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The Galileo Yu-Gi-Oh! Club Podcast

The club not only makes videos, but records podcasts. We'll be here every Thursday. with some fun topic on Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Episode 009 - What Will Show Up in YCS or Regionals

We're discussing what decks could be used at YCS or Regionals. We are also discussing the card of the week: Penguin Soldier. We also discuss the Yu-Gi-Oh! Drinking Game.

11 Apr 2013

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Episode 008 - Cards That Fell off the Face of the Earth

We're discussing which cards are rarely or never seen in deck anymore. We thank MegaCapitalG for giving us the idea. We also discuss a possible Meta Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck and other topics.

4 Apr 2013

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Episode 007 - Duelist Etiquette and Originality

Knowing how to treat your opponents and the originality of common decks will be part of today's podcast. Also, we'll discuss other random topics. Forgive us for the wind in the background. (No censoring is used in this podcast)

28 Mar 2013

Rank #3

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Episode 006 - Judgment of the Light

Today, we're discussing the non-archetype cards that will be in the to-be-released booster pack known as "Judgment of the Light". We'll also discuss what could be in Hidden Arsenal 7 and about Frank and his many complaints on the effect of Verz Thunderbird.

22 Mar 2013

Rank #4

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Episode 005 - Hating the Prophecy

Our main topic in this episode involes us discussing Prophecy and Spellbook cards: what's so good about them and why we hate them. On side topics, we're discussing various card prices, some various decks we built, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Games.

14 Mar 2013

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