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Josh & Melissa watched Friends one episode at a time. Now they are working on becoming Media Mavens. Episodes can be about just anything, but with a focus on Television shows.

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267 The One With @JustMike74 plus @Jbug32 and The Silver Bullet Rocking Chair to Blanche DuBois

This week we are here to chat with our friends from Hot Sauce the Podcast. Go listen to their show and follow them on Twitter: @HotSaucePodcast @JustMike74 @Jbug32 and @OzBanks1  We play a couple of games, and become the 15th eleventy person to try to get the to listen to Hamilton. Also, we get off topic in the best ways. Tweet us @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach email theonewithpodcast@gmail.com FaceBook Page The One With Podcast Next Week Essay Questions

1hr 37mins

7 Jul 2016

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TOW Revisiting FRIENDS The One With The Videotape S8E4

Shout out to Tish & Shari for suggesting we revisit this bottle episode of FRIENDS!  First up, the new drink we invented: Gin and Tonic and Mojito... but what shout we call it?  Then we discuss how Rachel got Pregnant and the single best moment for Ross on the show.  A new episode later this week 


9 Jul 2018

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God Bless the Chickpea it's Friends 25th Anniversary

We are back with a whole episode dedicated to FRIENDS ! Shout out to Friend of the show @Dominique_1121 AKA Tish who headlines this episode with her thoughts on attending the 2nd week of Live in theaters!! Enjoy


27 Oct 2019

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The One With The Best Episodes of 2015 For Us

We kick off this episode thinking we will cover both podcasts and television in one episode, but alas we end up only covering TV. (Next Week, podcasts. Week After movies. ) This is our collection of favorite things we watched in the past year--tons of good suggestions, but let us know if you have some for us at... @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach email theonewithpodcast@gmail.com or go by our FaceBook Page: The One With Podcast


6 Jan 2016

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TOW The Christmas Prince talks trailers and Psych: The Movie gets in front of ShowMountain

We Are Back Start off chatting all the new trailers! Avengers Infinity War, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and Ready Player One A little warm up for Star Wars, Last Jedi Then we Chat the Netflix original The Christmas Prince and Wrap up with the USA Premiere of Psych: The Movie ((also a Xmas Movie))


14 Dec 2017

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The One With Love Actually Commentary Track

WEAR HEADPHONES! Prepare your copy of Love Actually, or hit play on Netflix and pause it on the UNIVERSAL Logo in front of the Earth. Wait for us to tell you to hit play. We Had one small problem but I will tell you how to sink up.  Thanks to @KSGooner and his lovely wife Jill who are co-hosts for this long episode. First time podcasters who knocked it out of the park in less than ideal circumstances.  Thanks to @Karirose83 who suggested this episode, it was a lot of fun to podcast.  Tweet @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach email theonewithpodcast@gmail.com Please leave positive reviews on iTunes or tell a friend to listen to us. Thanks 

2hr 13mins

11 Dec 2015

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S6E13and14 The One Where Kyra Sedgwick wins 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This week we discuss Friends Season 6. In episode 13 The one with Rachel's Sister, we meet Jill who has been tossed out like her sister before her. Monica is horny and sick. Ross is getting sparks from Jill. In episode 14, The one where Chandler can't cry, Rachel comes unhinged at Ross and Jill dating. Chandler can't cry at emtional movies and oh yeah--Pheobe is a pornstar. We chat about Reese Witherspoon, Mark Harmon and Summer School. Sex while you sick and funny porno titles.  Follow us on twitter @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach email theonewithpodcast@gmail.com call 316-361-6081 and write and review the show on iTunes SHORT EPISODE ON FRIDAY


3 Jul 2014

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The first of 5 episodes covering all the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes.


10 Nov 2018

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S5E15 The one with Cuddlesville, Tiny Brewster, and a Shoulder-ectomy

This week we discuss Friends, Season 5 Episode 15 'The one with the girl who hits Joey'. Joey dates a tiny lady who likes to hit, very hard. Chandler freaks out over Monica's expectations, but to make up for it--he proposes. Ross confronts the gang about Monica and Chandler, and then upsets his brand new neighbors.  Guest stars Soliel Moon Frye and Willie Garson. What name do you put on a name tag? Bizzare diet surgery. How many friends does Carrie on Sex and the City have? Good running songs.  Follow us on Twitter @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach Email us at theonewithpodcast@gmail.com call us 316-361-6081 Please rate review the show on iTunes. 


13 Mar 2014

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S7E1and2 The One Where Melissa Laughs in Josh's Face

This week we discuss the first episodes of Friends Season 7, The One With Monica's Thunder and The One With Rachel's Book. Rachel and Ross try to hook up in the wake of Chandler and Monica's engagment. Joey is old and Phoebe wants to sing at the wedding. Joey finds Rachel's steamy romance novel and he can't let it go. Phoebe moves her busness into Ross's for a couple of days. Chandler saves the wedding with money.  We drink an avalanche, which is yummy. Romance novel formula plot points. Spry is only for old people. Mousey is only for librarians. 1,000 burlap count sheets are itchy. Melissa has binder envy.  follow us on twitter @JoshSolbach @MelissaSolbach call 316-361-6081 email to theonewithpodcast@gmail.com please rate and review te show on iTunes, 5 stars makes your our new best friend. 


20 Aug 2014

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The Top TEN Friends Thanksgiving Episodes!!! 10. The one with the List S2 9. The one where Chandler doesn't like dogs S7 8. The one where Underdog gets away S1 7. The one with the rumor S8 6.The one with all the Thanksgivings S5 5. The one with Chandler in a box S4 4. The one with the late Thanksgiving S10 3. The one with Rachel's other sister S9 2. The one with the Football S3 1. The one where Ross Got High S6 Happy Thanksgiving, See you in December!


22 Nov 2018

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TOW A SPOOPY Halloween in 2019

We return to the favorite time of year for Melissa!  Melissa makes a Zombie Cocktail, down to 13 left on our 100 list We find the worst Sexy Costume Play a new Celebrity Costume Game!?! Then talk all about the "scary" movies we watched this season Monster Squad Lost Boys Scream1/2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (movie)


30 Oct 2019

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S5E11 The one with Friends and the Resolutions in the year 1999

This week we discuss Friends Season 5 Episode 11, 'The one with all the Resolutions'. The gang all prove that New Years Resolutions are a terrible idea. And Ross wears some leather pants.  the Lessons you can learn from the Friends bad resolutions: Phoebe: Don't reach too far. Set a resonable goal.  Joey: Don't count on others to get you to your goal.  Chandler: Don't let everybody else set your resolution.  Monica: Don't just set an easy goal you can reach because your too afraid of failing at your real goal. Ross: Daily goals are impossible to maintain. Rachel: Be careful what you wish for, because you may have to really face it.  We disscuss some of our resolutions. Have a Battle of the Tom's. And I super apologize, as you can from time to time hear our kids in the background playing Wii... We will try and avoid this in the future.  Follow us on Twitter @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach Call us 316-361-6081 Email to theonewithpodcast@gmail.com And please rate and review the show on iTunes or Stitcher 5 stars is highly requested.  See you next week.


12 Feb 2014

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S6E9and10 The One Where We Honor Christina Pickles

This week we discuss Friends Season 6 Episodes 9 and 10. In The One Where Ross Got High, Ross's lie makes the Gellars not like Chandler. Monica hadn't told them that she was living with him. Joey wants to have Thanksgiving with hot dancers. Oh Yeah, Rachel makes the worst dessert ever, and Phoebe has a crush on Jack. On The One with the Routine, Monica and Ross have a life long dream fullfilled. Joey has a genius plan. Phoebe, Rachel, and Chandler search for Monica's Christmas presents. Thanks to @justmike74 we try Liquid "O". Butternut Shots and Vanilla Coke. The time we rode the Big Shot in Vegas, and when we moved in together, and how Melissa's parents found out. Being the best man at the Lennon/Ono wedding. Having an italicized voice, and being RiDickClarkulous.  Follow me on twitter @joshsolbach call 316-361-6081 email to theonewithpodcast@gmail.com Please rate and review the show on iTunes. 5 stars only!!! see you next week. 


19 Jun 2014

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S7E7and8 The One With #FriendsStateChallenge

It's time to talk Season 7 Episodes 7 and 8 of Friends. In 'The One With Ross's Library Book', Ross finds his book in the library right by the spot that people like to get down. Janice invites herself into Monica and Chandler home and wedding. Rachel and Phoebe fall for Joey's one night stand. In 'The One Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs' The gang play a game where in you name as many states as you can remember in 6 minutes. Phoebe is hiding a dog, which Chandler hates. Rachel invites Tag over for Thanksgiving, but he's coming off a break-up and a stolen car. Joey expresses a cow's opinion. Please play the 6minute State Memory game and post your answer on Twitter to @JoshSolbach and the #FriendsStateChallenge. We want to hear from you. Shout out to Angela, and the Merry Canadian. Micheal J Fox's Dance song from Family Ties. Would you prefer Janice sing Careless Whisper or Lady In Red? Jenifer's Hair Cut!!! What Kansans think about Hollywood Tornado movies. please contact us on twitter @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach email to theonewithpodcast@gmail.com call 316-361-6081 And rate and review the podcast on iTunes! We really appreciate it. 


18 Sep 2014

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S6E23and24 The One Where Josh Thinks he can take Magnum P.I. in a Fight

This week we talk about the last 2 episodes of Season 6 of Friends. In 'The one with the Ring', Chandler and Phoebe purchase Monica's ring with complications. Joey and Ross are sure that Chandler is mad at them, and Rachel opens Paul up and he cries for 14 hours straight. The finale is 'The One With the Proposal'. Richard shows up and causes drama with Chandler during the proposal. Rachel takes Phoebe and Joey to a Charity auction and tons goes wrong. Ross breaks up with Elizabeth and then dissappears from the episode.  Melissa gives ring class. Bruce Willis could be a TV actor. Phoebe loves muskets? How do you get Seacrested? Divoraced rock bands and Movie Quote toasts.  follow us on twitter @JoshSolbach and @MelissaSolbach call 316-361-6081 email to theonewithpodcast@gmail.com BE OUR 20TH REVIEW and MENTION GOD BLESS THE CHICKPEA!


6 Aug 2014

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TOW Marie Kondo Tidies Up and Masked Singer

We have a Pink Gin Then We talk The Masked Singer We finish with love for Marie Kondo new Netflix show


17 Jan 2019

Rank #17

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S5E22 The One With the Sexy Lips of Professor Snape

This week we discuss Season 5 Episode 22, ' The one with Joey's Big Break'. Joey gets cast as lead in a movie, he just has to get to Vegas. Phoebe is mad at Ross, because of a dream. Rachel has got the eye fungus, and Monica is playing eye doctor.  We chat George Clooney engagement news, and try to cast NBC Live Musicals present Grease. Hint: Hologram Jeff Conway. Josh is anti-eye touching, just like Rachel. The assistant to Mr. Tribbianni is Ms. Chanandler Bong. Face tiliting as an acting choice.  Tweet to @JoshSolbach email theonewithpodcast@gmail.com call 316-361-6081 Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, 5 Stars. And thanks so much.  See you next week for the finale!


1 May 2014

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TOW All in the Family and The Jeffersons LIVE

Shout out to @RGB1028 for the IKEA Pictures Guess what this fool brought on an airplane  Live Sitcoms with 1,000 stars All in the Family and The Jeffersons on ABC with Norman Lear


9 Jun 2019

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TOW Fall TV Questions and MANIAC Light Spoilers

We roll through our thoughts about what we will be watching this Fall on TV.  Lastly we talk about the really great MANIAC from Netflix. We shy away from spoiling anything but we do hint at some things that happen...


29 Sep 2018

Rank #20