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Social care, social work and the law - Audio

The law and aspects of the legal system have a massive impact on the lives of social workers, from defining policy and procedure to the actual process of day-to-day working. This album presents an encompassing and engrossing look at the interaction between legal and social teams, and how different professions and groups interact to ensure equality and representation for all members of society. Not only do these discussions offer an insight into the justification and implementation of policy, they also provide illumination onto the realities and experience of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people. This material forms part of The Open University course K269 Social care, social work and the law (England and Wales).

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Independent social work service

The issue of representation is key in all social work services. Two key aspects are highlighted here: the representation of children’s wishes and presenting in court.


25 Jan 2010

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Welfare in education

The schools system and Social Services are often inexorably linked. Fiona Wraith, and education welfare officer, highlights how schools can help and uncover young people in need.


25 Jan 2010

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Voices for vulnerable adults

How are the voices of vulnerable adults heard and responded to? Workers in community programmes and support groups illustrate the importance of ensuring under-represented adults are listened to and respected.


25 Jan 2010

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The barrister’s perspective

Mark Mullins, a barrister, offers his unique viewpoint on the interaction of social workers with the court system. He defines the different types of proceedings, along with limitations and working with families.


25 Jan 2010

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Experiences of social work

Penelope Welbourne was a social worker for ten years before becoming a lecturer. She describes her experiences, key principles of the work, and offers invaluable advice to students and practitioners alike.


25 Jan 2010

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