testified before Congressional committees on matters of Constitutional order.   He has authored several books on the proper monetary system authorized by the Constitution in addition to writing extensively on the indispensable role the militia play in the Constitutional system to provide for the security of a free state within a properly functioning federated republic.  www.everydaysamurai.life/37


3 Feb 2020

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Ep16: Cycles and Spirals

Early recognition of human behavior likely to result in hostility or infringement is an essential component of strategic thinking because it allows for neutralizing tactics that minimize destruction of lives and property. See the cycles and spirals of escalation in a whole new way using political economy and history. Pick up a tactical pen and get our training guide as a bonus: https://shop.everydaysamurai.life Effective & fast meditation: www.everydaysamurai.life/zen12 Get into fitness & flexibility: www.everydaysamurai.life/Progress Get the coaching you need to prevail in life: www.everydaysamurai.life/success Learn more about the Igensho approach to training: https://www.tacticalstudiesgroup.com/ Geopolitical & investment author Richard J. Maybury: www.earlywarningreport.com Active Self Protection (ASP): www.activeselfprotection.com/


4 Nov 2018

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Ep30: Incrementalism

Incrementalism is the gradual path of encroachment upon individual rights that leads to tyranny. Before someone can exert their will over you they must first disarm you. This is why there can be no compromise on the fundamental principles of liberty.  Being well trained in the use of arms and actually having them in your possession at all times is an essential ingredient to securing yourself, as well as contributing to the security of a free state.  Individually and collectively, a free society cannot allow incrementalism to erode the foundations of justice and the practical means of maintaining self-government.   That a Free State offers no privileges to those that would live as parasites must engage in incrementalism and obscure their designs. All politics is based on deception.  The political class must pervert law away from its real purpose of serving justice and promoting social harmony before they can exert their will upon their constituents. They must confuse issues and pit groups against one another in order to divide and rule.  Upholding the principles of justice are easy when you understand the simplicity of common law: do all you have agreed to do and do not encroach upon other people or their property. A government orchestrated for this sole purpose, the protection of people and their property is inexpensive and noninvasive. It is entirely opposite to the present experience with governments, the most expensive and invasive humanity has ever known. There is a better way. It begins by developing the your own dignity and self-mastery, grounded in principle and disciplined to bring forth your highest capacities. This is why we train along the dual path of scholarly and martial arts. Bring your best self forward with the enhanced mindfulness practice of Brain Shots: www.everydaysamurai.life/shots References: Aristotle: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/politics-a-treatise-on-government/id395545349?mt=11 Mark Mazower, Governing The World: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/governing-the-world/id520240957?mt=11 Abraham Maslow on the hierarchy of needs: Toward a Psychology of Being https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/book/toward-a-psychology-of-being/id1130653193?mt=11&at=1000lNCh John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/second-treatise-of-government/id395546114?mt=11 Clausewitz On War: All Volumes (Illustrated) https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/book/on-war-all-volumes-illustrated/id473064144?mt=11&at=1000lNCh Sun Tzu, The Art of War: The Art of War https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-art-of-war/id1161754554?mt=11&at=1000lNCh


23 Mar 2019

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Ep29: Pragmatic Scaling

Rather than focusing on doomsday insurgencies against tyranny, like a recent ammo.com article described, it’s more skillful to use the Constitutional prescription for the security of a free state. It’s time to change the narrative on the use of arms in a just society, particularly to curtail the designs of rogue officials. In this, pragmatic strategies from samurai tradition allow individual arts, like aikido, to scale up for larger social contribution. Boost your mindset: www.everydaysamurai.life/shots Logo gear: www.everydaysamurai.life/logo Show notes: www.everydaysamurai.life/29


25 Feb 2019

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Ep38: Dr. Edwin Vieira on Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Part 2

Part two of a conversation with Dr. Edwin Vieira on Dr. Edwin Vieira on the situation in Virginia and how to secure Second Amendment rights, and end gun control, using legal tools already available in the Constitution. Notes: www.everydaysamurai.life/38


11 Feb 2020

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Ep40: Dr. Edwin Vieira on Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Part 4

Those looking to secure Second Amendment gun rights as well as a libertarian strategy, an actual plan for practical implementation to restore liberty, should look to the works of Dr. Edwin Vieira for Constitutional principles and legal authorities already available to radically decentralize and put the power of purse and sword at the most local level.  Not only does this legal approach protect gun rights under the Second Amendment, it prevents the current drift toward martial law, and restores the principles of self-government. Notes: www.everydaysamurai.life/40 Mindset: www.everydaysamurai.life/rise


9 Apr 2020

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Ep41: James Williams Sensei on Crisis Response Part 1

James Williams Sensei of Nami-ryu Aiki Heiho explains that crisis response is an opportunity for martial artists to demonstrate leadership, resilience, and clarity despite the hysteria and emotionalism prevalent online and in the mockingbird media. Shownotes: www.everydaysamurai.life/41 Fitness: www.everydaysamurai.life/primal


15 Apr 2020

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Ep42: James Williams Sensei on Crisis Response Part 2

James Williams Sensei of Nami-Ryu Aiki Heiho continues to discuss the opportunity to demonstrate leadership amidst crisis response. Knowing that the structure of the universe is such that a solution is always embedded within every problem offers a source of hope and a reason to forge ahead in the face of adversity. Show notes: www.everydaysamurai.life/42 Free 2 Week Language Learning: www.everydaysamurai.life/rocket


29 Apr 2020

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Ep27: Destructive Patterns


20 Jan 2019

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Ep26: Dual Path

A violent encounter caught on film against a female police officer getting a gun stuck in her face reveals deep lessons for warrior-scholars advancing liberty. Strategy and tactics, based on the universal and scientific principles of natural law, for the security of a free state, are informed by the principles of political economy. Meditation: https://www.everydaysamurai.life/zen12 Logo gear: https://www.everydaysamurai.life/logo Officer Tedesco video: https://youtu.be/7v1oP0KX14Q


12 Jan 2019

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