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#126 YouTube Car Repair: The Do’s & The Don’ts -Eric the Car Guy

Whether you have looked for a how to video of broken stuff around the house, like a toilet or a particular pesky stove problem--or a brand new purchase of your favorite new camera unboxing and instructional video ---CAR REPAIR may ALSO be one of those categories that you may have had some YouTube guidance from time to time.If you’ve searched the INTERNETS AND the YOUTUBES, you more than likely have run across a very popular car care channel and a very helpful Eric The Car Guy. With hundreds of videos detailing vehicle repairs and with over one million subscribers --Eric stops by the show this week to discuss why & how he started as well as an incredible resource for many who are doing their best to fix their vehicles. We discuss the repairs that you should completely stay away from , why your future may be brighter than you think in a career as a professional mechanic and the popular repairs that your requesting.We explore one of the top YOUTUBE car care channels on this weeks WrenchNation show.


21 Oct 2018

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#144 Why You Hate Going to The Mechanic

Why You Hate Going to The MechanicTips for A Successful ExperienceYou would rather clean a toilet or visit with a dentist before seeking out a mechanic to fix your ride. In fact, many of you delay service because of that "unknown" and anxiety.We break it down on the show, as Frank hits the local street corners to listen to what it is that truly gets you upset and big time frustrated. While we share what you had to say, we do our best to provide some common sense approaches and tips for a better automotive service experience.Also check out our new community segment where we highlight the goodworks happening in the community and amongst great mechanics, garage owners and folks from across the automotive industry. This week Ralph Guariglio stops by to highlight a pretty cool car show with the City of Chandler, Arizona, their public safety fair & Chandler car show.


2 Mar 2019

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#139 Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire

When you think about a polished commercial car review, you may have some reservations about actually making a connection to the vehicle being sizzled and displayed and zone out completely.Now don't get me wrong, commercials have their place, especially the entertaining like mini-movies during the Super Bowl.What about searching online and doing the research, (duh Frank, a no brainer) and specifically on You Tube?YouTube can be a powerful research weapon and when it comes to car reviews we have the authentic and raw Matt Farah, yes indeedy...well over 1000 vehicle reviews and counting people, of The Smoking Tire https://bit.ly/2CHFU72!On this episode of Wrench Nation, he reveals his why and how it all started back during the Wild West beginnings of YouTube in 2006.Here is a brief sample of the show transcript--Matt Farah's position on the social media aspect of what people see and what ..actually goes on behind the scenes- as well as his view on haters and the messy business in the comments section at times ...Frank Leutz : There you go. Alright, well speaking of music..before you prepare, if I could ask this man because again, you know..hanging with the audience about what they're doing and their particular interests and goals.. YouTube is a huge world out there..How do you prepare when you do a car review and is there a difference between, alright I'm doing this Lamborghini review or I'm doing this jeep review ..what frame of mind do you put yourself in before you start on that?Matt Farah : I just have to picture myself as the kind of person shopping for  a vehicle in this closet and my specialty is sports cars more so than you know, truck or suv or families. So I feel like the, I have, you know, in the beginning it was more putting myself in the head of the audience. Now after 10 years of doing this I feel like the people that are still sticking around are people that are relating to my thoughts for myself. So at this point in my, when I do a car, it's what do I like and what do I not like and feel like a big chunk of the audience knows enough about me in my life, uh, that, that they can relate to that or some of them don't. Some of them think I'm stupid, but..Frank Leutz :  ...you said something powerful right there. For a lot of our listeners, the beginnings are always messy, right ?..and we have a tendency to sort of self monitor what we do - whether we're on mic are on film.. and we may only know that there is a drive that we can do this. We believe in what we're doing....and then the comments come in..the beginning when you first started, you know, let's say 10 videos and maybe you've got three to four thousand subs on Youtube..I don't care what anybody says..that's a messy place in the comments section -yes ?How did you handle that ..did  it affect you or did you just say .. you know what, screw this, I'm going to do me ?Matt Farah : It's not black and white.Matt Farah : Both..both are true. I think that there have been constructive comments, there have been kind comments, there have been comments that are critical- but written in a way that are reasonable enough & respectful that they're worthy of taking into consideration...and then there are people who were very angry for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with you, but they've chosen to expel that anger at whatever it is that you're doing that they find to, you know, subconsciously be better than whatever they're doing. You know, the problem with social media, all of it, and Youtube, Instagram, whatever it is....It's edited life.Matt Farah : Edited life is very dangerous because to a lot of people, my life looks incredibly glamorous because I'm driving these cool cars all the time..and for a long time..I was putting out a video every day. I've since styled that back, and doing that it seems like, oh my God, like, look at all of this content you know..


27 Jan 2019

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#112 Classic Cars

The custom coachwork, while sporting an elegant and sleek design gave way to so many classic cars of history that are greatly prized and collected to this very day.Take a trip with us as special guests Roger Falcione, founder of ClassicCars.com and the legendary classic car restoration talents of Ken Vela of Wikd Kustoms pay a visit.We celebrate and travel the interesting history of legendary design and art that have given these particular vehicles a special place in automobile history during these popular time frames over he last 100 years.The Brass Era Car. 1896 -1915  Steam Car Development & the early days of electric engines. With brass touch points covering multiple points of the vehicle --THE STANLEY STEAMERVintage Car Era 1919 -1940’s--The advertising years. More than just industry and work --a time to celebrate success and https://www.blubrry.com/wrenchnation/34840049/112-classic-cars/--with a dramatic turning point from the devastating depression years.1950’S -1970’s Big Chrome and Horsepower. A time for big blocks and chrome with innovations in technology for its day.For our fellow mechanics across the world --we would love to hear your tips ! Chime in the comments , as the goal is to help as many people out with their car care , auto repair & maintenance needs with some great tips !Please take a moment , and come join our weekly mechanical tribe by clicking here https://apple.co/2EdrZJE Itunes weekly Sunday uploadListen Live every Wed 4pm Arizona time and join in the show with us --we would love your car care questions or help https://bit.ly/2Eqp4KiOur great sponsors who keep us rolling - we are grateful. As we do business with the best right here in our garage--these folks are long term relationships that we can vouche for 100 percent ! Host of the show Frank Leutz puts is heart and soul in to relationships and will only recommend those that he has had a rolled up sleeves experience with. This means  simply put --how well does  these products\services serve his garage clients and what happens when mistakes are made These are companies that live by their clients in the automotive industry & and are accountable. You can call Frank at the garage 480 726 6400 anytime for the straight and skinny.Professional Installers check out Parts Authority with Locations Nationwide & the quality auto parts like DENSO,SMP,AC DELCO,DORMAN,CENTRIC,AISIN,HITACHI to name a few. The experienced &  knowledgeable parts counter folks while providing an iron clad warranty where the answer is yes !       https://bit.ly/2HQUdYn #poweredbypaAutomotive Service Centers check out  digital inspections for your service facilities creating higher levels of consumer transparency and productivity https://bit.ly/2IE6zHD


17 Jun 2018

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#136 The Shortage of Mechanics

We figured for the start of the New Year we would tackle our very first show of 2019 opening up a very serious topic that many of you can relate to -The critical shortage of automotive technicians and the future of the automotive industry.We were honored to have C.E.O of TechForce Foundation https://bit.ly/2LUh2wW Jennifer Maher and A.S.E. Master Technician and Automotive Instructor Cody Metcalf of one of the premier High School Trade schools in the country East Valley Institute of Technology ( ..and yes home of our little car talk show LIVE every week ) https://bit.ly/2F8nY9tA big shoutout to show sponsors boltontechnology and partsauthority for the support -please be sure to check them out for your garage needs!Join us!


6 Jan 2019

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#149 Under The Hood Technology

The 2018 Ford F-150 has over 100 million lines of code, and is a sophisticated work of technology. With many automotive service facilities and parts companies offering a "Free" Check Engine Light code pull...is this enough to actually get that vehicle repaired properly?With an ever popular option of "code pulling," we certainly do not see this in the cards as modern day vehicles continue to develop in to rolling networks of sensitive data & information.The code gave me "Oxygen Sensor" fault, and many other code scenarios play out thousands of times a day, as some decide to run the risk of throwing parts on their vehicle like a game of backyard darts, instead of deciphering the data properly and actually testing for a true blue bonafide failure\fault.Scott Brown President & Founder of Diagnostic Network https://bit.ly/2TXwif6, A.S.E. Master Certified technician Jeff Buckley of My Fathers Certified Shop, and Greg Buckley of Buckleys Auto Care join us for an in depth conversation about the challenges & future of testing vehicles the right way to get it correct, and the investment in tooling and training to get it right, while rolling up sleeves to educate the consumer about the road ahead.


8 Apr 2019

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#129 WWII Mechanic Stops By the Studio-Veterans Day Tribute

As military veterans and their families reflect on service to country , and honor many of the fallen heroes of foreign wars -we pay tribute with special guest Ray West , a WW2 veteran and mechanic.We journey back in to history to Ray’s experience as a WW2 mechanic serving in the South Pacific , his accounts of working on diesel engines, while being delegated as the go to mechanic during war time conditions.We also discuss the deadly disappearance of a ship steaming out of the Panama canal that ultimately ended its journey through the hands of enemy submarines.After 35 years of employment with Cummings --in 1980 , Ray ventures in to garage ownership and starts a diesel shop.We discuss the major differences in technology and the future of the automotive industry.Join us for a fascinating look at history on this edition of WrenchNation Car Talk.Please share this podcast with a friend that might enjoy, and connect with us on FaceBook \Instagram, as we appreciate you stopping by!


11 Nov 2018

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#124 BackYard Builds. Style & Design

BackYard Builds. Style & DesignWe were super excited to bring to you Brutha JD & his incredible wife Lexi Del Rey of Wrench Wars MAVTV on this weeks Wrench Nation Tv’s Car Talk Show. We dove into the awesome history of bringing the community together at El Rey’s Garage & the fascinating history of how it all started!


26 Aug 2018

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#124 Trick or Treat? How to Avoid a Craigslist Used Car Lemon

We reveal the TOP dastardly used car con trickery !! Avoid buying a LEMON ~Arm yourself up BEFORE you buy a used vehicle & LEARN about these TRICKS used car peddlers don’t want you to know!Special guest Master Mechanic Kris Bowdren of the The KAR Shop.


10 Oct 2018

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#113 AC Tips

Tips. Many of you may pick up a can of self charging refrigerant at a local parts store and charge up your ac system for a quick fix, so you thought. Is it fixed ? Is it going to last ?


24 Jun 2018

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Swollen Lug Nuts & Spark Plug Removal Tips

3Valve 5.4L spark plug removal tips ~ swollen lug nuts ? And this week’s show topic ~special guest Betsy Bennett of Goodguys Racing Car Shows ~ join us LIVE from Inside The Garage ~The Parts Authority GIVEAWAY details


14 Nov 2018

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#102 My Engine Hesitates Stumbles or Sags ??

Tips for Smooth Engine Operation.With or without a check engine light on --an engine that hesitates when accelerating can be frustrating.We reveal basic tips on what to inspect and correct with special in studio guest Lee & Kelli Weatherby of Accurate Automotive and Steve Rozansky of Friendly Auto.


8 Apr 2018

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#066: Engine Coolant System

Engine Coolant System - Tips you need to know to avoid a nuclear meltdown. Today we reveal how to avoid a coolant system nightmare and stay clear from a disastrous engine overheat. $$$ Car Quiz!!!!


28 Jun 2017

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#091: European Car Care Tips

European Car Care Tips - From BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and many other European vehicles - we dive in to ways to maintain and repair. Sprechen sie Deutsch? The special tools, service and technology required to keep these European rides running happy and healthy.

1hr 31mins

17 Jan 2018

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#098: 15 Minute Quick Oil Change

The 15 Minute Quick Oil Change. The good, the bad and the ugly. With special in studio guest Kris Bowdren of The KAR Shop in Gilbert Arizona.


7 Mar 2018

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#079: Engine Hissing & Vacuum Leaks

Annoying Engine Hissing & Vacuum Leaks - Your engine is one gigantic air pump. Lose a seal, line or gasket and it sucks in all the wrong places. We investigate why and what you should expect for a fix. SPECIAL TECH EDITION.


11 Oct 2017

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#143 The Business of 330 MPH Blake Alexander

After years of racing both Funny Car and Top Fuel , Blake Alexander is back in the Funny Car, as one of the youngest NHRA’s race drivers of the circuit. The 2 time champion stops by the Wrench Nation show to discuss the tremendous off season decision to purchase his own team, a lifelong pursuit and passion, while remaining behind the wheel as a driven and focused driver with crew chief Daniel Wilkerson & team. With the support of wife & co owner, Leah Alexander along with the rock solid support of family, friends and sponsors – 2019 is set to be an incredible year!With the fast paced environment of race week ,assembling a winning team and working to keep marketing relationships front and center — Blake Alexander keeps it real, while remaining one of the most humble drivers in Motorsports. Join us for an extraordinary look at the Business of 330 MPH and Blake Alexander Racing.


25 Feb 2019

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#090: Vehicle Cold Start – No Start. No Worries.

Vehicle Cold Start. No Start. No Worries. - Top Tips To Keep You Moving. In the most inopportune time your old reliable becomes a serious misfit and leaves you stranded. We reveal the straightforward easy tips to get out of trouble and when you should call roadside assistance.Season 3 of the Wrench Nation radio show starts off with a bang with our all new 2 hour show starting today @ 3:00PM (AZ) / 4:00 CST on 88.7 The Pulse. With special call in guest Drew Alcazar with Russo and Steele Scottsdale Collector Automobile Auction.

1hr 30mins

10 Jan 2018

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Carvana: Stress Free Auto Buying 9/12/18

Stress Free Auto BuyingMost of us can agree --buying a used car at the dealer can be a long winded process. Did I get a fair price? Am I getting the finance rate that my credit deserves? With so many options available online, we have Amy O Hara with CARVANA in studio to discuss the benefits of skipping the dealer and giving you the power to purchase completely online. We dive in to their awesome 7 day return policy and go behind the scenes of the awesome delivery ceremony from that gorgeous vending machine dispensing cars. We also have a surprise visit with Lance Smaw of KYB Shocks & Struts discussing the awesome truck giveaway and what mechanics may be getting wrong when installing struts in the service bays.


16 Sep 2018

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Garage Challenge Question 9/12/18

Garage Challenge Question 9/12/18Are you investing in this critical area of your #garage? Get in the #comments as we would love your input here!! https://www.wrenchnation.tv Remember to tune in today at 4PM AZ. We're talking with Carvana --LISTEN LIVE ▶️ https://bit.ly/2Eqp4Ki


12 Sep 2018

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