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Cars Yeah is a podcast created for Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™. Mark interviews successful entrepreneurs who have discovered how to work, play, and have fun with their passion for everything automotive. Do you wish your career could be in the automotive field you're passionate about? If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and actionable advice during your daily commute, workout or while in the garage playing with your cars, Mark Greene delivers. Each episode brings you their story, successes, failures, and those AH-HA moments in their journey. Each episode includes the Last Lap where you'll hear quick-blip-of-the-throttle answers and the Checkered Flag with a tough automotive question.

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1101: Tanner Foust is a multi-talented driver.

Tanner Foust is a multi-talented driver known for his supreme car control and proven track record of podium finishes, national championships, and world records. He is a three-time U.S. Rallycross Champion, a four-time X Games gold medal winner, and two-time Formula Drift Champion. He has held multiple world records including his incredible Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare and his indoor speed record for TV's Top Gear USA, setting a distance jump record with a Hot Wheels ramp-to-ramp leap of 332 feet. Tanner is the first American driver to win a round of the European Rallycross Championship and he is a dominant driver in Rallycross here in the USA. He’s competed in open wheel, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, SCORE Baja and numerous other racing venues. You’ve seen him on the History Channel’s Top Gear as their on-camera host and he’s completed many stunts for various films, TV shows, and commercials.


21 Aug 2018

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1163: Jay Gillotti is the author of “Gulf 917.”

Jay Gillotti is the author of “Gulf 917”, a new book from Dalton Watson Fine Books that tells the story of the Porsche 917s raced by the John Wyer/Gulf Team in 1970 and 1971. Jay has contributed to several automotive books by other authors as well as the Porsche Club of America’s magazine, Panorama. He is an active member and writer for the Pacific NW Region of PCA and has moderated presentations with Brian Redman, John Horsman, Vic Elford, and Derek Bell. Jay has been a student of the golden age of sports car racing for decades and he began the “Gulf 917” project in earnest after retiring from the corporate world at the end of 2016. Jay is also a songwriter and recording artist with music available on CDBaby.com.


15 Nov 2018

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1175: Luis Rodriguez lives in New Jersey and is a weekend warrior.

Luis Rodriguez lives in New Jersey and he is a weekend warrior when it comes to cars. He is a fabricator and builder whose recent creation earned him the winner of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. Hot Wheels hit the road with a traveling car show in search of a custom car worthy of being an actual Hot Wheels diecast car. As part of celebrating their legacy, that started in 1968, Hot Wheels scoured the nation, making 15 stops across the USA,  in search for that one special car and at SEMA 2018 they found a winner in Luis Rodriguez. Luis designed and built his 2JETZ, an authentic, unique, original ride with a garage made spirit all its own. I got to see his car in person at SEMA this year and all I can say is WOW! 


3 Dec 2018

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1393: Dr. Paul Sable is an automotive historian, an author

Dr. Paul Sable is an automotive historian, an author, a fervent collector of hybrid cars of the1950s who claims he’s on his LAST restoration, a 1955 Debonaire. He is the Co-Founder of the Concours of the Eastern United States and more recently a Founder of The Elegance at Hershey. He is an advisor to numerous Concours and has judged at most every well-known Concours around the country including Pebble Beach for 17 years. He has served as an advisor to a number of individuals for their collections and authored writings for Automobile quarterly, Automotive History Review and a number of automotive magazines. Paul is on the advising panels of a number of antique car price guides including NADA and Cars That Matter. He will be the honorary Chief Judge at the inaugural Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance taking place October 25-28.


3 Oct 2019

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1209: Randy Elber is the owner of R&R Auto Restoration.

Randy Elber is the owner of R&R Auto Restoration in Mount Kisco, New York, where their mantra is “Preservation, Restoration, Service." There he and his business partner, Robert Torre, work on a variety of exotic marques including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Mercedes, and Aston Martin. Randy’s love of cars began when he was 13 and purchased a Pontiac LeMans that he restored into a GTO clone just shy of his 17th birthday. Randy majored in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College in Kansas and earned scholarships from Mercedes Benz and Hagerty Insurance. After graduating with honors, he was hired at Paul Russell & Company where he further honed his craft. A chance meeting over a Mercedes 300SL Roadster brought Randy together with his future business partner, Robert, and today they are preserving a 1955 Mercedes Gullwing that they found that had been sitting since 1974.


18 Jan 2019

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1092: Elad Shraga was born in Israel and has been fascinated with all things mechanical.

Elad Shraga was born in Israel and has been fascinated with all things mechanical since he was a child. While his career is in finance, his passion is cars and he began collecting at the age of 17, starting with motorcycles and then cars. His true love is light, small package Italian cars and in particular, the OSCA. He is bringing to the Pebble Beach Concours two of his OSCAs; a 1949 OSCA MT4 Siluro (Cigar), the second OSCA ever made, and the only Cigar body left in the world. The other is a 1952 MT4, a unique inside-grill headlight model with extensive West coast racing history. Both of these cars are featured on this year's Pebble Beach Retro-Auto poster this year. Elad is a fan of touring, including the Mille Miglia, Colorado Grand, the Leggenda di Bassano and of course, the Holyland 1000. With his partner, Amir Almagor, they were instrumental in putting on the Holyland 1000 Rally, and it is their way to give back to the hobby in a unique and diverse setting, which included 80 cars from 12 countries. Cars Yeah guest and Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours, Sandra Button, and her husband Martin, recently participated in the Holyland 1000 and drove one of Elad’s OSCAs on their incredible journey.


8 Aug 2018

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955: Brian Scotto is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Hoonigan Industries as well as Creative Director on Ken Block’s ultra-viral Gymkhana Series.

Brian Scotto is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Hoonigan Industries as well as Creative Director on Ken Block’s ultra-viral Gymkhana Series. He first turned his childhood obsession with fast cars into a media profession as an automotive journalist. He served as Editor-in-Chief for three different enthusiast titles, including the award-winning 0-60 Magazine, which he founded. After working with Ken Block’s marketing team, Brian helped to form Monster World Rally Team (now the Hoonigan Racing Division). It's Brian's creative storytelling approach that has grown the company into what it is today while creating the attitude and authenticity that has made Hoonigan a subculture of its own.


29 Jan 2018

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1190: Noah Alexander is the owner of Classic Car Studio.

Noah Alexander is the owner of Classic Car Studio and the star of Discovery /Velocity Channel’s hit television show Speed is the New Black. His business specializes in building and restoring high-performance machines that combine classic lines with modern technology. Speed is the New Black showcases the technical aspects of car building where he and his talented team of master craftsmen perform their magic. Some of the automotive builds he’s created include a 1990 Porsche 964, a ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air, a 1962 Chrysler 300, and vintage trucks. An entrepreneur at heart, Noah’s eye for design and mind for innovation doesn’t stop at custom cars. He is also the Founder of Goebel & Co Furniture, one of America’s premier artisan furniture brands and his designs are sold worldwide. 


24 Dec 2018

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1193: Greg Stanley is an extreme automotive enthusiast.

Greg Stanley is an extreme automotive enthusiast who enjoys reaching out to non-car folks through his educational and inspirational podcast called Learn From Others. Greg’s goal is to educate the next generation by sharing career experiences of successful professionals and to ignite interest in the automotive hobby. Greg does this by asking his guest about their first car, their dream car and he then picks a Cool Company Car for them based on their job responsibilities. Past Cool Company Cars range from a McLaren F1 for an F-16 Pilot, to a 1909 Baker Electric for a Registered Nurse, to a 1992 Nissan Skyline for a National Sales Manager of an energy beverage company.  Greg is also an author, illustrator and his day job is selling Bazooka Candy Brands in the Convenience Channel.


27 Dec 2018

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1182: Joey Giordano is a Master Tech with Toyota/Lexus.

Joey Giordano is a Master Tech with Toyota/Lexus whose passion for automobiles goes back to his childhood where he spent time with his dad working on cars. He is a dedicated Volkswagen fanatic who decided to join Ben Sprints and Lee Stahlecker at Straight Up Dubs as a way to spend his after-work and weekend spare time extending his automotive knowledge to his passion for classic VWs. Through his business Sud Werkstatt, he restores old VWs, drives them whenever possible, and his beloved 1969 Safari Bay has been featured in multiple magazines. He created the Straight Up Dubs brand where VW friends and fans can gather to enjoy cars, hold events, and go on drives. Joey created a line of products around the marque he loves so much. 


12 Dec 2018

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977: Ray Cody is the Founder of Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors

Ray Cody is the Founder of Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors that takes place September 27 through the 30 in 2018. It is a world-class automotive celebration set against the spectacular September foliage of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.  This will be the fourth annual event Ray and his team put together focusing on high-end restorations, vintage and exotic vehicles. Ray has a life-long passion for automobiles, airplanes, and motorcycles proclaiming “Anything with an engine excites me!” His business has been in real estate having owned hotels, commercial properties, apartment complexes, and a B&B in Telluride. He was a hockey coach for 30 years who understands the importance of team building in sports, business, and events.


28 Feb 2018

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1302: A motor racing broadcaster, commentator, Will Buxton

A motor racing broadcaster, commentator and journalist, Will Buxton has had the rare pleasure of turning his great passion into something resembling work for the better part of 20 years. His career has taken him around the world countless times to report on everything from Formula 1 to World Rally to Indycar. While the happy mistake of falling into television as a Formula 1 pitlane reporter in the United States for the SPEED channel and later NBC Sports, followed by his current role as the first Digital Presenter in F1 history, has made him one of the most recognized faces and voices in the sport, his first love was and remains writing. Will lives in Oxfordshire, England, and he’s here today to talk about his new book: My Greatest Defeat: Stories of hardship and hope from motor racing’s finest heroes.


29 May 2019

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1073: Tom Putnam is the founder of BeeLine, which is smart navigation for bicycles.

Tom Putnam is the founder of BeeLine, a company he and his buddy Mark Jenner created to make journeys better. They design and build simple, smart products that make getting around a pleasure. It’s a navigation tool for bicycles that is focused on helping you better experience the world around you. Tom’s love for adventure stems from spending his infancy in Zambia, camping trips in the Welsh hills, hitch-hiking from Buenos Aires to New York and driving Land Rovers through the Congo. Then there was dirt bike riding in the Sahara and the Savannah in Kenya. Tom’s worked in several other industries, was an officer in the British Army and he studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol.


12 Jul 2018

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900: Derek Hill returns to Cars Yeah to share his new book about his father Phil Hill titled Inside Track.

Derek Hill, a Santa Monica native, comes from an automotive family that has left their marks around the world. He is the son of Phil Hill, America’s first World Champion in Formula 1. Derek pursued a career in motorsports for over 10 years, taking class wins in the Daytona 24 Hours, Sebring 12 Hours, and many other driving for the factory BMW M3 Team. Today Derek is active in vintage racing and is a judge and MC at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Derek, along with award-winning motor racing historian and author Doug Nye, and American photographer Steve Dawson, have created and published an exceptional new biographical book titled Inside Track that chronicles his father Phil Hill’s racing career and features hundreds of his father’s color photographs. This massive book has been a ten-year collaboration and is now available for enthusiast to enjoy.


13 Nov 2017

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1132: Bruce Meyers grew up in Southern California .

Bruce Meyers grew up in Southern California during the days of drag racing, surfing, and dune buggies. Bruce designed and built the first lightweight dune buggie and called the Meyers Manx. He built the first 12, all monocoque bodies, in 1964. The first Meyers Manx was named Old Red and Bruce still owns that Manx today. B.F. Meyers & Co. built 5,280 Meyers Manx kits, several hundred Manx II’s and 1,000 Meyers Tow’ds, a few hundred Manx SR’s and 75 Resorters/Turista’s - a total of nearly 7,000 kits. He started a storm that became an icon. Old Red beat the standing Tijuana to La Paz motorcycle record by over five hours culminating in the first Baja off-road race. Old Red was inducted into the Historic Vehicle Register as a car of significant design and construction. Today Bruce and his wife, Winnie, run Meyers Manx Inc. which offers 5 different models of kit cars out of Southern California.


3 Oct 2018

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1356: Rick Ivester is the Founder and Owner of The Vault Tampa

Rick Ivester is the Founder and Owner of The Vault Tampa Bay, located in Tampa, Florida. The Vault is respected and recognized for their “Fine Preservation and Storage Solutions”. It’s the ideal place for their clients to store exotic and classic automobiles. Rick also offers Brokerage Services for cars, limited and rare race collectibles, automobilia and petrolina related items that are for sale.  His entrepreneur nature started at the early age of 6 when he sold his pencil-drawn pictures of early model Ford roadsters to fellow classmates for their lunch money.  In addition to The Vault, trucking has been Rick’s primary business for the last 42 years working for 3 large corporations and as an independent salesperson for the last 12 years.  Rick is on the Board of Directors of the Gasparilla Concourse, an annual event that takes place in April. He has been instrumental in gathering business owners and fellow philanthropists to donate good and services for their annual charity event. Through those efforts, they have donated over $20,000 to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. A shout out to Joanne Pistorious and her husband Brando who introduced me to Rick. They are the founders of the Gasparilla Concours and both are past guests here on Cars Yeah.


13 Aug 2019

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1034: Chad McQueen is a race car driver, actor, producer and car enthusiast.

Chad McQueen is a race car driver, actor, film producer, and consummate automotive enthusiast. He has raced in many forms of motorsports including Motocross, the Baja 1000, SCCA, Vintage events, and many other venues. He’s a big fan of early Porsches and still owns and drives his father’s 1958 Speedster in the hills around Los Angeles. Chad was a producer on a feature documentary titled Steve McQueen, The Man & Le Mans. It’s the story of a life changing passion for racing and his father’s involvement in the making of the iconic 1970 movie Le Mans. You can learn more about this film when I had Chad here on Cars Yeah, show number 450 on the Cars Yeah website. Today he continues to support The Boys Republic, a place that turned around his father’s life, by putting on The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show that takes place on June 2 in Chino Hills, California on the Boys Republic campus.


18 May 2018

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1248: Cindi Lux is a race car driver who has won thirteen.

Cindi Lux is a race car driver who has won thirteen road racing championships, more than 80 victories, and over 160 podium finishes along with 50 pole positions. Her 13 career road racing titles include the American Le Mans Series, Women’s Global GT Series, SCCA and Trans Am Northern Cub events. She earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oregon Motorsports Museum Association, was the Oregon SCCA National Driver of the Year, and Pro-Driver of the Year to name just a few of her awards. She figured out how to balance her busy race schedule with a demanding business schedule. She is one of the leading program managers in the world, a managing partner of the Hahn Automotive family of dealerships, and manages Lux Performance group with her husband, Fred.


14 Mar 2019

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1253: Rhonda Madden started her company, Creative Automotive.

Rhonda Madden started her company, Creative Automotive Consultants, in 1977. She is a trained appraiser and works for estates, individuals, and she is a licensed California DMV agent working as a vehicle verifier. After college, Rhonda moved to Los Angeles and worked as a fashion model, an actress, and a dancer and appeared in many movies and television shows. She often purchased collector cars filling warehouses with her acquisitions and she supplied vehicles to the entertainment industry to be used in movies and television and she still provides vehicles to the visual arts industry today. Rhonda collects model cars and trucks and an occasional collector car or two.  


21 Mar 2019

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917: Derek Bell is a legendary motor racing driver, a five time Le Mans Winner and Championship endurance racer.

Derek Bell is a legendary motor racing driver who is regarded as one of the greatest sports car and endurance racing drivers of his era. He is a five-time Le Mans winner, three-time Daytona 24 winner and two-time World Sports Car Champion. His career spans the Ferrari 512 and Porsche 917, Gulf-Mirage era, Renault’s turbo effort at Le Mans, Porsche 936 and 962, the Kremer Porsche K8, Ferrari 333 SP and McLaren F1 which earned him yet another Le Mans podium with his son Justin in 1995. Splitting his time between homes in the United Kingdom and the United States, you will find Derek at the world’s major automotive and motor sports events. In 2012 Derek was inducted in to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America and in 2013 inducted in to the Le Mans 24 Hours Drivers Hall of Fame.


6 Dec 2017

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