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Millennial Lov3: Sex, Love & I'm Selfish AF!

The Award-Winning Podcast, where 3 Black millennials from the South are just trying to figure it all out while slidin thru, givin you that REAL, throwin some shade & prayin that 90's R&B comes back!Every Sunday @ 8pm CST!Instagram@millenniallov3Miché: @your_augustrushJustin: @justinbobby84Cara D.: @iamthecaradlittleTwitter@millenniallov3Miché: @PRincess_micheJustin: @neverbreak_flyyCara D.: @iamthecaradlittleWanna give us feedback or say heyyyy? Hit us: info@millenniallov3.comWanna give us coins? Throw sum mo: CashApp: $MillyLov3PayPal.me/MillennialLov3

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Ep. 118 - Music Is Life

Please make sure to tweet us your thoughts and make sure to hashtag #ML3!Visit our website for more info: www.millenniallov3.com!Follow us on social media!Instagram:@millenniallov3Miché: @your_augustrushJustin: @justinbobby84Cara D.: @iamthecaradlittleTwitter:@millenniallov3Miché: @your_augustrushJustin: @neverbreak_flyyCara D.: @iamthecaradWanna give us feedback, say heyyy, or give us some Millennial Moment material? Hit us: info@millenniallov3.com.Wanna give us some coins? Cash App: $MillyLov3Paypal: info@millenniallov3.com

1hr 57mins

1 Jul 2019

Rank #1