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Brief Talk Podcast – Underwear Roundtable

We are back again with another podcast. This time we have some random thoughts and topics. We are joined by a new member of the gang, UndiesCub aka Stevie. We are planning to do more podcasts very soon In the mean time check us out at UNBblog.com. Find Andy at Scruffygearblog.com, find Erik at @undiesgeek84 and find Steive on IG at @undiescub.


25 Nov 2019

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Brief Talk Podcast – Buying Underwear

I am joined by Andy and Erik, both now perm co-hosts! We break down the UNB Reader Survey about buying undies. We share how often we buy, when we buy, What’s a great sale, what we buy at full price, and a lot more. These boys are amazing! Find Andy’s blog – www.scruffygear.com Follow Eric on Instagram – @undiesgeek85 Read more from us at unbblog.com


31 Aug 2018

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Brief Talk Podcast – meet UndiesCub

Join us on a new edition of the Brief Talk Podcast featuring an Interview with UndiesCub! He’s an amazing guy who is putting out a body positive message on Instagram! Follow him on IG – www.instagram.com/undiescub


21 Mar 2019

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Brief Talk Podcast – Sean Alexander talk His New Line

This podcast we are joined by model, underwear designer, trainer, and entrepreneur Sean Alexanderr. You have seen him as a model for many brands and had been a fitness model for a few years. In the last year he’s been the CEO of Model Trainers in NYC. This year he added underwear designer to his list of accomplishments. We got the chance to sit down and talk to him about how he got started modeling. What made him start the underwear brand and more. Listen to the interview and stay tuned from more from Sean! Get the underwear at http://www.seanalexanderr.house Follow Sean and Model Trainers on Instagram: Sean Alexanderr – @seanalexanderr Sean Alexander Underwear @seanalexanderhouse Model Trainer Nick Sandell – @nicksandell Model Trainer Michael Dean – @michaeldean2.0 Model Trainers – @modeltrainersnyc Follow us at @unbblog and read more at unbblog.com!


10 Oct 2018

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Brief Talk Podcast – Underwear & Your Mate with Scruffygear

We are joined this podcast with fellow blogger Andy from Scruffygear.com. His post “Undies for Two” (https://www.scruffygear.com/single-post/2018/04/22/Undies-For-Two) talks about having a partner who doesn’t share your love of underwear. Its a really great post and this was the basis of this show.  We talked about his post, our own experiences dating and underwear. How we deal with it and advice for other guys in the same situation.  Make sure you read scruffygear.com on a regular basis!  Give us feedback at info@underwearnewsbriefs.com


14 May 2018

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Brief Talk Podcast – Body Image with SruffyGear & UndiesGeek85

Brief Talk – Body Image Talk with ScruffyGear & UndiesGeek85 This is a start of an ongoing series on body image an underwear. UNB Tim is joined with Andy (ScruffyGear) and Erik (UndiesGeek85) for a talk about our own body image and the overall topic of body image.  We will have brands, readers and more on very soon! Its a topic that deserves more than one show.  Find ScruffyGear at http://www.scruffygear.com Find UndiesGeek85 at http://www.instagram.com/undiesgeek85 Find us at http://www.unbblog.com


14 Jul 2018

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Brief Talk Podcast – Speedo Movement

We sit down with the Speedo Movement boys, Joe & Cody. We talk all things swim briefs. How they created their account, what they want to accomplish and the future. It’s great to see another team up of a gay and straight guy bringing guys together with gear! Find them at https://www.instagram.com/the_speedo_movement/. Find us at unbblog.com


24 Jan 2020

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Brief Distraction Podcast – Catching uP

What happens when UNB Tim, Scruffy Gear Blog and Undies Geek get together for a podcast after a few moths? They have a show catching up with no real plan. We promise to podcast a lot more consistent than before. Life gets in the way.


27 Jul 2019

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UNB Brie Talk Podcast – Gift Giving

We are back with another episode of the UNB Brief Talk Podcast. The boys are back, Tim, Andy, Stevie, and Erik, to talk about should we give underwear as gifts? Who should we give underwear to? And if we have ever received underwear as gifts. Leave us a comment on if you have ever received or given underwear as a gift and who you gave/got it from.


21 Dec 2019

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Brief Talk Podcast by UNB – Thong Talk with JayinCA and Bikinisnthongs

We get to talk to two thong experts. We talk about gay vs. straight, swim thongs, thongs at the gym and more. These two guys love their thongs and not ashamed to wear them in public or playing tennis. There are some audio issues. The recording Softwear changed somethings since I last used it and it will be fixed by our next episode. I apologize for that. You get UNB on the left side and the guests on the right side. Follow JayinCA on Instagram _jayinca_ Follow Bikinisnthongs on Twitter @bikinisnthongs Follow us at @unbblog on both Read the blog at unbblog.com


18 Feb 2018

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UNB0003 – Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to us. He talks about his appearance on the new Bravo Reality show “Fashion Show” some of his great new enhancing undies and some other stuff we talk about. We hope you enjoy this podcast. If you have feedback or suggestions for the podcast please email us at info@underwearnewsbriefs.com


16 Apr 2009

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Brief Talk Podcast – Women in Men’s Underwear

Welcome to this edition of the Brief Talk Podcast. Joining UNB Tim this week are Andy, Erik, Stevie, Cody, and Jay. The UNB Reader Survey has been posted on the blog. If you up your Patreon we’ll have all 47 episodes! JK. We will go into more detail. We are releasing the entire Patreon show for everyone. We think more guys should hear the podcast in its entirety. This episode only you will bet the pre and post-show, which is just as entertaining as the regular show. Main Topic – Women in Men’s Underwear. We have both our straight guys on hand to talk about this topic. Everyone gives their opinions about if we should have more women in men’s underwear advertising. Cody has a surprising take on it (well, at least to me). Ionic Advertising – Andy brings this topic to the table. We share some of our favorite advertising over the years. It runs from Jim Palmer in Jockey to AF and AF Quarterly, and a lot more. And someone didn’t know that UnderGear/International Male was gay-oriented…. listen to see who said that. Lastly, we share what we look forward to after quarantine and COVID-19.If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email us at info@underwearnewsbriefs.com. Find our guys on IG: Tim – @unbblog Twitter/IG or UNBTim on Twitter Andy @thescruffygay IG Eric @undiesgeek85 Cody @the_speedo_movement Jay @jayinca Stevie @undies_cub Join our Patreon to get a pre and post-show – www.patreon.com/unbblog Read the blog at unbblog.com

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21 May 2020

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UNB Brief Talk Podcast – Is Summer/Swimwear Season Closed?

Welcome to this edition of the Brief Talk Podcast. Joining UNB Tim this week are Andy, Erik, Stevie, and Cody. We are missing Jay but he is with us in spirit. Coming soon: Tim is working on the UNB Reader Survey results. They should hit the blog this week: New Patreon Feature: Patreon – New feature the From the Editors segment, first one is in the Patreon Feed, More to come. It’s a behind the scenes look at the Underwear Industry, The blog, Podcast, and such. Why should you join? www.patreon.com/unbblogIs swimwear season cancelled? Have you guys bought swimwear or are planning to wear swimwear: How do you think guys are going to get creative if they have no access to a pool? Ocean or Lake? What swimwear did you already buy before COVID-19?Should we have our Swim Brief/Thong Challenge? Each year we have a swim brief/thong challenge, Daring guys to step out of their comfort zone and wear one of the pairs at a pool, ocean or beach, lake. Should we still do this? We haven’t done swimwear sundays yet eitherWhat are we binging?  Well what are we binging? You’ll have to find out. Find our guys on IG: Tim – @unbblog Twitter/IG Andy @thescruffygay IG Eric @undiesgeek85 Cody @the_speedo_movement Jay @_jayinca_ Stevie @undies_cubJoin our Patreon to get a pre and post show – www.patreon.com/unbblog Read the blog at unbblog.com


30 Apr 2020

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Brief Talk Podcast – Donald Ducking and other Quarantine Tales

This is a full house show! We have every guy on this show: Tim, Andy, Erik, Stevie, Jay, and Cody. We have a great conversation about undies and some non undies topics. This show we cover:  Donald Ducking – what is it and have we been doing it on our work from home video conferences Have you been posting more? – have our guys been posting more or less on social media?  How we keeping sane – Our non underwear question on how we are doing during the quarantine  Want to get our pre & post show? Join our Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/unbblog). It’s a lot of fun and hear us talk about sometimes underwear and sometimes meth and tigers.  Cast: UNB Tim – http://www.instagram.com/unbblog Andy – http://www.instagram.com/scruffygearblog Erik – http://www.instagram.com/undiesgeek85 Jay – http://www.instagram.com/_jayinca_ Cody – http://www.instagram.com/the_speedo_movement Stevie – http://www.instagram.com/undiescub Follow UNB: Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/unbblog Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/unbblog Blog http://www.underwearnewsbriefs.com


9 Apr 2020

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Brief Talk Podcast – Get Andy to 900

Tim is joined with Andy (Sruffygay) & Erik (UndiesGeek85) to talk about how the COVID-19 is affecting the overall men’s underwear industry. The slow down has affected the majority of the industry and Tim is worried things may get worse and smaller brands will close. Then we talk about Andy organizing his collection! He has about 450 pairs of underwear but we think he needs to reach 900 by the end of the year! It’s a little bit of fun in the podcast.Join our Patreon for the podcast and get the behind the scenes pre/post show and other bonuses at https://www.patreon.com/unbblog


27 Mar 2020

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Brief Talk Podcast – A Talk with N2N Bodywear

We are joined by Andrew from N2N Bodywear (www.n2nbodywear.com) where we catch up on what N2N Bodywear is up too! He explains their recent changes to their design/collections. We also talk singlets and the one I have missed. GARH! Check out this show and send us feedback at info@underwearnewsbriefs.com Read more at unbblog.com


15 Mar 2020

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Brief Talk Podcast – Romance & Fetishwear

On this episode of the Brief talk podcast. I am joined by JayinCA, Cody from the Speedo Movement, and Andy aka ScruffyGear. We gather to talk about romance and fetishwear. Each of us has a different story. One important thing on this episode we get the take of two straight guys. It’s a round table discussion that was a lot of fun to host. We will have Cody & Jay join us for more shows. Listen to the episode.


22 Feb 2020

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UNB0026 – UNB Talks to FreshPair.com

We get the chance to talk to Matthew Butlein, President of FreshPair.com. For those not familiar with them they are a leading online retailer for men’s and women’s underwear. We got sometime to talk to Matthew about: Trends in the Men’s Underwear Market Mens Underwear going main stream (Rated M- Mario Lopez and David Beckham’s line) History of FreshPair.com And more Find Freshpair at http://www.Freshpair.com Read our blog at http://www.underwearnewsbriefs.com. Contact us at info@underwearnewsbriefs.com


26 Jan 2012

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UNB0025 – Magic and Curve Recap

I go over briefly about what i saw at both shows. It was a busy show and some really great collections out, from well known and brand new companies. We will bring you a lot more videos and write ups about the show. Look for them this week! I also go over the delay in the swimwear guide http://underwearnewsbriefs.com


6 Sep 2011

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UNB0024 – UNB Talks to 2xist

We get the opportunity to talk to Jason Scarlatti the Creative Director at 2xist (http://www.2xist.com). Some of the topics we cover are: Some of the current lines (All Star, Sliq and Neon), Sliq line box and some of the future plans for 2xist. We hope you enjoy this brief talk with 2xist. We definitely will have them on again soon! http://unbblog.com info@underwearnewsbriefs.com


10 Apr 2011

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