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We’re Talkin Yankees Baseball! Series Recaps, Weekly Awards, Interviews, Some Stats, Some Jokes, and a Lot of Fun! Hosted by Jomboy & Jake.

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185 | Jack Curry & Brendan Kuty

We wrap up our 4th day at winter meetings. We talk about how Cashman knows and loves Jomboy. We talk to Jack Curry and Brendan Kuty about the days events including Happ, the posturing, and Jake inability to birth children. 


13 Dec 2018

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11 Dec 2019

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24 | Wild Card Game!!!!

Sevy stunk. Chad Green was great. David Robertson killed Gary's future children. Judge and Didi were clutch as clutch gets. Brett Gardner was his angry reiable self. YANKS WON BABY LETS TALK ABOUT IT!!!


4 Oct 2017

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238 | Interview Bonanza! Brendan Kuty, Bryan Hoch & Coley Harvey

We chatted with @BrendanKutyNJ, @BryanHoch, and @ColeyHarvey all about the most recent news from Tampa. Hicks injury, Bird & Voit, The backend of the rotation. If you like talking about the Yankees, you're gonna enjoy this episode.

1hr 12mins

18 Mar 2019

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76 | Second Week of Spring

How will the infield shake out? Who will get the last spot in the bullpen? How much do spring games matter? Aundujar, Gleyber, Wade, Drury, Torreyes, Austin, McKinney, Lind and more. We're talkin Yanks baseball folks

1hr 1min

5 Mar 2018

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129 | 1st Half Grades

We got the crew together to hand out grades for the first half. Were there any 10 out of 10 appearances? Who got the highest and who got the lowest? Listen to find out.  

1hr 21mins

17 Jul 2018

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61 | Spring Training Has Started

Players have reported to camp, things are in motion, baseball is so very close! We talked about Lincecum getting a look. Weight loss storylines. CC 'rolling his ankle'. Thairo Estrada getting shot. Clint Frazier saying he wants the CF job. Goose Gossage being an idiot. Judge and Stanton batting 2nd and Jakes ability to ride a bike. Subscribe, Rate & Review!!!


19 Feb 2018

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304 | Savages

3 wins. Didi grand slam. CC yelling. Savages. Balks. Oh my.

1hr 23mins

19 Jul 2019

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29 | Yanks Move Onto The ALCS!!

The Yankees come back from down 0-2 and make their way to the ALCS!! They are 1 of the last 4 standings. Bucket of love episode! Happiness to the umpteenth degree!

1hr 10mins

12 Oct 2017

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237 | Profile & Projection | Aaron Judge

It's time to talk about the big man. The 26 year giant from Linden that has become the face of the franchise.  brought to you by @dugoutmugs


17 Mar 2019

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118 | Step Right up and Beat the Mets!

Yankeess take 2 of 3 from the Mets.  Tanaka goes down.  Toe makes his return.  The bats are cold.  Jakes burns are scorching. Let's talk Yanks!!

1hr 19mins

11 Jun 2018

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248 | Opening Day

Jake burned the offseason. We graded the offseason. We gave out a bunch of awards. We talked about what players who are sure things, what players have the widest range and what players are sleepers. 


28 Mar 2019

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16 | MET & SOX Series, Judge Streak, Healthy Lineup, Austin, Chapman

Jake and Jimmy break down the week that was. They discuss Aaron Judge's slump, Chapman being removed from closer role, Tyler Austin being brought up, Gary crying, Gumby being sent down, CC almost retiring and more AND MORE


21 Aug 2017

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245 | Opening Day Roster Set, Wade Down, Tauchman In

We talked about Wade vs Tauchman, The final roster and the new reports about an analytics team being behind the dugout making all the decisions.


25 Mar 2019

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183 | Corbin is Not A Yankee

Corbin signed with the Washington Nationals, a baseball team that is not the New York Yankees. What happens now? Who do the Yanks go after, a free agent like Happ or Keuchal or do they fill out the staff via trade. 


6 Dec 2018

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103 | 4 Game SWEEEEEP of the Twins

39 HITS! 11 HOME RUNS! 33 RUNS! 4 WINS! 1 WALK OFF! What a series! The Yanks are rolling. We've got awards, we've got listener only secrets, we've got haircuts and we've got how would the Yanks lineup on the football field. Listen + Subscribe!

1hr 14mins

26 Apr 2018

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270 | 3 Game Set vs the Rays

The Yankees took two out of three from the first place Rays. Gio Urshela with a walk off. Voit and Gleyber had a great series. Tanaka and CC did what they do. It was fun! We talked all about it.

1hr 16mins

20 May 2019

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398 | Severino Is Out for the Season, Stanton is Out for Opening Day & Tyler Wade Interview

Severino Is Out for the Season, Stanton is Out for Opening Day & Tyler Wade Interview. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 Feb 2020

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34 | ALCS Game 4

Yanks tie the series at two with a great comeback!!! Let's talk yanks!


18 Oct 2017

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220 | Hicks Contract, Bird vs Voit, Clint Update

Hicks gets signed, Bird and Voit keep pushing each other, Clint is likely to start in AAA, Chance Adams gets hit hard, Tulo homers and gets angry, Paxton looked good.


28 Feb 2019

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