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Get expert discussions and insider tips every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Life on Fire TV is for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals, coaches, and marketers who want to make more, work less, give back, and live happier, kick-A$$ lives. Focus on the four pillars of a Life on Fire: marketing, mindset, networking, and purpose with host, Nick Unsworth to get more done in less time, increase marketing conversions, learn highly actionable, innovative strategies from Nick and guests. Make sure you go to LifeOnFire.com to check out all of the free resources we have for you!

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209: 20X Your Performance With These Four Skills, with Commander Mark Divine

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 209 of Life on Fire. If someone told you that you were capable of increasing your performance and your results by 20x would you believe them? Now what if the person who was telling you was a commander and one of the most decorated Navy SEALs in history? Then would you believe that person?! On this episode, Commander Mark Divine drops by to explain why you truly are capable of 20x your performance and the four skills you need to develop to do so. We also talk about my experience at his Unbeatable Mind program, and what you can expect to hear from him when he speaks at our Life on Fire event in December. In this episode you’ll hear: Why applying principles is as important as learning them. (4:05) How do yoga and martial arts help develop character? (9:55) One breathing technique to slow your body and mind. (13:40) What does it mean to feed the courage wolf? (21:10) What is the difference between visioning and visualization? (25:35) And so much more! When you hear Mark Divine’s Navy SEALs background you can’t help but be impressed. He entered BUD\S training at 25 years old (it’s the six month program to become a Navy SEAL) and he graduated first in his class.  For the next 10 years he was on active duty, doing intelligence and foreign internal defense work in 45 countries. The decade after that he was in the SEALs reserves as part of Special Operations Command in the Pacific and Hawaii region. He was the commanding officer of SEAL Team 1 on the reserves side. His time with the SEALs saw him serving in Iraq and the Middle East, before he retired as a commander in 2011. While in the reserves, he got back into the business world when he launched the Coronado Brewing Company. He followed that success with SEAL Fit and Unbeatable Mind. His primary focus today is on SEAL Fit, Unbeatable Mind and his newest yoga program called Kokoro Yoga. He’s taken what he’s learned from his time as a SEAL and translated it into lessons and programs for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone else wanting to develop their full potential. His programs are based on the fundamental principle that character is developed through integrative training. That integrative training encompasses the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and intuitive parts of our selves. There are four skills that when combined set the stage for this integrative training: they are breath control, positivity, visualization and action. He explains each of the four in detail during our show today, a summary of each is below. 1. Breath control Mark explains breath is profound, it links the mind, spirit and the body. So learning to control it and use it for different purposes is critical to generating your highest level of performance. For example, you can calm yourself in any situation by learning and training your body with a technique like box breathing. Box breathing is when you breath in through your nose for four counts, holding it for four more counts and then exhaling through your nostrils for four counts. 2. Positivity Once your breathing is under control, the next skill is positivity. With a calm body, you can become aware of your thoughts and you can change them as necessary. Create a mantra for yourself, like the one we used at Unbeatable Mind: “…feeling good, looking good, I oughta be in Hollywood!”. 3. Visualization With a calm mind and body that are focused on the positive, you can move onto the third skill: visualization and the use of imagery. Now you can focus your positive thoughts to lead you to victory. Create a clear vision of what that victory looks like, be as specific as possible and include smells, sights, sounds, and feelings. Make the visualization as rich as you possibly can. 4. Action With the other three under your belt, ask yourself what is the smallest task you can take that will lead to the biggest opportunity for success? Then take that action, with your image of victory in mind. Mark says no plan survives contact with reality so you must have vision of victory. But right now with best information you have, take the simplest and most effective action step to lead you in that direction. He explains each of those four skills in greater detail on today’s show, as well as why they need to be developed individually before you can effectively combine them all. He also gives an example of how to develop and implement these four skills. Mark is one of our speakers for December’s Life on Fire event so he also shares what he will be speaking about from stage. Be sure to check out what he has in store for you on episode 209 of Life on Fire!  EPISODE RESOURCES SEAL Fit Unbeatable Mind Mark Divine’s books Life on Fire event Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


17 Oct 2016

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210: Transforming Old Beliefs, with Charissa da Silva

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 210 of Life on Fire. Today you’re going to hear one attendee’s story about attending a Life on Fire event, and how doing so helped her transform an old, limiting belief into a positive, and motivating one! On this episode, Charissa da Silva of The Branded You joins us to talk about why attending this event came at the perfect time in her life and what she’s doing today. She candidly shares the emotions and thought process she went through during the first two days of the last Life on Fire event. You’ll hear what is was like for her, why it was so impactful and the business she’s created today as a result of being there. In this episode you’ll hear: What fear Charissa faced on the first night of the event, and why it was so powerful.  Can we be successful on our own?  What was the first step in her transformation?  How she got two clients before the end of the second day!  What advice she has for anyone considering attending a Life on Fire event.  And so much more! Today Charissa runs a branding and web site business called The Branded You. She helps people get clear about where they have potential, helps them to find their light and illuminate their businesses online. She founded the company in April of this year, after a strong desire to do something different in her career. Back in October of 2015 she was looking for something to help her move in a new direction. She had been working in her family business and was losing her passion for it, as was everyone else involved. A Life on Fire video found its way to her, she watched it and, through the magic of Facebook targeting, Life on Fire continued to pop up in her newsfeed. She liked how personable and nice Nick seemed and she wanted to do something different to help her figure out what was next, so she eventually signed up. Once she took the plunge, she got more and more amped up for the event! The emails helped her get excited and she couldn’t wait to go. But on the first night of the event she came face to face with a long-standing fear of hers: breaking a wooden board. She remembered trying to do the same thing when she was a lot younger and never succeeding. As a result, she felt like she had never been able to follow through and complete things. But this time she was determined to focus, prepare and overcome her fear by breaking the board. While standing in line awaiting her turn, she became more and more terrified. In fact, she was holding back tears while trying to mentally prepare herself for the experience. People around her saw her distress and tried to help alleviate her fears, but she told them to leave her alone. Until she realized she was isolating herself, something Nick had told them earlier in the day would never lead to success. No one can succeed on their own, we all need help. She knew she needed help and the support was available all around her. So she turned to the man behind her, apologized and asked him to share about himself. Connecting with him helped her calm down so she could go for it when it was her turn with the board. When she didn’t succeed on her first attempt, that old fear crept up again and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to follow through. But she listened to the person holding the board for her, focused on them and focused on seeing the space behind the board. She took a second turn and succeeding! But the transformation didn’t end there for Charissa! She was called to the hot seat on day two, and had to confront another fear of being the center of attention. Listen in to find out what that was like for her and so much more on episode 210 of Life on Fire! EPISODE RESOURCES The Branded You Charissa on Facebook Life on Fire event Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


24 Oct 2016

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03: The Morning Ritual – Program Your Day For Success in Under 5 Minutes

I get asked all the time, “How the heck do you get so much done and how to do you have so much energy all the time?” One of the absolute keys to my success is the morning ritual I follow each day. By starting my day off with the right fuel for my mind and body through mindset, focus, nutrition, and exercise THAT is what powers me through the day. Don’t have a morning ritual? Give this one a try! I SWEAR, in 30 days, it will change your life. I start off by thinking about 3 things I’m grateful for, even before I get out of bed.  This helps me start my day with an “attitude of gratitude”.   When your day starts off on a positive and invigorating note, like thinking about the things you’re so happy and honored to have in your life, you can’t help but take the rest of your day in a positive direction. Next, I read off my goals for the month.  I keep them written out so I can not only read them every morning, but so I can see them and be reminded of them throughout the day. After that, I practice what’s called “future pacing” by reading a short letter I wrote to myself at the beginning of the month.  This letter is very specific and purposeful.  It is written as though the month has already passed and I’m looking back on it congratulating myself.  I’m setting the “pace” for what my future is going to look like. (These 3 things take a total of about 5 minutes.) Last, I start my day with a healthy breakfast, typically a quick smoothie, and some exercise.  By eating a healthy breakfast, studies have proven that you’re more likely to make healthy food choices for the rest of the day.  And, by getting your exercise done first, you not only get it out of the way and don’t have to worry about squeezing it into your busy day, but you feel energized and fantastic all day! For more tips like this, check out LifeOnFireTV.com! And, we would be honored and grateful for your 5-star review in iTunes if you liked this podcast! Thank you!  You rock!


13 Mar 2014

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02: How to Instantly Get “In the Zone” and Stay There Longer

Have you ever watched someone like a professional athlete, a musician, an artist, or craftsman who is laser focused and appears to be executing perfectly because they are “in the zone”?   Even better, maybe you’ve even felt that yourself, where you were just “on” and nothing could stop you? In this Life on Fire TV episode I share my quick and simple tip to snap your fingers, change your state of mind, and instantly get in the zone. That’s what being “on”, or “in the zone”, or in a state of “flow” really is, hyper-focused attention and emotion.  It is a state of mind, and can, therefore, be triggered or “summoned” consciously.  Everything that doesn’t matter in the moment gets tuned out, and you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing, it just happens, flawlessly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go from having a bad day to an AMAZING day in seconds using this technique? OR, to go from a good day to a great day just by thinking about one “moment on fire?” Use what you learn on this episode to get ready for your next big sales call, presentation, 1st date, or to just feel great and energized any time you want to! And, make sure you go to LifeOnFireReviews.com to give us a 5-star rating in iTunes if you love this episode! Thank you!  We love you!


13 Mar 2014

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208: The Power of The Hot Seat, with Amateo Ra

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 208 of Life on Fire. Continuing from last week’s episode, today’s guest is here to share his experience of attending a Life on Fire event. Amateo Ra, a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-minded individuals, joins us to talk about how being in the “hot seat” helped him make that final leap to living in his full power and in his full potential. On this episode, you’ll hear what actually happened during his hot seat moment on stage and the ripple effect that has had not just for his business, but for his clients’ businesses. Check out this episode to hear that ripple, and to find out how a Life on Fire event could change your life, your business and your clients’ businesses too. In this episode you’ll hear: A simple yet proven way to grow your authority and build your tribe. What is the “hot seat” and why is it so effective? How one verbal commitment led to over $250k in sales. How do you know if you should attend a Life on Fire event? And so much more! Amateo Ra is a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-inspired individuals. He works with those who are looking to make a big impact and income in the world. He’s also a self-professed event junkie! He loves attending events. So when the Life on Fire Facebook ads found their way across his path, Amateo was intrigued. He had the feeling it would be a great group of people, so he secured his ticket and made sure he was at the event. When he arrived, he found he knew tons of people in the room. In fact, he knew so many people it instantly felt like he was surrounded by family. And today, he remains in touch with many people he met there! At one point during the event, Nick was talking about using a specific guest blogging strategy to grow your business. He was explaining how to utilize other people's blogs to get exposure, and build your authority and your tribe that way. Amateo listened intently. He had done a phenomenal large-scale guest blogging strategy that hasn't been recreated since, so when his partner at the time told him to raise his hand, he did. Nick had him come up on stage and Amateo shared on the mic about the articles had written and how they'd gotten shared on a multitude of sites. The shares went from 20,000 to 50,000 to 100,000, etc. A few of the articles even had over a million shares. Plus, readership was generally 3-10x the amount of shares, so millions and millions of readers were seeing his articles. Amateo shared that one of the blog articles in particular built his email list by something like 8,000 people! It was a massive amount of exposure, and was all done organically. Amateo shared his story, wanting to inspire and encourage others. When he was done, he sat down and Nick moved on to the next portion of the day: the hot seat. As fate would have it, Amateo was on Nick’s list for the hot seat so Nick brought him back up to the stage! So he rejoined Nick on stage and magic ensued. Nick understood Amateo’s passion, mission and his approach to things as well as how he does things differently than others. On that stage and in that moment, Nick inspired Amateo so much that Amateo made the commitment to produce a live event in six months. Amateo says he felt as though he was being called forth as a leader, he had no choice but to step up! After the event, he knew he had to make good on his promise. He wasn’t going to let Nick down nor anyone else who had been in the room. He knew there was only one way and that was through the experience of doing the event, so less than six months later he had produced his first high end live event! That event generated over $100k in income with just 25 attendees. Within another eight months, he held his second event which brought in over 60 people and over $150k in sales. In fact, that second live event is still continuing to generate sales today! Since those events, his tribe has expanded, and he launched a business mastermind group. He’s also doing high end beautiful retreats around the country. On this episode, he shares that he feels like he is living his life purpose on the highest level that he could have imagined! And it's continuing to grow in scale. He found his passion for live events and for helping to coach and support others in producing their own live events. He recently helped a client produce a live event with over 100 high-quality women entrepreneurs with world-renowned guest speakers. The experience generated over 100k in sales, mostly paid upfront. Also on this show, Amateo explains who should attend this event. He says if you are feeling inspired to come or are intrigued even a tiny bit, you should just do it. You don't know what is going to happen if you do! It could be far beyond your imagination. Allow Amateo to explain who you can expect to meet at a Life on Fire event, and why you should just get there on episode 208 of Life on Fire!  EPISODE RESOURCES Life on Fire event Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


10 Oct 2016

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207: How The Life on Fire Event Changed Two Lives

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 207 of Life on Fire. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not attending just one Life on Fire event could transform your life you’ll love today’s guests! Alycia’s and Randy’s lives were both radically changed because they went to a Life on Fire event. On this edition of the show, you’ll hear both of them talk about why they attended their first event and why they have attended every event since then! You’ll also hear them share how they met, how Randy gave his life over to God at the second event, and the big surprise Randy gave Alycia at our most recent Life on Fire weekend. In this episode you’ll hear: How one click of a Facebook ad changed Randy's life. (1:40) Why it's worth being at an event, from beginning to end. (2:30) What kind of people are in attendance at Life on Fire events? (7:30) The surprise one attendee planned for his girlfriend at a Life on Fire event. (8:15) And so much more! When Alycia first put down her deposit to attend her first Life on Fire event, she had no idea that one simple act would change her life forever. As fate would have it, she ended up moving to San Diego that very same weekend. In the midst of the chaos of moving, she still decided to go. She missed the first two days but got there for the last day. She wanted a dose of positive energy and she knew she would find it at the event! Today she says that day was completely amazing, and totally worthwhile. Randy was also in attendance for that event. Before the event he was telling his friends how much he wanted to find true love. He also wrote on his vision board that he wanted to surround himself with entrepreneurs and other people on a growth path of their own. Not long after he had done that, he saw a Facebook ad for Nick’s event. He clicked on it, signed up and attended. On the last day of the event, Randy willed himself to attend! Not because he wasn’t loving it, he was, but because he had gone out to celebrate a friend’s birthday the night. He showed up late on that last day, but he was still there and ready for experience. When he arrived, everyone was filing out for lunch so he went to the market in the hotel and grabbed some food. He sat down near Alycia and some people she was talking with. Eventually they all began to chat and decided to head out into the California sunshine for the remainder of lunch. Soon Randy and Alycia were by themselves talking, they hit it off and exchanged information. They followed up after the event, and began dating. Things really took off for them at the next two Life on Fire events. At the second weekend, Randy was moved to give his life over to God. He committed himself and his path to Jesus Christ during an optional portion of the final day. Randy says everything changed from that moment on for him. And it really changed for both of them at the third Life on Fire event! Randy, with my help, planned an incredible surprise for Alycia. You’ll have to check out today’s show to find out what it was, but I’ll give you a hint: she said yes! You’ll also hear Alycia explain what to do to prepare for attending a Life on Fire event, so you can have the same transformative experience she and Randy have had. For all of that and more listen in to episode 207 of Life on Fire!  EPISODE RESOURCES Life on Fire event Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


3 Oct 2016

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2016: Life on Fire Event Transformational Testimonials

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 206 of Life on Fire. If you were here for last week’s show you know we have a very special event coming up. If you missed that episode you can listen to the announcement right here. Today, rather than hear me talk more about why you should join us, you’ll hear testimonials from past attendees on what they loved about the experience. You’ll hear from Chris and Trish, who can’t wait to start building their new lives and a host of others. Listen in to hear what they got out of being at our Life on Fire events, and how other people were transformed by a Life on Fire event. In this episode you’ll hear: What is the big, bold claim we are making with this event? (0:30) What is the most expensive real estate on Earth? (4:10) Why this is the place to shift anything in your life. (5:05) How I’ve created the event I’ve always wanted to attend. (6:00) And so much more! We’re making a big, bold claim with our upcoming Life on Fire this December - we are going to transform your life when you attend! You will walk into our event having one way of being, one way of living your life and you will walk out having been transformed. But rather than listen to me talk about why you should come, you’re going to listen to past attendees share what they got out of being a part of Life on Fire. You’ll hear directly from people about what shifted for them and who they were a result of showing up and playing full out a Life on Fire event, just like the one coming up in December. For example, Chris and Trish talk about being Firestarters and how excited they are to start building their new lives together. Jason shares how grateful he is for the person who gave him a ticket to attend, he hadn’t even planned on going but being there changed everything for him. He loved the speakers, the connections he made and the fantastic participants he became friends with. Michaela is making her dreams come true after being at a Life on Fire event: she expanded her mind, her network, and her belief in herself. She recommends everyone come and everyone make friends like she did, now she knows she has people in her corner supporting her every step of the way. Rob was blown away by the speakers he heard too; he only knew three of the people who were going to be on stage but those three and everyone else who spoke were fantastic. He learned something from all of them, and he learned a ton from his fellow attendees. You’ll hear from a few others on episode 206, the main message you’re going to hear is if you want to shift anything in your life, from business to romance to finances, this is THE place to do it! If you want clarity around your vision and your life’s mission, this is THE place to find it! If you are a doer who wants to change, expand or improve your life, this is THE place to do it! Listen in to episode 206 of Life on Fire to hear why now is the time to be an action-taker, grab your spot, and be one step closer to living your life on fire EPISODE RESOURCES Life on Fire event Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


26 Sep 2016

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205: Special Event Announcement

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 205 of Life on Fire. This is a special episode dedicated to our upcoming Life on Fire event, and what it means for you. On December 1st, 2nd and 3rd of this year we are hosting a one-of-a-kind experience in San Diego. This is your chance to experience the Life on Fire community, firsthand. On today’s show we’ll talk about what makes this event so unique and so transformative. Check out episode 205 and then share with your friends and family - and bring them with you to San Diego in December! In this episode you’ll hear: The goal of each Life on Fire event is what? (2:30) Why you need a vision for your life, and how this event will help you create it. (3:00) How to reignite your childhood dreams. (4:50) What this event will do for your limiting financial beliefs. (6:00) And so much more! When we created this event, my wife Megan and I, we designed an event that would be exactly the kind of event we’d want to attend. Having invested thousands of dollars in our growth, both individually and as a married couple, we have been to many events over the years and have learned what really works as an attendee. The kinds of events we’ve both been to have been everything from NLP to emotional intelligence to tons of marketing programs. What we’ve learned and what has worked for us is what we share with you. For me personally, attending live events is what took me from failing at 11 different businesses to growing and selling a company in just two years. I created that breakthrough because I attended a weekend seminar, and that’s the kind of experience both Megan and I are committed to you having at our Life on Fire event. We want you to have breakthroughs and transform your life, and truly experience what it is like to live a life on fire! Living a life on fire means all areas of your life are working, and you are happy in every aspect of life. Your finances are increased, your health is good, and you have faith or your spirituality at the center. And you have love at the core. We help you create this with specific skills and techniques we teach you, techniques that create lasting change in your life. It's about creating the full and complete picture of your ideal life. It’s an event that is designed to literally transform your life - so you have more love, more money, better health and you’ll walk out playing at a bigger level! People have left this event, quit their jobs in the next 30 days and gone on to create 5 and then 6-figure businesses…after never having made money in previous businesses. And they do so because we help them remove limiting beliefs, both in finances and other areas, and help them build a strategy to create lives they love. We’re bringing in some of the best speakers we know: Joseph McClindon III who is Tony Robbins’ top speaker and a multi-million dollar business owner in his own right. As well as Commander Mark Divine, who was first in his Navy SEALs BUD class. This man will show you how to do 20x more than you thought possible - I know firsthand because he’s done it for me! Our goal is always to make each event bigger and more transformational than the previous one. We want you to join us in living full out, and the first step to doing so is to come to our Life on Fire event in December. We are so excited to see you there! EPISODE RESOURCES Life on Fire event Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


19 Sep 2016

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204: A Powerful Story About Vision

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 204 of Life on Fire. The power of vision and purpose is something we’ve talked about before but on today’s show I’m sharing one of my favorite client’s stories that really illustrates what happens when you embody your vision. Tracy Sekhon is one of my favorite clients and her story will inspire you to go from pushing to make things happen in your life, to allowing yourself to be pulled forward by something bigger than you. Tracy has found her calling and is living it. Listen in and follow the technique outlined on episode 204 of Life on Fire and you can too! In this episode you’ll hear: What the 3 S's are and how they changed Tracy's life. (2:10) How to find your personal stance: the questions to answer. (4:05) Why fear is a normal response to finding your purpose! (6:35) How to turn fear into motivation. (8:40) The power of stepping forward in faith. (10:50) And so much more! When I first met Tracy she had signed up for one on one coaching at a Life on Fire event. She came to us because she wanted to grow her insurance brokerage; she’s very good at what she does and wanted to help even more people. But as we sat down and I listened to her story, we dug into something even bigger and deeper than her brokerage. To do this, we started with my 3 S’s: story, stance then strategy. First, she shared her back story with me, then I helped her find her stance in the world and then we implemented a strategy to make that stance and vision a reality. As she shared her background story, I could see the mission and drive she has in her life. And when she talked about her son and his autism diagnosis, her passion really shined through. She shared how his autism and his treatment became her greatest mission in life: she was determined to find a better way to treat and help him because she was unhappy with what was available to her as a mom. Through her own research, legwork and determination, she created her own formula to treat her son and she radically changed his life for the better. His autism barely registered on the autistic-spectrum, something that rarely happens. I could see how much fire and passion she had about helping autism so when we got into the second S of stance, I asked what makes her angry and what really ticks her off. She quickly realized her stand is to make a difference in the lives of autistic children. Next we talked about strategy. I asked her if she won $100 billion in the lottery what she would do with her life. I told her to assume she had traveled, given to different organizations, etc. I asked her what would light her up? What legacy would she want to build and leave behind? Then it became crystal clear: she saw it! She knew she wanted to devote her life to beating autism, she wanted to build a treatment center. Her vision and purpose are one: to help as many people with autism as possible. Like most people, Tracy became afraid when I asked her what would happen if she made that treatment center vision a reality. But with guidance, she declared publicly she would build her treatment center vision! Today is she has faith in her vision and takes the necessary steps as they unfold for her. She also has written herself a letter of what it will feel like when the treatment is built and is a thriving center for people with autism. Every day she reads that letter to herself and it pulls her forward through her fears and into action. If you want to feel that same clarity and that same pull towards your vision, I have created a free training for you that is linked below in the Resources section. Use it to find your purpose and vision, take action and turn your fear into motivation. Listen in to hear that and more on episode 204 of Life on Fire! EPISODE RESOURCES My Video Gift - a free training to create your vision Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


12 Sep 2016

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Why Accountability and Coaching Create Results

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 203 of Life on Fire. Today it’s just you and me talking about the value of accountability and coaching in creating lasting, powerful results. Recently I asked people to take a survey and share with me the top challenge or frustration that was holding them back from living their life on fire. And the #1 response was lack of action. Most people know what needs to be done, but they find reasons not to do it. On this edition of Life on Fire, we’ll be exploring why accountability is the easiest way to get ourselves to take action and why having a coach is one of the best accountability tools you can have in your personal toolbox. In this episode you’ll hear: What is the pain vs pleasure Tony Robbins talks about? Why it all comes back to motivation. What is the shortcut to getting higher personal performance? How to achieve 20x more than you think you can. And so much more! We all know what we need to do to make our goals a reality, but many of us find different ways to avoid doing what it takes. We find other busy work and at the end of the day, the week, the month or the year, we haven’t achieved our goals. The one thing that changes all of that is accountability. Personally, accountability is one of the main reasons I have a coach, and why we offer coaching at Life On Fire. All of us are far more likely to go the extra mile and exceed what we believe to be our potential when we are performing for someone else. Here’s a great story to illustrate my point, it’s how I learned this firsthand. I participated in Commander Mark Divine’s Navy SEALs experience. In that group setting, he proved to us that we will actually perform so we don't let others down and outperform what we believe we are capable of. He says we can go 20x past what we think is possible in a group setting! At his event, called The Unbeatable Mind, we all arrived and dropped off our things in our barracks. I had no idea what to expect, and neither did the other guys there. When we went downstairs we were sprayed with hoses and told to do 50 push ups. If any of us faltered before we all reached 50, we would have to start over and keep going until we all did 50 together!  There were 15 of us and I didn’t want to be the one who let everyone down. At that point in my health, I was recovering from knee surgery and could only do about 30 push ups on my own. But I was not going to be the guy who didn’t make it to 50! Being in that group setting made me pull out more of my own potential, for the sake of the group. And that’s true for all of us: we are all more inclined to work harder and at a higher potential when it's for others and when we are accountable to someone else. Having coached hundreds of people, I have seen this time and again. I have found that when people come to their coaching call and declare what they are doing they are more likely to do it. They don't want to let their coach down! I’d encourage you to find a coach or someone you admire and ask if you can be accountability buddies for a month. Call each other at the same time every day and declare what you are doing for the day. That little piece of not letting someone else down will help you get so much more accomplished! Tune in to episode 203 of Life on Fire then find yourself an accountability partner or join us for our 90 day sprint. Email my Life on Fire team to get more details - and get started living your life on fire! EPISODE RESOURCES Interested in the 90 day sprint? Email us! Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


5 Sep 2016

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202: How to Take Action to Create Clarity, with Calvin Wayman

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 202 of Life on Fire. Have you ever found yourself not taking action because you weren’t sure on your purpose or because you wanted more clarity? Our guest for today’s show, Calvin Wayman, was in that same boat. But Calvin did something that may seem counterintuitive: he decided to take action to create clarity. On this edition of Life on Fire, Calvin explains how attending a Life on Fire event and participating in strategy sessions helped him see action was the key to clarity. He applied his unrelenting drive and energy to those actions, which gave him the clarity he had been so hungry for. Listen in to hear how taking action can help you find clarity too. In this episode you’ll hear: What door to door selling taught him about connecting. (2:10) How he almost got thrown out of an event! (6:00) Why action leads to clarity, and not always the other way around. (7:05) How he built a successful social media business in less than 8 months. (8:20) Why feeling like a fish out of water is normal when leveling up. (9:30) And so much more! Calvin was like many of us not long ago; he was working in a good job but a job he didn’t love. He wanted to have his own thing and one day he decided to take a giant leap in that direction: he quit his job. He had no back up plan, nothing in the works but he did it anyway! As you might have guessed, Calvin is fearless with his actions. He is a great example of someone who runs through wall after wall to make his vision a reality, and he shares what some of those walls were on today’s episode. After he quit, he was excited for about the first 24 hours! Then reality kicked in, as did fear and anxiety. He was living in Utah at the time with his family, but opted to take a job in southern California knocking on doors to sell solar. Since he wasn’t sure what his passion was he decided to hone his skills while he figured it out. Door to door sales was a great way to do this because one of his mentors had once told him if he could sell door to door he could do anything! While in southern California, he heard about Life on Fire and an upcoming LOF event. Calving had watched me interview Gary Vaynerchuk and also saw that John Lee Dumas was going to be attending. So Calvin signed up, and with his usual gusto, decided to get as much out of the event as he possibly could. Being at that event didn’t help him get clarity around his purpose or passions, but it did help him get crystal clear about the lifestyle he wanted to live. He created a plan based around that lifestyle, and part of that plan including replacing his door to door sales income. His next steps were to take action. Even though he was so uncomfortable following those steps, he did it. As we talk about on episode 202, this was key for Calvin and is key for you. You're not always going to have clarity about what it is you want to do. But by taking action, you’ll bring greater clarity into your life. So Calvin got on Periscope, got his first email opt-ins there and then took his Periscope knowledge to get on Huffington Post, and The Social Media Examiner. Taking all of those steps helped him understand he loves fast-paced and cutting edge subjects, he loves things that are always changing. And what is more changeable and fast-paced then social media? Calvin chose to start a social media business. And even though no one knew him 8 months ago, today he’s running a thriving agency and publishing his first book, Fish Out of Water. Listen in to this edition of Life on Fire to hear more about why he wrote this book, how it can help you, as well as his offer of a free social media audit!


29 Aug 2016

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201: The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Digital Marketing Firm, with Luke Nesler and Jeff Welsh of Impakt Marketing

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 201 of Life on Fire. There are certain similarities in the journey of all entrepreneurs, no matter what industry they are in. Luke Nessler and Jeff Welsh are a great example of that. On this show, Luke and Jeff talk about the origins of their digital marketing firm, Impakt Marketing. They explain why they got started, how they made the leap from local experts to working with national big names, and how they’ve overcome their biggest challenges. Listen in to hear their story, learn from their experiences and get closer to living your life on fire. In this episode you’ll hear: What was their original vision for their agency? (2:50) Their intern strategy for lean growth, and how you can you use it. (4:15) Why they’ve never needed to advertise to get more clients. (5:20) What is the biggest challenge they've overcome? (8:05) How did they almost double the attendance for MotoCross? (10:05) And so much more! Luke Nessler and Jeff Welsh are the co-founders of Impakt Marketing. The two met while working at a co-working space. They began to collaborate on projects for local agencies, until they realized they could work together for their own clients! With that light bulb moment lighting the way, they took the leap to go out on their own. Today they have a crew of their own working for on large campaigns for nationwide brands. On payroll, they have 11 people including themselves. And on any given day there are a few interns working in-house as well, growing the office team to 16. And those interns have been a key part of their strategy to grow in a lean, controlled and progressive way. Their offices are in a college town in West Virginia and they tapped into the local market of talented college students to help. After asking one of their former professors to send over his best and brightest, Luke and Jeff took those interns under their wings. They taught them about the business and utilized the interns’ talents. Rather than the usual coffee runs and print job assignments, these interns gained valuable skills they could use as graduates. And some of those interns have even stayed on staff. In fact, one of their best employees today started as an intern with them. Because of that, Impakt Marketing has a reputation on the West Virginia University campus as a great place to get an internship. Impakt Marketing has also built a reputation with their clients. They’ve never had to do any advertising since they opened shop! Rather than advertise, they invest in relationships. They go to events and network, and build connections with people. That was the key to going from being a locally-focused agency to a firm that works with big name national brands with extensive campaigns. Not wanting to rest on their laurels or neglect their roots, they’ve created an on-demand video product that helps small businesses do what Impakt does for their large clients. So the small companies that Impakt normally wouldn’t work with, still get the benefit of Impakt’s expertise, and Impakt gets an ongoing source of revenue. To hear more about how and why they’ve created their launchpad program as well as how they doubled the attendance for one of their clients’ events, listen in to episode 201 of Life on Fire. EPISODE RESOURCES Impakt Marketing web site Impakt Marketing on Facebook Marketing Launchpad program Complimentary consult with Luke Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


22 Aug 2016

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200: Creating and Sustaining Your Vision, with Dr. Matt Hubbard

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 200 of Life on Fire. This is another special edition: straight from our private mastermind is the one and only Dr. Matt Hubbard. Dr. Matt is back to chat with us about one of the fastest ways to create your life on fire: your vision. On this episode of Life on Fire, he shares techniques to discover and claim your vision and provides tools on how to maintain that vision and your purpose even when times get tough. I couldn’t think of anyone better to deliver this message than Dr. Matt so sit back, tune in and soak it up! In this episode you’ll hear: What are the guard rails in your life? (5:00) Why core values make life so much easier. (12:00) Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of what? (26:00) What should you do if your vision hasn’t been realized yet? (36:35) Why you must “weed” your mind every single day. (1:00:10) And so much more! On today’s show, Dr. Matt begins by explaining why you must know what your energy leaks are and you must address them when claiming your vision. Even if you are going for it and are on point to achieve your goals and your mission, those energy leaks will stop you or thwart you if you don’t address them along the way. Once your foundation is in order and those leaks are properly addressed, there are typically problems with our internal state that may stop us from achieving our vision. For most of us seeing is believing, yet vision is defined as the art of seeing what is invisible to others. We are all born with incredible imaginations and from those imaginations come our unique dreams, visions and callings. No one else has the same dream as we do, it’s ours from God. We shouldn’t expect anyone else to understand our dream or our vision because God gave it to us and us alone. But without imagination, we stop looking at what is possible. We let other people’s opinions and beliefs stop us from envisioning all that could be. So we must invest in understanding and shifting our personal belief systems, doing so will give us the ability to embrace our vision. Dr. Matt spells out a great exercise to help us embrace our unique vision on today’s show. Take a piece of paper and pen/pencil, set a timer for two minutes and then write down anything and everything you want in your life. Go ahead and do it, then come back. Now look at how many things you have written down. Do you have less than 10? 10-20? Over 20? Over 30? Dr. Matt compares your numbers to how well your plumbing is working. If you have less than 10 you (your vision and your mindset) are clogged. If you have over 10 but under 20, your drain is draining slowly. If you have over 20 and under 30, you are okay. If you have more than 30 you are living a life on fire! This exercise is from one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and is an exercise you should be doing regularly to help expand your imagination, your vision and mindset. It’s a tool to get unstuck. You can help even more by buying Success magazine, a travel magazine and a great homes magazine. Using pictures is extremely powerful - images get to the subconscious, words do not! So find pictures that speak to what you want and create a vision board or put them up around your house where you will see them regularly. In fact, you want to see these images every single day. As Dr. Matt explains in this episode, our minds are “slimed” every day and the weeds of negativity are constantly growing there. We’ve got to “unslime” ourselves and pull out the weeds on a daily basis. Also on episode 200, he explains how to use a core value sheet to find out what really matters to you and why surrounding yourself with people who will call out your blind spots is incredibly important. He brings tremendous value on those topics and so much more - check it out on this edition of Life on Fire! EPISODE RESOURCES Dr. Matt Hubbard’s web site Dr. Matt on Twitter Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton Strong Father, Strong Daughters, by Meg Meeker Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes

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15 Aug 2016

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199: Faith Over Fear

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 199 of Life on Fire. Fear and faith have something in common: they are both the belief in something you cannot see, hear or touch. And which one do most people choose? Fear. Which do you believe when you are faced with a challenge: faith or fear? On this edition of Life on Fire, I’m sharing with you a recent talk I gave at my church about the importance of choosing faith over fear. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this conversation will stretch you and help you think…especially the next time life offers you a challenge and the opportunity to embrace faith, or give in to fear. In this episode you’ll hear: How and why I surrendered, and what happened as a result. (1:30) What my knee surgery and recovery taught me about having faith over fear. (3:50) Every challenge is a what? (5:05) What experience has radically changed my life? (8:00) Why embracing suffering can produce positive results. (8:20) And so much more! I’m so honored to bring this special show to you today. When my pastor asked me to speak at my church during the upcoming Sunday service, my immediate reaction was fear. I hadn’t ever done something like that before, how could I do it now?! But then my faith kicked in, and I said I’m going to do this. And the result is what you’ll hear on this episode. I tell the story of my knee injury, surgery and recovery, and how I learned an invaluable lesson about having faith over fear. You see, when my knee became injured I had just given myself over to God. Little did I know the tests that were immediately ahead of me! One Sunday I surrendered to follow the Holy Spirit, and not long after my knee gave out and I was told I would need surgery. What I also didn’t know was that my insurance company had dropped my coverage, but had sent the letter to the wrong address. They had no trouble finding me to send me my bill, but they couldn’t mail me to tell me my coverage was gone! But I chose to have faith, and I went ahead and hired the best surgeon to repair my knee and oversee my surgery. And even though I had the best surgeon, did all the physical therapy and exercises they told me to do…even though I did everything I was supposed to do, my knee wasn’t recovering. They were telling me I’d never be able to do CrossFit again, may never be able to run the way I could prior to the surgery, things like that. Again I had to have faith, and I did. I decided to embrace my faith fully and started attending men’s prayer circle at 5am. One morning at circle, a man shared how the group’s prayers had helped him heal his foot. My immediate response was “good for him, it won’t work for me.” But when I heard that thought I again knew I could give in to fear - the fear that I would pray for my knee and it still wouldn’t be healed - or I could have faith. So I asked the man with the now-healed foot to pray for me. And I surrendered, gave myself over to the moment and allowed the Holy Spirit to work through me. It did. I went to CrossFit right after the men’s prayer circle and was able to squat again, something I hadn’t been able to do! In fact, I did the entire workout and my knee felt great. It was well and truly healed. On episode 199, I share more about the power of faith over fear including the opportunity that lies within every challenge we face. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, this show is a great lesson in the power of faith over fear, and how having that faith can help you create your very own life on fire. EPISODE RESOURCES Life Vision Challenge Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


8 Aug 2016

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How to Make a Vision Board Guaranteed to Work!

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 198 of Life on Fire. Since The Secret became a worldwide phenomena, most of us have created vision boards or at least have heard of them. But if you’ve created a vision board only to have it not come true, there may be some crucial steps you haven’t taken. On this show I’ll explain the key components of creating a vision board guaranteed to make your dreams a reality. I’ll also give you several examples from my own life highlighting how I’ve used these strategies to buy and sell a business by 30 and to meet and marry the woman of my dreams! Check it out on episode 198 of Life on Fire. In this episode you’ll hear: How can you reframe fearful thoughts? (3:45) The role action plays in creating a vision board that works. (4:55) What my tattoo will teach you about achieving your goals. (8:30) Why are monthly incremental goals are so crucial? (13:35) My letter describing my next vision: a real-life example for you to follow. (15:00) And so much more! When I was 28 years old, I was 50k in debt. I had had 11 business failures since deciding to be an entrepreneur at the age of 28. Everyone was doubting me, telling me to be more like my brother and get a “real” job, etc. But one day my mom gave me a copy of The Secret, the book, and wrote I believe in you inside. For a split second all the fear, stress, and overwhelm, all melted away. In that split second I had the courage to believe in me too. So I read the book in one sitting, and it changed my life! It was exactly what I needed at the exact right moment. The Secret showed me how my thoughts were creating exactly what was showing up in my life. What we think about we bring out, and I was bringing about more fear and stress with my thoughts. After reading the book I felt inspired and decided I would sell a company in two years, by the time I was 30. Even thought I didn't have a business to build and sell at the time, that was my goal. So I created a vision board to help me visualize that goal over and over again. But I didn’t stop with a vision board, I took even more action: I wrote a letter to myself. This letter was written as if I had already achieved the goals I created in my vision board. This is a key step after you create your vision board: write a letter to yourself as if your goals have come true and your vision board is now reality!  The next key step is to break your vision down into monthly goals, and post them publicly on Facebook. That is exactly what I did after creating my vision board and writing a letter to myself. And here’s what happened: even thought I didn’t have a business at the time my vision was to create one, build one and sell one before I was 30. So when I saw an advertisement for an Eben Pagan event, I went. At the event I was inspired to learn Facebook ads and help other business owners with their ads. It didn’t take long for my business to take off, my Facebook marketing agency was growing like crazy. It was my first major career success, part of my vision had come true. Now I had built and grown a business, the remaining piece of the puzzle was to sell it. It was two months from my 30th birthday when one of my clients offered to buy my business. They wanted more of my time and I said no, I wanted to stay diversified. So they offered to buy my agency. I agreed and the sale of my business happened just before I turned 30; I had achieved my goals and my vision board had come true! Now if you’re thinking this was just a fluke, listen in to hear how I used this same technique and set of steps to find and marry the woman of my dreams. Join me for episode 198 and be inspired to envision and create your life on fire too! EPISODE RESOURCES Life Vision Challenge Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


1 Aug 2016

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197: 3 Steps to Create a Vision For Your Life

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 197 of Life on Fire. Having coached over 2,000 people now I have found there is one critical component to creating their biggest vision and their most epic life on fire: clarity. If you’ve ever felt stuck or felt like you had to fight for everything then today’s show is for you. When you have clarity and vision, everything in your life shifts. You are called into action, you have a fire in your belly to make things happen in a way you didn’t before. It is possible to be pulled by your vision, and not to push your way through life. Clarity makes that happen. In this episode you’ll hear: If you don't have a vision for your life, what happens? (1:15) Your biggest mess is your biggest what? (4:20) What are the things in your life that have formed your vision? (8:35) Why what pisses you off will help you create your legacy. (9:50) The exercise to help you craft your stance and define your movement. (10:25) And so much more! If you don’t have a vision for your life nothing great happens. Think about - all great, incredible leaders have had a vision that has called them into greatness. They didn’t just arrive there, they were called by something bigger than themselves. Each of us has that calling, and by taking the three steps outlined below you can find yours. 1. S is for Story. With story think about what has happened in your life that has led to where you are today. What experiences, moments, events have happened that have shaped you? Think longer term then just the last year or two years. I’ve coached over 2k people and I've walked many through this process. When I first say story people only think about the last year or two, but you want to go back throughout your entire life. What has happened to you in your life that has made you uniquely you? Go all the way back! Revisit your entire life: take a piece of paper and write down the timeline of your life. You'll see the biggest challenges from your past. When you see them take note! Get excited - your biggest mess is your biggest message. On today’ show you’ll hear a real-life example of this from a client of mine, let his journey inspire and motivate you to do the same. 2. Stance: What do you stand for? What is your stance in the world? What pisses you off? What do you want to change about the world? What movement are you creating? And when you’re thinking about this think about it in terms of other people, in terms of your contribution and your legacy, and then answer the question what pisses you off! By finding out what bothers you you can find your movement and your passion for creating change. 3. Strategy. This S is how you take your vision and make it a reality. You can't sit back and wish it to happen, that won’t work. Positive thinking and affirmations are important, but you have to get into tangible action. And when you have a vision for something bigger and greater in this world that will call you into action and help you create your strategy. Perhaps it’s writing books, or speaking at conferences, or hosting your own events, or something else. All of these are strategies you can use to bring your message into the world. If the 3 S’s speak to you and you want to map them out for yourself join our Life Vision Challenge. You’ll be joining other people on the same quest as you are, and you’ll get support, accountability and partnership! Check out today’s episode and then join us as we bring your vision to life, and start creating your very own life on fire! EPISODE RESOURCES Life Vision Challenge Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


25 Jul 2016

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How to Turbocharge Your Vision, with Dr. Dave Jackson

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 196 of Life on Fire. Have you ever wondered how two people could learn the same thing and one could be super successful with it, and the other not? The difference maker is their vision or lack thereof in the not-successful person. Today you’re going to find out exactly why vision is such a powerful way to create the life you want. And you’ll be learning it from one of my personal favorites and my dear friend, Dr. Dave Jackson. Dr. Dave is here to talk about the power of purpose, why goals alone don’t work and how to turbocharge your vision of your life. In this episode you’ll hear: The bigger the why the easier the what? (4:45) What is pissionate? (19:05) What is one strategy that will truly move you forward? (22:15) How to get your spouse or significant other on board with your entrepreneurial vision. (36:20) Why not to steal someone's struggles. (54:00) And so much more! Today Dr. Dave Jackson is an ultra-successful chiropractor helping other chiropractors build thriving practices, and saving thousands of lives in the process. But he went through tremendous challenges and obstacles to get where he is; as he says he has ETR: earned the right to speak and share his message. The first major challenge he faced was at 16 years of age. He was hit head on by drunk driver and naturally, was put in the hospital. He broke his neck, and had permanent damage to his body. At the time he was a pro skateboarder but he was determined to become an orthopedic surgeon when he went to college. He had broken his arm 5 times during his skateboarding career and his orthopedic surgeon became his hero because he put Dave back together again each time. However after he was hit by a drunk driver, his surgeon couldn’t fix him. No one could: not numerous surgeries, rehabs, drugs, etc. None of it worked. But Dave’s girlfriend at the time worked for a chiropractor. However he was a typical kid: he didn’t believe chiropractors were “real doctors” and made fun of her employer. He called his girlfriend’s boss a “chiroquacker” and didn’t lend any credibility to the chiropractor industry. But eventually he gave in to her continuous suggestions and he saw the chiropractor. As you might have guessed, he was better with one adjustment. He had feeling back in his fingers that were supposed to have permanent nerve damage. On that chiropractor’s table Dave decided he would pursue that career path and become a chiropractor himself. So he earned his chiropractic education, and opened a practice. He proceeded to fail 9 times with 9 different practices. As he relays on this episode, he failed "hard core"! Two and a half years later, he took his diploma, threw it in the trash bin and lit it on fire! He traded his degree for wrenches and became a mechanic for the next six months. Another turning point came after those six months however. Although he had no money, no confidence, no self-esteem but agreed to his first blind date. It would prove to be his last. He fell in love with his now-wife that night and they were married five months later. As he describes, they have been in an epic love affair for the last 26 years. Dr. Dave took his commitment to his wife seriously and committed to succeeding as a chiropractor. On this episode he shares how a simple mindset shift changed everything for him and took him from broke, and numerous bankruptcies to a thriving, 7-figure practice. One day someone asked him what he does for a living. He responded by saying: “I am a chiropractor, I save lives through the power of chiropractic.” And from that moment on everything shifted for him. He believed in those words, he believed they were true for him and that was all it took. After that everything he touched in his business turned to gold! That is the power of purpose and of living out your why. On this episode, Dr. Dave explains how to think about purpose and vision, and why thinking about your vision differently may be the key. He also shares why it’s so important to have your purpose, vision and goals in alignment - and he shares a personal story of what happened to him when his were not. It is a powerful story he hasn’t shared more than a few times before today! You’ll definitely want to hear the lesson he learned from that experience, as well as what he did to generate $128,000 in sales in one night (when he knew nothing about online marketing at the start). Finally he wraps up with an explanation of why a “to be list” is so much more important than a “to do” list. Dr. Dave is a powerful example of what life can be like when your vision, purpose and goals are in alignment. Listen in and then take action on what you learned - leave a comment below with your top 3 values, values are a critical piece of living a life on fire. EPISODE RESOURCES Dave Jackson's web site Dave Jackson on Twitter Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes

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18 Jul 2016

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195 Tony Robbins’ Top Coach on Presenting and Speaking From Stage, with Joseph McClendon III

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 195 of Life on Fire. Today our extra special guest, Joseph McClendon III is back! He’s so great we wanted you to hear him for two weeks in a row. In case you missed last week’s show Joseph is the top trainer and coach for Tony Robbins. He is also an international motivational speaker who has graced the stage in over 30 countries, while running 6 businesses that gross over 42 million in revenue. I first saw him at one of Tony's Unleash The Power Within events and through connections was able to bring him to a private group of 50 entrepreneurs. On episode 195 of Life on Fire you’ll hear the second part of the talk he gave to that private group. Today he shares the top biggest mistakes most speaker make on stage; he shares what not to do and what to do so you can connect with your audience in the most impactful way possible. Whether or not you are a speaker or ever plan to speak on stage, today’s episode is valuable. It’ll help you learn the most effective ways to reach your target market and create the strongest bond of trust possible! In this episode you’ll hear: What is Kirlian photography and what does it have to do with you? (5:35) What is the connect/disconnect model? (9:55) Why motion is emotion. (14:50) Who you are and how you define yourself speaks as loud or louder than what? (20:50) What is a pattern interrupt and how do we use it to better ourselves? (30:45) And so much more! When you experience today’s episode you’ll see why Joseph is Tony’s top coach! He is a dynamic speaker and leader in his own right. So when he talks about the things most speakers do from stage that cost them dearly, you’ll want to pay attention. He outlines the following common mistakes speakers make from stage: Not preparing well enough. Joseph says most speakers don’t prepare themselves well enough before they get in front of their audience. They aren’t psychologically, personally and emotionally ready to give their very best to the group they are presenting to, and that costs them not only money in sales but the opportunity to create connection. Not prepping the stage and the audience ahead of time. Also most speakers don’t prep the stage and the audience before. This is about focusing positive energy and intention on them. As he explains Joseph says what you give your attention and intention to will expand and grow. He explains how this works on today’s episode including how engineers have proven this to be true! Speaking and not presenting. Put very simply this is about talking to an audience, versus connecting and enrolling the audience in a dynamic way. If you are only speaking to them you miss out on a chance to connect and enroll them into doing something. Call to action. And that is number 4: call to action. Often speakers don’t have a strong or clear call to action. A call to action is the only thing causes the audience to do something so be clear and present your call to action. Be at your optimum. Last but certainly not least is being at their optimum level. Many, many speakers miss this one but if you think about like this you won’t miss out again: your audience deserves you at your very best. And if you give it to them, they know it. Your very best and giving your all is what they connect with, and that is when they feel your passion and respond to you. After Joseph shares what not to do from stage and where so many speakers are missing out, he shares what to do to create the most powerful relationship with your audience. On this episode you’ll hear him explain what predictive emotional impact learning is and why motion is intrinsically tied to emotion. He also talks about why breath and breathing is so important. Often speakers forget to breath deeply when speaking because they are nervous. If we only take shallow breaths we cut off airflow to our nervous system and that stops us from thinking clearly. If we can’t think clearly we aren’t going to fully convey our message to the best of our abilities. Listen in to episode 195 to hear all of that, plus why you must revisit your audience’s why over and over and over again. That’s just a sampling of what Joseph delivers on today’s show, tune in to hear more and then start implementing his teachings with your audience to live your best life on fire yet! EPISODE RESOURCES Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


11 Jul 2016

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How to Impact Others With Your Unique Voice, with Joseph McClendon III

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 194 of Life on Fire. Today we have another special guest for you, Joseph McClendon III. Don’t know who he is? He’s the top trainer and coach for Tony Robbins. Joseph is also an international motivational speaker who has graced the stage in over 30 countries, while running 6 businesses that gross over 42 million in revenue. I first saw him at one of Tony's Unleash The Power Within events and through connections was able to bring him to a private group of 50 entrepreneurs. On episode 194 of Life on Fire you’ll hear part one of the talk he gave. He dives into the power of impacting others with your unique voice, whether it’s the person who takes care of your dry cleaning or an audience of 50,000. This is a powerful episode so focus in on his message and let it change your life. In this episode you’ll hear: What was the turning point in Joseph's life, and what booked helped him? (12:50) A species is defined by what? (26:30) Is there a difference between presenting and speaking? (37:15) What does your voice allow you to do? (38:50) Why is knowing something only 10% of the equation? (41:10) And so much more! On this episode Joseph shares his back story and how one stranger’s gift of the book Think and Grow Rich changed the course of his life. Joseph goes into the full details, but to quickly summarize he had been beaten very badly by a group of men because he is African-American. That experience started a downward spiral that landed Joseph on the streets, homeless. One day a stranger gave him the book Think and Grow Rich. Joseph had already decided his life was going to change, and he was determined to make that change no matter what. The book found him at the perfect time. When he later tracked down the stranger who had given him the book, Joseph asked what he could do to repay the person. Their only request was that he dedicate his life to helping others, and paying it forward. Joseph took that request to heart and his journey to who he is today began. He went to college and learned neurolinguistics. In college he was taught his patients would need to work with him for 3-7 years before they were better. That seemed like far too much time to Joseph so he set out on a quest to learn to help people faster; that's exactly what he learned how to do. One of the ways he does so today is by helping people understand his organizing principles. There are two on today’s episode. The first principle is: any time you are interacting with one or more persons you have the unique privilege and opportunity to impact their lives for the greater good and help them. Whether it's 1 person or 1000 people, or in person, or online, or in webinars, or from the stage, we always have the opportunity and the privilege to impact others' lives. And that is an awesome position to be in, especially as entrepreneurs and business owners. We have a message, a product or an opportunity to change others’ lives. And people are looking for what we have! People want to be helped, they want to be impacted. This is true any time you interact with anyone: someone who parks your car, or attends your webinar, or hears you speak from stage. What’s also true is that our own voices, our stories and our experiences become our tools, those things are how we stand out and how we can best make an impact. It’s also about how we use our voices - our enthusiasm and passion in conveying our messages. Joseph makes a point of distinguishing between presenting and speaking. He defines speaking as the practice of impacting people with your words. Presenting, on the other hand, is the art of empowering people with your words, your thoughts, your energy, your psychology and your physiology. And impacting them to the point that they take action and do something. Whatever it is you are presenting to them they bring it into fruition. You cause them to buy your products and do something. Otherwise if you’re just speaking you're merely giving them words. With just words they will fall back on their programming. And this is where so many of us lose sales because most people’s programming when it comes to sales is ‘’m going to wait, or I’m not sure, or this person is trying to sell me something, etc. But if you present to people you help them move beyond these thoughts and programming and into action. Also on this episode of Life on Fire you’ll hear Joseph’s second principle (and it’s a great one!) as well as what prosequences are versus consequences. Listen in to hear his empowering, and impactful message so you can create your own Life on Fire. EPISODE RESOURCES Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


4 Jul 2016

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193: Life on Fire Movement Stories

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 193 of Life on Fire. You’ve heard the saying: “You’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” But what do you do if you want to change who those 5 people are? How do you find positive, support and encouraging people who are up to big things in the world like you are? One place to find people like that is the Life on Fire movement. Rather than talk to you about the benefits, today’s show is a highlight reel direct from our members. You’ll hear from six different people about what they’ve gotten out of being part of the Life on Fire movement. From community to support to actually achieving goals they’ve set, each person has something to share about the contribution this community has made to their lives In this episode you’ll hear: Why Life on Fire is more than just a cool name! How has this movement helped people be more productive? The power of taking action with the support of others, and why it matters. The larger your network, the larger your what? And so much more! To really find out what’s happening within the Life on Fire movement you’ll hear directly from people like Calvin Wayman. Calvin says Life on Fire has helped him find his gifts and find what he had to share with the world. According to him, the weekly calls are the tangible things that keep him in action. Those calls help him set goals, and keep commitments to himself: the weekly calls keep him accountable and in action! Calvin says life on fire is more than just a cool name, it's a movement! It's people getting together and creating something bigger than themselves. It's a community coming together to create a life on fire and create something bigger than they would ever create on their own. Idris has found the focus on action to be particularly helpful to him. He loves the training Life on Fire provides through calls and videos: “…you can put it into action in your life. If you want to be productive this will get you there!” For Peter, he is grateful to be a part of like-minded people who are connecting, growing, evolving and having fun! He says the group impacts the world around them and as a result, they are able to generate change and wake people up. He is “…grateful to have met Nick and Megan and the Life on Fire team, and to be a part of something bigger than myself." Peter recommends joining the Life on Fire movement If you’re wanting to connect with a community where you will feel support, and you want to grow and evolve as an individual. Carlos joined for similar reasons. He wanted to be a part of like-minded entrepreneurs, but it's the community that keeps him coming back. He says, "The community of Life on Fire is really open and everyone is on that same journey. For me that connection with the people has been amazing." This group has helped him get down to the nitty-gritty of what needs to be done in his business and what he needs to learn in his industry. Ben is another member of the Life on Fire movement who also raves about the connection and the network expansion the group provides. His investment in this group has been 10x by the return he's gotten! For him it's been about the connection, the people as well as the tools and resources he’s received by being a part of the group. And he has been using all of those pieces to build his network because Ben reminds us “…the larger your network the larger your net worth.” Whether you’re looking to grow your network and your net worth like Ben, have more accountability and support like Calvin or simply be a part of a group committed to changing their world like Peter, you’ll get it out of the Life on Fire movement. Check out today’s episode for a few more testimonials, and then pop over to Life on Fire to join us! EPISODE RESOURCES Life on Fire Movement Life on Fire Fest 2016 Subscribe to Life on Fire TV Podcast Write a Review on iTunes


27 Jun 2016

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