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PEM Currents: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast

PEM Currents is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine focused podcast hosted by Brad Sobolewski

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The Febrile Newborn

This episode of PEM Currents tackles a bread and butter issue in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, the newborn with fever. I discuss management, specifically how it differs for babies under 28 days of age as well as when to get labs and how to interpret them. I also reference procalcitonin, and touch on its emerging role. […]


6 Jul 2015

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Summertime is in full swing – so you know what that means. Lacerations, broken bones, other stuff – and a lot of sedations to do. This edition of PEM Currents focuses on Ketamine and its use as the primary agent for procedural sedation in the Pediatric ED.


25 Jul 2013

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Respiratory Distress

Take a deep breath and PEEP this – PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast proudly brings you an episode dedicated to the initial assessment and management of respiratory distress. Whether you’ve been practicing in the field for 20 years or are fresh out of medical school it is important to recognize key symptoms in […]


17 Nov 2015

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Kidney Stones

It’s an epidemic! OK, so not quite, but we are seeing a rise in the number of kidney stones recently and we’re not quite sure why. This episode of PEMCurrents will focus on diagnosis and treatment of stones and answer such questions as; Which pain medicine should I order first? and which is the better imaging […]


3 Jan 2017

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Three of my favorite letters in the Pediatric Emergency Department are S, V and T. This episode of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast focus on the diagnosis and management of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia in the ED. I discuss preparation, vagal maneuvers, cardioversion, disposition and more! PEMBlog.com @PEMTweets on Twitter Facebook References Appelboam, et […]

4 Jun 2019

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High Flow

This episode of PEMCurrents is narrated by Brad Sobolewski and focuses on the use of high flow in bronchiolitis. Learn about the application of high flow nasal cannulas, the mechanism behind their generation of positive airway pressure, as well as some of the literature behind its beneficial effects. Check out pemblog.com for more educational content


5 Dec 2013

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Acute Otitis Media

OK, so this is the least exciting topic in Pediatric Emergency Medicine… With that being said, you will all see it. And we need to be good at looking at ears, diagnosing acute otitis media, and appropriately choosing when and which antibiotic to prescribe. Follow @PEMTweets on Twitter References Karma PH, et al., Pneumatic otoscopy […]


13 Apr 2018

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Constipation is an incredibly common problem in the Pediatric Emergency Department and amongst children who visit the Emergency Department with complaints of abdominal pain. This episode of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast features an interview with Danny Mallon, a Gastroenterologist from Cincinnati Children’s @dannymallon24 who is an expert in managing pediatric constipation. Our discussion […]


13 Mar 2019

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Kawasaki Disease

Kawasaki Disease, AKA Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome, is one of the most common vasculitides of childhood. The hallmark is fever ≥5 days plus 4/5 of the following; mucous membrane changes, conjunctivitis, polymorphous rash, extremity changes and lymph node enlargement. It can also lead to coronary artery aneurysms, which is why its so important to make […]


15 May 2018

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I’m sure that you’ll probably see a case of bronchiolitis this winter. Call it a hunch. In this episode of PEM Currents you’ll learn why suctioning and ensuring hydration are still the mainstays of therapy, and why albuterol, racemic epinephrine, steroids and more don’t have a place in routine cases. And if you read any […]


1 Nov 2017

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Did you know that up to 9% of URIs are eventually complicated by acute sinusitis in children? This episode of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast focuses on making the diagnosis of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis clinically and when to pull the antibiotic prescription trigger. PEMBlog.com @PEMTweets References Chow AW, Benninger MS, Brook I, Brozek […]


30 Jan 2019

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Strep Pharyngitis

This may be a bit hard to swallow, but not every disease process in the Emergency Department is exciting. Streptococcal pharyngitis is an incredibly common condition, especially in the Pediatric Emergency Department and I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some common questions. Who knows, perhaps after listening to this edition of PEM Currents you […]


24 Feb 2016

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Rapid Sequence Intubation

This episode of PEM Currents, featuring Preston Dean – @prestonndean on Twitter, a senior Pediatric Resident at Cincinnati Children’s, is about all things Rapid Sequence Intubation. You’ll learn about equipment, techniques, drugs and more! PEMBlog.com


29 Sep 2017

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Anaphylaxis: Admit or Discharge?

You will no doubt see a child with anaphylaxis in the Emergency Department. Recognition, management and disposition are all key questions that feel incredibly fluid at this juncture. I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Dribin, an Emergency Medicine Attending from Cincinnati Children’s who recently published a paper in PLUS ONE focusing on admissions for […]


20 Feb 2019

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I never thought that this particular disease would make a comeback in the United States. But here we are. Measles. As of May 2019 there have been cases reported in over 20 states. Declining vaccine rates and international travel to areas with local measles epidemics have led to a sharp rise in the number of […]

14 May 2019

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Community Acquired Pneumonia

Fever, tachypnea and rales – it must be a community acquired pneumonia… right? Learn more about the diagnosis and management of this common problem in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Essential Reading Bradley JS, Byington CL, Shah SS, Alverson B, Carter ER, Harrison C, Kaplan SL, Mace SE, McCracken GH Jr, Moore MR, St Peter SD, […]


20 Sep 2017

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Interview with Ben Kerrey about Pediatric Rapid Sequence Intubation

Ben Kerrey is a rising star in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and is the point man for an ongoing initiative at Cincinnati Children’s centered around improving safety and limiting complications during rapid sequence intubation. I recently sat down with Ben to talk about the state of RSI in pediatric patients, the difference between a checklist and a […]


21 Oct 2016

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This edition of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast™ reviews the diagnosis and management of Immune Thrombocytopenia, formerly known as Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura. You will definitely see this common acute hematologic conditions in the ED, and should be able to differentiate it from acute leukemia, meningococcemia and other concerning conditions.


6 Oct 2015

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Serum sickness

What does the combination of erythema multiforme, fever and swollen joints equal? If you answered a visit to the Emergency Department you’re only partially correct. Serum sickness like reaction is a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction that often occurs 7-10 days after starting a course of antibiotics. Learn how you can recognize it and differentiate it […]


31 Jan 2017

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Disaster Preparedness

This episode of PEM Currents: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast is all about disaster medicine. I interviewed Brent Kaziny, Disaster Medicine and Preparedness expert who was in training during Hurricane Katrina and lead efforts in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Brent shares practical tips on how you can get involved and how you can learn what […]

25 Oct 2019

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