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Spreading the message of One Love through word, sound and power. Playing the best of reggae music – from original roots to the most current in roots & culture. For more information or to donate to the show, visit jahworksradio.wordpress.com. Thanks for listening and enjoy the vibes!

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Jah Works Radio 10/2/2020 with Winston “Pipe” Matthews (Wailing Souls)

This week we are honored to have with us Winston “Pipe” Matthews, lead singer of the legendary Wailing Souls, for our special guest.  We play nothing but some of the best tunes from the Wailing Souls leading up the interview, when Pipe, in his cool and collect manner, drops so many jewels about coming up in Trenchtown, forming the Wailing Souls with his lifetime music partner “Bread”, and all their journeys up to today.  This is a special show, family, so fulljoy and hold the vibe.  Big up Wailing Souls, big up all Jah Works Radio family and R.I.P. to the legend Toots Hibbert!  One love… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-10-2-20/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2010-2-20.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-10-2-20/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2010-2-20.mp3

6 Oct 2020

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Jah Works Radio 5/25/2020

Ready for some healing?  You came to the right place, family, as we embark on another journey through word, sound and power during these unprecedented times.  Artists featured this week include Anthony B, Alborosie, Jamelody, Ginjah, Lila Ike’, Blakkamoore and Akae Beka, Jah9 and Akala, Chezidek, Sizzla, Cocoa Tea, Garnett Silk, Buju Banton, Capleton, Charlie Chaplin, Anthony Red Rose and Sizzla.  Stay strong and upful, family.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel…  One love Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-5-25-2020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%205-25-2020.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-5-25-2020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%205-25-2020.mp3

28 May 2020

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Jah Works Radio 10/17/2019 All-Female Fyah with Ras E

Ras E and D-RO link up for a historically high-vibrating ALL-FEMALE show – livicated to all the divine women of the world!  Kick back and meditate on this piece of pure sonic bliss as we silver surf this femi9 energy into the ancient future of now!  44 love… Listen here http://archive.org/download/jahworksradioallfemalefyahwithrase/Jah%20Works%20Radio%20All%20Female%20Fyah%20with%20Ras%20E.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradioallfemalefyahwithrase/Jah%20Works%20Radio%20All%20Female%20Fyah%20with%20Ras%20E.mp3

29 Oct 2019

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Jah Works Radio 5/4/2020

We start this week’s show off celebrating the life and work of the late, great Bob Andy (1944-2020).  Lots of crucial classics from this ancestor set the stage for more powerful tunes coming in throughout the show from artists like Marcia Griffiths, Cutty Ranks, Jackie Brown, Freddie McGregor, Garnett Silk, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Peter Tosh, Buju Banton and Morgan Heritage, Chezidek, Jah9 and Chronixx.  Much love, health and strength to the family worlwide… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-5-4-2020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%205-4-2020.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-5-4-2020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%205-4-2020.mp3

8 May 2020

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Jah Works Radio Presents: A reasoning with Lester Loving 10/22/2019

This week we are back with our reasoning series, this time featuring a live interview with the great Lester Loving.  Covering such topics as the use of pyramids, sacred geometry, magnets and crystals, Lester drops more jewels during this extended conversation with D-RO and Ras E from the Ioneyez Studio.  During this entire show, the sounds of Midnite and Akae Beka provide a blissful backdrop and, together with the knowledge of Lester Loving, complete the word sound as power equation.  Although we were unaware that this would be our last radio show while Vaughn Benjamin was still with us on this plane, the Creator sent us a message to play nothing but Vaughn while interviewing Lester.  We give thanks.  R.I.P. Vaughn Benjamin and infinite love and light to the family worldwide… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio102219withlesterloving/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2010-22-19%20with%20Lester%20Loving.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio102219withlesterloving/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2010-22-19%20with%20Lester%20Loving.mp3

6 Nov 2019

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Jah Works Radio 1/19/2020 with Julian Marley

Greetings and happy new year, family!  We’re starting the new year off big with a boomshot of a show, featuring Julian Marley as our special guest.  He is currently nominated for a Grammy award for his newest album “As I am” and we catch up with him while he is in L.A. awaiting the ceremonies.  Lots of Marley fire on the show, along with tunes from artists like Romain Virgo, Morgan Heritage, Shyam, Rik Roc, Richie Spice, Glen Washington, Courtney John, Cornell Campbell, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Julian Marley, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley and Micah Shemaiah.  Much love and much strength as we forward in this time… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio11920/Jah%20Works%20Radio%201-19-20.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio11920/Jah%20Works%20Radio%201-19-20.mp3

22 Jan 2020

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Jah Works Radio 10/8/2019 with Lila Ike’

We are joined this week by the inspirational and super-talented rising star, Lila Ike’, straight from JA.  During the reasoning, she drops a lot of jewels about her upbringing, inspirations, current work, current events, what’s next and lots more, so be sure to check the interview about mid-way through the show.  Fire tunes this week come in from artists like Chronixx and Proteje, Blk H3ro, Konshens, Stephen Marley with Junior Reid and Dead Prez, Proteje, Lila Ike’, Agent Sasco, Garnett Silk, Ras Shiloh, Elijah, Martin Campbell with Alien Dread and The Maytones.  Much love, family, until next week… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio10819/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2010-8-19.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio10819/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2010-8-19.mp3

11 Oct 2019

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Jah Works Radio 4/1/2020 with KGenius

Greetings, family and friends!  Like most of the world, the WIUV radio station has been shut down until further notice.  But give thanks to JAH!, we are back in the Ioneyez Studio bringing Jah Works healing radio shows to the world once again, more needed than ever.  Thanks to everyone reaching out recently – we are humbled to know how much love there is out there and we know this is our time to shine – as a family!  So, right on time we are back with a set full of healing tones and also featuring an extended interview with our good friend and crucial reggae artist, KGenius.  He’s just back from an epic trip to Africa and out with a new single, “Revolution”.  Check the Lyric video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgCyRHti8lU.  Other artists featured this week include Bob Marley, Joe Gibbs, The Persuasions, Israel Vibration, Apple Gabriel, Monty G, Jah Cure, Five Stairsteps, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Dennis Brown.  Stay strong, family, in this trying time and never lose sight of our greatness and purpose!  One divine love… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio412020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%204-1-2020.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio412020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%204-1-2020.mp3

6 Apr 2020

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Jah Works Radio 3/10/2020

This week’s show is primarily a mix of some of the best music coming out so far this year, and indeed family, there has been some VERY powerful releases coming out!  Artists featured include Addis Pablo, Nick Sefakis, Lutan Fyah, Mark Wonder, Tia and Pressure, Christopher Martin and Busy Signal, D Major, Romain Virgo, Ginjah, JohnnyGo Figure, Zoe Mazah, Govana, JahDon, Koffee and J-Hus, Damian Marley and Burna Boy, Deep Jahi, Micah Shemaiah and Ras Michael.  MUCH love and strength to the family right now and foriver more… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio3102020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%203-10-2020.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio3102020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%203-10-2020.mp3

15 Mar 2020

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Jah Works Radio 2/12/2020 with Basil Brave Heart

Greetings in love and light, family, and welcome back to our healing space.  This week we are truly honored to sit down and reason with esteemed Lakota elder, Basil Brave Heart, author of “A Spiritual Journey of a Brave Heart”.  During the reasoning, Basil expounds on his spiritual journey from a youth, including some of his earliest traditional Lakota teachings from his grandparents, ceremonies, insight into the Lakota language, spirit animals and he even breaks down the connection between Lakota, other indigenous teachings and quantum physics.  He also speaks on how returning to these traditional ways helped him recover from alcohol addiction and PTSD, and how we can all incorporate some of these teachings into our daily lives to bring us back into sacred oneness.  This is one of the most powerful reasonings we’ve been honored to have on the show, so we highly recommend the family to listen to the interview in its entirety.  Lots of gems here!  Word, sound and power create a soundscape that resonates with these teachings, everything from Native American music, Peruvian music and, of course, Nyabainghi and roots reggae.  In a few days we are heading to Peru(salem), so we’ll be back in March with the next idition of the show.  Lots of exciting things on the horizon, family!  Until such time, more time… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio2122020withbasil/Jah%20Works%20Radio%202-12-2020%20with%20Basil.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio2122020withbasil/Jah%20Works%20Radio%202-12-2020%20with%20Basil.mp3

18 Feb 2020

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Jah Works Radio 8/8/2019 with the Revival Academy School youths (and C-Ra!)

Greetings in love and light, family and friends!  We have a very special edition to present this week featuring special guests all the way from Calabar, Nigera – the Revival Academy youths (and maybe even a special guest appearance from C-Ra)!  Music is on bliss with artists like Lila Ike’, Damian Marley, Dennis Brown and Nas, Pressure and Chronixx, Morgan Heritage, KGenius, Marinate, Bitty McLean, Gregory Isaacs, Jackie Edwards, The Heptones, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott, Jerry Johnson, Cocoa Tea, Yvad, K-OSS, Samory I, Dean Fraser and Gentleman.  So much knowledge and inspiration coming in from the youths as we celebrate a new scholarship program which will enable 3 youths to attend at least one more year of post-secondary school free of charge (school is not free in Nigeria).  And we are asking the Jah Works Radio family to help in the effort.  Family can donate here, and we thank you so much: Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio882019/Jah%20Works%20Radio%208-8-2019.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio882019/Jah%20Works%20Radio%208-8-2019.mp3

11 Aug 2019

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Jah Works Radio 6/18/2020

Vibrations on high tonight as we step into the Ioneyez Studio for another session of healing word, sound and power alongside the one C-RA!  Artists featured in this session include Lila Ike’, Proteje, Jah9 and Tarrus Riley, Blakkamoore, Chezidek, Christopher Martin, Dean Fraser, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minott, Willie Williams, Burning Spear, Leroy Wallace, Mike Brooks, Wayne Wade, Yabby You and Judah Eskender Tafari (R.I.P.).  One love to the family… Listen here: http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-6-18-2020_202006/Jah%20Works%20Radio%206-18-2020.mp3 Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-6-18-2020_202006/Jah%20Works%20Radio%206-18-2020.mp3

23 Jun 2020

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