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Hollywood's Leading Success Coach, Erica Wernick, combines mindset and strategy to help you achieve your biggest Hollywood dreams. Erica has worked in television for 10 years as a Graphic Designer on 30 TV shows like Glee, Entourage, and Superstore and shifted gears towards coaching when she felt a strong desire to help people. In the past few years, Erica has coached Actors, Directors, Writers, Musicians, and even Set PAs (check out her website for success stories!) on getting to the next level of their careers. Erica's clients have booked TV shows and films on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, FOX, and CBS, just to name a few.Enjoy Erica's fresh take on Hollywood (a positive breath of fresh air) as she debunks myths about luck, competition, and your chances of succeeding.

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LA Bound #76: How To Have A Positive Experience In Hollywood

I'm busting all kinds of myths today about how your experience in Hollywood can be FUN. It's important to learn to enjoy the journey instead of waiting until you get to the destination to be happy. Shownotes: http://www.hollywoodsuccesscoach.com/episode76


20 Jun 2017

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Episode 214: Why Rejection Makes Your Career Predictable + How To Change That Cycle

Oh, rejection! You're so annoying! Am I right?! Rejection pops its head up a lot in our Hollywood careers and can have a big impact on our next moves. What most people don't realize, is our response to rejection is a completely unconscious pattern that creates predictability in our careers. So if we want exciting new things to happen, we have to change how we handle rejection. If you've ever experienced rejection before, this episode is for you! This episode might blow your mind. Get ready! Grab your ticket for Inspired Strategy before it sells out! Tickets are here: http://bit.ly/inspiredstrategy


29 Oct 2019

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LA Bound #53: Multiple Avenues To Get Where You Want To Be

There are so many different ways to achieve your dream career. Often times, we figure out one way, and we stick to it, even if it doesn't seem to be working. We get so comfortable in the action that we don't want to try anything else. And that's how we get stuck in our careers.  In this episode I give real-life examples of the multiple avenues you can take, and how to know when it's time to try a different one. Shownotes at laboundguide.com/podcast/53


23 May 2016

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LA Bound #54: Why You Need to Treat Your Time Like the Queen of England

LA Bound is growing up! The LA Bounders membership will be closing its doors on Wednesday, June 1st, so head to joinlabounders.com to get in now! Today's episode is all about TIME and how you are spending yours to get the best results in your career. The shownotes can be found at laboundguide.com/podcast/54


30 May 2016

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Episode 208: THIS Is What It Really Takes To Succeed In Hollywood

Going sooo deep today into what it truly takes to be successful in Hollywood. I talk about the 10% gap and how you can close it (the gap between where you are and where you want to be). Listen to this episode if you haven't achieved your Hollywood goals yet. You can TOTALLY do this!! You're 90% of the way there :) I'm also keeping Hollywood Success Live tickets open 3 more days until Wednesday, August 21. Click here to grab your tickets before it sells out!

1hr 1min

19 Aug 2019

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LA Bound #66: How To Pitch And Sell Scripts by Jonny Umansky and Zach Hyatt

In this episode, I'm here with Legends of the Hidden Temple writers Jonny Umansky and Zach Hyatt. You will hear them share about their secrets to success and offer advice about pitching and selling scripts to major TV and film networks. For the show notes, head to: laboundguide.com/podcast/66

1hr 19mins

12 Dec 2016

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Episode 302: Intuition, Energy, and Astrology in Hollywood with Carrie Stiers

Ahhh!! My good friend Carrie Stiers is on the podcast today! Carrie is an Intuitive and Astrologer, and just an all around amazing human. I ask her questions about intuition, energy, astrology, and how it weaves in to our dream paths. If you're curious about or interested in energy, signs, synchronicities, Mercury Retrograde, or anything else in this family, then you'll love this episode! Follow Carrie on IG @carriestiers Come join my new movement #EveryDreamIsPossible! Click here to learn more or head to hollywoodsuccesscoach.com.

1hr 26mins

14 Feb 2020

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Episode 113: Quantum Leaping - How To Skip Levels

Today's episode is all about making that Quantum Leap -- literally skipping levels to get bigger results faster. Let me know what you think by sharing at me @hollywoodsuccesscoach on Instagram! This episode is sponsored by Hollywood Elite, my amazing private coaching program! If you want to work with me, check out my program here.

1hr 5mins

7 Jan 2019

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Episode 212: Why I've Moved Away From Strategy And Towards Energy

Oh my! What a title. It's been quite a journey for my own career, and for the way I coach my clients. While we still spend a considerable amount of time on strategizing, the focus has really shifted to energy. How we FEEL has a major impact on the actions we take (or don't take). In this episode, I'm sharing why I've shifted into an energy focus, and how it can work for you and your dreams! I opened up Hollywood Magic for just ONE DAY! because we already started. Click here to join Hollywood Magic. I also have a free meditation for you! Click here to download the free meditation.


1 Oct 2019

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Episode 105: How To Manifest A "Big" Dream + How I'm Doing It With A Multimillion Dollar House

This episode was soooo fun for me because talking about my dream home is my happy place. I hope it's enjoyable for you, too!  I break down what manifestation is all about, how you can be intentional with it so you can manifest what you want, and why it feels different when you're trying to manifest something "big". I share what I've been doing behind the scenes over the last few years to manifest my own "big" dream - a multimillion dollar house in the Hollywood Hills.  If you are curious about manifestation, or about how to manifest something really "big," then this episode is for you. If you're curious to hear how I've been doing it myself for my house dream, then you'll love this episode too! To be entered in a drawing to win a free coaching session with me, write an iTunes review for this podcast, take a screenshot of it, and email it to erica@hollywoodsuccesscoach.com. Shownotes can be found at: http://www.hollywoodsuccesscoach.com/episode105

1hr 33mins

29 Oct 2018

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LA Bound #73: Do You Want It Badly Enough?

How bad you want it will determine your ability to succeed. Some questions I ask in this episode to get your gears turning: What's holding you back from really going for it? Are you making your dream a priority?  Shownotes: http://www.hollywoodsuccesscoach.com/episode73


5 Jun 2017

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Episode 205: How To Become A Booking Magnet With Christine Horn

With 53 film and TV credits to her name (not to mention The Lion King on Broadway), Christine Horn is the true definition of a BOOKING MAGNET!! I am so honored to have her on the show, sharing her "secrets" on how to book more often as an actor. We also chat about what it's like to nominate yourself for an Emmy, and what it takes to jump up from Co-Star to Guest Star. This episode is JUICY! Even if you're not an actor, I urge you still to listen. I'm inspired every time Christine speaks -- her process applies to every craft in Hollywood. Christine's brand new book is out TODAY on Amazon (Playing Small: The Actor’s Guide To Becoming A Booking Magnet) which you can get here. You can also sign up for her free guidebook at www.getbookedplaybook.com

1hr 5mins

1 Aug 2019

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Episode 114: When You're Stuck Because You're Not Sure What Action To Take Or What Avenue To Pursue

Today's episode covers two versions of a similar question: 1. What to do when you feel paralyzed in overwhelm and you're not sure what action to take, so you're stuck where you are. 2. What to do when you feel stuck because you're interested in a few different avenues and you're not sure which one to take. If you feel either of those, this episode is for you! Also, if you've read a bunch of mindset books on money, law of attraction, goal setting, or any other personal development topic, there is an important message in here for you, too! This episode is brought to you by Hollywood Elite, my private coaching program! Come check it out here and see if you'd like to work together.


14 Jan 2019

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LA Bound #50: What it Really Takes to Make it in LA

Wow! We made it to episode 50! Thank you so much for listeningand helping me get to 50 episodes. I so appreciate you, and I lovehearing from you. So I'm making today's episode extraspecial—diving deep and getting real with what it takes to make itin Los Angeles. Shownotes can be found at laboundguide.com/podcast/50


2 May 2016

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LA Bound #56: "Making it in LA is hard" Doesn't Have To Be Your Story

Other people's opinions about what your experiences should be like often mirror the results that we get in our career. These "stories" seep into our subconscious and end up dictating the way in which we go after our dreams. But these stories can be rewritten. Your career can look however you want it to look. You can experience it however you want to experience it.  Grab the freebie to change your story at laboundguide.com/stories Shownotes at laboundguide.com/podcast/56


20 Jun 2016

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Episode 120: Is Your Dream Authentic To YOU?

I had an interesting revelation this week that I wanted to share with you. Do you want your dream because YOU want it? Or because you see other people with it and it looks shiny and glamorous? The waitlist is officially open for Hollywood Success Live in September!! Early bird discounted tickets go on sale next week to the waitlist, so get on the list now: click here to get on the waitlist. I also have a special sale going on for the rest of March!! $47 for the 2 most popular lessons out of Your Dream Your Light Your Hollywood. Click here to grab them now (You'll get the first Mindset lesson that everyone is LOVING and the Reverse Engineer strategy lesson so you can create a tailored new strategy for your career...both life changing!!) Oh, and this episode is dedicated to YOU. Thank you so much for listening, subscribing, buying my courses, being a client. This business wouldn't exist without you and I am so grateful.


25 Mar 2019

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LA Bound #72: More Money NOW: How to End Your Struggle With Money

Financial struggles seem to come along with the Hollywood life: hustling a day job on the side while working hard to pursue your dream. But it doesn't have to be full of struggle for you. In this episode, I share 3 tools that you can implement to transform your financial situation. Show notes: http://www.hollywoodsuccesscoach.com/episode72 More Money Now guide: http://www.hollywoodsuccesscoach.com/money


2 Jun 2017

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LA Bound #74: How To Take Action To Get The Fastest Results

Many people are not great at taking action, especially when it comes to their dreams. Dreams require a different level of action than any other kind of job. Are you taking enough action? Are you taking the right actions? Shownotes: http://www.hollywoodsuccesscoach.com/episode74


7 Jun 2017

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LA Bound #61: How to Shift From Your Day Job to Your Dream Job

This episode I'm breaking down how to finally make the shift from your day job to your dream job, and I'm doing it in a new special way: Live on Facebook! I went on Facebook live while I recorded this episode, and took questions from listeners on the spot! This was an experiment that I will continue if you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun interacting with the audience live, you'll hear how much energy it gave me! Full show notes can be found (including the link to free gift) at laboundguide.com/podcast/61


5 Sep 2016

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Episode 201: Coaching Session: Money + Self Doubt

Welcome back to Season 2 of The Hollywood Success Podcast! In this episode, you get to hear a live coaching session between me and Ellie Wells. We chatted about struggling with money, self doubt, and the frustrations of the Hollywood journey. Let us know what you think by tagging us on Instagram! Erica: @hollywoodsuccesscoach; Ellie: @eleanorbrynn Hollywood Success Live tickets discounted through Friday, June 21! Click here to get tickets now!

1hr 30mins

17 Jun 2019

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