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FiftyFive.One comes from Saint Paul, Minnesota, covering the world of soccer including Minnesota United FC, NASL, MLS, and US Soccer.

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83: Wes is a Witch and #HeathOUT?

Rodrigo and Alex have decided that Wes has somehow cursed Calvo after their spat and he is responsible for the team's bad run. The three of them talk about the Seattle match and then take some time to consider the many twitter questions that asked various iterations of #HEATHOUT?

1hr 8mins

24 Apr 2018

Rank #1

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123: We Are Top of the Table

Shut down the season, Minnesota United won the Supporter's Shield. Alex, Rodrigo, Eric, and Wes unmoor themselves from reality and talk about a team with two teams on the road. They also glory in the Atlanta meltdown.

1hr 9mins

12 Mar 2019

Rank #2

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134: His Name is Hassani Dotson

Rodrigo, Eric, and Wes are back to talk about the U20 World Cup, Union Berlin's historic night, and of course Minnesota United's tidy win over Houston Dynamo


29 May 2019

Rank #3

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139: It's Rapinoe's World

It's Rapinoe's World and we're all just living in it. Alex, Rodrigo, Eric, and Wes talk about the World Cup, the Gold Cup, the Copa America, and of course Minnesota United coming away from 3 MLS matches with 9 points.

1hr 20mins

10 Jul 2019

Rank #4

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101: And we're back

Rodrigo, Alex, and Wes are all back to talk about about finding joy as the season slips into oblivion and try to answer which player would be best at burlesque dancing.


28 Aug 2018

Rank #5

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Ceci N'Est-Ce Pas un Podcast

Off again this week, but wanted to answer a listener question and announce the watch party at Town House Bar (future Black Hart) this Saturday.


21 Aug 2018

Rank #6

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122: 3 Points in the Bag and Some Sort of Horns Metaphor

Alex, Rodrigo, and Wes take stock of the 3-2 win in Vancouver. Metanire! Calvo! Ozzie! and More! Alex makes a reference to Zulu war tactics and then twitter questions and general silliness.

1hr 8mins

6 Mar 2019

Rank #7

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114: USMNT Talk w/ Scuffed Podcast

Adam from the Scuffed Podcast joins Wes to look at the USMNT January Camp. They look at the up-and-coming kids for the US youth and talk about the upcoming U20 World Cup in May.


8 Jan 2019

Rank #8

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154: Looking Forward

Rodrigo, Alex, and Wes look forward to 2020 and try to figure out what Minnesota United needs to do in the offseason. They finish up by remembering all the random, forgotten players of Minnesota soccer past.

1hr 9mins

29 Oct 2019

Rank #9

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130: More Clean Sheets Than a Nunnery

Minnesota were back with two matches this week and two consecutive clean sheets at home. Eric, Rodrigo, Alex, and Wes talk about the first win at home and singing the damned song.

1hr 18mins

30 Apr 2019

Rank #10

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108: The Zlataning

Zlatan came and Zlataned.Wes, Alex, and Rodrigo discuss the final home match of the season in the 3-1 loss to LA Galaxy. They preview some off-season discussion topics and the final match of the season against Columbus. Speaking of which, you should watch that game at the Black Hart.

1hr 5mins

23 Oct 2018

Rank #11

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157: Who Watches the Watches?

It's the offseason and that means we're on #Watch for signings. And so, we bring in Corey Schreppel and Mark Fangmeier as the podcasts rounds up which players we're watching for whether or not Minnesota is watching. And then because it's the offseason we just talk about TV.

1hr 13mins

3 Dec 2019

Rank #12

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126: We Didn't Even Make Bob Kraft Massage Jokes

Rodrigo and Wes walk through the Minnesota United loss in New England. Are things as dire as some think? Who knows? But they talk about how the team looks 4 games into the season before the last game of their road trip.

1hr 2mins

2 Apr 2019

Rank #13

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143: Dirty, Stinky, or Hippie?

Rodrigo and Wes are joined by Timbers fan Joel Vos to talk about the double matchup of Portland Timbers and Minnesota United.


6 Aug 2019

Rank #14

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128: The Rise of Cloud City

Alex, Wes, and Rodrigo talk about the amazing home opener for Minnesota United's new stadium. Then eventually they talk about the 3-3 draw with NYCFC. This podcast brought to you by our homies at Podiumwear.com

1hr 9mins

16 Apr 2019

Rank #15

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116: Live w/ The Daves I Know

Rodrigo, Wes, and Eric are joined by the two Daves of The Daves I Know Podcast for a live event at the Black Hart of Saint Paul. They take stock of the offseason so far.Warning: The Daves, specifically one Dave, uses potty language.


18 Jan 2019

Rank #16

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158: Matt Doyle

Wes interviews MLS' "Armchair Analyst" Matt Doyle to hear about how he found his way to being a soccer expert, almost ended up flipping burgers in Albuquerque, and then they talk about his favorite revolution from history.


13 Dec 2019

Rank #17

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109: That's a Wrap

The season is over, but the playoffs have begun! Alex, Eric, and Wes talk about who they fancy in the upcoming MLS playoffs. Then they briefly talk about the Columbus debacle. The bulk of the pod is spent on this question to listeners: who would you target for MNUFC in the offseason? Then it's deciding the most overrated cities in the US and best bars in the Twin Cities.


30 Oct 2018

Rank #18

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97: Minnesota United & Fox Soccer's Ben Grossman

Wes has a special sit down with Fox Soccer consultant and producer, Ben Grossman who is minty fresh off a month at the World Cup. They talk about what goes in to making a World Cup tv production work and succeed. Ben is also a minority owner of Minnesota United, so the two also delve into how he rates the Loons so far.


18 Jul 2018

Rank #19

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172: Interview w/ Christian Ramirez

Wes calls up the all-time leading goalscorer in the modern era of Minnesotan soccer, Christian Ramirez to talk about staying sane in the quarantine, his time in Minnesota, and his moves to LAFC and Houston Dynamo.


22 Apr 2020

Rank #20