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Melanie Tonia Evans is an author, radio host, relationship and dating expert and coach. She’s the author of the books Breaking the Chains of Painful Love and Take Back Your Power. Melanie’s work resulted from her own nearly fatal experiences with narcissistic abuse, co-dependency and relationship addiction. Melanie is now a world expert on empowering women and healing painful love. Her deep core writing, teaching, coaching and healings are now liberating women world wide to stand up and take back their power in order to create a life of deservedness whereby they can attract and sustain genuine and healthy love relationships.Heal the past. Heal yourself. Create real love!www.melanietoniaevans.com

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Narcissitic Central - The Language of the Narcissist

Lisa and I will be discussing the language of the narcissist. Both Lisa and I are very proactive in educating women as to the ''handbook' that many narcissists seem to follow. What is their language? How do they use projection, manipulation and the twists and turns that drive you crazy? Learn the tactics and the language of the narcissist so that you can see it clearly and not think that you’re losing your mind, or that it’s some error of judgement, or worse still your fault. This show is really important and well worth tuning in to if you don’t know which way is up or down or what is going on. How can you make sense out of something that you’ve never encountered before? We’ll help you make sense out of the mayhem.

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10 Aug 2010

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Manifesting the Love and Life You Want: How To Let Go

One of the greatest keys in manifesting anything in your life, is learning how to surrender in order to open up the space for your manifestation to ‘come’. This, arguably is the hardest part of the process. How do we get to a level where we are not attached to specific outcomes? How do we get our ego and our expectations out of the way, yet stay aligned in the energy of creating our goal? This show will fascinate you, and allow you to realise why your manifestations may not be working, and how you can turn all of that around. If you have any questions that you would like answered in this show please email me at radio@melanietoniaevans.com and if you would like to dial in to speak to me the call in number is USA listeners 347 989 1262 or for Australian listeners 00111 347 989 1262.


24 Jan 2012

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Kicking Co-dependency - Are you Co-dependant?

In this show I will be discussing the Questions and Answers in regard to understanding whether or not you are co-dependent and the varying degrees of co-dependency. We'll also be discussing setting boundaries and self-empowerment.Why are boundaries so important? How do we realise and implement that we are responsible for our own boundaries? How can we move up into the energy of respecting and supporting ourselves and THEN receiving these commodities from life and others? If you would like to ring in to ask questions, receive guidance or to share you story please call 00 111 347 989 1262 for Australian listners, and 347 989 1262 for US listeners. We'd love to share this show with you!


4 May 2010

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Narcissistic Central: Trauma Bonding

This show is a deep discussion about trauma bonding. It seems insane that being treated poorly would make us bond with a person, and believe that we love them and need them in our life – yet it truly does. Learn about trauma bonding, how it happens, how it has affected you, and what you need to do to release yourself from the insidious and life destroying attachment to a narcissistic individual. If you have any questions that you would like answered in this show please email me at radio@melanietoniaevans.com


1 May 2012

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Does The Narcissist Know What He or She is Doing?

This is such a common question!   In this radio show you will learn that in regard to poor behaviour the answer (I believe) is yes and no....and this radio show will explain to you the intricacies in regard to narcissism, and why narcissists struggle so much to be accountable for poor behaviour as well as the fundamental reasons they do what they do.


14 May 2013

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Why Doesn't The Narcissist Care About Me - Part 1

This question has been coming up so much in the Community lately, and it is certainly always a really big theme in the Private Facebook 3 Keys Groups.It is one of the most invasive reasons why people can stay hooked to narcissists and keep breaking No Contact, because they are trying to stop the agony of not feeling cared for, and can’t stop trying to make the narcissist care for them …Or they give in to the massive emotional relief when the narcissist, after atrocious behaviour, hoovers and makes signs of caring for them.What this article series is about, is a deep look into why the narcissist does not have the resources "to care" and how we can overcome the trauma and devastation of that.To join in the conversation please visit the blog article: http://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/why-doesnt-the-narcissist-care-about-me-part-1/


19 Mar 2016

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How To Evict The Narcissist From Your Head And Move On With Your Life

It is so frustrating and exhausting to have our heads go over and over and over what happened to us after narcissistic abuse.Why do we keep thinking about “what happened” and all the “what ifs” when we know we can’t change what happened?Maybe, despite you putting in a ton of effort to heal yourself, the “story” still keeps taking you down – not allowing you to move on.Stripping your Life-force.In this radio series we take a deep dive into WHY this is happening, and why is is detracting from our ability to heal.And you will learn how to stop this, reverse this and get free – once and for all – from those torturous thoughts into your True Life and freedom.Join the conversation on the blog: http://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/how-to-evict-the-narcissist-from-your-head-and-move-on-with-your-life


10 Feb 2017

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Narcissist Central: with Melanie Tonia Evans and Lisa E. Scott

This is the first of Lisa's and my feature program 'Narcissist Central' which is a brand new once a month show in order to raise awareness and education about narcissism. Lisa and I will be discussing aspects of narcissism and are available to talk to callers about any details of narcissism that they would like to discuss. We firmly believe that the knowledge of prevention and recovery of narcissistic abuse is essential in society, as narcissism is often a little understood devestating condition which is in epidemic proportions. Please encourage women you know to listen in to these programmes. This is essential information for women, and also for the daughters of these women. Call in number for any questions is 347 989 1262 (USA Callers) and 00 111 347 989 1262 (Australian Callers). Please also come into the chat room with any questions that you may have.


20 Apr 2010

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Meeting The Narcisssist

This radio show is all about why and how we can be taken in by a narcissist upon meeting one.During this radio show you will learn what it takes to inoculate yourself against a narcissist, be in your authentic power and flush a narcissist's antics to the surface, before it is too late.This radio show is about so much more than recognising red flags.It is also about more than intuition and choices.My greatest hope, in regard to this radio show, is that you no longer feel like you can or will be taken in by a narcissist for this reason: because a narcissist can dupe anyone.To learn more about how to heal from and empower yourself against narcissistic abuse please join me in my next 3 Keys To Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse Webinar. Find out more at: www.melanietoniaevans.com/freewebinar


16 Apr 2015

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Repeat Episode: How to Disconnect from The Narcissist Practically and Emotionally

Please find a repeat of my most listened to show ever. This show is valuable information for anyone wishing to remove themselves from the tormenting grip of narcissism in order to reclaim their life.

1hr 1min

4 Jan 2011

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Narcissistic Central: Trying to get even.

In this show Nancy and I will discuss one of the most normal responses and charges that occur when narcissistically abused which is: wanting to get even with the narcissist. What happens when we try to do this and what are the results? How do we really ‘get even’, and how do we get ourselves out of the pain of trying to obtain justice when there seems that there is none forthcoming, and move forward into relief. This show is a vital listen to for anyone who has been involved in the excruciating agony of narcissistic abuse, and feels that there is no justice and way to regain your power other than try to bring the narcissist down, and make him or her accountable. If you have any questions that you would like answered in this show please email me at radio@melanietoniaevans.com and if you would like to dial in to speak to myself or Nancy call in number is USA listeners 347 989 1262 or for Australian listeners 00111 347 989 1262.

1hr 1min

28 Jun 2011

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Narcissistic Central: How Narcissists don't think like we do

During this show Nancy and I will be discussing how it's so vital to understand that the most powerful ‘charges’ that hook us into narcissistic abuse are our dismay, and distress in regard to the the unbelievable and unjust behaviour that we just can’t get our heads around. However, when we realise 'how' narcissists think - we can accept that we’ve wanted the narcissist to behave like a 'normal' human, which is akin to expecting a crocodile not to bite. This show will enable you to gain a much better understanding of how not to be anguished, and how to be released from the trap of wanting, trying to control and force better behaviour, so that you may move forward towards a knowing of acceptance rather than the fear and pain of disbelief. This show is a MUST LISTEN to show for all individuals suffering as a result of narcissistic abuse, and as a resource to pass on to any individuals who may need this information.

1hr 1min

11 Jan 2011

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Narcissitic Central: Feeding the narcissist: How to let go and empower yourself

Lisa and I will be discussing the necessity of working with bringing your focus back to yourself in order to disconnect from the 'pulls' of the narcissist. Why do we feel so energetically enmeshed? What is the phenomena that is taking place? How can we 'cut the chords' and change our vibration so that it is no longer a match for the narcissist? For any individual feeling the psychic emotional, mental and physical enmeshment with a narcissist you will find this information extremely helpful and soul saving.


13 Jul 2010

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Narcissistic Central: Why do empaths attract narcissists?

In this show Nancy and I will discuss why narcissists target nice people who have a great deal of empathy to give. Does this make empaths victims, or is there a deeper reason going on? How can you be an empath yet learn healthy boundaries to know when it is or isn’t applicable to give? How can you still be a nice person in the world and know that you can be safe and not mined by other people for their own selfish and abusive reasons? If you have any questions that you would like answered in this show please email me at radio@melanietoniaevans.com and if you would like to dial in to speak to myself or Nancy call in number is USA listeners 347 989 1262 or for Australian listeners 00111 347 989 1262.

1hr 1min

23 Aug 2011

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Are You With A Narcissist?

This radio show is a purposeful broadcast about how to identify a person who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unfortunately there is a great deal of confusion in the world as to what narcissism really means, and how to know if a particular person is in fact narcissistic. This radio show is a part of the campaign to raise awarneness, and therefore I invite you to share this radio show widely, as well as the corresponding artcile on my blog http://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/


24 Jul 2013

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Narcissistic Central: No Contact

In this radio show Nancy and I will be discussing No Contact. Why we need to do it, and if we do slip up what the experience can teach us. If you do fall back on No Contact, are you back to square one? Discover in this show where you are at in your healing journey in regard to maintaining No Contact. If you have any questions that you would like answered in this show please email me at radio@melanietoniaevans.com and if you would like to dial in to speak to me the call in number is USA listeners 347 989 1262 or for Australian listeners 00111 347 989 1262.

1hr 3mins

29 May 2012

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Narcissistic Central: The materialistic ego of the narcissist and how they mine to feed the ego

In this show I will be having a discussion with one of our regular contributors NewWings. NewWings has been a wonderful source of information regarding narcissism, and I have no doubt she will deliver incredible insight in this show as well. By listening in you will learn about many of the drives of the narcissist and how you may be unwillingly caught up in their insatiable need to mine material resources and take over your life. This show is another vital resource for women who have been damaged by narcissits, are living with narcissistic abuse, and ladies who require the vital information to avoid becoming connected with a narcissist. Another 'must listen' to show, that all women should hear!

1hr 1min

12 Oct 2010

Rank #17

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Authentic Relationships versus Narcissistic Relationships

This show is about the vast difference between authentic and narcissistic relationships. It will grant you powerful understandings regarding the goal of real relationships, who you need to be, and how to heal past the pattern of non-authentic relationships in order to create an authentic soul-partnership. Please pass this message on to create a greater understanding of what healthy soul-partnerships do look like!


26 Mar 2013

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Narcissistic Central: The Narc Does Not Want You To Be Happy

In this show I am going to explain some of the most major differences between a relationship that can be healthy, and a narcissistic relationship. You will learn about pathological envy and how this permeates a relationship with a narcissist, and how it affects your life with him and her. Discover why and how the narcissist is threatened by you being happy, successful and fulfilled, and why you cannot have support, encouragement and healthy co-creation with a narcissist.


21 Aug 2012

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Narcissistic Central: How To Let Go

We all know that the hooks, enmeshments and psychic ties with narcissists are intense. Eevn though logically we know we are being abused and damaged why is it so hard to let go? Why is it that we can be intelligent and capable yet when it comes to the narcissist we lose all common sense? During this show I will talk about the hooks that keep us engaged, and how we are actually playing out our unhealed parts in these hooks. I will explain to you how to avoid the horrific aftershock process that most people go through when leaving a narcissist, and how to access shifts within yourself so that you can let go and be safe and empowered.


24 Jul 2012

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