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New York Times Tennis Correspondent Chris Clarey On Roger Federer

New York Times Tennis Correspondent and author of the international bestseller on Roger Federer, 'The Master', Chris Clarey speaks to fellow Federer biographer, Chris Bowers, about the legacy of the great Swiss.


21 Sep 2022

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PODCAST - Roger Federer Special

Our tribute to the career of Roger Federer, presented by Federer biographer Chris Bowers and with contributions from New York Times Tennis Correspondent, Chris Clarey, Roger Federer's mother, Lynette, Tournament Director Richard Krajicek, and current players Stefanos Tsitsipas, Nicholas Godsick, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Coco Gauff.CHRIS CLAREY ON ROGER FEDERER’S LEGACY - ‘Either through good will or strong will he managed over time to embrace so many elements of being a professional tennis player that others find frustrating of aggravating or just a plain old pain in the butt and Roger was somebody who really was over time by his own nature and by that maturity you saw early on, understood what was going to be inevitable and let’s do it right’.LYNETTE FEDERER ON THE EARLY DAYS IN BASEL AS A BALLBOY - ‘I remember that he got a signature from Pete Sampras who was actually his idol at the time and he was very excited about that. He loved just being around the players and being around the same aged boys was great fun and I think he had a great time and it just shows you, he was a ball kid and now he’s on the centre court and I think it’s just a great story’, RICHARD KRAJICEK ON FEDERER’S MOMENT OF HISTORY IN ROTTERDAM - ‘For me the biggest achievement from his career is when he became number one in Rotterdam and it’s not the way he played the tournament, because he felt I think pretty much tension because he could become the oldest number one, but just in that time he was already a bit older and you had Nadal, Djokovic, Andy Murray and to become number one then, for me that was the biggest achievement in his career’.STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON FEDERER AS THE ULTIMATE OPPONENT - ‘I enjoyed just watching him on TV, probably hitting with him on a tennis court would have been a never in a lifetime scenario, but sometimes with a little bit of determination, your dreams pay off and one thing led to another and suddenly I’m faced with Roger Federer for the first time at the Hopman Cup and I’m about to serve and I’m thinking ‘Roger is on the other side of the net, he’s my childhood hero’ and this is how I feel about Roger Federer, he’s someone that is difficult to believe he is real’.NICO GODSICK SPEAKS ABOUT FEDERER MENTORING HIM - ‘Roger’s always been such a help to me, he’s such an amazing person and watching him make semis and finals consistently day-in-day-out every week, it’s a big inspiration and I always want to be like him. I try to model my energy like him, I try to model my game like him and Roger is someone I model my game and my tennis around’.PLUS FELIX AUGER ALIASSIME AND COCO GAUFF GO HEAD-TO-HEAD TO FIND OUT WHO KNOWS MORE ABOUT FEDERER’S CAREER AND LIFE -Podcast presented by Chris Bowers-Interviews by Chris Bowers, Bren Hester and Ursin Caderas-Felix Auger-Aliassime and Coco Gauff feature courtesy of ATP Uncovered-Roger Federer statement from his personal Instagram page


17 Sep 2022

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EXCLUSIVE - Emilio Nava On Learning From Andy Murray

Young American player Emilio Nava speaks to Chris Bowers about what he learnt from playing Andy Murray at the US Open, the importance of staying free of injury, his decision to train in Spain, the development of his powerful forehand, having sporty parents and his desire to qualifying for the end of year Intesa Sanpaolo NextGen ATP Finals in Milan.


14 Sep 2022

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PODCAST - Alcaraz Claims US Open And World Number 1

ALCARAZ ON HIS LOVE OF PLAYING DROP SHOTS - ‘It’s natural for me, I always hit drop shots when I was a kid, I would say too many drop shots when I was a kid, so in training I’m trying not to hit drop shots, just to hit other shots and when I’m training the sets and stuff when I’m break point down, I’m trying to play the set without the drop shot’.ALCARAZ ON HIS DEVELOPING RIVALRY WITH JANNIK SINNER - ‘I’m going to be a better player thanks to him and I think for him it will be the same. I will push him to be a better player as Djokovic, Nadal and Federer did when thy were younger. He’s a nice person with a great team around him and we are great friends’.SINNER ON THE IMPROVEMENTS HE’S MAKING - ’Now we are working on me having more strength, we are working very hard in the gym. Sometimes when you finish matches when you feel slow, you have to do things to get faster. Sometimes when you don’t feel much strength on the backhand or forehand you have to work on that and so we are working very hard and I think I will be in a good shape after the US Open’.WAYNE FERREIRA ON THE STEADY PROGRESSION OF FRANCES TIAFOE - ‘With him in particular he had a lot of growing up to do. He came out on tour in his first year, did exceptionally well, played quarters of Australian Open, won Delray Beach and then just felt like it was easy and he sort of lost when it meant to be here day-in-day-out. We have to get up everyday at the right time, get to where we need to go, put in the effort, work as hard as we can, because the work that we do today is not going to give you the result tomorrow, it’s going to take time’.KAREN KHACHANOV ON TRYING TO GET BACK INTO THE TOP TEN - ’Since the grass-courts last year I started to play better-and-better, in the Olympics, Wimbledon quarter-finals I had better results in general and this year the goal is the same, I want to be back in the top 10, to win tournaments again and that is the main goal. I believe in myself and it’s a question of time and belief to be able to do that’.PLUS, ATP UNCOVERED TAKES A LOOK AT THE MENTALITY OF ANDREY RUBLEV- Podcast presented by US Open Radio commentator Brian Clark- Podcast guest, former WTA player Jill Craybas- Interviews by Seb Lauzier, Chris Bowers, Ursin Caderas and Jill Craybas- Rublev Feature by ATP Uncovered 


12 Sep 2022

Rank #4

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EXCLUSIVE - Nick Monroe On Americans And Life Inside The Changing Room

American doubles player Nick Monroe speaks about the ageing process, keeping fit, life on tour and getting into commentary


7 Sep 2022

Rank #5

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PODCAST - Halfway Through The 2022 US Open

At the halfway stage of the 2022 US Open, presenter Chris Bowers sits down with former WTA player Jill Craybas and US Open Radio commentator Brian Clark to look back on the stories from week one and introduce interviews with Matteo Berrettini, Emilio Nava, Brandon Holt, Carlos Alcaraz and Andrey Rublev, whilst the team at ATP Uncovered ask a number of players about their favourite parts of New York.-Show presented by Chris Bowers with guests Jill Craybas and Brian Clark-Interviews by Chris Bowers, Mike Cation and Ursin Caderas-Feature by ATP Uncovered


5 Sep 2022

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EXCLUSIVE - Lars Christensen On Holger Run And His Life As A Circus Artist

Speaking at a recent ATP Tour event with players playing table tennis in the background, Holger Rune's coach Lars Christensen talked to Candy Reid about starting out as a circus artist, his love of travel and how he's developing upcoming star Holger Rune.


31 Aug 2022

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PODCAST - 2022 US Open Preview

DANIIL MEDVEDEV ON HIS DESIRE TO WIN - ‘I enjoy competition in general and if it’s an online computer game or racing against my friends, when there is competition one-on-one I always want to beat my opponent and many times it’s going to be by finding his weak spot’. NICK KYRGIOS ON HIS EXPLOSIVE SERVE - ‘I feel like I wasn’t able to hit 220 consistently over the past few years and now I’m able to do that for fun. You know I was carrying a knee injury for the last couple of years that I think was really not allowing me to explode into my serve and not be as effective as I could and I just feel like a different person from last year and you know, just my overall confidence and mentality, you know stepping up to the line I’m not thinking of much, I’m just getting up there, serving big first and second and usually if I’m hitting the spots, it’s pretty hard to break’.BARBARA SCHETT ON ON-COURT COACHING - ‘It’s been around on the women’s tour already, but personally I think tennis is one of those sports which is actually pretty unique and nice that you are the only person on the court who decides what to do, what tactic to play, so I don’t love on-court coaching as I think the player needs to be prepared, to come up with a plan a, b and c and find solutions yourself’.JOSEPH GILBERT ON JENSON BROOKSBY’S LOSS TO DJOKOVIC AT THE 2021 US OPEN - ’Those two games in the second set lasted half an hour and I could feel that on Jenson on the physical side and Djokovic bore down more and that physical toll, playing him over three out of five and that mental energy on Arthur Ashe that it takes to be out there for that long with the peaks and the valleys with that kind of match, it was a great experience and we learned a lot from it’.JOE SALISBURY ON BECOMING WORLD NUMBER 1 - ‘I found out that I was number one after our second match in Miami. I just think it was excitement, it felt special and now that it’s happened I just want to stay there for a long as possible. It’s not something I was expecting, but it’s been a long journey, I’m really enjoying it and I’m looking forward for everything else that’s to come as well’.IT’S ALL ABOUT SERENA - COCO GAUFF AND FRANCES TIAFOE GO HEAD-TO-HEAD IN A QUIZ ABOUT THE GREAT CHAMPION-Podcast presented by Chris Bowers-Podcast guest - Jill Craybas -Interviews by Mike Cation, Seb Lauzier and Jill Craybas-Joe Salisbury feature courtesy of ATP Uncovered


28 Aug 2022

Rank #8

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EXCLUSIVE - Brad Stine On Tommy Paul, Jim Courier & Fitness

Tommy Paul's coach Brad Stine speaks about what he's learnt working with the young American as well as in the past with Jim Courier and working alongside the legendary coach José Higueras.


24 Aug 2022

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PODCAST - Coric, Tsitsipas, Norrie, Shelton, Dimitrov, Cilic & Nadal

BORNA CORIC ON WINNING THE CINCINNATI MASTERS TITLE  - ‘I’m still not aware of it obviously. It was a very tough match, at the beginning I was not playing very well, but I started to serve better, I started to play much, much better and I was fighting very hard and in the second set I think I played the best set of the whole year’.STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING A BALANCE - ‘It is importance sometimes for me to let go and concentrate on other things in life, tennis has been occupying a lot of space in my mind daily, a lot of tension, a lot of stress with my competitive ego going out everyday and I needed to feel human again, to feel balanced, because sometimes competition makes you lose your mind’.CAMERON NORRIE ON HIS AMBITIONS FOR THE FUTURE - ‘For me, this year anyway, it’s to push towards number 1, obviously it didn’t help that there weren’t any points at Wimbledon, so it’s tough to do that but world number one is that ultimate goal for me and i’m trying to take care of everything in my power to give me the best chance to do that’.BEN SHELTON ON BREAKING THROUGH TO THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL - ‘I was lucky this summer to be the young guy still in college and not have any weight on my shoulders. I felt a lot less pressure then I think other players feel on the Challenger tour and I was just out there having fun, so to be able to go out on my first tournament in Arkansas and just swing away and realise that my level was good enough to compete with some of those guys kind of propelled me forward for the rest of the summer and helped my confidence grow’.GRIGOR DIMITROV ON HIS ABILITY TO STAY CALM - ‘Being on tour for so many years, that helped me a lot to understand that the sport itself changes. You know you expect of yourself always to be the best, but you’ve always got to alter your preparation, your fitness, your food, like just so many things that are happening behind the scenes and for me all I wanted to do was start being kinder to my body. So many small things I changed and that instantly made me calmer’.MARIN CILIC ON HIS HUNGER TO ACHIEVE MORE - ’There are certain times in our careers where you just feel incredible on court and those were the days for me when I felt invincible. This sport is extremely exciting because you can improve every single day and with that energy I feel that everything is falling nicely into place, but first of all you need to have that hunger inside of you. I feel that these last seven or eight months my progress has been really good and that motivates me to go for more’.RAFAEL NADAL ON SERENA WILLIAMS IMPENDING RETIREMENT - ‘She’s a huge star in tennis and in sport in general and in some way I feel sad because we are losing an amazing ambassador, but at the same time, for everyone it’s an end, nothing is forever and she deserves to choose whatever works for her at this stage of her life. Super happy to share lots of moments of my career with her on the tour, she’s an amazing inspiration for a lot of people so well done for her. Wish her all the best and even if she’s not playing after the US Open hopefully we can keep enjoying her being around on the tour because I always believe that the legends makes our sport bigger if they stay around the sport’.-Show Presented by Brian Clark-Interviews by Mike Cation, Ursin Caderas and Jill Craybas-Marin Cilic Feature by ATP Uncovered-Commentary from Lee Goodall


21 Aug 2022

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