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A pop culture podcast dedicated to all things geek from the perspectives of women around the world. Great recommendations, fun, good discussions and friendly debates are all on The Missfits.

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The Missfits Episode 108: The Shortest Longest Catch Up Ever.

Heather and Insha catch up about what's been up with your favs. Yeah, you know we're your favs.


27 Oct 2017

Rank #1

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The Missfits Episode 107: The Missfits meet LNA!

Join Missfits Insha and Heather as they welcome two creative teams from the upcoming Graham Cracker Comics Ladies’ Night Anthology Volume 5 entitled SISTERS.

1hr 2mins

9 Oct 2017

Rank #2

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E:106 Sam Raimi's Spider-Man | Dance Toby, Dance | The Missfits

In episode 106, the Missfits take a look back at Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy!

1hr 22mins

19 Jul 2017

Rank #3

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E:105 Bombs Away, It's DC's Bombshells | The Missfits

In episode 105, the Missfits take on the DC Bombshells!


10 Jul 2017

Rank #4

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E:104 Once Upon a Time, Fairy Tales Were Creepy as Hell | The Missfits

In episode 104, the Missfits take a look at fairy tales, in both their classical and modern versions!

1hr 26mins

19 Jun 2017

Rank #5

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E:103 Interlocking Bricks Make the Best Movies | The Missfits

In episode 103, the Missfits take a good hard look at the brilliance that are the LEGO Movies!


5 Jun 2017

Rank #6

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E:102 The Episode Where Amelia is Away and Heather and Insha Try to Stay on Topic Without Her | The Missfits

In episode 102, Amelia has a headache and skips out on recording, it's up to Heather and Insha to stay on the topic of Afterlife with Archie and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!


22 May 2017

Rank #7

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E:101 The Missfits Get Shiny and Chrome with Mad Max | The Missfits

In episode 101 of The Missfits, the girls get shiny and chrome in the Wasteland with Mad Max!

1hr 27mins

8 May 2017

Rank #8

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E:100 The Good The Bad and the Ugly | A Spectrum of S****y Relationships | The Missfits

In episode 100, The Missfits get heavy with a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in the spectrum of s****y relationships.

1hr 24mins

1 May 2017

Rank #9

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E99: In The Name Of The Moon, We Will Talk About Sailor Moon | The Missfits

It's the Missfits! Episode 99 is all about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! Join Amelia and Insha (because Heather had technical difficulties!) as they go through the Scouts, the movies, the villains - everything about Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, the Missfits will talk about Sailor Moon!


10 Apr 2017

Rank #10