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Mindfulness is covered in-depth and the power of breathing.


12 Feb 2006

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Everythings gonna be ok

Don't worry so much.Just relax.You're only doing the best you can.Fully embrace every aspect of who you are right now.Rest in being here right now.


15 Jul 2014

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Just Be. Just be yourself.

There's no "doing" necessary to be YOU.


22 Jul 2016

Rank #3

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Forgive and Forget

Let's turn the other check this week! I rhymed, how cleaver. Forgiven and forget and feel free and at peace. Quiet the mind by letting go of the bullsh*t.


13 Jul 2008

Rank #4

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A guided meditation.

A guided meditation using the sounds of nature to calm the mind


17 Mar 2015

Rank #5

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Breaking Habits

How to really break a habit for good part 1.


3 Jan 2007

Rank #6

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Learning to breathe.

If you think about it we were never taught to breath, isn’t that strange? We have been living out our whole lives without the basic instructions on how to breathe properly. Isn’t that shocking? Most of us breathe like little chipmunks that are being chased by Mr. Twinkles the neighborhood cat. That type of breathing is fight or flight, or panic breathing. We are all running from Mr. Twinkles in our own way throughout the day.


16 Jul 2011

Rank #7

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Accepting what is so

A Quiet Mind: Notice when we are not accepting what is so.


8 Jan 2006

Rank #8

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How to Wake Up

If you want to know the truth about who you really are and what this is really all about you have to be willing to give up the old methods, to reach beyond thought and thinking mind and to take the dive into the unknown.


26 Jul 2012

Rank #9

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Breathe and be present

A focused meditation on being aware and allowing our thoughts to be.


9 Sep 2006

Rank #10

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Tuning into Your Higher Self

In the heat of the moment can we be clear and quiet?.


9 Oct 2006

Rank #11

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Going with the flow

When we stop resisting life and begin to go with the flow, peace finds it's place in our lives.


9 Jan 2006

Rank #12

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Transform Part 1

In this episode we begin a series which will delve deeply into transformation and also the exploration of Zen Buddhism. I'm working on a longer post that will follow in about a week. Stay tuned.


17 Mar 2008

Rank #13

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what to do with feeling lonely

We look into being lonely and other fun stuff!


18 Mar 2007

Rank #14

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Barking Dog Mind

Do you have a barking dog mind?


7 Sep 2011

Rank #15

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Disconnect from the drama

Find freedom from the daily life dramas.


16 Apr 2006

Rank #16

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Why do we use drugs and alcohol to feel good?

We take a look at why we use substances to feel better.


27 Jun 2007

Rank #17

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Happiness Now

In every moment there is the opportunity to see that your true nature is happiness. There is no need to seek for what is already yours. The treasure is within you.


1 Oct 2012

Rank #18

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Self Honesty part 1

A Quiet Mind explores Self Honesty.


15 Jan 2006

Rank #19

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The true YOU

See and feel the true YOU.


20 Jul 2006

Rank #20