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The Worship Drummer Podcast - Putting The #HeartBeforeBeat

Hosted by Jon Manna, the Worship Drummer Podcast is dedicated to introducing you to influential Christian drummers and drum companies who are striving to perfect their craft while still putting the heart before beat!

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Episode 019 - Q&A With David Whitworth (Bethel Music)

David Whitworth - Bethel MusicHey Worship Drummer Fam! I'm so excited to share with you the conversation I had with David Whitworth (Bethel). One of the questions we get asked a lot is, "How do you get that Bethel snare sound?" Then the follow up question is usually something like, "It sounds sooo good! Is it sampled?" Well, today I am pleased to say that we have answers to all, or at least most, of your questions. We received just about 70 questions from our insta fam and in this episode we attempt to tackle them head-on. Grab a coffee and hang on, this is gonna be a great one! "I love playing drums because I can encounter the Lord while doing something I love." SHOW NOTESIn this Episode (Timestamps) 02:30 - From Texas To Kansas City04:20 - IHOP12:00 - The Fight Conference16:00 - Section Leading at Bethel19:00 - Gear Rundown21:41 - Drum Tuning/Snare Tuning27:30 - Sleigh bells on Hi Hat stand28:40 - Truth Custom Drums29:45 - #worshipdrummer Fails32:10 - Ableton + Spontaneous Worship34:48 - Ableton Rig Rundown36:45 - Balancing Marriage and Ministry38:45 - In-ear mix40:00 - Fostering community among musicians at Bethel41:30 - Drum Samples43:50 - Playing Live vs Studio45:30 - What drumming stuff are you challenged with lately?50:15 - AUX/Double Drums55:10 - Practical advice to prepare your heart57:00 - Follow on social @davidwhitworth "My identity is not me being a drummer, it’s me being a son."MUSIC GEARTOUR KIT: Truth Custom Kit Vintage Mahogany wood 13x9 rack tom 24x18 kick 16x16 floor 4x8 Brass snare (with 42 strands) DRUMHEADS Snare: remo powerstroke 4 clear dot Thin Evans tone ring Toms: remo vintage coated CYMBALS Istanbul Agop 24" Traditional Dark Crash Istanbul Agop 22" Traditional Dark Crash (Left side) Istanbul Agop 24" signature series Joey Waronker Ride Istanbul Agop 16” 30th Anniversary Hi Hats HARDWARE DW 9000 Hi Hat stand DW 9000 Kick Pedal DW 6000 cymbal stands ELECTRONICS (Tracks are through Ableton) Motu Ultralite MK4 Novation midi-controller Boss DB-90 Metronome IN-EARS JH Audio JH16 DRUMSTICKS Promark 5B natural wood

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21 Feb 2018

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Episode 018 - A Coffee With: Simon Kobler (Hillsong United)

Have you ever wanted to sit and have coffee with one of your fav drummers? Well, we made that possible for all of you in episode 018! We sat with Simon "Kobes" Kobler armed with over 82 questions from the Worship Drummer Family as well as some of our own! We drank great coffee, had a great convo and I even got a hands-on with his impressive new line of products for drummers. SHOW NOTESIn this EpisodeSimon's Upbringing Drumming Influences at Hillsong Maturing as a drummer over the last 10 years with United Drum sounds/Samples On Married Life Basal - Simon's new line of products. Why he chose Heartbeat Cymbals Top Three Albums of 2017Lorde: Melodrama LCD Sound System: American Dream Lana Del Ray The Process of Creating Drum Parts and Why He Tabs His parts. Heartbeat Cymbals24" Jazz Ride 17" Raw crashes as hi-hatsEvans DrumheadsEQ3 batter clear on Kick G2 Coated on tomsBasal - The Sophisticated + Modern Answer To Product OrganizationWe had a hand-on experience with many of Simon's products and I was so impressed with the quality and attention to detail. The simplest way I can put it is that if you enjoy his playing, you'll love his products! They are simple and basic but meet a huge need in organizing all of your drumming accessories. Here are some pics that I took, and then some "proper" ones.Get 10% OFF (Valid for the month of January 2018)To get 10% off your Basal order use this promo code: WDRUMMER10OFF or simply click here to have the promo code automagically applied to your cart.


10 Jan 2018

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Episode 003 - [LIVE] Q&A Session With Hillsong Y&F's Brendan Tan

Excited to release our first-ever LIVE #WDpodcast with none other than Hillsong Young & Free's drummer, Brendan Tan. We had a great hang as we touched on drums and gear, issues of the heart, the new Youth Revival album, and answer some (many) of your questions. #worshipdrummer #HeartBeforeBeat

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22 Mar 2016

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Episode 012 - Harrison Wood on playing for Hillsong Worship, Injuries, and Cymbals.

We caught up with Hillsong Worship's drummer, Harrison Wood, and talk about his journey at Hillsong, sustaining and dealing with injuries, and his cymbal set up. Happiest of New Years!


1 Jan 2017

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Episode 007 - A Coffee With Austin Davis (Kari Jobe)

We met up with Austin Davis at a coffee shop in downtown Toronto and got to chat about being on the Outcry Tour, releasing an EP, being a part of a growing church in Nashville (The Belonging Co.), and some practical worship drummer tips. In this episode we also introduce a new segment of the podcast called "What's Cooking" where we introduce you to innovative products that will enhance your drumming experience!


15 Jun 2016

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Episode 025 - Elevation Worship's Luke Anderson and Vincent Baynard (WD Green Room)

Episode 025 is a re-broadcast from our January online hangout in the Worship Drummer Green Room featuring Elevation Worship's Luke Anderson and Vincent Baynard. Don't miss our next hangout, this coming Tuesday with Planetshakers' Andy Harrison and Josh Ham (Bass). Join the WD Green Room!

1hr 25mins

7 Feb 2019

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Episode 011 - How to get drastically better at playing drums with a click track with Daniel Hadaway (All Sons and Daughters)

We had the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Hadaway, drummer for All Sons and Daughters. He has some exciting projects that he is working on and in this episode we jump in and explore 2 of them. One is his new online drumming course and the second is his new-ish podcast, Drummer Daily.  We also talk about what's important to know when buying/upgrading your drum kit.  Hope the episode is helpful!


5 Dec 2016

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Episode 016 - Steve Goold on Intentionality, BFSD's Steve's Donut, and the Art of Listening

In episode 16 we bring you a fantastic conversation that we had with Steve Goold. This epsiode is packed with valuable insight from a drummer that we've admired from afar for a long time! In this Episode: Discover how Steve got his start, and climbed his way up to play for bands like Own City, Sara Bareilles, and Ben Rector, etc... Find out if the BFSD's Steve's Donut is named after this Steve The Drumset and the Kingdom Drum Gear Run down of all three of his setups New kit or new cymbals? The art of listening to music The Drum Library Kentville Kangaroo Drum heads

1hr 26mins

9 Aug 2017

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Episode 024 - Jonathan Camey: Tragedy to Triumph and Drumming at Lakewood Church

In Episode 024 we chat with Jonathan Camey, who currently is on staff at Lakewood Church as their main drummer. He's also got a twin brother in the band, Joel, and things get serious in this episode as we explore themes of tragedy and triumph. It's a good one, so grab a cup of coffee or put on your seatbelt (if you're commuting) and get ready for a good one!Links to ThingsJoel Osteen - Night of Hope Lakewood Church Twin brother, Joel Camey in Instagram Dave Weckl and Tony Royster Jr High School of Performing visual Arts Mark G. Townsend - Producer Lauren James - (Jon’s wife) Steve Allison - Drummer Musical Director: William Garcia Peter Wilson — Worship Pastor Russel Dunlap — Lakewood’s local Ableton expert ThatSound.com Javier Solis — Percussion at Lakewood Dan Needham — top session drummer in Nashville Telefunken mics @jonathancamey — InstagramTime Stamps2:45 — Home Life and Upbringing 8:00 — A Prophetic Word 10:45 — Playing at Lakewood 12:05 — Dealing with Unexpected Tragedy 14:50 — How things work at Lakewood and the challenge of having an arena as a church venue. 18:46 — Maintaining Optimal Health 23:20 — The Pressure of playing at Lakewood 25:05 — Ableton and Editing Stems 28:06 — How To Approach Playing with a Percussionist (Jav j 30:41 — Simplest way to eliminate mic bleed around your kit and other tips for the studio 35:48 — One thing Jon is working through at the moment 40:18 — How do you stay fresh spiritually?


3 Jan 2019

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Episode 028 - A Look Into Highlands Worship with Josiah Tickell and Luke Vogel

I'm really excited to share this episode with you for two reasons: I really dig what Highlands Worship is up to We geek-out on the production side a little more with their FOH engineer, Luke Vogel. You can find the show notes at worshipdrummer.com/028

1hr 3mins

8 May 2019

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Episode 004 - Raising Up The Next Generation of Worship Drummers - with Andy Harrison (Planetshakers)

In this episode we chat with Planetshakers drummer Andy Harrison about raising up the next generation of worship drummers and what that looks like in their ministry. As well, we ask him how he practically puts the heart before beat. Hope you enjoy it!


4 Apr 2016

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Episode 017 - Jared Falk on Music Education and How Drumeo Got Its Start

Jared is no stranger to the drumming world. He has created one of the world's most influential online platforms that connects drum students with the pros with Drumeo. In this episode we explore the topic of music education and talk about how Drumeo came to be what it is today. In the intro, we also share about our new platform that we are excited to launch, called worshipdrummer.pro, an brand new platform that will house all of our premium content. sign up for the launch list at worshipdrummer.pro.


6 Sep 2017

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Episode 006 - Catching Up With Travis Nunn (Chris Tomlin)

Hear from Travis Nunn, drummer for Chris Tomlin, as he shares about how he got the gig with Chris, his switch from Heartbeat cymbals to Paiste, preparing to be a dad, why he's not on Instagram, and some all-around great advice for worship drummers!


1 Jun 2016

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Episode 023 – Rolf Wam Fjell On Exploring Prophetic Dimensions of Worship Drumming and What It Means to Be A Breakthrough Drummer

Episode 023 - Rolf Wam Fjell (Hillsong)Every wonder what prophetic drumming actually means? Or how "following the leading of the Spirit" applies to us a drummers? this episode with Rolf Wam Fjell is like a master class on the spiritual side of what it means to be a worship drummer. This episode is pure gold and I encourage you to actually get a notebook out as you listen - it's that good!In this EpisodeJourney to Hillsong Prophetic Dimensions in Worship Drumming Scripture Verses For Worship Drummers - Psalm 34:5 // Isaiah 41:15-16 // Isaiah 30:32 MSG Daily/Game day Routine TED Talk - How To Practice Effectively (see video below) Team Night at Hillsong Receiving a Custom Snare Exploring The Yamaha EAD10 Word of Wisdom for Worship Drummers Watch more from Rolf from his WD Insta takeover on WD's  WD's IGTV. Links To Things MentionedWorship Drum Samples TED Talk - How To Practice Effectively Custom Snare from Pipo at Groove Drum Co - 15"x7.3" The Yamaha EAD10 Rolf on Instagram Rolf's Mailing List Rolf's YouTube ChannelQuotesI have a million reasons why I’m not qualified to do this, and one reason why I am - Jesus! My ambition and my heart’s desire is to bring the best to the King of kings A little practice every day is better than 10 hours on Friday View pics and videos here

1hr 21mins

10 Oct 2018

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Episode 014 - Payden Hilliard (Leeland) on Finding and Knowing Your Identity

Payden Hilliard - LeelandThe first time I met Payden in person was in February. We were both at the Ryman in Nashville to celebrate The Belonging & Co's third birthday. We had already previously talked about recording an episode together, but that night I asked him what he's most passionate about and without batting an eyelash he answered, "Finding and knowing your identity!"  We tackle the topic in this episode by walking you through Payden's personal journey to Nashville, which was riddled with ups and downs. Listen to how he discovered and defines his true identity, and observe how it is not even tied to what he actually does as a drummer. [tweet_box design="default"]Learning when to play and when not to play has been a big game-changer for me.[/tweet_box]In this EpisodeNashville and its church history What God is doing at The Belonging & Co. Payden’s upbringing and how a mission trip changed his family Journey to Mexico Meeting a 16 year old worship leader Journey to Nashville How you separate who you are from what you do! Advice for those who are frustrated with life’s current situation Having a voice with something to say Some practical drumming adviceLinks to things mentioned in this episode:The Ryman in Nashville The Belonging & Co Leeland - Sound of Melodies John 4:23 Austin DavisQUOTESI’m scrubbing toilets right now, but You see me, and You love me! “If I were here to scrub these toilets for the rest of my life, and that’s all I did, I could live in this moment and say thank You God that You love me and sent Your Son for me!” Jesus came to die for you, and if He never did another thing for you, that is enough! Everything else is out of the goodness of His heart. Find your peace with God and thank Him no matter what season you’re in There are seasons in life, and it’s cool to know that it’s going to eventually change! If you’re having alone time with God, He will download a lot of wisdom to you. Learning when to play and when not to play has been a big game-changer for me.

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10 Mar 2017

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