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The Mobile Commerce Minute with Rob Woodbridge & Chuck Martin (Video)

A daily look at the impact that mobile is having on commerce, retail and payments from two of North America's leading mobile minds. The show examines the latest research and insights into how and where mobile fits into the buying cycle and offers tactical advice on how to incorporate it all into your business.

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Where is all the revenue in beacons?

If 2014 was the year of beacon awareness and 2015 was the year of the rollout, will 2016 be the year of beacon revenue? If so, how will they earn and for which industries will they earn for? Chuck highlights a recent ABIresearch study that shows this but then offers his own thoughts on where the REAL revenue will come from.

7 Aug 2015

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The 5 IoT success factors for media & entertainment companies

Tata Consultancy Services released a massive global trend study called "Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force" and it is crammed with incredible insight into this emerging world. In this episode we pull out the 5 success factors for media and entertainment companies. Here's the list.

6 Aug 2015

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Sony ushers in Drones as a Service (Daas)

Sony announced they are entering the drone business - not to sell them but to rent them out as a service to other companies. Are they becoming the Hertz of the drone industry? That's for another episode. Today we focus on how this announcement fits into the Internet of Everything ecosystem - which involves sensors and robots...

31 Jul 2015

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Connected "things" to be 25 billion within 5 years

On this inaugural episode of the show we lay the groundwork for the size and scope of the coming era of the Internet of Everything. IC Insights provides some incredible numbers of "things" that will be connected to the Internet within the next few years. Chuck and I explore what this means now and where the opportunities are for businesses to participate. Humans, beware: We are slipping down the population food chain...

29 Jul 2015

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Chrysler has 1.4 million reasons to embrace the Internet of Things...quickly

Chrysler ran into a PR nightmare this week with the controlled hack of a Jeep while it was cruising along the highway. They managed to mess around with the air conditioning and stereo and then shut down the engine - all while the helpless driver panicked. The significance cannot be overlooked as we enter a new world of connected everything AND as congress looks at controlling the messages (read: advertising) and data that can infiltrate and be collected while we drive our cars. This surely won't help ease everyone's mind will it? The outcome from this little Wired experiment (found here) is a recall of 1.4 million Jeeps. As Chuck details in this special episode, this can only help move the industry along...

24 Jul 2015

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Hey retailers, here's why no one is downloading your mobile app

There is a harsh reality in the retail industry right now, we don't shop every moment of every single day. I know, hard to believe it's true but it is. This makes the likelihood of consumers downloading an app (and keeping it downloaded) very low. Chuck explains why in this episode and highlights a recent study by Forrester aptly named "Customers will not download your app." Catchy (unless you are a retailer).

22 Jul 2015

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What shoppers want from a retailer's mobile app - a checklist

It isn't complicated. In fact, it comes down to 2 things. These two simple things that customers want inside a retailer's mobile app are defined in the most recent UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper report done by Comscore. In this episode, Chuck extracts the most important mobile pieces from the report and hands us a checklist of the things retailers need to start doing right now in order to succeed with their mobile strategy. You are welcome...

14 Jul 2015

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Mobile commerce around the world - not a small number to be found

Mobile commerce is getting big. How big? Great question. Chuck takes us around the world to give us the answer. First to the UK, then Korea, Italy, China and the US. Lots of "billions" being tossed around in this episode...

8 Jul 2015

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The OTHER 10 smartphone sensors you aren't using

Perhaps it is true that we only use a fraction of our human brain because we haven't mastered how the rest work. The same could be said about the sensors inside our smartphones as well - until now. Former Thinknear founder Eli Portnoy has launched his latest startup, Sense360, and he wants to help developers tap into all the sensors that are already live inside of our smartphones. Chuck helps us understand why that's important and how it could be used for good.

1 Jul 2015

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Wearables AREN'T about getting ads to the wrist

Wearables can be a confusing world. On one hand (punny) we wear them in hopes that they streamline our lives, make us healthier and bring our eyes away from the constant glow of the smartphone screen. On the other hand we are all trying to figure out how they can and should impact our business. There is a fine line between helpful and annoying - especially when it comes to something that we choose to wear on our bodies. Have no fear, Chuck sat down with Travis Bogard of Jawbone to get his take on the wearable revolution and, thankfully, it doesn't involve sending ads to our wrists...

24 Jun 2015

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