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Everybody lies. Some are terrible at it, some do it frighteningly well. Sooner or later, most of us get caught. This is the story of the lies we tell, and what happens when they crumble. This is Liar City.

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The Man in the Mirror

Join Brian, Bren, and Darien for a discussion of Michael Jackson's life, centering on the allegations of child molestation that dogged him for his final 15 years.  Follow Liar City on Twitter


19 Oct 2015

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Tania Head and the WTC Survivor's Network

This week, join Brian and Bren as they discuss Tania Head, the former president of the World Trade Center Survivor's Network.  Follow Liar City on Twitter. 


2 Oct 2015

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'Michelle Remembers' and The Satanic Panic

 This week, we go back to the 1980's to talk about one of the weirdest and saddest episodes in American history: the satanic panic. 


28 Dec 2014

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Satanic Panic III: West Memphis Boogeymen

The case of the West Memphis Three might be the last gasp of the satanic panic that gripped America a couple decades ago. A horrible crime against three innocent boys, with teenagers dressed in black the only suspects in sight, the story reads like a John Grisham novel.  Will we ever know the truth of it?  Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Or head to the website


5 Jun 2015

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Drinking The Kool-Aid With Jim Jones

Jonestown, Guyana. A 3,500 acre commune in the middle of a jungle, was supposed to be a socialist paradise on earth for Jim Jones and his many followers. Instead, it became a metaphor for all the reasons why you should never put your life in someone else's hands.  Join us as we detail the history of The People's Temple, Jim Jones, and Leo Ryan -- the congressman who came to South America for answers, but found something much, much worse waiting for him. 


10 Apr 2015

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Go Ask Alice and A Million Little Pieces

This week, we talk about two books: one a memoir, one a diary, both of them total bullshit.  Join us as we discuss the origins of, and the fallout from, two of the most ridiculous pieces of "non-fiction" ever published.  Follow us on Twitter: @liarcitypodcast 


3 Apr 2015

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Not in Great Neck: The Friedman Story

This week, join Brian and Darien as they tackle one of the most frustrating cases to come out of the child sex abuse panic of the 1980's -- the story of Arnold and Jesse Friedman.  Follow Liar City on Twitter.


16 Apr 2016

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Lance Armstrong's Favorite Mistake

It's hard to judge Lance Armstrong. While he's certainly a man who defied horrific odds to reach the absolute pinnacle of success, there is now zero doubt that he was also a cheater, a liar, and a bully.  Can we blame him? Should we hold athletes to higher standards than we hold, say, rock stars? Let's talk about it. 


13 Feb 2015

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Satanic Panic II: Judy Johnson and the McMartin Preschool Trial

Once the Satanic Panic of the early 1980s really sets in, a group of daycare workers in Manhattan Beach, California, become the most hated people in America. The fact that the allegations were absurd -- secret tunnels, beheadings, toilet bowl passageways -- didn't matter to a world obsessed with protecting its children. 


3 Feb 2015

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The Away Team

This week, join Brian and Darien as they discuss the history of the infamous Heaven's Gate cult.  Follow Liar City on Twitter.


22 Jul 2016

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John Holmes Has a Big Problem

From the early 70s until the early 80s, there was only one man you thought of when you thought of adult cinema: John Holmes. As the smooth-talking detective Johnny Wadd, he thrilled audiences with semi-competent acting and incredibly competent sex scenes. His story didn't end when the camera shut off -- that's really where it started. It's a story so full of sex, drugs, murder, and lies that it almost seems like a badly written movie.  Follow us on Twitter: @LiarCityPodcast


13 Mar 2015

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Right Next Door To Hell

This week, join Brian and Darien as they tell the story of what happened at 2207 Seymour Avenue, a nondescript Cleveland home that became a horrific prison for three young girls.  Follow Liar City on Twitter. 


20 Aug 2016

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Kevin Mitnick and The Art of Deception

This week, we dive deep into the history of computer hacking, taking a closer look at the story of Kevin Mitnick, a.k.a. The Condor, at one time the most wanted cyber-criminal in the world.  Listen to the story of toy whistles, blue boxes, and a scared, overzealous government, struggling to figure out what punishment might fit a new kind of crime. 


6 Mar 2015

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The Dread Pirate Roberts: Digital Kingpin

This week, join us as we talk about one of the most fascinating cases of online crime in recent memory: The Silk Road, and its founder and leader -- The Dread Pirate Roberts.  Follow Liar City on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LiarCityPodcast


5 Sep 2015

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Games People Play: The Quiz Show Scandals

This week, join Brian and Darien as they tell one of the most fascinating stories from the early history of television -- the story of Herb Stemple, Charles Van Doren, and the infamous quiz show scandals.  Follow Liar City on Twitter. 


30 Jun 2016

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Girls on Film: The Traci Lords Story

This week, join Brian and Bren as they tell one of the most fascinating, heartbreaking, and - ultimately - infuriating stories to come out of the 1980s adult film industry: the tale of Traci Lords. Follow Liar City on Twitter.


25 Mar 2016

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What Happens In Vegas

This week, join Brian and Darien as they return from hiatus to discuss the infamous OJ Simpson trial.  No, not that one. The other one. It's a parade of sadness and scumbaggery this week.  Follow Liar City on Twitter.


26 Oct 2016

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Operation Freakout and Project Normandy

"What is true is what is true for you," L. Ron Hubbard was fond of saying.Wise words from a dangerously insane human being. Join us as we tell the tale of Scientology's humble beginnings, its dramatic growth spurt, and the horrible things the group has done in their quest to 'clear the planet.'


27 Mar 2015

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A Viking Funeral With Gram Parsons

This week, join Brian and Darien as they discuss the life, the tragic death, and the very weird aftermath of Gram Parsons -- the biggest star there never was.  Follow Liar City on Twitter.


3 Mar 2016

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A Carpenter and a Crane

This week, join Brian and Darien as they wade through the sordid details of the seemingly idyllic lives of actor Bob Crane and his best pal: a videography enthusiast named John Carpenter.  Follow Liar City on Twitter.

1hr 12mins

21 Nov 2016

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