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Episode 46 - Scott Beaver - Flying Around the World

Planning for a round the world flight. We talk about Scott's flying experiences to date and then discuss what's involved in flying a small aircraft around the globe.


3 Oct 2011

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Episode 23 - Claire Hatton, Commercial and Instrument Rating Instructor with Ravenair

A podcast interview with Claire Hatton, a Commercial and Instrument Rating Instructor with Ravenair, based mainly at Liverpool, John Lennon Airport.We discuss what’s involved in more advanced ratings and licenses such as the IMC, Multi engine, IR and CPL.So if you have any interest in improving your flying or want to get into commercial aviation, have a listen to what Claire has to say.


2 Apr 2010

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Episode 19 - Flying Hang Gliders and Paragliders

In this episode of Flying Podcast I talk to Judith Mole and Geoff Minshull who fly hang gliders and paragliders for pleasure.In this podcast they tell us about why they have chosen to fly these particular sorts of aircraft and what is involved in learning to fly. We also discuss the equipment required and where to fly from. Judith and Geoff have been flying hang gliders and paragliders for some years now. They were attracted by the sense of freedom to be had flying flying long distances without any form of power. They mainly fly from the Long Mynd during the British summer but spend their winters over in Spain where they can continue to fly when the weather over in the UK prevents many forms of flying.


16 Dec 2009

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Episode 51 - Andy Draper - Light Aircraft Association

A chat with Andy Draper of the LAA. We discuss what's involved in building your own light aircraft.


21 Mar 2012

Rank #4

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Episode 39 - North West Air Ambulance Service

An interview with Captain Marc Rowley, a pilot with the North West Air Ambulance service. Marc tells me about how the charity air ambulance works and what it's like to fly helicopters for such an important emergency service.


3 Apr 2011

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Episode 57 - Chris Walsh - ATCO at Manchester International Airport

We're talking to Chris Walsh today, ATCO at Manchester International Airport. We had lots of questions for Chris, sent in by podcast listeners. So if you'd like to know about what it's like to be an air traffic controller, how to become one, how they cope with the A380 and what their attitude is towards us GA pilots, then have a listen.


21 Jun 2012

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Episode 16 - Paul Lomatschinsky Flies a DA42 Across The Atlantic

Paul Lomatschinsky takes part in a comemorative flight across the Atlantic in a Diamond DA42 Twin Star. The flight, which took place in Feb 2009, was to comemorate the 90th anniversary of Alcock and Brown's first non-stop flight from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1919.


17 Oct 2009

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Episode 30 - Craig Richardson - Choosing Providers for ATPL Theory and Flight Training

A discussion with Craig Richardson. Craig has his PPL but now wants to set out on the route to getting his ATPL. He's done lots of research and shares his findings with us.


6 Sep 2010

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Episode 3 - Learning to fly

If you are thinking of learning to fly Bob Knight offers us some good advice about where to go and which route to choose. We'll be scratching the surface of this subject but will hopefully be back to discuss the matter in greater depth in future episodes.


20 Oct 2008

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Episode 59 - Andrew Lysser - Cumbria Gyroplanes

A chat with Andrew Lysser of Cumbria Gyroplanes. We discuss the latest developments in the market, what it's like to fly in the Lake District and what issuers face this fast growing branch of aviation


2 Nov 2012

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Episode 53 - Brian Hope - Light Aircraft Association

A chat with Brian Hope about what the LAA does here in the UK. Brian talks about the history of the LAA, how kits have developed, how the association works on behalf of pilots and where their rally is taking place this year.


17 Apr 2012

Rank #11

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Episode 55 - Owen Zupp - Flying a Jabiru Around Australia

A chat with Owen Zupp who flew a Jabiru around Australia a few years ago. The flight coincided with the 100th anniversary of powered flight in Australia, helped promote GA in the country and also served to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


17 May 2012

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Episode 20 - The British Disabled Flying Association

Today I’m talking to Mike Miller-Smith from the British Disabled Flying Association.The BDFA is a registered charity which provides 'experience of a lifetime' trial flying lessons for as many terminally ill & disabled people as possible every year. They also offer subsidised flying days for other disability charities and at cost instruction & qualification flight training to BDFA members.


24 Feb 2010

Rank #13

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Episode 18 - Ian Donnan, Aviation Medical Examiner

An interview with my aviation medical examiner, Dr. Ian Donnan.Following on from my own class 2 medical I asked Ian to give me a run through of what takes place during an aviation medical, what you need to bring along to the examination, what the doctor looks for, the frequencies of examination and the differences between a class 2 and a class 1 medical.


10 Nov 2009

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Episode 28 - Thomas Cook Airlines Chief Pilot - Paul Hutchings

An interview with Thomas Cook Airlines' Chief Pilot, Paul Hutchings discussing everything from their Cadet Training Scheme and the route to becoming a commander of your own aircraft through to what they look for in potential new pilots.


5 Aug 2010

Rank #15

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Episode 27 - Defence Helicopter Flying School - RAF Shawbury - Part 2

In the second part of the DHFS podcasts I interview Squadron Leader Jason Bowes and Master Aircrew Graeme Longmuir. They’re both from 60 Squadron, responsible for training pilots and crewmen on multi engine helicopters at RAF Shawbury. I also talk to a couple of RAF students; Flight Lieutenants Keith Lam and Becky Corrigan and also to Corporal Neil Moncur, head of Flight Planning and lastly to Paul Gresty of the Met Office.


20 Jul 2010

Rank #16

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Episode 17 - Gary Cooper of Helicopters Northwest on Helicopter Training

Gary Cooper of Helicopters Northwest explains about helicopter training giving a brief outline of the syllabus, post PPL(H) training options and the sort of problems you can encounter whilst learning to fly.


28 Oct 2009

Rank #17

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Episode 4 - Microlight flying with Mainair Flying School

An interview with Chris and Marcus of Mainair Flying School. We'll be discovering the world of microlights and finding out just how far they've come in the last few years. I was certainly quite surprised at just how high-tech this new breed of light aircraft have become. Microlighting should be a definite contender if you are thinking of learning to fly or are looking for something to put the fun back into your aviation career. BTPodShow {BTPodShow-ec182a1a2e7c1920e424ceca458d5c9f}


20 Oct 2008

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Episode 58 - Jon Hilton

An interview with Jon Hilton. Jon has recently returned to flying and this time he's chosen to fly one of the new breed of 3 axis microlights - the CTSW. Jon is getting his money's worth out of his new aircraft and is planning to eventually fly it around the world.


4 Sep 2012

Rank #19

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Episode 40 - Brian Cattle, from PPL to FI via CPL

A chat with Brian Cattle who is currently studying for his Flying Instructor rating at Sherburn Airfield. We discuss his PPL, his CPL and much more about his flying experiences.


5 Apr 2011

Rank #20