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Medical practice management, marketing, ancillary and technology trends. The Medical Practice Trends podcast is brought to you by Emedikon, founded by Peter J Polack MD, author of "Navigating the EMR Jungle" and the soon-to-be-released "Ultimate Ophthalmic Marketing Machine" and technology columnist for Ophthalmology Management Magazine.

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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 11: Five Best Practices for EHR Implementation

MPT Podcast 11 - Five Best Practices for EHR Implementation, with guest Chris Mertens, VP of the Personal Systems Group for Hewlett-Packard. This Issue: Why you should take a good look at your processes before purchasing an EMR system How to minimize lost productivity Why installation of an EMR system is not the final step in the implementation process   [smart_track_player url="http://mptaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/$emed$podcast/MPT_podcast_11.mp3" title="MPT Podcast 11-Five Best Practices for EHR Implementation" ]


31 May 2011

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85: Why You Should Transition Towards a Process-Driven Practice with M. Ryan Williams, CEO of ProcessPlan

M. Ryan Williams, CEO of ProcessPlan, describes the benefits of transitioning your practice to a process-driven one including improved efficiency, discovering bottlenecks, and enhanced employee on-boarding and on-going training and how to decide on what tools can best help you make that transition. This issue (25:26): - What is a Process? - What does it mean to be process-driven? - What are some pitfalls businesses have experienced because of a lack of process documentation? - What are the three hardest things to overcome when shifting into a process-centric management perspective? - What are some things to look for in process capturing software?


7 May 2018

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104: Common Mistakes in Medical Marketing and Website Design with Gavin Baker, CEO of Baker Labs

Gavin Baker, CEO of Baker Labs, shares some of the most common mistakes he sees that medical practices make regarding their marketing, social media and website design. This issue (27:52): What is the most common marketing mistakes practices make What do patients care about when they search online? What are some website homepage do's and dont's? If a practice was only going to do one thing to marketing, what should they do?


4 Mar 2019

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59: Incorporating Nail Fungus Testing in the Primary Care Office with guest Ron Olsen DPM

Vivien Hudson and Michael Berg Of Ancillary Medical Solutions talk with Dr. Ron Olsen DPM who describes how primary care practitioners can incorporate the diagnosis and treatment of  onychomycosis (nail fungus).  This issue (11:32) The prevalence of onychomycosis in the general population and what that means for the primary care physician Diagnostic testing that can be performed within the office setting The economics of incorporating onychomycosis testing for the primary care physician   


31 Jul 2017

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110: How to Keep Your Company Driving & Thriving in a Competitive Business World with Brent R. Tilson, CEO of Tilson HR and best-selling author of "Go Slow to Grow Fast"

Brent R. Tilson, author of the best-selling book "Go Slow to Grow Fast," explains his Quad 4 Methodology and why employees are the most-overlooked part of the equation when it comes to business success. This issue (31:54): The genesis and the importance of the LifeLine graph for a business How you can tell whether you are in the Drama Zone or the Driving Zone How do you know if your business is growing too fast? Why morale is an important symptom of a major problem Why Revenue Per Employee (RPE) is such a critical metric The Four Stages of Competence and its relationship to the Quad 4 Methodology What is the significance of the Power of 10 to 1? Effectiveness vs Efficiency What are guidelines for making your people more effective? What is the definition of a high-performing company and how can you get there?


3 Sep 2019

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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 7: HIPAA, HITECH, and Protecting Your Patients’ Information

EMR Update 7 - HIPAA, HITECH, and Protecting Your Patients' Information This Issue: What is data-at-rest vs data-in-motion? What do the new HITECH Act provisions mean to your medical practice? What are potential penalties for violating the HIPAA regulations? What proactive measures can you take to protect yourself and your practice?   [smart_track_player url="http://mptaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/$emed$podcast/MPT_podcast_7.mp3" title="MPT Podcast 7- HIPAA, HITECH, and Protecting Your Patients' Information" ]


8 Jun 2010

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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 24: Scanning Paper Records into Your EMR

MPT Podcast 24 - Scanning Paper Records Into Your EMR System: Setting Up An Action Plan, with guest Mary Pat Whaley of ManageMyPractice.com. Ms. Whaley discusses some tips and best practices based on her extensive experience advising medical practices. This Issue (8:12): The importance of 'storyboarding' your strategy for paper chart conversion How to decide if you need more employees for your conversion process Scanning vs. indexing When to know if you need to outsource the scanning process How much of the old paper record do you need to convert?   [smart_track_player url="http://mptaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/$emed$podcast/MPT_podcast_24.mp3" title="MPT Podcast 24-Scanning Paper Records into Your EMR" ]


30 Aug 2011

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90: In-Office Visco-Supplementation Treatment Program for Osteoarthritis

Viv Hudson and Michael Berg of Ancillary Medical Solutions speak with guest Dr Josh Brown about a new and complete program for physicians to treat patients in-office with osteoarthritis using visco-supplementation. This issue (12:32) which patients are candidates for this program? what does the treatment protocol consist of? what have been the results so far? what has been the response from insurance carriers? what impact does the program potentially have on your practice?


10 Jul 2018

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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 41: The Coming Transformational & Disruptive Changes to Healthcare

MPT Podcast 41 - The Coming Transformational & Disruptive Changes to Healthcare, with guest Steven Schimpff MD, internist and author of "The Future of Healthcare Delivery". Dr. Schimpff discusses trends that will have a significant impact on healthcare in the near future. This Issue (10:58): How chronic disease will affect the delivery of healthcare The effect that increasing consumerism will have on medical practices Why an increasing burden of financial responsibility will fall on patients Click the play button to hear the podcast [smart_track_player url="http://mptaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/$emed$podcast/MPT_podcast_41.mp3" title="MPT Podcast 41 - The Coming Transformational & Disruptive Changes to Healthcare, with guest Steven Schimpff MD, internist and author of The Future of Healthcare Delivery" ]


8 May 2012

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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 28: HITRUST Alliance & Keeping Your PHI Secure

MPT Podcast 28 - HITRUST Alliance & Keeping Your PHI Secure, with guest Mike Meikle, of Hawkthorne Group Consulting. Mr. Meikle explains what the HITRUST Alliance is and how they can help medical practices cut through some of the regulatory clutter. This Issue (5:33): What is the HITRUST Alliance and why should you care? How does this tie in with HIPAA and HITECH regulations? How HITRUST can help practices cut through the regulatory clutter Click the play button to hear the podcast   [smart_track_player url="http://mptaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/$emed$podcast/MPT_podcast_28.mp3" title="MPT Podcast 28-HITRUST Alliance & Keeping Your PHI Secure" ] Right-click to download


27 Sep 2011

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74: Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement with Mike Meikle, CEO of SecureHIM

Mike Meikle, CEO of SecureHIM, discusses the ins and outs of telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) Medicare reimbursement and whether it makes sense for your practice to consider them in the light of MACRA and MIPS. This issue (10:52): What is Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring? Has Medicare changed the way it reimburses it? How do these fit into MACRA and MIPS? Where is it most effective and which specialties are most likely to benefit? For more information, contact Mike Meikle at www.mikemeikle.com


12 Feb 2018

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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 42: Benefits of Web-Based Credentialing

MPT Podcast 42 - Benefits of Web-Based Credentialing , with guest Matthew Haddad, Founder and CEO of Medversant Technologies. Mr. Haddad describes real-time, web-based credentialing and enrollment and who benefits from this technology. This Issue (7:04): What is credentialing and who needs it? How does a web-based system make this more efficient? What are CVOs? What is meant by real-time credentialing? Click the play button to hear the podcast [smart_track_player url="http://mptaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/$emed$podcast/MPT_podcast_42.mp3" title="MPT Podcast 42 - Benefits of Web-Based Credentialing , with guest Matthew Haddad, Founder and CEO of Medversant Technologies" ]


22 May 2012

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66: MACRA - What is it? with guest Mike Meikle, SecureHIM

Mike Meikle, CEO of SecureHIM, describes the MACRA program and what it means for medical practices This issue (8:52) MACRA and the transition to value-based reimbursement How should doctors prepare for MACRA? How does privacy and security tie into MACRA? Are there tools available to help doctors report their data to meet 2017 goals?


16 Oct 2017

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92: Ways to Enhance a Physician Profile for Better Engagement with Brian Dooley, Founder of Independence Digital

Brian Dooley, Founder of Independence Digital, explains how enhancing your physician profile can improve patient engagement by creating a personal connection This issue (15:39) how to create a personal connection the importance of using professional level photos the proper listing of training and awards the proper way to list contact info why you should always have a call-to-action


31 Jul 2018

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68: Social Media Marketing for Medical Practices, with guest Matt Coffy, CEO Customer Bloom

Matt Coffy, CEO of Customer Bloom, demonstrates his patient engines model for social media marketing for medical practices and offers advice on how to effectively leverage social media to increase new patients. This issue (47:03): How to properly utilize social media for your practice marketing Constructing an effective offer Multichannel digital marketing tips Integrating your marketing efforts with your website


26 Oct 2017

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69: Medical Practice Marketing: Golden Triangle or Bermuda Triangle? with guest Becky Smith, Emedikon Marketing Systems

Click Here to read about a Free Trial of Emedikon's Reputation Marketing System Becky Smith, Managing Partner and Marketing Strategist, Emedikon Marketing Systems, introduces the concept of the Golden Triangle for medical practice marketing: Reputation, Reviews, and Referrals. This issue (18:44) Why you should allocate marketing dollars instead of budgeting them How a marketing portfolio is like an investment portfolio What are the 3 core marketing strategies? Google's ZMOT and why you should know what it means What most digital marketing agencies get wrong about this 5 action items for the Golden Triangle


13 Nov 2017

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108: Five Ways A Call Center Can Revolutionize Your Medical Practice with Gabby Rolette, Specialty Answering Service

Gabby Rolette of Specialty Answering Service (SAS) explains some of the ways that outsourcing your call center can not only be cost-effective but may also improve your bottom line. This issue (11:33): how 24/7 call center availability can increase your business advanced call center features including language translation integrating call center functions with your practice's website how new mobile apps can enhance your call center's capabilities leveraging a call center for improved customer service and basic trouble shooting


22 May 2019

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100: 100th Podcast Anniversary Special - Experts Roundtable on the Future of Healthcare

In celebration of reaching our 100th podcast (thanks to all of you for your support), we asked a roundtable of experts to give us their thoughts on the future of healthcare from the perspective of their areas of expertise: Steven Schimpff MD former CEO of University of Maryland Medical Center on healthcare delivery Jeff Segal MD JD, CEO of Medical Justice, on medicolegal issues Mary Pat Whaley of ManageMyPractice.com on practice management Mike Meikle, CEO of SecureHIM, on cybersecurity Shareef Mahdavi, CEO of SM2 Strategic Consulting, on practice development and business models


15 Jan 2019

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Medical Practice Trends Podcast 10: EMR and the Marketability of Your Practice

MPT Podcast 10 - EMR and the Marketability of Your Medical Practice, with guest Mike Meikle, Hawkthorne Group. This Issue: Besides financial incentives for implementation, EMR may offer some marketing benefits Patients may perceive a practice without EMR as not being "cutting edge" Far from being impersonal, EMR in the practice may actually be more humanizing   [smart_track_player url="http://mptaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/$emed$podcast/MPT_podcast_10.mp3" title="MPT Podcast 10- EMR and the Marketability of Your Practice" ]


24 May 2011

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60: Autonomic Nervous System Testing with guest Dr. Tahir Bhinder

Viv Hudson and Michael Berg of Ancillary Medical Solutions speak with Dr. Tahir Bhinder about testing patients for autonomic nervous system (ANS) disorders in the office setting.  This issue (9:05) Learn how a relatively quick test can benefit your patients How to screen patients for ANS testing The clinical relevance of ANS testing for patient management  


16 Aug 2017

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