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Ep 224 R. Gary Patterson Rock and Rolls Myths, Legends And Curses Part 1

At long last, We have Gary Patterson on the show to talk about the darker side of Rock and Roll. We start with the legend of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil at the Crossroads, The curse of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page's fascination with Aleister Crowley, The Curse of Buddy Holly and the truth about what happened to him. http://www.rgarypatterson.com/ Purchase Garys Books on Amazon:  take a walk on the darkside: rock and roll myths, legends, and curses The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues Hellhounds on Their Trail : Tales from the Rock N Roll Graveyard

1hr 27mins

24 Apr 2017

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Ep - 231 The Chicago Mothman and Exercise in Mental Futility

High Strangeness investigator Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearing House returns this week to talk with us about the Chicago Mothman sightings.  Manuel is a Chicago resident and has interviewed many witnesses who had sightings of Old Mothy. He describes some of what people have seen and gives us his take on what may be going on in the windy city. After that we read some lengthy articles about things like sniffing Coco Loko, Futile beliefs like Chocolate Milk coming from Brown Cows, Reptilians rule the world, School forced to apologize for making kids write their own suicide notes, The Georgia men who planned to take out the Aurora research facility to release souls because God told them too and a few other odds and ends. 

1hr 25mins

25 Jun 2017

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Ep 225 R. Gary Patterson Rock and Rolls Myths, Legends And Curses Part 2

In the second half of the show, we take a look at Jimi Hendrix's death and possible murder. The 27 Club, The weird circumstances surrounding Kurt Cobain's death, A bit about Jim Morrison, David Bowie, John Lennon and finally the death of Prince. Buy Gary's Books: Take a Walk on the Dark Side: Rock and Roll Myths, Legends, and Curses The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues

1hr 20mins

29 Apr 2017

Rank #3

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Redux Ep 138 Joseph Matheny and John Titor

 We revisit our Episode with Joseph Matheny and talk a little bit beforehand about the fallout from this show when we first aired is back in 2015. We have the return of Joseph Matheny. Joe joins us to talk about the crazy legend of Time traveler John Titor, The finders cult, (R)emnanats Flipboard online magazine, Anonymous, and Alternate reality games.

2hr 6mins

30 Jul 2017

Rank #4

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Ep-233 Timothy Renner Bigfoot in Pennsylvania. News reports from the 1830's to the 1920's

This week we welcome guest Timothy Renner to talk about his book "Bigfoot in Pennsylvania". Long before the term " Bigfoot" was used to describe our big furry friend, people referred to sightings as Wild-men, Gorillas or Apes. Tim takes a comprehensive look at news paper articles from the 1830's to the 1920's that report encounters with these creatures. We also discuss a variety of other strange happenings in the Keystone state and talk a bit about Tim's fantastic Podcast, " Strange Familiars" Find Tim's show at: Strange Familiars Podcast Purchase Tim's books at: Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: A History of Wild-Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in the Keystone State Beyond the Seventh Gate: Exploring Toad Road, The Seven Gates of Hell, and Other Strangeness in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties

1hr 23mins

6 Aug 2017

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Ep 300 Jason Offutt And The Offutt Files

Welcome to Episode 300. Long show this week, As promised, Jason Offutt returns to talk about stories that have been mailed to him over his years of writing about the weird and the strange. We talk about time slips, Weird monster encounters, Dog man encounters, A monkey on a stick, Strange people appearances, Monsters in the closet, and all kinds of other strangeness followed by 12 minutes of the best listener voicemails ever. Thank you for being with us for 8 crazy years. Closing Music: Tool- Invincible.  

2hr 12mins

17 Jun 2019

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Ep 215 Stan Gordon, Beyond weird

This week Stan Gordon joins us to talk about all manner of weird in the state of Pennsylvania. We talk a bit about some of PA's weird history with UFO's, Big foot and varies other kinds of High Strangeness that seem to plague the state. Stan has been involved with researching the strange since December 9th of 1965 with the Kecksburg UFO crash and has been going ever since.    Find more about Stan at his Web Sight  http://www.stangordon.info/wp/ Purchase Stans Books at the link bellow:  http://www.stangordon.info/wp/buy-stuff-here/ Astonishing Encounters Kecksburg: The Untold Story Really Mysterious Pennsylvania Silent Invasion  Untold Story

1hr 44mins

22 Jan 2017

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Ep-221 Aaron Gulyas and Conspiracy Theories

Ep-221 Aaron Gulyas and The Conspiracies This week I am joined by guest co-host Patrick from the Almost Educational Podcast and author Aaron Gulyas. After some wild audio glitches, we interview Aaron about his book "Conspiracy Theories The Roots, Themes, and Propagation of Paranoid Political and Cultural Narratives"  We talk about the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, The Anti-Freemason Party, David Icke and our Reptilian overlords and every other manner of Conspiracy. This is a long show so buckle up! Purchase Aarons Books at Amazon:  Conspiracy Theories: The Roots, Themes and Propagation of Paranoid Political and Cultural Narratives Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist: Alien Contact Tales Since the 1950s The Chaos Conundrum by Aaron John Gulyas Find Patrick's podcast at:  Almost Educational

2hr 5mins

27 Mar 2017

Rank #8

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Ep 229 The Montauk Chronicles With Christopher Garetano

In this episode filmmaker and documentarian, Christopher Garetano is with us to talk about his movie " The Montauk Chronicles". This is the legend that the show "Stranger things" is largely based upon and was originally named after. Montauk Chronicles is the story of three men who claim they were brainwashed and forced against their will by a clandestine organization to take part in secret experiments. Evil atrocities are said to have occurred deep beneath the surface of the Camp Hero Air Force base. Find Christopher's films at: Amazon:  Montauk Chronicles [Blu-ray] WebSite : Montauk Chronicles Rent the Movie: Montauk Chronicles

1hr 14mins

4 Jun 2017

Rank #9

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Ep 253 Winston Conrad-Witch Doctors Djinn and Muslim magic of Africa

This week Winston Conrad joins us to talk about his trips to Africa. We discuss Witch Doctors, Muslim Magic, Charms of invisibility and to be bulletproof, Djinn and Pagan traditions still practiced today and Sugar smuggling. Find more about Winston at www.winstonconrad.com 

1hr 17mins

19 Feb 2018

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Ep 313 Dr. Andrea Kitta And The Slender Man Phenomena

This week we are joined by Dr. Andrea Kitta. We discuss her new book "The Kiss of Death", Contagion, Contamination, And Folklore " We take a deep dive into the Slender Man phenomena, How the legend evolved, and its fall out.  Dr. Kitta has degrees is an associate professor at East Carolina University with specialties in Medicine, Belief, And the Super Natural. Her current research includes vaccines, pandemic illness, contagion and contamination, and stigmatized diseases. Closing Music For The Show: I Don't Know How But They Found Me- Social Climb

1hr 22mins

3 Jan 2020

Rank #11

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Ep 305 Billboard Liberation Front, The Cacophony Society, And Culture Jamming With John Law.

This week we welcome John Law to the show to talk about his fascinating life. John was a founding member of Burning man, The Cacophony Society, The Suicide Club, And the Billboard Liberation Front. We discuss Urban Exploration, Hacking Billboard signs, Culture Jamming and a whole slew of other topics and adventures that have happened through Johns Crazy life.  Closing Music for the show: Swiftool- We are never ever getting Stinkfist. 

1hr 27mins

16 Sep 2019

Rank #12

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Ep 277 Joshua Cutchin Everything is fairies!!

 Good friend of the show Joshua Cutchin returns this week for a 2 hour show. We go all over the map discussing everything paranormal and skeptical. UFO's, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Skepticism, Fairies and Folklore and how it might all be tied together. Outtakes at the beginning and end this week, Enjoy!

2hr 22mins

9 Oct 2018

Rank #13

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Ep 274 R.A. Brewster Weird monsters and strange stories

This week Robert Brewster of rabrewster.com returns to talk weird Asian folklore, monsters, killers, and creatures. We take a look at the floating vampire head The Penanggalan, The walking faces know as The Kabandha and The Blemmyes, The half spider half octopus known as The Akkorokamui, A bit about dragons, and Huang Yong, China’s Street Assassin.

1hr 21mins

9 Sep 2018

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Best of 2016 Ep-158 The Trumbull county UFO incident of 1994

 Things have been crazy behind the scenes. Roejen has had spotty internet at best so recording shows have been impossible. However, I have received numerous requests to re-air some found audio shows. I will be posting episode 158 and episode 158.5 The Holland Michigan UFO sighting. 

1hr 19mins

13 Jul 2017

Rank #15

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Ep 283 Chris Woodyard, Haunted Objects and bad holiday food

This week show favorite Chris Woodyard returns to talk about haunted objects and killer holiday foods! We talk about haunted rocking chairs ( with a story of her own), A hairwork bracelet, Haunted gemstones, A haunted Doll, Ghostina, the haunted car, A phantom Christmas Hog train, Killer holiday meals, and more! Find Chris's fantastic blog at hauntedohiobooks.com. Closing Music: Carina Round- The Girl and the Ghost

1hr 40mins

10 Dec 2018

Rank #16

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Ep 269 The Ghost In My Machine with Lucia Peters

This week Lucia Peters from the Blog "The Ghost In My Machine" is with us. Her website is a clearinghouse for obscure strange urban legends, weird creepypasta stories and bizarre urban legend games that you really shouldn't. She covers the bizarre and strange and her blog is amazing. Find her website at www.theghostinmymachine.com 

1hr 29mins

6 Aug 2018

Rank #17

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Ep 273 What the Hell just happened to me. A found audio show.

This week Roejen does a solo found audio show that he produced from his back porch! We bring you four calls to the National UFO reporting center from the mid 70's to the late 80's. All very strange encounters. All of them more than just lights in the sky. Wondering gypsies on the side of a mountain and missing time, Weeping blisters, missing time and radiation poisoning! Flaming balls of goo in thunderstorms and a truck driver on the edge as something plays havoc with his night. All of them wondering What the Hell just happened to me? and did that woman in Waterloo ever make it to her appointment?

1hr 18mins

3 Sep 2018

Rank #18