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STR speaker Alan Shlemon provides a monthly update while answering questions across a wide range of topics including criticisms of Christianity.

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Why Study False Ideas?

While it’s true that Christians should prioritize their understanding of Scripture and Christian theology, Alan offers four reasons why Christians should add the study of false ideas to their to-do list. Download the mp3...

10 Aug 2019

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An LGBT Defense Misses a Biblical Point

There are many reasons why pro-gay theology is mistaken. Alan addresses a particular defense that fails to understand what Scripture is saying. Download the mp3...

7 Sep 2017

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Can churches discipline for the sin of homosexuality?

Alan evaluates a church’s decision to dismiss a man from membership because he engaged in a homosexual relationship. Download the mp3...

1 Apr 2017

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DNA’s Intelligent Design

Alan offers a piece of evidence that suggests that the DNA in your body is intelligently designed. Download the mp3...

17 Aug 2018

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What Do We Do Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal?

Alan discusses how Christians should respond to the recent legal challenges in Australia and the United States. Download the mp3...

23 Apr 2018

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How the Smallest Born Baby Proves Abortion Is Wrong

Alan explains how the birth and survival of the smallest baby challenges four tenets of abortion-choice advocacy. Download the mp3...

30 Jun 2019

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Is God a Sex Killjoy?

Alan addresses the concern some Christians have with God being so restrictive about sex. Download the mp3...

9 Sep 2018

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Pro-life Persuasion Always Succeeds

Alan explains how his recent failure to convince an abortion-choice advocate helps us rethink how we measure success. Download the mp3...

1 Jan 2017

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WWJD? Ask a Question

Would you like to improve your ability to engage others in spiritual conversations? Do what Jesus did 284 times in the Gospels. Find out what that is in this episode. Download the mp3...

3 Jun 2018

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A Clear and Present Danger to Human Life

Besides abortion, there are several new biotechnologies that threaten innocent human life. Alan describes four of them. Download the mp3...

9 Jan 2019

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Atheism’s Burden of Proof

Alan explains why although atheists may not have to prove the absence of God, their view still entails three incredible assertions that require a lot of explaining. Download the mp3...

1 Feb 2017

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Does Gender Identity Matter?

Alan explains gender identity and what the Bible says about it. Download the mp3...

2 Dec 2018

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Why Is Jesus Necessary?

Alan answers the question why Jesus is necessary by explaining how the Gospel works in non-Christian lingo. Download the mp3...

5 May 2018

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In the Beginning God…

Alan shows how you can use two simple questions to show that the Christian story of creation is true and reasonable. Download the mp3...

16 Oct 2017

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Is Abortion No Different Than Taking Someone Off Life Support?

Some abortion-choice advocates claim that abortion is no different than taking someone off life support. Alan explains why that is not the case. Download the mp3...

29 May 2018

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The Imago Dei in Man

Alan explains the implications of being made in the image of God and why society is shooting itself in the foot for rejecting this principle. Download the mp3...

3 Nov 2018

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Do Pro-Lifers Want the Government to Regulate a Woman’s Body?

Alan responds to an article claiming that women’s equality can’t exist until the government doesn’t regulate a woman’s body, in the same way it doesn’t regulate a man’s body. Download the mp3...

6 Mar 2017

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All Truth Is God’s Truth

Is knowledge discovered by science un-Christian or anti-God? Alan addresses the question of how we come to gain knowledge and what sources are credible. Download the mp3...

21 Aug 2017

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It All Comes Back to God

Alan talks about how every apologetic subject comes back to God and that often times it’s more prudent to discuss God’s existence rather than a secondary issue. Download the mp3...

5 Mar 2018

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Apologetics Is Secondary to the Gospel

Alan responds to the challenge that his work is misguided because he cares more about apologetics than the Gospel. Download the mp3...

1 Feb 2018

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