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(¬‿¬) 𝙖𝙩𝙢𝙤𝙨𝙥𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙘 𝙢𝙪𝙨𝙞𝙘 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙙mix series with occasional parties since 2009.operating out of naarm / melbourne.www.melbournedeepcast.net

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(¬‿¬) 𝙖𝙩𝙢𝙤𝙨𝙥𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙘 𝙢𝙪𝙨𝙞𝙘 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙙mix series with occasional parties since 2009.operating out of naarm / melbourne.www.melbournedeepcast.net

MDC.266 Estimulo

Podcast cover
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A true OG in every sense of the word, the lifelong record digger and die-hard music aficionado Estimulo has been pushing the needle in Berlin's deep underground since the late 80s! His regular collaborations with like minded music obsessed guests to present marathon live streams of the notorious EstimuloShow are the stuff of legend, the most recent of which have been streamed live from his basement in Berlin with guests like Huerta, C.K, Flørist and Adi Toohey stopping by for some cake and an extended b2b.

Wowing even the most astute of house heads without even breaking a sweat, Esti's selections simply are one of a kind, drawing upon the deepest of deep cuts from his 30+ year record collection to share with the world an incredible ear for rare and forgotten dance music.

A dubbed out "listening mind journey" as he describes it, Estimulo mixes up some pure gold here as per usual, and gives us some great insight into the history and inner workings of the EstimuloShow, and the thought process that goes into making his own killer edits!

Interview with Estimulo: melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/estimulo


http://mixomat.org/estimulo https://cashmereradio.com/shows/estimuloshow

Dec 20 2021

1hr 39mins


MDC.265 Myles Mac & DJ Possum

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DJ Possum and Myles Mac return with a three hour trip full of saxy summer time slow jams, deep balearic burners, soulful UK garage and loungin' 90s house & hip hop. Mellow to its core, this one invites you to hit recline and see where the vibe might take you. One for the boom bappers and the chill steppers!   

Tracklist and full info: melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/myles-mac-dj-possum

A little bit about the mix..


Collaborating with Myles is fun because it's where we find a point of intersection with our djing styles and music tastes. I'm an unpinned DJ in terms of genre but together we find cohesiveness to tell a story that is reminiscent of our upbringings and nostalgic memories; UK Underground street soul, 90s Hip Hop, funny South African Kwaito tunes that we sing along to even though we don't know the language, soulful electronic love songs, early house classics and many more..

Some pretty banging songs that are precious to me from the message in the lyrics, the feeling they create, the fun vibes or just their awesome production are: Can't Stop (One World 12'' Mix) by After 7, U.N.I.T.Y. by Queen Latifah, Scratched by Etienne de Crecy and the Brazilian balearic classic Tudo Faz Sentido by Taciana to name a few.


One of the few upsides of extended periods at home this year thanks to all the lockdowns has been the time to trawl through old Ibiza chill CDs, youtube channel wormholes and bandcamp compilations to discover classic or relatively unknown 90s downtempo gems that have managed to last the test of time. With this mix, Maria and I put our heads together to tell a story of the past that somehow still sounds fresh to our ears today, trying to squeeze in a bunch of styles from both of our collections while making it all flow and sound somewhat cohesive over three hours and a variety of tempos.

Inspirations for the mix come from all over the map, but there's a definite focus on the link between the UK and Ibiza in the early-mid 90s, with old Dj Alfredo live recordings, José Padilla's Café del Mar compilations, psychedelic mixes from the late great Andrew Weatherall, the absolutely insane discography of UK Street Soul pioneer Toyin Agbetu (the producer behind 2 Tuff, Deluxe, Shades Of Black, Robyn, Mary Pearce and many more), the crisp jazzy productions of downtempo master Paul Hardcastle from Kiss The Sky (a ton of which he's uploaded to bandcamp) and the don of deep & soulful UK Garage Mike Millrain (aka D Base, DJ South Central, Vibes Alive, Stone Cold Steppaz).

A few special mentions go to our friend Dust-e-1 in Montreal for his chillout monster of a remix for Pascale Project, the late Richard H. Kirk aka Sandoz who recently passed but left us with an infinite resource of beautiful electronic dance music, and Alaska's Kwaito classic "Accuse" that will always put a smile on our faces no matter the occasion.

Nov 10 2021

3hr 25mins


MDC.264 Louis McCoy

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Louis McCoy is a master craftsman in every sense of the word. A legend of a human behind much loved local underground institutions the likes of Inner Varnika and For Home Use Only, and an expert on the tools be it in the kitchen or on a building site, Louis first and foremost is a passionate music obsessor with a savant like ear for records that cut deep.

Sometimes found under the cheekier guise of hndsm, Louis seriously knows whats up when it comes to 90s music from the UK, and focusses his attention here on the massively influential sound of trip hop that he grew up nodding his head to as a teen. Treating us to near-on three hours of raw and dusty underground classics from the roots of the 90s Bristol trip hop movement, we find ourselves deep beneath the murky waters of the reggae and the shoegaze infused, to moments of heavy, emotion packed atmospheric soul and a healthy dose of the all out experimental. One for the OG chillout heads, this really is a trip like no other!

Interview here: melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/louis-mccoy



Aug 26 2021

2hr 45mins


MDC.263 Rev Lon

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Local chillout ambassador Rev Lon calms the collective mind with a timely and deeply meditative exploration of ambient states, lush intelligent dance moods and infinitely spaced d'n'b nostalgia.

A bona fide fountain of optimism and positive energy, whether behind the wheels at her own Slow Burn parties or creating new realities through her budding Soft Edges design alter ego, Gab aka Rev Lon treats us here to a soothing escape for tired minds with a nod to sound relaxation pioneers of the past, present and future.



Aug 17 2021

1hr 20mins


MDC.262 Guy Contact

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A fresh dose of interplanetary house from the Perth based Butter Sessions producer @guycontact!

Much like his recent run of brilliant 12s, the latest of which are soon to drop for UK outfits @hawsmusic and @craigie-knowes, Guy Contact expertly transports us through a psychedelic time warp back to a moment when progressive house was at its peak, with tightly pulsating grooves met by metallic synth lines and dreamy celestial atmospherics. An alien trip through the blissful and serene with just enough bite to launch you into the unknown.



Aug 09 2021

1hr 35mins


MDC.261 Josh Keys

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A huge pleasure to welcome a towering figure of Melbourne's underground! A mate to many and one of the brains behind the notoriously sweaty Spin Club parties as well as the much loved Hopkins Creek festival, Keysie's sets always manage to embody that harmonious blend between the unconventional and the strangely familiar, both the stuff of after hours folklore and a welcome weekly soundtrack across many a listening bar around town.

We've come to admire Josh's unique sonic takes over the years, regularly following him down weird and wonderful rabbit holes we never even knew existed. Here we welcome you to do the same with the special of the day being deep and wonky mind melters of the home grown variety. Bon appétit!

Click here for the interview:


Jul 21 2021

1hr 45mins


MDC.260 Ian Pooley

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One of the most influential, respected and loved names in house since way back in 1991, and quite comfortably one of our all time favourite producers of house music with too many classics to name, Ian Pooley treats us to an hour of seriously deep cuts, mixing his own personal edits of underground favs from the 90s and 00s from the comfy surrounds of his studio in Mainz, Germany. This is a trip down 12″ memory lane you probably don’t want to miss!

Click here for our chat with Ian Pooley: melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/ian-pooley https://pooledmusic.bandcamp.com


May 28 2021



MDC.259 Maara

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On the back of a stunning debut for Priori and Ex-T's NAFF label out in Montreal earlier this year, we find ourselves well and truly in business here with @maara laying down a nostalgia packed club mix with heavy doses of 90s tranquility rave, dark n' stormy trance moods, sexy vocal snips and plenty of forthcoming productions of her own that are guaranteed to cut you deeep! Watch out!

Click here for our chat with Maara: melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/maara https://maara.bandcamp.com/album/ultimate-reward https://massiedome.bandcamp.com/


Feb 17 2021

1hr 22mins


MDC 2020 Review

Podcast cover
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Landing back on terra firma after the 2020 whirlwind, our annual review winds its way back through a whole range of chillout moods and energised atmospherics that flowed through the home stereo over the year, with a big focus on some of great new Aussie electronica that kept us feeling zen throughout some rather interesting times.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the vibes from us, plenty more of those to come.

Big love, MDC.

Mixed by @myles-mac


Fantastic Man - Superhighway // Mule Musiq

Florian T M Zeisig - Only Textures // enmossed

Ameeva - Ascension (Ft Sara Otal Gauvreau) // Lowless Music

URA - Neo Piano (Unextended Version) // NAFF

Tecno Shoppe - Ryu & Syusaku // .jpeg Artefacts

Pontiac Streator - Lamp Fest // Motion Ward

Noi - Which Truth // Best Effort

Nadia Khan - Port Ana // Scissor and Thread

Cousin - TUB4 // OTIS

Rings Around Saturn - Cloud Action // Repeat Concrete

Norachi - Nurture // Vessel

Shinichi Atobe - Yes // DDS

El​-​B - Dusk Till Dawn // GD4YA

Sam Brickel & Dashiell - Hey Avalon // Mindmap

Telephones - Groundshaker, Lightbreaker (Pulse Mix) // Needs
Fantastic Man - Diaspora // Mule Musiq

Alex Kassian - Oolong Trance (Club Mix) // Love On The Rocks

RDS - Subsequently // Mindmap

Sleep D - Nature // Butter Sessions

DJ Sports - Magic Laugh // Esoteric Exports

Tornado Wallace - Jungle Dream // Optimo Music

Ntel - Melt // GARMO

Biodive - Plane of the Ecliptic // Coymix Ltd

747 - Aurora Centralis (Tin Man's Spaced Remix) // Aquaregia

LT - Wet Look // Rhythm Section International

Killer DJs - 2.1 // DustWORLD

Maara - Tranquil Lust Mommy // NAFF

Opal Sunn - Laika // Touch From A Distance

Priori - SCN 4 // DustWORLD

Darcy Baylis - Symphony in a Marble Structure // .jpeg Artefacts

Wilfy D - All About U // Vitamin D Records

Dust-e-1 - Enthusion // DustWORLD

Andrea - Lana // Ilian Tape

Skee Mask - Dolby // Ilian Tape

Lord Of The Isles - Waiting In Arisaig // Whities

Jan 03 2021

2hr 31mins


MDC.258 Alex Kassian

Podcast cover
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As the year winds to long overdue a halt, we called on local Berlin DJ, Love On The Rocks favourite and all round class act @alexkassian to supply us with one of his finest blends, rewinding to the dawning age of early morning trance hypnotics and big outdoor breaks with splashes of dream house for the tired minds.

We linked up via the Internet to speak about Alex' latest musical endeavours, touching base on the @opalsunn collab and @planetsundae label he shares with likeminded studio head @hiroakioba.

Click here for our chat with Alex: melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/alex-kassian https://planetsundae.bandcamp.com/


Dec 22 2020

1hr 27mins


MDC.257 Regularfantasy

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with Regularfantasy melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/regularfantasy

Never afraid of switching the party up a notch, Montreal's @regfant dances that fine line between all-out-fun and sentimental nostalgia, fusing fluffy late 90s-early 00s filter house with deep burners and catchy vocals from records that sound familiar but you just can't quite put your finger on it.

With a myriad of projects on the go and a killer new record just out alongside her Plush Managements Inc. partner in crime D. Tiffany, we caught up with Liv via her Montreal doggo painting studio to get the scoop!



Dec 14 2020

1hr 37mins


MDC.256 Route 8

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with Route 8 melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/route-8

With a freshly released debut album for Lobster Theremin soundtracking the melancholic landscapes you're likely to encounter cruising through the lush Hungarian countryside, we caught up with the Budapest based producer to chat about the album, his multiple aliases, the Hungarian Italo Disco movement of the early 80s and, of course, his mix - stocked full of new music from Budapest and beyond. Cruise control > on!



Nov 30 2020

1hr 2mins


MDC.255 DJ Earl Grey

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with DJ Earl Grey melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/dj-earl-grey

Finishing the working week with a mix of truly beautiful sounds thanks to one of Australia's very best music selectors, DJ @earlgreyradio! A true purveyor of introspective cuts that can transcend the dance floor and recalibrate the mind/body/soul, Nik Thorup has to be one of the deepest diggers we've encountered, specialising in nostalgic genre benders and soothing ambient, downtempo and dubby grooves of all shapes and sizes.

For this episode we're found gently swaying between 160bpm D'n'B atmospheres and majestic moody vocal cuts, perfect to wind down or ease into your weekend with. We also caught up with Nik to chat about his label @besteffort and the imminent closing of Sydney's iconic underground music venue Freda's, where he worked both as a booker and threw parties with Rimbombo over the years.

Nov 13 2020

1hr 5mins


MDC.254 Hugo Incognito

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with Hugo Incognito melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/hugo-incognito

With those balmy summer nights just around the corner, we've called on a local music enthusiast and incredible digger of forgotten gems to serve up one of his signature blends, jamming out broken beat street soul, dub, house and UK garage nostalgia. One of the minds behind local mix series and intermittent party @city-bleus, Hugo's mixes have become absolutely essential home listening for us this year, specialising in early 90s cruisers and genre bending obscurities across the vibe and tempo spectrum. Prepare for another soul soothing ride primed for heavy summer rotation!

Oct 30 2020

2hr 6mins


MDC.253 Bex

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with Bex melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/bex

With memories of the dancefloor becoming blurrier by the month, we're handing it over to Melbourne's Bex (@becarmstrongmusic), a lovely human, super slick DJ and one of the finest diggers of vintage tech-house, minimal and techno around for an extended rewind through space and time, digging out dusty atmospheric rollers and nods to the tech-house gods of the 90s and 00s golden years... Lock in!

Oct 16 2020

2hr 6mins


MDC.252 DJ Sports

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with DJ Sports melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/dj-sports

It's with real joy that we're able to press play on another epic journey from our favourite Aarhus collective, with Milán Zaks aka @s-p-o-r-t-s from the Regelbau crew stepping up this time for two-hours of mind massaging atmospheres, mixing sci-fi ambience with his signature floaty house, deep jungle and bass heavy UKG.

An incredible producer with an ever growing swarm of aliases, labels (No Hands, Help Recs, Regelbau) and collaborative projects to his name – often featuring alongside his brother Natal aka @central8000 – Sports is a music lover to his absolute core and a keen student of electronic music history with a brilliant ear for everything from ambient, dub, downtempo, pop and kraut to house, techno and the faster bass heavy sounds of dubstep, UKG, jungle and DnB.

We're lucky enough to get tastes across the entire spectrum in this mix, and checked in with Milán for an extended chin wag about everything from discovering jungle and UK bass music to the beauty of DIY recordings, the underground scene in Aarhus and the Regelbau approach to programming a night from beginning to end.

Oct 05 2020



MDC.251 Fei Pao

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with Fei Pao: melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/fei-pao

Welcoming a great friend, collaborator and long time purveyor of high quality sound, music and parties thrown with 100% love! Melbourne’s Fei Pao aka Glenn Ellingsen, the mind and master craftsmen behind @hotwaxsoundsystem has a deep appreciation and love for great music in everything he does, building soundsystems to honestly reproduce what the artist originally intended – a philosophy championed by NYC Loft legend David Mancuso and carried on by Loft party enthusiasts to this day.

Beginning his journey into sound in Bergen, Norway some 10+ years ago before moving to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and finally landing in Melbourne in 2018, Glenn’s own sound and worldly curiosities connect people to beautiful moments in time through years of listening, digging and mixing throughout Norway, NYC, Hong Kong and Japan. It’s with real joy that we’re able to hand it over to Glenn for a taste of the Hot Wax sound, and chat about his journey into the crazy world of soundsystems. Fire up the home Hi-Fi and settle in for the ride!

Sep 03 2020



Skylab Radio w/ Myles Mac & DJ Possum (29.08.20)

Podcast cover
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Returning to the lab for a special lockdown edition with two hours of bumpin’ slow jams courtesy of @myles-mac and DJ Possum! Hailing from Colombia and a longtime contributor to the Latin music scene in Melbourne, @djpossums (aka Jolie) has a wonderful ear for the slower, soulful electronic love songs of the 80s and early 90s, with recent sessions for @hotwaxsoundsystem and @loopdreamsau some of the smoothest you’ll hear!

Get comfy for 120 minutes of lounge friendly nostalgia with chunky UK street soul, 90s hip hop, dub, deep balearic, Kwaito and house!



The Bionaut - Lush Life Electronica
Bassline feat. Lorraine Chambers - Back To Bass-ics
Shortie No Mass - Like This
Critical Rhythm - I’m In Love With You (Version)
A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime (Mr. Muhammad's Mix)
Bovel - Check 4 U
Dual Tone - Atom (Dub Massacre 2)
Boyz II Men - Vibin' (The New Flava)
Pete Rock - Get Involved
Soul For Real - If You Want It
Kiss The Sky - Same Place Same Time
Dub Addiction - Mae Roe KH (Giraffi Dub)
Critical Rhythm - It Could Not Happen (Essential Trance Hall Mix)
Fifth Of Heaven - Just A Little More
Rahsheed - Never Put U Down
Love & Laughter - I Surrender (Club Mix)
M’Du - e Beach (Extended Mix)
Soul Family Sensation - I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby
Special Touch - Garden Of Life
YBU - Soul Magic (feat Jonell)
Fresh 4 Feat. Lizz E - Wishing On A Star
The Eff Word - TBC (Crustation Slow Mix)
Patrice Rushen - To Each His Own
2 Tuff - Slow Down
The Primitive Painter - Invisible Landscapes
Dennis Mpale - Paying My Bills
DJ Rasoul feat. Shanan - Let Me Love You (SF Vocal Vibe)
KLF - Make It Rain (Extended Version)
42 Cows In Town - Coffeshop People (Orlando Careca Coffe Dub Mix)
Speedy J - Beam Me Up
Pal Joey pres. Expression - Ancestoral Groove (DJ Duke's Deep Groove)

Aug 31 2020

1hr 59mins


MDC.250 deep creep

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with deep creep melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/deep-creep

Locking in next with a banging mix of hi-energy hypnotics from the Brooklyn rave specialist and all night party professor @deepcreep88! Cutting her teeth throwing wild DIY after-hours parties in Austin before landing in NYC three years ago, @thelotradio resident and host of the killer @pipipigroup mix series soundtracks a sunny NYC summer of quarantine with some 'super-posi' rave nostalgia, weaving deep trance cuts, gritty breaks and big late night techno euphorics!

Aug 27 2020

1hr 16mins


MDC.249 Steve Duncan

Podcast cover
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Click here for the interview with Steve Duncan melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/steve-duncan

Step inside the mind of @patternsofperception's @steve-duncan with the Australian DJ and long time Berlin-based tastemaker treating us to a soothing fusion of chillout techno meditations spun at 33rpm. Now settling into a new life in Helsinki while navigating the pandemic, we chat about where he got his start back in Canberra and Sydney around the turn of the century, and how it lead him to Berlin to start the wonderfully curated Patterns of Perception series alongside five friends in 2016.

Jul 31 2020

1hr 39mins


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By Deneb56 - Jul 03 2019
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There is a special place in my heart for the Melbourne podcast

a new personal favorite?

By Craig Lueds - Mar 01 2010
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I havent made it through all the mixes yet, but based on what I've listened to so far.. great podcast. Showcasing some up and coming, and also well-proven, talents imported from various locations of the globe. Enjoy some of the newest, as well as classic, deep house tunes out there. Favorites have been Kez Ym, Andre Lodemann, Daly and episode 9. Keep up the quality tunes fellas!