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The Paceline is a cycling podcast aimed at roadies, mountain bikers, commuters, cyclocross enthusiasts , those who grind gravel—indeed anyone who claims cycling for their own. The bicycle is more than a thing, it’s an issue. The Paceline also discusses the bike’s place in society. The hosts love bike gear so expect some banter about what works and what does not on the road and trail. The show is backed by the Fatcyclist and Red Kite Prayer. The podcast on two wheels. No training wheels needed. The Paceline is hosted Patrick Brady and John Lewis, and is a production by The Cycling Independent.

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Disc brakes could be back in the pro peloton in time for the Tour de France. The Paceline breaks down the latest on the back-and-forth fight over brake technology. And the incident that caused the lock-up on disc brakes may have been a chain-ring and not a rotor. The Paceline...


9 May 2016

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Road Disc Brakes. Best Riders of 2015.

The Paceline gets going by putting on the brakes. We talk disc brakes on road bikes. 2016 will be the year we see more disc brakes on bikes in the pro peloton. Our panel breaks, or should we say brakes down the next big move in components. We give everyone...


4 Feb 2016

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#56: Leadville training, Jonathan Vaughters interview, trade events pull out of Utah

Fatty has identified a new disorder, one for those with too many goals and no ability to prioritize. We name the syndrome and then discuss how there’s no known treatment.  That said, it’s a question any of us are likely to ask: how do I achieve my goal? For Fatty,...

1hr 6mins

23 Feb 2017

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#113: weight loss, Breck Epic, when your legs are no good

Down is up and up is underground. Our man Hottie, formerly the leanest man in masters bike racing has portlied himself up to a whopping 165 lbs! What to do! He confesses that without all the group rides and races, plus a bit more beer than he used to allow...


26 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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55: Rebecca Rusch, Lance Armstrong

We start with ass pain, the kind of pain that comes early in the season when your hind quarters are sensitive to long rides. But then we shift to a genuine pain in the keister, with Lance Armstrong. He’s going to be riding Bike Monkey’s Fish Rock event, which is...

1hr 11mins

16 Feb 2017

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52: Sagan Saves a Hydration Company

Padraig has migrated south for the winter .. Winter Press Camp that is. He has the latest and greatest in road and gravel, including an eye-catching bike from a new company with a new approach to the bike biz. One of the most common questions an experienced cyclist hears from...

1hr 11mins

26 Jan 2017

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Low Gears

We are putting Speed X back under the microscope. This was a bike company that first caught our attention during Episode 13. Now they have a new model, called the Unicorn (yikes), and some new promises. Compact gearing is gearing down with what is being called subcompact. We hear from...

1hr 2mins

5 Jan 2017

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Lance Armstrong Lecture

Stage eight of the Paceline starts in Malibu with Padraig throwing down attacks in a two-day Gran Fondo. Lance Armstrong speaks to students at the University of Colorado. We play back some of what he had to say. His appearance was a follow up to one by USADA’s Travis Tygart....


10 Mar 2016

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54: Ideal race weight

In this week’s show we take on a universal question: What is Fatty’s ideal weight? Okay, maybe that one isn’t quite universal. But this one is: What is YOUR ideal race weight. Fatty talks to Jonathan Lee, director of business development for Trainer Road. Lee lends some insight into the...

1hr 5mins

9 Feb 2017

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#112: packing, cramping and evolving

Hottie took off with Mrs. Hottie for a bike-packing trip. Only they didn’t camp out and sleep in sleeping bags. They stayed in a hotel. He thinks Mrs. Hottie brought too much stuff. But just how much is too much? And for that matter, how little is too minimal?  ...


19 Apr 2018

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#176: aging as a cyclist; bike touring in Costa Rica

Note: If you got the episode with the unedited beginning, our apologies. Download it again and it has been corrected. Or you can laugh at the mistake. Your choice. Patrick is back from Costa Rica, so the show is back on schedule now. This week, Selene takes on a reader...

1hr 2mins

8 Nov 2019

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#61: Fatty's sub-five-hour century, Patrick heads to Japan and Wiggins runs his mouth

What’s the best part of being on a team? Fatty has a favorite feature, and it’s not going fast or the camaraderie. Though they haven’t yet named their team, their quartet knocked out a stunningly quick century last weekend with the blessing of Coach Max Fat, aka Jonathan Vaughters. A trip...


30 Mar 2017

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The Paceline Podcast #47

Fatty’s World Bicycle Relief fundraiser is becoming a worldwide success. He has a major update on his progress and is offering some major prizes as incentives. British Parliament shakes down Team Sky for some answers on what is becoming the Bradley Wiggins affair. Strange deliveries of medications just before an...

1hr 12mins

23 Dec 2016

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63: Dirty Kanza Primer Part II

Fatty is back and he has an update on his Jonathan Vaughters intervention training. It’s a basement-trainer session beyond belief. We take a look at an interesting study on why and where cyclists break traffic laws. The researchers found that survival instinct is a major player but so are social...

1hr 7mins

13 Apr 2017

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#69: poop, Allied Cycle Works and Bentonville, Arkansas

This week we tackle every young boy’s favorite topic. We discuss the struggles Tom Dumoulin experienced at the Giro, where he suddenly hopped off his bike and ran out of sight to respond to the call of nature. Fatty tells his Daisy story in which he encountered a port-a-potty at a...


26 May 2017

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#145: Selene tweets for bike school, what ever happened to Fisher, Klein and Bontrager?

Selene was recently a guest for Lovingthebike’s Bike School. She was asked a number of questions, but two memorable ones were: what is the lowest temperature you will ride in? How cold can you take it? Another was what your favorite ride distance is. How long does a ride need...


8 Feb 2019

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#180: Planning the season, Christmas gift ideas

It’s the time of the year for planning the next season and Selene has been marking up her calendar with her schedule. She shares where she’s headed, along with a few whys. With Christmas around the corner, Patrick takes a look at gift giving ideas and suggests an approach that...

1hr 1min

6 Dec 2019

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#122: Optimal hours of training, going for a ride with someone

This week Selene poses an interesting question: How much riding do you need each week to be healthy both mentally and physically? Researchers at the University of Sydney published a study tracking 1500 healthy adults over the age of 49 for 10 years to find out what the optimal amount...


26 Jul 2018

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#62 The Dirt on Dirty Kanza

We kick things off with some Tour of Flanders talk. The brave move, the crashes, the mechanicals and the U.S. national anthem played during ONE of the podium ceremonies. As part of our Flanders discussion, we also take a look at what some race organizers say is imminent: charging spectators....


6 Apr 2017

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Idaho Stop in S.F. and Wheel Sizes.

The Paceline has a winter training program for every climate. From dodging the weather, to diving right in, to staying indoors, it’s all about keeping the rust off. The Paceline does the Idaho stop. San Francisco Supervisors have told its police department to lay off the cyclists at stop signs....

1hr 3mins

4 Feb 2016

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