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Audio and video podcasts aimed at medical students and doctors in training on a growing range of topics across surgery.We support Core Surgery Prep - Up to date, innovative preparation for core surgical training http://www.coresurgeryprep.com

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Keaton Jones, Academic Clinical Fellow at the University of Oxford, talks to Ash Bhalla, Research Fellow in Surgery at the University of Nottingham, about pancreatitis. This audio podcast is mapped to learning outcomes for medical undergraduates and core surgical trainees (junior residents), and covers presentation, diagnosis, investigations, scoring systems, prognosis and complications of pancreatitis - so all you really need to know about this common acute surgical condition!


24 Aug 2013

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How to obtain informed consent

Every surgeon needs to obtain informed consent before proceeding with any procedure. Ricky Ellis talks to Daniel Couch about consent, how best to take it and the framework around consent. Essential listening for any medical student and surgeon in training.Ricky Ellis and Daniel Couch are both training in Surgery in the East Midlands of the UK at the Royal Derby Hospital


28 May 2016

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Nissen's Fundoplication - all you need to know and video of the operation

Nissen's fundoplication is probably the most common procedure used to treat gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD or GERD, depending where you live and how you feel about a dipthong). In this video Keaton Jones explains the indications, anatomy, technique and complications of this operation and you can watch the operation being performed by Mr Shaun Appleton, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at Buckinghamshire Healthcare, UK. Watch this with our other podcast, All you need to know about antireflux surgery (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWCEMXLfF1M). Keaton Jones is an academic trainee in surgery at the University of Oxford, UK


30 Jul 2015

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Medical Statistics IX - Bias, relative risk and odds ratio

If you think that relative risk is worrying that Uncle Brian will start dancing at the wedding, then you need to watch this podcast by Rob Radcliffe. Rob explains and helps you define, recognise and avoid bias in trials and explains what relative risk and odds ratio are, and the difference between them.Essential listening if you want to be able to read and interpret others research, or design your own.Also very useful for those pesky exams and academic stations in selection processes.Rob Radliffe is a former maths teacher and current Urology Registrar in the East Midlands, UK.


6 Oct 2015

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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy - part 2

School of Surgery are back from their summer holidays! Keaton Jones completes his multimedia explanation of lap chole with indications for on table cholangiography, a picture of a cholangiogram, with explanation of the pathology and anatomy and a video of a laparoscopic common bile duct exploration. This video podcast will be helpful to medical students and trainees in core surgery (junior residents). It will help you to understand whats going on, get the answers right when you're on the spot and ask better questions of the surgeon when you're in theatre.


17 Aug 2013

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What you need to know about managing pain

What are you going to do when you are asked to see a patient in pain?! What drug will you give? What if it doesn't work??! Help is at hand...Ben Baker and Tom Heinink discuss the WHO pain ladder in this audio podcast. They discuss all you'll need to know to manage post operative pain and pain in patients presenting as emergencies to surgery in a logical and stepwise manner, using the World Health Organisation ladder as a model.This podcast is essential listening for medical students coming up to finals, foundation doctors (interns) and core trainees (residents), as well as for those wanting to update their knowledge in th field which affects all patients coming to surgery.Ben Baker is a Academic Foundation Year 2 doctor at the Royal Derby Hospital, and Tom Heinink is a speciality registrar in anaesthesia in the East Midlands of the UK, currently doing research with the University of Nottingham.


3 Nov 2013

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Medical Statistics X: Funnel Plots

Funnel plots are a central part of how the results of a meta analysis are presented. Learn what they are, what they mean and how to interpret them with Rob Radcliffe.


2 May 2016

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How to apply for core surgical training

Its never too early to think about getting yourself ready for successful application to core surgical training, be you medical student or foundation doctor.In this podcast Ricky Ellis and Susan Hall explain the process and give their tips for success.Good luck!


28 Jun 2016

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Anal Fissure - the evidence

Rick Nelson knows more about anal fissure than almost anyone in the world and has recently published a comprehensive meta-analysis of the evidence supporting treatment for anal fissure in the leading journal, Techniques in Coloproctology.There are some surprises that will challenge what you think you know about efficacy of topical treatments, anal stretch, and the much lower than previously thought incidence of impairment of continence after sphincterotomy.Invaluable listening for updating knowledge or revising for an exam.You can read the full paper at http://bit.ly/2yeyCEZ A systematic review and meta-analysis of the treatment of anal fissure. Techniques in ColoproctologyAugust 2017, Volume 21, Issue 8, pp 605–625


16 Sep 2017

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All you need to know about Hiatus Hernia

Sliding or rolling? That is the question! Or at least one of the questions you will need to know the answer to when you encounter a hiatus hernia.Whatever branch of medicine or surgery you go into you will need to know about this increasingly common condition. Eleanor Rudge discusses anatomy, types of hernia, physiology, presentation, investigation and treatment of hiatal hernia with Eric Sheu.Eleanor Rudge is a research fellow in surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital and University of Harvard and Eric Sheu MD, PhD is a Bariatric Surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA


1 Aug 2015

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What muscle looks like down the microscope (skeletal, cardiac and smooth)

Professor Susan Anderson helps you recognise and understand the similarities and differences between the microscopic appearances of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle. All you need to know.Susan Anderson is Professor of Pathology at the University of Nottingham, UK


16 Jun 2018

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How to manage early rectal cancer

The management of early rectal cancer is becoming increasingly complex.Find out all you need to know about diagnosis, staging, treatment, follow up and prognosis in this podcast.Steve Schlichtemeier is the colorectal robotic surgical fellow at the Royal Derby Hospital, UK and Bill Speake is a consultant colorectal surgeon and recent past ECAG lead for the East Midlands of the UK


19 May 2018

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Urology for the non urologist - practical tips on what to do when called in the night

A host of practical tips on difficult urethral catheter insertion, changing a suprapubic catheter, managing a 3-way catheter, what to do when you're called about testicular pain, paraphimosis or a nephrostomy.When you have listened to this podcast by Philly Horner and Suzie Hall you will be much more confident about how to manage these common problems yourself and be able to do it safely, knowing when you should ask for help. Essential listening for all foundation doctors, interns, and medical students, whatever your speciality


18 Mar 2017

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Angina - part 1: definition, diagnosis and investigation

Angina is a very common condition that all doctors will come across in their normal working day. In this podcast Dr Damian Kelly tells Jon Lund:1. how to define anginawhat the terms stable and unstable angina mean and the implications of each3. a description of the typical history of anginaabout underlying causes, risk factors and relevant investigations for angina4. about the role of a rapid access chest pain clinicObjectives are mapped to the University of Nottingham, UK clinical phase 3 (final) objectives.Look out for part 2, in which Damian covers medical treatment, angioplasty and the role of cardiac surgeryDamian Kelly is a consultant Cardiologist at the Royal Derby Hospital, UK


24 Sep 2015

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A novel sphincter sparing technique for complex fistula in ano

Dr Ruediger Prosst, Director of The Proctological Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, tells Jon Lund about his experience in treating the often challenging problem of high and complex anal fistula using a novel, sphincter sparing clipping device. This podcast links to Tech Coloproctol (2016) 20: 753. doi:10.1007/s10151-016-1537-0


13 Mar 2017

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Holiday Message

Happy Holidays from all at School of Surgery

22 Dec 2013

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How to do a laparoscopic anterior resection

Building on last week's podcast, Katherine Smith, Specialty Registrar in East Midlands School of Surgery, takes you through a laparoscopic anterior resection for a rectosigmoid cancer. There is a step by step commentary and operative footage of this commonly performed operation, with explanation of the anatomy and each step of the operation. Viewing this in conjunction with the "anterior resection explained" podcast will help you to fully understand anterior resection, whether you are a medical student, core trainee (junior resident), or higher surgical trainee.Surgery perfomed by Katherine Smith with Sam Tou, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Royal Derby Hospital, UK


25 Sep 2013

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How to interpret an abdominal CT

TO VIEW PLEASE DOWNLOADThe CT scan has become central in the management of abdominal conditions, especially emergencies. But how do you interpret a CT when theres no radiologist around or you can't wait for the report? Pete Thurley tells Jon Lund the secrets of radiology and gives a structure to looking at CTs so that you never miss anything again. Essential viewing for all for both exams and real life!Pete Thurley is a Consultant Radiologist at the Royal Derby Hospital, UK and Jon Lund is Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Nottingham,UK


23 Nov 2015

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Radiotherapy for surgeons - the basics

Keaton Jones asks Sindu Vivekanandan what is radiotherapy, how it works and why we use it. Dose and fractionation are explained along with the '4Rs' of radiobiology: repair, reassortment, repopulation and reoxygenation. Toxicity is discussed as well as methods for increasing the effect of treatment on target tissues.Essential listening for surgeons and anyone who's patients receives radiotherapy as part of their treatment.Keaton Jones is an academic surgeon at the University of Oxford, UK and Sindu Vivekanandan is a consultant oncologist.


4 Nov 2017

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Keaton Jones talks to Dr Adrian Jones, consultant rheumatologist, about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis. The dialogue is augmented with slides, diagrams and x-rays in this vodcast aimed at medical students and doctors in early years of training


10 May 2013

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