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A group of drunken misfits get together to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons, armed with loose morals and a questionable understanding of the rules. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/botchedpodcast/support

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Botched: A D&D Podcast S3 EP1 Grab N Snatch

Welcome to Botched: A D&D Podcast! A whole new season! Not just that, but we now sound different! We have included ambient noise and sound effects. Let us know what you think! Our new season also features a new format, as we will be rotating DM’s in short stories which will be interconnected. In this new season, we are joining a group of complete strangers who separately come into a port town. Follow along as each experience the town a little differently. What is about to happen to these individuals? What will bring them together? Tune in and find out! Join in on the banter as these dickheads whose understanding of the rules is questionable and their moral compasses are even more so, stumble through dungeons, traps, monsters, and social intricacies as they attempt to complete a quest for wholly selfish reasons. If you are a veteran dragon slayer from the long long ago of the 1970’s or a newbie who is interested in hearing what this devil worshipping game is all about, Botched: A D&D Podcast is the DnD Podcast for you. As mentioned, we are playing 5th edition rules, so if you’ve never played this version of the game before, listening to us will give you an idea of how it may be different from previous versions of the game. 5th edition is a great rule set to start playing the game with. Find out if there’s a local game near where you live at comic book or game stores. Hell, buy some books, buy some dice, get some food and drinks and invite your friends over to play with you for completely different experience! A special shout out and thank you to all of our supporters over on Patreon. You help us continue to churn out “quality” episodes. With your continued support we can upgrade our dining room, I mean studio, with better quality microphones, sound proofing and merchandise. Help us achieve our goals and reap the benefits as we will begin producing novellas of the seasons, behind the scenes features and live shows! Thank you to those who have taken the time to give us a 5 star review over on Itunes! It helps the show grow, and we greatly appreciate it! A big big thank you to the following: Zlw365 Elliebells 1543 Nigel Molassesfinger Castle McFall Joshua Archiquette Pokemon In D&D Fearravine Kory Sarracini Chuggzernaut pmbear SiroVai123 Aatamos UltDave BlackGary <> BigJim badbreatth Skuuf Noverton Riku210 Ninjagod99 SelfCleaningMutant FlipFlapAgronomacus Acinda Admaletz HiyaitsSandi Falcon Phire Captain Hygiene Johndonmoyer Littlefam90 Iluvpasta47 chanticlear22 Icantpay Stargatesnatch Fishdick69 Walter Rice Wonderlandreject Kitchenaidfleshlight Thank you not only to our supporters on Patreon, but also to all of those who are listeners. We are forever in your debt as we continue to find out how amazing this community of gamers is. May the rolls forever be in your favor! Support the show over at Patreon Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, subscribe on Youtube, like us on Facebook, check us out at BotchedPodcast.com, and feel free to email us any questions, comments or suggestions at BotchedPodcast@gmail.com Hosts: Dennis, Phil, Austin, Tristan, Jon Editor: Dennis Producer: Phil and Dennis Publisher: Phil and Dennis Art by Emily Swan Botched: A D&D Podcast is proudly part of the Giant Size Team Up Network --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/botchedpodcast/support

2hr 28mins

2 Jan 2018

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