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These Dogs Are Barking is a weekly podcast about the good -- and the not so good -- of dog behavior. We provide solutions, recommendations and suggestions that will improve your relationship with your dog. Answering your questions and providing commentary is John Preston Smith, author of the book "14000 Dogs Later," who comes to us with 48 years of dog training and handling experience. The program host is broadcaster Bob Theuring.

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Episode #24, "The Dogs of War"

John and Bob take a look at the history of dogs during war times. Why is it important for dog owners to understand the roles of dogs during war?

11 Feb 2012

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Episode #21, The second part of a series discussion on the "end of life" process of dogs.

In this program, John and Bob finish up the two part series regarding a dog's end of life. John explains the importance of spaying or neutering you dog. Euthanasia, puppy mills and peoples' excuses are part of the topics covered.

27 Dec 2011

Rank #2

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Episode #26, Dogs used for healing and therapy

John and Bob conduct an interview with Lisa Floyd from Hospice of Huntington and Nancy Bean, a pet handler who volunteers with Hospice of Huntington. These ladies share some history, touching stories and explain some of the aspects of how these dogs help those in need.

19 Mar 2012

Rank #3

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Episode #22, How to properly "winterize" your dog

John and Bob discuss and analyze the best ways to keep your dog warm in the winter months. What are the best ways to keep your canine friends happy, warm and healthy during the cold season? Listen in to hear!

9 Jan 2012

Rank #4

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Episode #19, Why Dogs Bite: Part 6: In our last of six podcasts concerning this important issue, John and Bob discuss the importance of "control."

As John and Bob close out this six part series, they discuss the ways and reasons to gain "control" over your dog.

1 Dec 2011

Rank #5

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Episode #25, The Dogs of War: Part 2. An ongoing discussion of the history of dogs in war times

John and Bob give several stories and details involving dogs and their roles in battle. Fascinating strategies are employed by military personnel utilizing dogs due to their unique skills and loyalty.

5 Mar 2012

Rank #6

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Episode #23, Famous quotes about dogs and what might be behind these quote

In this episode, John and Bob take a look at many famous quotes and statements regarding dogs over the years. Sometimes taking a light hearted look at these words, they give their listeners some ways to think about the many things we think about regarding our canine friends!

21 Jan 2012

Rank #7

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Episode #20, Part 1 of 2 regarding the "end of life' process for dogs

John and Bob discuss the emotional topics regarding the end of life of dogs. When is it time? What about the grieving process? What about euthanasia?

1 Dec 2011

Rank #8

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Episode 16, Why dogs bite (Part 3)

John and Bob interview Dr. Jenna Dolan Smith at the end of this episode. We discuss treatment we should consider if we encounter a dog bite.

22 Oct 2011

Rank #9

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Episode #15, Part 2 of our discussion on dog aggression

In this episode, we break down the territory of a dog and what they consider "theirs."

3 Oct 2011

Rank #10