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Episode 19 – Cuckold / Hotwife Fantasy

We are joined by our friend Dave to discuss his fantasy of watching his wife with another man. We introduced Dave and his wife to the lifestyle about two years ago. They are relatively new to the lifestyle and have had limited experiences, but he’s joined us to share what fun they have had and what they look forward to experiencing in the future. We also share how we have personally helped get the ball rolling for them.  The pic above is the hotwife of our guest. References to: SDC.com – Swingers Date Club – Promo code for free month membership – 25648 C4P.com – Club Fore Play – Swinger profiles and party site coletteclubs.com – Lifestyle night club in Dallas http://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/play/eb6niu/TCC019.mp3

10 May 2015

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Episode 45 – Sex on the Beach, Threesome, & CIM (Desire Day 2&3)

Back for days 2 & 3 at Desire RM.  Our Dallas friends are feeling better and ready for fun. We meet some great new and entertaining people. We experience our most romantic 4 way experience to date which culminates with sex on the beach…HOT! We meet a real life threesome that includes lipstick lesbians that were a blast. A funny sexual situation / mishap makes T the running joke for a couple of days. We then leave you with a reason to tune in to the next episode Click here to book your own Desire trip Click here for SDC free promo Click here for Kasidie Promo Click here to vote on best Lifestyle Podcast https://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/play/h237aa/TCC_045_Sex_on_the_Beach_Threesome_CIM.mp3

21 Jun 2016

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Episode 46 – A’s Fantasy Fulfilled! (Desire Part 3)

This podcast has a little bit of everything. A plays with a lady and a vibrator in the pool during a foam pool party. T connects with an attractive female part of a couple, but he fails to adequately bring A along in his experience. This creates an uncomfortable awkward situation that we choose to discuss openly for the first time on the podcast and work through it for your entertainment. We then experience two new firsts for us as a couple. One first is us playing separately without each other in sight. The other first you’ll have to listen because it’s A’s ultimate fantasy! Vote for the us for Lifestyle Podcast of the year! Click to book your trip to Desire The famous water-proof pool vibrator. Click to shop Click for SDC Promo Click for Kasidie Promo https://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/play/bg53wp/TCC_046_-_A_s_Fantasy_Fulfilled.mp3

27 Jun 2016

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Episode 48 – Strap On! Naughty in Nawlins Part 1

We attend Naughty in Nawlins, the largest lifestyle party in the world. It’s a party, it’s a convention, it’s all crazy. We are there for 4 nights hanging out with old friends and new. We finally meet and hang out with fellow podcasters ‘We Gotta Thing’, ‘The Aussie Swingers’, ‘Swinging Downunder’, and ‘That Couple Next Door’ to name a few. We talk about the event, our friends and fellow podcasters, and some new sexy adventures. Did someone say strap on? Podcast friends: We Gotta Thing The Aussie Swingers Swinging Downunder That Couple Next Door Strap on Dildo from our adventure Liberator chair https://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/play/ui8z6i/TCC_048_-_Strap_On_Naughty_in_Nawlins_Part_1.mp3

24 Jul 2016

Rank #4

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Episode 47 – Porn Star Status Achieved (Desire part 4)

The finale of our honeymoon trip to Desire RM. We talk about our salsa lessons, a human dessert, and a new couple that quickly becomes one of our new favorites. T fights off not feeling well and nerves in order for us to have one of our most memorable nights in the lifestyle.  More new firsts were had and we go into detail about sexual acts as well as emotional feelings and hurdles in those acts. We incorporated a couple of fun toys in this evening with the Vibrator wand and the Liberator Wedge. Desire Resorts: Book your own vacation! Vote for us for Lifestyle Podcast of the Year! https://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/play/6wqcwc/TCC_047_-_Porn_Star_Status_Achieved_Desire_part_4_.mp3 SDC free promo

6 Jul 2016

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Episode 23 – A’s Best Night in the Lifestyle

http://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/web/uqph7k/TCC023.mp3 We are off to Dallas for a rendezvous at a sex club with a couple we have met before, but haven’t played with.  This couple was hand picked by ‘A’ because it was a man she was really interested in and the female partner is knockout herself.  Going into the night, ‘A’ had never gotten off in the lifestyle.  That was about to change… She claims this night was her favorite in the lifestyle.  We end up recording this podcast on our drive home the next morning while the thoughts and feelings are fresh. SDC.com Promo Code: 25648

8 Jun 2015

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Episode 13 – Neighbors with Benefits Review

There’s a new reality show on A&E called Neighbors with Benefits. The show depicts several couples in the lifestyle that are going public about their balance of sexual adventures and everyday life in a suburban neighborhood.  After watching the pilot episode, we talk about our take on it and how much of it we speculate is real or edited for Hollywood.  For those that listened to podcast #12 – Pills, we left you hanging on the results from T taking the pill.  We fill in the gaps and entertain.  We also discuss AshleyMadison.com To see more on the Neighbors with Benefits Show: http://www.aetv.com/neighbors-with-benefits

5 Apr 2015

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Episode 35 – Desire Vacation part 1 – Popping Cherries!

We go to Desire Resort at Riviera Maya for a 4-night vacation.  Desire is an all inclusive, clothing optional/lifestyle friendly resort just south of Cancun, Mexico.  This is our first visit but it won’t be our last.  This is the first podcast about our trip with more to come.  We tell you a little about the resort, but mostly about our experiences while there.  We meet sexy couples that become fast friends. We get to be the experienced lifestylers to newbies and introduce them to full swapping. This was a new role for us, and we tell you all about it. SDC free promo code: 25648 Desire Resorts http://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/play/daup6x/TCC035.mp3

15 Dec 2015

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Episode 29 – A breaks our rule

We discuss conversations with vanilla folks about the lifestyle.  A shares her very private surgery she recently had done.  We answer a listener question about what to do when the sex is hotter with someone new than your partner.  This leads us to discussing a time A broke one of our sacred ground rules in the lifestyle. http://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/web/ruvhs8/TCC029.mp3

17 Aug 2015

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Episode 16 – The Dallas Unicorn

“Sam”, a unicorn from the Dallas area, joins us on the podcast.  A unicorn is a single female in the swinging lifestyle.  She’s been a unicorn in the lifestyle less than a year,  yet she has more than enough experience and insight to keep us all entertained.  She talks about her busy lifestyle calendar, her unique perspective on dating, and some of the concerns of being a unicorn in the lifestyle.  We also discuss the unspoken taboo in the lifestyle. Show mentions: Sam’s Twitter – @dfwunicorn We Vibe 4+ – the vibrator, Sam refers to, that is her personal favorite.  She can control the vibrator with an  app on her phone. SDC.com – One month free promo code 25648 Coletteclubs.com – The lifestyle club in Dallas that we attend http://curiouscouple.podbean.com/mf/web/pfk2r3/TCC016.mp3

20 Apr 2015

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