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1 Day Business Breakthrough - Helping Entrepreneurs Discover Their Next Big Idea Today |1DayBB

Welcome to the 1 Day Business Breakthrough (1DayBB) Podcast! Each episode features the voice of one real-life business owner who shares their most painful struggle, followed by a 15-minute "hotseat" where entrepreneur hosts Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker go back-and-forth to brainstorm, share ideas and develop strategics, tactics and tips to help that person break through their struggle. Each episode ends with both Pat and Chris sharing what each of their next steps would be. 1DayBB started as a small, in-person event in San Diego where Pat and Chris would bring in 20 entrepreneurs and have them spend 15 minutes in the "hotseat" to present their biggest struggle while the entire room would collaborate and mastermind to help that person find their breakthrough. All of this in one day. Hence, 1-Day Business Breakthrough.The first 1DayBB event was held in 2013 and it was a massive success! Since then, Pat and Chris have held many more 1DayBB events, including one in Australia. Tickets for every event have sold out within 24 hours.Despite being massively popular, the small mastermind events are also extremely limited. The high demand for more gave Pat and Chris the idea for the 1DayBB podcast, adopting the same hotseat format to provide the most value to those featured on the show, and to those listening as well.It doesn't matter what kind of business you have, what your target market is or what level you're at. The 1DayBB format provides the most value for your time possible. At the live events, all of the attendees agree: although their time in the hotseat was fantastic, it was their ability to listen to other people's hotseats that was the most helpful and inspiring. Of course, we haven't forgotten about the community aspect of the 1DayBB format either. If you go to 1DayBB.com/community, you can join in on the mastermind conversation about each episode as they come out. And finally, we couldn't hold back from continuing our live events, although we're opening it up to attendees in a much bigger way, and you won't even have to fly in to attend. For more information about our upcoming live event, visit 1DayBB.com/live.

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S2 E6 - Pat & Chris Make Out What’s Important About Relationships!

Is it a bromance, a close friendship, or a joint venture? In this final episode of Season 2, Pat and Chris get personal on their personal relationship, why it works so well, and how you can (and should) develop similar close relationships.Resources Mentioned in This Episode:BlogWorld: http://www.blogworld.comVirtual Staff Finder: http://www.virtualstafffinder.comLife Hacker Article: http://lifehacker.com/5490459/use-two-computers-to-keep-your-work-and-home-life-totally-separateSmart From Scratch: http://courses.smartpassiveincome.com/p/smart-from-scratch#Duckerzone Episode 1: bit.ly/2qpVihUMichael Hyatt: https://michaelhyatt.comYoupreneur Summit: http://youpreneursummit.com


22 May 2017

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S3 E1 - Why You Should Be Reinvesting in Your Business

We kick off Season 3 with a look at how we’re both reinvesting in our businesses, to make sure we don’t become stagnant in our growth and talk about the power of investing in the right things and the right ways to keep growth a focal point for ourselves and the businesses we own.Resources Mentioned in This Episode:Virtual Freedom: www.virtualfreedombook.comSix Sigma Certification: www.iassc.org/six-sigma-certification/black-belt-certificationYoupreneur: www.youpreneur.comTotal Body Construction:www.totalbodyconstruction.comBest Year Ever: www.bestyearever.meVUDU Marketing: www.vudumarketing.com/


18 Sep 2017

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S3 E6 - The One Where We Talk About TIME (and Getting More of It!)

It’s our most valuable commodity. We all want more. Need more. But, how do we actually get more time into our day? In this last episode of the season we discuss all the hacks we incorporate into the work we do day-to-day, to ultimately ‘buy’ more time for our businesses to grow.Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Ramit Sethi: www.iwillteachyoutoberich.comFringe Hours:www.fringehours.comThe 1 Thing: www.the1thing.comChris Ducker's Home Office Post: www.chrisducker.com/home-officeLeo Babauta: www.zenhabits.net


18 Sep 2017

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S3 E5 - Flipping the Switch: Let’s Talk Biggest Wins!

Following on from the last episode, we flip the switch this time around and discuss our biggest wins as business owners. Above and beyond just celebrating out wins, there are a ton of takeaways here!Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Virtual Staff Finder: www.virtualstafffinder.comChalene Johnson: www.chalenejohnson.comChalene Johnson's Courses: www.courses.chalenejohnson.com/p/2017-openSmart From Scratch Course: courses.smartpassiveincome.com/p/smart-from-scratchPower Up Podcasting Course: courses.smartpassiveincome.com/p/power-up-podcastingYoupreneur: www.youpreneur.comVirtual Freedom: www.virtualfreedombook.comYoupreneur Summit: www.youpreneursummit.comThe Mastery Journal: www.themasteryjournal.com


18 Sep 2017

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S3 E4 - Chris & Pat Discuss their Biggest Business Failures

Failures are a good thing. In this episode Chris & Pat talk through the failures they’ve encountered in their business building endeavours and the lessons learned in the process of recovering from them.Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Will It Fly: www.willitflybook.comVirtual Staff Finder: www.virtualstafffinder.comSecurity Guard Training HQ: www.securityguardtraininghq.comYoupreneur: www.youpreneur.com


18 Sep 2017

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