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World-renowned strength & conditioning coach Joe DeFranco shares his thoughts on training for peak performance, mindset, and living your passion. As the founder and owner of DeFranco’s Gym, he also provides the business knowledge that helped him turn a 500-square-foot storage closet into a global brand. Each week, Joe will educate, motivate and entertain his audience by answering their questions and/or conducting interviews with top athletes, fitness professionals, entrepreneurs, and other highly successful people.

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EP 140: Jeff Cavaliere on Work Ethic, Youtube Success, Nutrition & More!

This week, Joe sits down with Jeff Cavaliere - a professional sports physical therapist and strength coach, and the creator of ATHLEAN-X. Topics of discussion include: How Jeff got started in the fitness industry; Jeff's first "big break"; How he's successfully used youtube to market his business; The process involved in creating a quality youtube video; The difference between "having a job" vs "working"; Common gym mistakes that lead to injury; Jeff's personal approach to training and nutrition...and Much MORE! For Show Notes & Timestamps go to www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 35mins

22 Nov 2017

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Episode 110: Charles Poliquin Talks Strength, Food Intolerance Testing, Neurotransmitter Dominance & More!

This week, Joe sits down with world-renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin. Topics of discussion include: Writing for Muscle Media magazine; Food Intolerance Testing; Boosting testosterone naturally; The importance of testing for neurotransmitter dominance and deficiency; Force-Velocity profiling athletes; Best strength and mobility movements; The theory behind Charles' Kinetic Chain Enhancement technique; Intra and post-workout supplementation for fat loss; Modifications to diet and exercise for men over 40...and Much MORE!  For Show Notes & Timestamps goto Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show


27 Apr 2017

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Episode 95: Dr. Tom Talks Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Diets & More!

This week, Dr. Tom "The Guru" Bilella and Joe D. answer YOUR nutrition and supplementation questions! Topics of discussion include: The Benefits & Drawbacks of Intermittent Fasting; Pros & Cons of Ketogenic Diets; Supplementing with "Exogenous Ketones"; The 5 Supplements Everyone Should Be Taking; Most Effective Forms of Creatine; Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits...and much, Much MORE!  For Show Notes & Timestamps goto: Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show

1hr 31mins

12 Jan 2017

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Episode 135: Adjusting Macros to Build Muscle & Lose Fat

After a 9-week hiatus, Dr. Tom returns to the Industrial Strength Show! This week, Joe and Dr. Tom discuss the following topics:  How to adjust macros to reach your personal goals; Post-Workout macronutrient ratio guidelines; "Nutrient Partitioning"; Strength training guidelines for athletes that compete in weight-class sports; The 7 Biomarkers of Longevity; DeFranco's Nutritional Supplement SALE...and MORE! For Show Notes & Timestamps goto www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com


19 Oct 2017

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#198 Building Strong, Resilient Firefighters & Soldiers w/ Matt Wenning

This week Joe is joined by record-setting powerlifter, private strength coach and owner of Ludus Magnus gym - Matt Wenning. Topics of their conversation include: How Matt got his first opportunity working with members of our military; How Matt helped identify weaknesses in thousands of soldiers; The benefits of the "Wenning Warm-up"; Why Matt prefers a Conjugate system; How to keep your training intensity high without overtraining; The biggest difference between training policeman & firefighters vs members of the military; Implementing "traction-based" exercises (and why they're important); Matt's "Go To" exercises & equipment; Most common mistakes most lifters make...and much, Much MORE!   For Show Notes & Timestamps goto www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 19mins

17 Jan 2019

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#30 The TRUTH About Six-Pack Abs! [You've Been Lied To]

On this weeks show, Joe cuts through all of the fitness industry bullsh*t and reveals the truth regarding core training and developing "six-pack" abs. While listening to this podcast you will learn: The #1 function of the core [knowing this will have a dramatic affect on your training]; Why 99% of the core training DVD's and resources in the fitness industry are "missing the boat" regarding true core training; The method and the madness behind Joe D's simple [yet highly effective] "Core Training Pyramid"; Why you should re-learn how to breathe and the huge implications it will have on your core strength, mobility, and your ability to recover between workouts; Practical & Proven ways to incorporate "diaphragmatic breathing" into your workouts and everyday life [without wasting valuable training time or boring the hell out of yourself]; Why learning how to "brace" properly just may be the best core "exercise" you can do; Why "anti-movement patterns" should represent the majority of your direct core work in the gym; Why "loaded carries" are a staple in all of Joe D's programs - whether he's training an athlete or "average Joe"...and much Much MORE! 


24 Sep 2015

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Episode 152: Dr. John Rusin: Long-term Gainz Without the Aches & Pains!

This week, Joe sits down with Dr. John Rusin. Together, they discuss a variety of topics including: Strategies for reducing pain, increasing strength and living healthier; How "corrective exercises" SHOULD be implemented; The 6 phases of a proper warm-up; The daily activity that everyone with low back pain should be doing; The 6 foundational movement patterns that should be the cornerstone of everyone's training; John's evaluation process with new clients...and Much MORE! For Show Notes & Timestamps go to www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 17mins

15 Feb 2018

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#32 The ONE THING Everyone Should Know About STRENGTH & HYPERTROPHY

In this weeks episode, Joe shares a personal story about how two meatheads arguing at Home Depot gave him the idea for today's show. While listening to this podcast you will learn what Joe has discovered to be the SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR for those looking to get JACKED and STRONG, respectively. Knowing these two things will accelerate your strength gains and transform your physique like never before! If you're someone who truly cares about your training, you will love [and appreciate] the information provided in this episode.

1hr 12mins

8 Oct 2015

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#44 Why Your New Year's Resolution is Bullsh*t!

In this final episode of 2015 Joe D. goes on an intense rant regarding New Year's Resolutions. He then reveals the ONE THING that will have the biggest impact on your success. George DeFranco also stops by to discuss what's pissing him off this holiday season :) 

1hr 4mins

30 Dec 2015

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EP 128: Brian MacKenzie on the Benefits of Nasal Breathing, Down regulation & More!

This week Joe interviews world-renowned human performance specialist - Brian MacKenzie. Brian has studied performance and movement since 2001 with altitude, hypoxia, breathing mechanics & methods, along with heat and cold exposure. While listening to this week's podcast, you will hear Brian discuss the following topics: What it takes to complete a 100-mile run; The unique way in which Brian utilizes the "Training Mask"; The importance of nasal breathing; The affect that mouth-breathing has on your immune system; Step-by-step instruction through one of Brian's favorite breathing protocols...and much, Much MORE!  For Show Notes & Timestamps go to www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 27mins

7 Sep 2017

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#15 Joe D. Talks Strength!

In this weeks episode, Joe D. discusses his favorite topic - STRENGTH! Specific areas of discussion include: Top 5 Reasons Most People Are Weak; The TRUE Definition of "Functional Training"; Improving a Young Female Volleyball Player's Vertical Jump; Biggest Mistake Females Make in the Weightroom; Joe D's 3-Step Assessment Process; Should Distance Runners Lift?; Fool-Proof Way of Teaching the Box Squat; The Importance of Strength Training for MMA Athletes. All this, plus a brand new "Stuff That Pisses George D. Off" segment and more!

1hr 33mins

11 Jun 2015

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Episode 148: Dr. Tom Talks Hormone Optimization, Functional Testing & Fat Loss!

Dr. Tom makes his first podcast appearance of 2018 and he's got a lot to talk about! Topics of discussion include: The role genetics play in obesity; "Metabolic multi-tasking"; Inflammatory foods; Hormone optimization; The NEW Hormone Test that most people don't know exists...and Much MORE!  For Show Notes & Timestamps go to www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 6mins

18 Jan 2018

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Episode: 108 Dr. Layne Norton on Flexible Dieting, Paying Dues in the Fitness Industry & More!

This week, Joe sits down with Dr. Layne Norton. Topics of discussion include: Paying Your Dues in the Fitness Industry; Dr. Layne's Avatar Nutrition service; The Concept and TRUTH behind Flexible Dieting; Ketogenic Diet misconceptions; Working for a Professional Sports Team vs. Working in the Private Sector; Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training; Strategies for Growing your Social Media following...and MORE!  For Show Notes & Timestamps goto www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 24mins

13 Apr 2017

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#26 Dr. Rhonda Patrick interview

This week, Joe sits down with Dr. Rhonda Patrick to discuss her research on heat stress, sauna use, and her "Core 4" supplement recommendations for improving performance and living longer.  In this information-packed, 97-minute interview you will learn:The sauna's effect on mood, cognitive function and preventing muscle atrophy; Why you'll benefit more from the sauna if you stay in there until you feel "uncomfortable"; How exposing your body to heat can have a positive effect on cardiovascular health; How you can use the sauna to come back from an injury 30% faster; How you can activate "heat shock proteins" in your body (They are very good for preventing muscle damage); Why people who "sweat easily" are probably healthier than their "non-sweaty" counterparts; Dr. Rhonda Patrick's "Core 4" supplements that every athlete and "average Joe" should take; The importance of supplementing with a quality fish oil; Dr. Rhonda Patrick's most trusted fish oil brand (and how to test YOUR fish oil for purity); Why you should consume a vitamin D supplement that also has vitamin K2 in it; The dangers of taking too much vitamin D (more is NOT better); The best method for consuming your magnesium (Your stomach will thank you later); Why it's important to take an ACTIVATED B-Complex supplement; Dr. Rhonda Patrick's most trusted multi-vitamin and much, Much MORE!!

1hr 46mins

27 Aug 2015

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Episode 119: Bret Contreras, PhD - More Than Just "The Glute Guy"

This week, Joe sits down with the world's leading expert on glute training - Bret Contreras. But don't be fooled, Bret isn't just "The Glute Guy". He's got a PhD in Sports Science and is very well-versed in all things related to muscle-building and sports performance. During this conversation, Joe and Bret discuss a wide array of topics which include: How Bret became obsessed with glutes; Top 5 exercises to build the glutes; High-rep vs Low-rep training; Bret's in-house EMG experiments; Heavy sled training; Vertical jump discussion; "Bro Science"; Insecure people on social media and in the fitness industry...and Much MORE!  For Show Notes & Timestamps go to Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show

1hr 29mins

29 Jun 2017

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Episode 149: The TRUTH About BCAAs!

This week, Joe takes a deep dive on 4 different topics: #1 Should You Be Concerned With Elevated Liver Enzymes? #2 Are BCAAs a Waste of Money? #3 Should You Perform Your Most Important Workout on Monday? #4 Does Fruit Make You Fat?  For Show Notes & Timestamps go to www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 5mins

25 Jan 2018

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#197 The 8 Most Effective Strength Exercises of All Time!

Joe kicks off this week's show with 5 announcements regarding future projects, seminars and podcasts. He then shares an interaction he had with a listener he met at Whole Foods... This segue's into an important lesson for all personal trainers, coaches, business owners and leaders.   The second half of the show is spent determining the 8 most effective strength exercises of all time. These exercises are based on 4 main criteria: minimal technical skill, maximal muscular recruitment, "joint-friendliness" & practicality.   For Show Notes & Timestamps goto www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 5mins

10 Jan 2019

Rank #17

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EP 63: Dr. Tom Bilella talks Nutrition - One size fits nobody!

In this weeks episode, Joe sits down with his longtime friend and nutrition guru - Dr. Tom Bilella. Topics of discussion include: The 40 nutrients you need every day; The common mistake most athletes make when trying to get leaner; The importance of understanding "nutrient timing"; Eating for "performance" vs. eating for "health"; Dr. Tom's 3 Rules for Fat-Burning; Is it bad to eat before bed; The right way vs. the wrong way to cleanse the body; Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity; Dr. Tom's list of foundational supplements; 3 things you can do TODAY to improve your health...and much, Much MORE!  For Show Notes & TIMESTAMPS goto: www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com


26 May 2016

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#24 Upper Back Training Secrets to Avoid Shoulder Injuries & Increase Power!

In this episode, Joe shines the spotlight on a neglected group of muscles that need a lot more attention than they receive. You may not be able to see the musculature of your upper back when looking in the mirror, but that doesn't mean you should ignore these super important muscles.  Joe explains why so many athletes (regardless of sport) have pre-existing shoulder injuries when they come to him. The "anterior" dominance of sport and daily activities (driving, texting, typing, etc.) has created a society of shortened pecs, poor posture and weak upper backs. When you couple these issues with incompetent personal trainers and coaches (that don't know how to properly design programs), you have a recipe for disaster.  Joe explains exactly how you should be training your upper back in order to correct/prevent shoulder problems and improve your posture - while simultaneously improving power output! He even reveals his Top 6 "Uncommon" Back Exercises that you rarely (if ever) see being performed at your local health club. (You NEED to  incorporate these into your training.)  After listening to this episode, you will undoubtedly have a new perspective on how to train this group of muscles, as well as a new-found respect for their importance.


13 Aug 2015

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#221 Dr. Jordan Shallow is Bigger, Stronger & Smarter Than You... so Listen Up!

This week Joe is joined by one of the brightest minds in the fitness industry - Dr. Jordan Shallow. Jordan doesn't only "talk the talk" (he's a chiropractor and biomechanics savant) but, he also "walks the walk" (with a 727lb squat & 755lb deadlift). Highlights from this episode include: Jordan's original career trajectory; Getting "buy in" from your clients and peers; Jordan's "Go To" assessments for new clients; The difference between strength and stability; The difference between mobility and flexibility; Muscle integration vs muscle isolation; Programming (and loading) unilateral exercises; Structuring an effective workout/warm-up; Optimization vs Adaptation; "Drones" vs "Mavericks" in the fitness industry; What is 'Pre-Script'...and much, Much MORE! For Show Notes & Timestamps goto www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com

1hr 28mins

27 Jun 2019

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