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These spirited conversations give us a peek behind the curtain and share what it really takes to earn an independent living doing something you love. Add one part grounding inspiration to one part tangible tactics and you've got this podcast: a unique way to catch insights that really work from successful female entrepreneurs. These real, honest stories will help you find the courage and clarity to go after what you love!

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81: Minimalist Baker: The Secret to Building a Rock Solid Brand with Dana Shultz

What does it take to build a stunning brand and create a food blog empire? This week, I'm thrilled we have my dear friend Dana Shultz of Minimalist Baker to help us find out! Dana is the creator and founder of Minimalist Baker, an amazing website dedicated to simple vegan cooking with recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. She's also an author, and I've got her cookbook proudly displayed in my kitchen -- it rocks!We're talking about Dana's story, diving deep into the inner workings of Minimalist Baker. We're rewinding the tapes to her first attempt at blogging, a more general website dedicated to her interests and everyday life.Though her first blog didn't get much traction, Dana noticed the popularity of her food-focused blog posts.She decided to get laser focused, fusing her recipe creating and food photography skills to craft a crisp, clear brand with beautiful & compelling imagery.  Minimalist Baker has garnered a colossal following with a published cookbook to go with it, and Dana didn't just get lucky or stumble upon the right idea on accident. Her approach to branding is her secret sauce, and it's one we can all learn from: an excellent mashup of simplicity, dedication, discipline and authenticity. In the Courage half, you'll hear:All about Minimalist Baker and how Dana & her husband / partner in crime (John) earn their living with the site How she got here, and the roadblocks along the way A peek into the lessons and pivots that led to Minimalist Baker's wildfire successAnd then in the Clarity part, we're talkin':Specific mistakes Dana made with her first blog, and what she sees so clearly in looking backHow a brand can evolve over time without turning an audience off The power of a truly compelling mission statement, why you need to write one and how to do itWhat to do if your message feels murky -- how to find your core and use it to attract eager readersWhat makes a truly excellent brand, and how each of us can strengthen ours "People don't have time to figure out what you do, you have to be really really clear about what you do.""I don't think that you have to be the best at something, you just have to be interesting, value-adding and consistent."


5 Mar 2018

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25: A 3 Step Process to Getting More Sales with Abigail and Emily from Boss Project (Clarity)

In this week's Clarity episode, we're jamming on a tough topic for lots of us: sales.   You know the scene: You're sitting at the Starbucks, sweaty-palmed, talking your face off with a client you'd love to work with, hoping and praying they are picking up what you're putting down. And then, the moment comes: it's time to sell. You hold your breath and name your price, worried that they'll get up and walk away right there.  I've been in that Starbucks scenario so many times, and I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about it.  That's why I love this conversation with Emylee & Abagail. They're sharing exactly what we need to tweak in order to make more sales -- and to take the fear factor out of these conversations.  In this action-packed, 20 minute conversation, Emylee & Abbie spill:  Three big steps to generating MORE sales (easier, simpler & less intimidating than you think!)How to educate your clients on the value you offer vs. having to make pitches and convince them to work with you How to help your clients see you as a mind reader (and therefore, the perfect person to trust!)A stress-free approach to talking about money with clients Some tough love, which will help you get out of your own way and make more sales!  SHOW NOTES:  Freshbooks - 30 days free!Think Creative Collective TCC on Instagram Fizzle course: Customer Conversations TCC Course: Organize Your Business & Your Life with Trello


24 Apr 2017

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57: How to Stop Fighting Against Your Life & Fall in Love With It Instead with Catherine Rains

There aren't enough words to describe how excited I am for you all to hear this conversation I'm having with Catherine Rains, also known as The Hotel Artist! Alternate titles for this episode include: "Catherine Rains blows Steph's mind live on the air waves""Stop everything & listen to this" "Don't listen to this if you want to keep making excuses & staying stuck" In seriousness, it feels like I am telling you week after week that another of my "favorite episodes" is being published, which is such a cool feeling. But this episode is truly special. For one, the "Courage" & "Clarity" components are fused together in one jumbo episode because they were too intertwined to separate. Beyond that, Catherine is a captivating, open-book type storyteller who's got a few decades on me. As such, you'll hear her drop so much wisdom on me, I'm doing mental gymnastics live on the air just to keep up. There's so much growth here, so much to think about, and so much easy-to-apply-immediately mindset stuff that you really need to hear. In this episode, you'll hear: How to stop fighting AGAINST your circumstances, and instead learn to work WITH them A few precise mantras to help you stop dwelling in "tomorrow", "what if", "if only" & "someday"How Catherine used this mindset shift to go from hating her job, to loving it so much she cried when her dream job came along How Catherine was able to believe that cancer & divorce were amazing gifts, even as they were happening to herI know there's a lot of "mindset" and "positivity" stuff out there, but this episode resonated with me on a deeper level than many of the other books I've picked up or podcasts I've heard before. I hope you find the same to be true, and if you do, you have to let me know! 

1hr 8mins

18 Sep 2017

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31: Yes, You Can Keep Going with Sarah K. Peck (Courage)

In this week's edition, I've got Sarah K. Peck on the microphone with me! Sarah is an author, startup advisor and yoga instructor based in New York City. She's the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant, and at this point in her career she's written around 700 essays.(!) Guys, I truly love and adore every single episode of this show that I've had the privilege to produce. Maybe it's the exact place I'm at in my own life right now as mama to a one year old, but I am really in love with this conversation.I hope it inspires you, challenges you and lifts you up all at the same time, because that's exactly what happened to me. A few big points we dive into: How to find and understand your core identity -- aka, who you really are, in just a handful of wordsThe time Sarah broke her foot in college, and the huge lesson that applies to business Why a "just this once" mentality will screw us up, and leads us to a path of excuses The two habit muscles we are always strengthening -- and which one you definitely want to be focusing on Why "waste" and "rest" are not the same -- and how rest is actually an investment in our careersHow to stop feeling guilty about doing things that feel good to us Why Sarah will take her shirt off and shake her boobies around (wait... what?)Some of my very favorite quotes from this episode: “The true test of perserverance and resilience, the people who make it through their 20 mile march are the ones who look at that moment when they COULD make an excuse and they say I’m choosing to do it anyways” “You’re either strengthening the muscle that makes excuses, or you’re strengthening the muscle that does it anyways” “The person who wins, the person who makes it happen isn’t the person who has some magical better circumstances than you” Then, in the Clarity episode, we're talking about a precise process for way better decision making in our businesses & our lives. Can't wait for you to hear this!  SHOW NOTES:Sarah's websiteStartup Pregnant Sarah on InstagramSteph on Instagram


22 May 2017

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73: Use "Good, Better & Best" to Hit Your Goals Without Breaking Your Neck (with Megan Hale)

Megan Hale spills her secret sauce goal setting method that is allowing her to press pause for a YEAR for maternity leave if she chooses to. Mind blown! It's January 1st, and if I had a dime for all the goal setting advice that's out there ... well, you know how that saying goes. But there's something really special here, and that's why I invited Megan to record this podcast with me LIVE on Facebook.Her "Good, Better & Best" framework is effective for many reasons: It takes the pressure off by allowing us to celebrate milestones It puts our big scary goals within reach It gives us a feeling of WINNING instead of constantly falling shortIn general, it puts an "I can DO this!" feeling into our hearts I can't wait for you to hear Megan in this episode, and if you want to learn more about Wild & Holy year scoot on over to http://megan-hale.com! 


1 Jan 2018

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69: 4 Steps To Plan Your Week In 15 Minutes (And Get It Done This Time)

In today's episode, I'm going talking about 4 steps to plan your entire week in 15 minutes. Yep, I'm for real -- 4 steps, 15 minutes, actually getting the good stuff DONE. Head to courageandclarity.com/plan before you listen! So in my free guide, you'll see on the second page I describe this method as "the crockpot of productivity".Here's why: I have tried every single solitary planning method under the SUN, guys. In fact, if you've listened to me on this show or over on the Fizzle Show for any amount of time, you have almost definitely heard me talk about my various affairs with planners and tools.I've tried paper planners, digital planners, online tools like Trello and Asana, I've tried planning nothing at all, I've tried planning every single minute from sun up to sun down, I've tried the pomodoro method, rewards-based systems, and the list goes on and on.Now, don't misunderstand me -- I have nothing against any of these tools, and in fact, I think most of them are very useful in their own ways.So back to the crockpot analogy. With all the planning methods I've tried, I started to feel like I had a kitchen full of fancy cooking gadgets -- but whether or not dinner actually made it onto the table? That was another story completely.The weekly planning method I'm about to teach you works because, like the crockpot, we're going to sit down for just 15 minutes and plan your week ONCE. It's going to be simple, yet effective -- it gets the job done, without 17 pots and pans that you just don't need.IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL HEAR: The big reason your big & exciting projects are the first thing to slip off the priority listAn easy, stress-free approach to planning to avoid spinning your wheels Why this method is like the crockpot of productivity, and how you can "set & forget" your week4 steps to plan your week quickly & make real progress that drives results in your business  


4 Dec 2017

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46: How to Stop Learning & Start Doing, Even If You Have Zero Plan with Jessica Eley (Courage)

Welcome to another week of incredible interviews on Courage & Clarity! Jessica Eley is a mindset coach for high achievers who helps people figure out how to get their heads in the right space to achieve the success they want in their lives.   In this courage episode she tells us how she went from a mega high achiever who finished college early while working full time and planning a wedding, to hitting a breaking point and calling a major timeout.She quit her corporate job spontaneously after putting 5 years in, and within two weeks she replaced her corporate income. In this episode we talk about how Jessica realized she didn’t need to become a guru overnight in order to make real money as an entrepreneur just using the talents she already had. She’ll also tell us what we need to do to STOP our fears from holding us back, and why Jessica considers herself “anti positivity moment”. In this Courage episode, you'll hear: What happened when Jessica spontaneously quit her corporate job after 5 years with zero plan (hint: it involves replacing her income in two weeks) What to do if you feel like you wish you had a teleporter to your future successful selfWhy the whole "positivity movement" might actually be holding us back Exactly what to do if your fears are paralyzing you & preventing action An important wake-up call about what's on your vision board right now SHOW NOTES:Jessica's websiteAbagail & Emylee Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn Fizzle - get 5 weeks free! 


31 Jul 2017

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83: 4 Guidelines for Building an Audience When You're a Total Nobody Online with Harriet Morris

So you want to start a podcast, blog or YouTube channel, but there's just one problem... You're starting from absolute scratch, and NO ONE knows you online. How are you supposed to get people to actually listen, read or watch?!This week on the show I've got Harriet Morris. In addition to having a lovely accent that you could listen to all day long, she's here to tell you how she went from nobody, to 40,000 podcast downloads in a few short months with ZERO marketing. I've gotten to know Harriet over the years a member of Fizzle, and I've loved her progression. She describes herself as "the eating coach" and she's got a podcast called The Eating Coach Podcast.She empowers her clients to achieve a 95% drop in binge eating without feeling deprived or bad about themselves, and she helped her clients make sugar addiction a thing of the past. Harriet shares her journey and how her lessons from intuitive eating actually apply to business (which is totally fascinating!)Then, we'll get into the four guidelines for creating a podcast or any kind of content online when you're an absolute nobody.IN THE COURAGE HALF, YOU'LL HEAR:Harriet's business, how she earns her living & how she became the eating coachThe lessons from food we can all relate to life & business How she's learned that detachment from results actually creates results  AND THEN IN THE CLARITY PORTION, WE GET INTO: Four guidelines for creating a successful podcast (or content of any kind!) even when no one knows who you are, including: Serving your own needs by serving your audienceDeciding if you are a content creator or a content curator Making it easy for listeners to consume your showThe key to to epic content: real connection"You don't need to be better to be anyone else, you just need to be different." -Sally Hogshead

1hr 3mins

19 Mar 2018

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21: Things I'm Afraid to Tell You: Losing My Brother

Today's episode is one I'm both excited and totally terrified to share with you. It's me, alone on the microphone, opening up about the hardest and most unthinkable thing I've ever dealt with. In this very-close-to-my-heart episode, I'm sharing: A traumatic, tragic loss I've experienced in my life recently and my current thoughts & feelingsThe perspective I've gained from hardship and how we can challenge ourselves to live our best livesA before-and-after glimpse into how a family trip to Ireland deepened my healing3 things grief has taught me that apply to career & businessA powerful & moving excerpt from my journal and the message in my heart about griefIn case you'd like to read the words from my journal, here they are in written format. Per Jess Lively's "writing to your intuition" exercise, I asked myself the following question: Why do I feel this is the episode I need to share? Here was my unedited, un-analyzed gut reaction (I arrived here by just writing without thinking too much):"Your life is not the shiny perfect image that people might see. You are not perfectly courageous and composed. There is so much suffering, and you are afraid. You do not know how the events of the past year will manifest in terms of your family. Questions weigh heavier on your heart than your mind allows you to truly explore. It is too traumatic to completely comprehend. As such, everything (including career) is impacted. There are positives and negatives to this. The negatives are perhaps more obvious — there is stress, bad dreams, unexplained and unexpected tear-filled moments, your anger flairs up in a way that feels out of control. This is all related to the unprocessed mountain of emotion that sits in your heart like a knot. Importantly, do not rush to untie this knot. You cannot untie this knot without the right tools. You do not have all of those tools today, nor do you have all of the puzzle pieces to know how. Instead, this is a project that will be unraveled piece by piece, over time, and there is nothing you can do to speed this process except try to be open to your truth.You know exactly what I mean: it’s that back-and-forth you have in your own mind about whether it is safe to hear your heart’s voice. Sometimes that voice will tell you scary things, or sad things that make you cry. I am here to say IT IS SAFE.More than just safe, it is everything to hear your heart’s voice. Do not be afraid. Or rather, be afraid, but listen anyway. Cry when it hurts. Show yourself and show up. The only thing you have to do is be open and be light. Do not try to be more than exactly what you are, right now."SHOW NOTES:Jess Lively: Things I'm Afraid to Tell You conceptCourage & Clarity Episode 14 with Chase Reeves Courage episode with Cassandra Bodzak Jess Lively: intuition writing exercise&


10 Apr 2017

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87: 3 Exercises For Instant Brand Clarity With Kaye Putnam

"What the heck should my brand look and feel like? What sets me apart? How do I show up in a sea of noise?"These are questions I hear a lot, and this week on the show Kaye Putnam is here to help us out in a major way.Kaye is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. She helps business builders create drool-worthy brands that really underscore a core message. And bonus, she's got awesome free content on unlocking your brand advantage!In the courage part of the episode, Kaye shares her awkward start to online business and how trying to be "like everyone else" got her nowhere fast. Then in the the clarity part, she shares three exercises that all of us can dive into to uncover brand clarity. We're talking about attracting ideal clients and the importance of repeling bad fit ones.IN THE COURAGE PART, YOU'LL HEAR: Kaye's business and how she earns her livingWhat she does on a daily basis when working with clientsHer story and how she got to where she is right nowHow psychology fits in her businessThe story behind the awkward start of her online businessHow she reconciles all of the advice she gets from people- Developing her own tool to identify brand archetypes for herself & her audienceAND THEN IN CLARITY, WE'RE TALKING:Three exercises to achieve brand clarity...1. Identifying your primary and secondary archetype2. ”I believe" exercise3. ”Flip the script" exercise 


16 Apr 2018

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44: How to Write Compelling Copy That Turns Lurkers into Buyers with Ashlyn Carter (Clarity)

Welcome to Part Two of my conversation with Ashlyn Carter, a sharp & sweet conversion copywriter for creative entrepreneurs! This might just be one of the most info-packed Clarity episodes to date. Ashlyn & I couldn't decide between two awesome topics, so we decided to give it all! If you struggle to figure out how to craft your message in a way that truly lures people in, I think this episode will be perfect for you. The truth is, there's no magic bullet to copywriting. There's no voo doo formula here. This is about really listening and paying attention to the market, simplifying your message, and crafting your copy in a way that truly resonates. In this Clarity episode, you'll learn:The concept of customer led copy, and how great copy is assembled instead of created out of thin airHow to leverage the words on your website in a way that actually gets you PAIDHow to "coach the conversion" -- aka, the 5 steps your audience needs to walk through to go from new follower to paying customer 7 little known secrets to copywriting that will make all the difference in your business SHOW NOTES: Writing Copy for the Web: A Guide for Copywriting Ask by Ryan LevesqueRay EdwardsBreakthrough Advertising by Eugene SchwartzJab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk Start a Blog That Matters -- 5 weeks free at FizzleGrammarly 


17 Jul 2017

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60: 5 Ways to Grow a Business with a Tiny Social Media Following with Rachel Sandall

It can be super intimidating to start a business when you look at your "heroes" and see they have 10k, 20k, 100k or even more followers. It can leave you wondering, how can I ever get that many people to pay attention to me?The good news is that you don't need so many people. Rachel is here to tell us about how it's completely possible to grow a profitable business with a small social media following, and she's got 5 actionable tips to get us started right away.  In this Clarity episode, you'll hear: The under utilized power of your personal network Which method Rachel recommends for having an easy excuse to keep getting in front of your ideal customers One big tip for getting more exposure fast -- even though this one might make you nervous! How to partner with influential people, even if your following is small What Rachel recommends you offer to people in order to grow meaningfully, not just vanity metrics  


9 Oct 2017

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36: 3 Steps You Must Take to Find Your Passion with Rachel & Kristen of Clarity on Fire (Clarity)

After throwing it back to the days of depressed Netflix binge-watching and cubicle panic attacks in our Courage episode, I'm so excited to dig into the Clarity episode with Rachel East & Kristen Walker! After all, their website & business is Clarity On Fire and they definitely live up to the name in this episode.    I've heard from so many of you that you just want to find a way making a living doing something you actually care about. In truth, that mission is the entire premise of this podcast. And so, having Rachel & Kristen dive into this topic where they both shine so brightly was a true treat for me, and I hope you get as much from this conversation as I did! Here's what you'll learn in this awesome episode:Why it's so hard to find our passion in the first placeWhy many of us get so stuck choosing between what we're good at and what we actually likeHow to make working feel more like livingThe one question Rachel & Kristen would ask you if you're feeling guilty about changing your career path Why finding your passion is kind of like looking at a giant buffet, and how to figure out what the heck to put on your plateThe 3 things you absolutely MUST know about passion to help you find yours! SHOW NOTES:Freshbooks - get 30 days free!Courage & Clarity Q+A - submit your Q's hereClarity on Fire The Passion Profile Quiz 


5 Jun 2017

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102: How To Sell Out a Group Program with Zero Audience with Kristine Newman

My student Kristine Newman shares the incredible story of taking her 15 year brick and mortar business online after a devastating change in her life. She went from absolutely zero people paying attention to her, to pulling 6 women into a paid group program in 2 weeks flat. What's more, the women in Kristine's program are seeing huge transformations in their lives due to Kristine's help. She tells us why she thinks small group programs create absolute magic for customers, and how anyone can replicate this model even if you're just getting started. 

1hr 6mins

30 Jul 2018

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17: Not Another Target Market Conversation with Amanda Cook (CLARITY)

Think you've heard all there is to hear about "target market" and "picking a niche"?  I thought I had too, until this conversation with Amanda. Before you skip this episode because you're tired of the same advice (seriously, I feel you!), you have to hear from Amanda. Talk about a totally refreshing and clear approach to this murky, complex subject.  In this episode Amanda lays out:  a 6 month roadmap for using a specific target market to power up your businesshow to approach target market if you feel your business can help everyonewhat to do if picking a target market makes you feel "stuck in a box"how to keep your potential customers' "BS meter" from going off when they find youhow to get the right people to your website... and turn them into real customersexactly how to create attractive email opt-in offers & the process for keeping new readers engaged  Seriously, there's so much here in this conversation and Amanda generously holds nothing back.  Are you putting this framework to use? I'd love to hear about it! Find me on social media (@stephcrowder_) or send me an email (steph@fizzle.co) to let me know!  SHOW NOTES: Amanda's bookAmanda's websiteFreshbooksMinimalist BakerCustomer Conversations from Fizzle {grab your free 5 week trial}


27 Mar 2017

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47: Two Types of Money You Need to Be Earning in Your Business, Starting Today with Jessica Eley (Clarity)

Welcome to this week's Clarity episode featuring Jessica Eley, a mindset coach who knows a whole lot about money. In this conversation we’re digging deeper into how Jessica was able to replace her corporate income in TWO WEEKS without much of a game plan. She tells us there are two different types of money, and we need to focus on earning each one at different times. So depending on where we are in our journey, that’s going to dictate which to focus on. She’s going to tell us how she originally earned her living as a copywriter when she quit her corporate job, without really intending for that to happen. Ultimately she switched to coaching, and she’ll share how to transition from survival mode to dream biz mode. In this Clarity episode, you'll hear: Two differing approaches to money -- how & when to generate real money using each strategy Exactly how Jessica managed to replace her corporate income in 2 weeks after she quit her job with zero plan How to earn a living doing work you find fun & purposeful How you can start earning money and figure out what you want to be doing with your life at the same exact time Values, priorities & vision, and what questions to ask to discover yours SHOW NOTES:Jessica's websiteLewis HowesChristina Scalera Fizzle - try 5 weeks free


31 Jul 2017

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96: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Word Out About Your Product (Business Wisdom Series, Ep 96)

Marianne's question: If you want to create a strong push for getting the word out, where would you focus your energy?In order to answer Marianne's question, we dig into the two pillars of business building: audience, and product. We're defining the "lie of productivity", examining the difference between working ON your business versus working IN your business, and sustainable vs. unsustainable growth. Megan's all about doubling down on the people she's already got, and Steph's instinct is to expand outward. Both strategies are necessary, so with our powers combined we're giving you a roadmap to building buzz and keeping the audience ball rolling while you're simultaneously building a product. This is a juicy, tactical tip conversation, and as listener Marianne warns, "Don't Bizdom & Drive -- you'll want to write everything down!" 


18 Jun 2018

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15: A Clear & Simple Process for Getting More Done in Less Time with Adrienne Dorison

Feel like you've got a million things on your to do list and few results to show for it on this Monday? Adrienne Dorison's got a few things to say to you in this Clarity episode! (If you missed our Courage conversation, skip back one to Episode 15!) This isn't necessarily about working less -- it's about making sure the results you're getting match the effort you're putting in.  It's deflating to feel you're ALWAYS working on your business, yet you never have the results to show for it.  In this episode, Adrienne reveals why this effort and results become lopsided: "Effort does not equal progress. The real gamechanger is effort with direction." Adrienne also shares:  What to do in the next 90 days to maximize your progressThe number one mistake people make, which leads to nothing getting completedThe concept of "Most Important Mission", the criteria for it, and how you can put this to work so you never feel you've wasted a day How to handle essential (yet annoying) operational tasks using batching and boundaries The concept of "To Do", "Doing" and "Done", and where your results are getting bottlenecked Adrienne is so hard-hitting in this episode. A few more favorite quotes from her: "Are you choosing easy over results?" "People sit around waiting for motivation, but I think motivation comes from action."  SHOW NOTES:  Adrienne's websiteFreshbooks - try a month for freeBrian Tracy, Eat That FrogTrello 


20 Mar 2017

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108: Is Your Dream Really Possible?

Do you ever feel terrified of your big dreams? Scared because if they don’t come true you’ll be devastated?I think we’ve all been there. And lately I’ve heard a common theme around this develop in the C&C community, my Instagram and even with my 1:1 coaching clients. Different versions of this same question, a mindset battle most entrepreneurs face. I hear my clients and community members place conditions on their dreams. They create backup plans and time constraints on their businesses. This energy of not being “all-in” is like telling your business you don’t believe in it 100%When we’re scared our dreams might not come true, we place conditions on them. “I’ll give this ten years to work, or I’ll go back to that career I didn’t really love”. We create backup plans and time constraints on our businesses. This energy of not being “all-in” is like telling your business you don’t believe in it 100%I know with Courage & Clarity that once I committed fully, let go of the “how” and came to terms with the fact that it would be messy and uncomfortable at times - my business transformed!So when you’ve got big dreams, you’ve got to let go of the conditions you put on your dreams and replace them with some faith and trust.Like I’ve talked about so many times on this show before, if you keep showing up, you’ll get whatever you’re dreaming of. I promise, when you’re all in, focus your energy and move forward with steady actions, The Universe will conspire on your behalf. You don’t get to choose the “how” - you just need to show up and believe.I get pretty deep into mindset and energy talk, but don’t worry, I didn’t leave the brass tacks out of this episode.  I’ve included 8 key points for you to consider when going after your dreams.You’ll also hear about an easy and fun tactic that helped me fill the pre-sale of my first course launch and is literally getting results for members of the C&C community right now.I loved recording this episode for you all, as I reflect on my journey to building C&C into what it is today and dreaming of all it will become.By the end of listening to this I want you to not only realize that your dream is possible, but that it’s already on its way to you!


17 Sep 2018

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134: Generating $17K Through Group Programs With Lee Chaix McDonough

Have you ever invested in a course or program with high hopes only to have it fall flat? Maybe it over promised and under delivered. Or you lose interest and put it on the shelf for “someday” (aka never).Now imagine the opposite scenario: you buy a course and generate 28 times the initial investment!Today’s guest, Crickets to Customers student alumni Lee Chaix McDonough, tells us exactly how she did just that.Lee is a coach for spiritual minded business owners, and author of the book ACT On Your Business. After spending 15 years in the fields of social work and public health, Lee pivoted and pursued a coaching career. Lee walks us through her first year of business, and reveals the mistakes she made along the way. She realized her business decisions were rooted in fear - and as a result she had created a corporate looking and sounding business that wasn’t in alignment with the real her or who she was meant to serve.She was looking outside of herself for answers, instead of owning her natural strengths and infusing in her biz. With this in mind, she realigned her coaching practice to serve her ideal clients.While Lee had built a thriving 1:1 coaching business, she saw a need to add another service to her offerings. In August 2018, after being one of my earliest podcast listeners and C&C Community members, she took the plunge and joined C2C.Lee’s results will blow you away! Listen in and hear:What her initial hesitations were to joining Crickets to Customers and why she overcame themHow important her community anchor was to rally her people and grow her audienceThe steps she took to open her first FB group and what’s she’s learned + how it’s grown to 700+ membersWhat took place for her to generate over $17000 in the 7 months since she first joined C2C!


15 Apr 2019

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