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The Glorious in the Mundane, inspires listeners to fully embrace what God has placed right in front of them, knowing that He can meet them anytime and anywhere. As it turns out, the seemingly small things in life are sometimes the most significant of all.

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GITM #9 Beth Moore

Welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast everyone! Today my special guest is the lovely Beth Moore and I could not be more thrilled about it! Beth has been a dear friend through the years and I'm excited for you to hear from her and even how we met years ago and what she's meant in my life. I'm so honored that she took the time to sit with me and catch up. I'm also honored that Ms Beth ordered my favorite Mexican food called Lupe Tortilla (in Houston) for our after podcast treat! I love Beth so much and it was such a joy to get to be with her and her sweet team of ladies at Living Proof!Today you'll also hear me give a tribute to my mom and dad, who just celebrated their 50 wedding anniversary. We got to celebrate with them in Oklahoma this past weekend. We gathered with family and their college reunion friends to surprise them with a night to remember. My Mom and Dad were my first worship leaders as a child. The first people to point me to Jesus. Even in trying seasons, as a couple, I watched them surrender everything to Jesus, which was the best thing I could have seen growing up...surrender. Enjoy a "homecoming" today as you'll hear clips from the anniversary party, the songs we sang, the fun we had... This will go down as one of my favorites! Enjoy! Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)

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24 Aug 2016

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Episode 64 - Prayers of the Beloved

Today is Part One of the “Prayers of the Beloved” that still settles well inside of our overall theme this Fall of enduring in a withering world! We’ve been building on the foundation of drawing near to the One who endures forever and I’d love for us to come around what it looks like to communicate in both awe and intimacy, with the Lord. We will talk about the boldness of the Beloved, that our confidence in His presence is built out from our identity as His children! Part One will lay a foundation for us in what it looks like to marry the head and the heart in prayer as well as experience the wonder and the “with-ness” (I just made that word up!) of our Father! We will explore what it looks like to “pray without ceasing” - maybe it’s a little more practical for our mundane than we’d expect! Grateful to dive in and LEARN more about prayer along with you! I’ll talk to you soon!- ChristySupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


23 Oct 2019

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Season 2 Ep 35 Postures of the Heart Part I

Today I’ll update you on what’s been going on with my health journey that I posted it about a few weeks ago and why I’ve been kind of laying low! It has been just that, a journey, and I’m trusting with every day that God knows exactly what is going on! In the meantime, I’m SO happy to be back at the podcast! This is a series that I have wanted to do for a really long time called “The Posture of the Heart” and I’m so excited to dive into it together! Just like the concentric circles and the “bullseye” that I’ve shared about before, there’s an order to how we posture our hearts before God that gives way for MORE in our lives. But first we must start with the consecrated heart…a heart completely surrendered to Him no matter what is or isn’t on the horizon. I’ll share how having to trust God totally with my health these past few months has caused me to land on this first posture... I hope wherever you are at in your own journey that God uses this to speak to you today in a really powerful way! I’ll talk to you soon!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


14 Feb 2018

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GITM #19 Ann Voskamp

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Today I am so excited to be sitting down with the lovely Ann Voskamp! I caught Ann while she was in town on her book release tour a few weeks ago while she was staying with our mutual friend Rebekah Lyons. I love this podcast because it was SO last minute, so off the cuff and REALLY late at night. We did actually have to edit out quite a bit of laughter because at one point we got a little bit delirious! I loved asking Ann what life was like BEFORE her first book…what was an everyday life like on the farm before there were things like book tours in her life! We also of course get into a little bit about her new book called The Broken Way, which I fell in love with the title RIGHT away! I love Ann’s poetic style of LIFE in general but also how raw she is and transparent. It’s really beautiful. Also, you’ll get to hear our special announcement at the end of the podcast, so don’t miss it! Thank you for tuning in today!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


17 Nov 2016

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Episode 65 - Prayers of the Beloved Part 2

Check out "The Thrill of Hope Renewed" available now everywhere you listen to music!http://bit.ly/thrillofhoperenewedToday is Part Two of the series “Prayers of the Beloved,” continuing in this idea of enduring in this world! We’ll be talking about the “inheritance” the Lord bestows upon the Beloved - which is each other. As we journey together in community, there is real treasure in praying without ceasing for one another. We need each other! We’ll also lay some ground work on praying in this way. How do we pray without ceasing? How does the foundation of our prayers shift when we have the attributes of God on our hearts and lips? Excited to jump back in with you all as we continue to study prayer together! I’ll talk to you soon!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


8 Nov 2019

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Season 3 Ep 55 - A Better Home

“A Better Home” is the title of today’s episode as we wrap up an amazing year together! We’ll dive into the heart of the home together and how sharing what we’ve been given can be true for anyone, in any economy, anywhere in the world! With eternity in our hearts, we’re both looking for a better home and a better country, all the while displaying it here in our own hearts! You’ll get to hear from the lovely Myquillyn Smith @thenester and her heart on sharing what we’ve been given and allowing our homes to be the backdrop for caring for others! I’ll share about our Georgia home being featured in Better Homes and Gardens as well as Country Living. (The photos here are from the BHG feature back in the October 2014 issue!) This is the last podcast for the year! I’m so grateful for all of you who have listened to the podcast this year, even those of you who are just getting started and catching up! You’ve made my life so rich with your kind words and your support and most of all, by sharing how God has spoken to you through it all! Much love to you! I’ll talk to you soon!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)

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20 Dec 2018

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Season 2 Ep 42 - How Can it be Time Already

www.patreon.com/christynockelsToday we’re going to talk about what it looks like to cultivate the smaller reach of our lives instead of being overwhelmed that we’re not making a “huge impact”… Maybe we have big dreams for the future but what if instead of running after the the big thing, we spend time cultivating the smaller reach of our lives, weaving it strong and true. I’m going to introduce you to my niece @adelinehillmusic today who is pursuing a music career in the mainstream and let me tell you, the girl has something to SAY. I’ve gotten the privilege of getting to mentor Adeline since she was very young and I’ve watched her choose to be “made in the secret” when the doors weren’t quite opening yet. I’ve watched her cultivate the smaller reach of her life that has afforded her friendships and experiences she’ll carry for a lifetime. Her new song, “How Can It Be Time Already” is about realizing it’s already time to fly the nest but it’s been beautiful to watch it kind of sneak up on her, those of us who have been watching her closely! All that time being formed in the secret has paid off and it’s been sweet to watch her rise up in her gift! You will LOVE hearing from her heart, don’t miss it! AND…THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE for Season Two BUT REMEMBER you can join me for the summer on patreon.com for my Summer in the Psalms series…Living a Life of Worship in the Middle of the Mundane, we’d love to have you join us!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)

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23 May 2018

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Season 2 Ep 41 - Special Guest Lauren Tomlin

Special Guest - Lauren TomlinToday is a beautiful reminder that before we are a wife or a mama, we are a daughter with an invitation to take God up on all that He has for us, if we’ll just choose to step into it with Him. This episode is actually our Mother’s Day episode, but PLEASE don’t pass it up just because you are not a Mama! There’s something for EVERYONE in today’s episode! Today is actually one of my favorite interviews that I’ve gotten to do, to date! You’re going to get to hear from my beautiful friend Lauren Tomlin whom I’ve actually mentioned several times on this podcast before! She’s married to my friend Chris Tomlin and theirs is a story that has been incredible to watch unfold over the years. Married later in life, Lauren opens up about the invitation that marriage and parenthood has been to engage their hearts deeply with the Father. She is so transparent about accepting God’s invitation in it all, even through a lot of pain and trial, but how it’s changed the way they live with and love each other and their two beautiful daughters. Lauren and I teared up several times throughout this interview as we’d recognize some “full circle” moments and could clearly see the hand of God and His faithfulness right in front of us! Don’t miss this one! I’ll talk to you soon!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


9 May 2018

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GITM #22 Broken and Free

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to the glorious in the mundane podcast! This is my first episode back for 2017 and I'll admit, it just took me a minute to get back in the flow. In fact, in this episode I just invite you into my process of sort of putting one foot in front of the other to even deliver this podcast today! I think sometimes we just forget what we are capable of and we end up keeping the creative process at bay or even just things we need to get done. I hope it encourages you right where you are that you have what it takes! Then, eavesdrop on a little "huddle" that happened at IF Gathering a few weeks ago about the #brokenandfreetour that @annvoskamp and @rebekahlyons are embarking on next week! We hope to see you there! www.brokenandfreetour.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


15 Feb 2017

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GITM #3: Angie Smith

Hello beautiful people and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Thank you so much or tuning in last week. We have been having an absolute blast putting all of this together! In fact, I just got back home from a week long podcast tour in Texas. We visited Dallas, Austin and Houston with a quick pit stop at the Magnolia Silos to grab us a Cowboy Coffee and some inspiration of course…In today’s episode I’m going to share one of my favorite stories from this journey and honestly one of my favorite stories about my husband, Nathan. You’ll get to hear more about how God began to come after my heart like never before in terms of trust and surrender. The thing was, I thought I was surrendered to Him but really it was just the beginning of me understanding how to truly open my hands and my heart to Him. It’s also sweet after all this time to look back and see God’s faithfulness! It’s so hard and scary to give up precious things but God has a way of giving them back 100 fold somehow...Also, I’m so pleased to say that my special guest today is the gorgeous Angie Smith! Angie and I have been friends for quite some time, long before she started a blog and became an author! You’re going to get to hear two friends sit and remember and laugh and marvel at God’s faithfulness. I also think you’ll enjoy hearing how we met and even hear about a special role that she played in our lives before she became an author! I don’t think you would be able to guess it if you tried! Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


5 Jul 2016

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Season 3 Ep 58 - When Our Worries Turn To Worship

Today we’ll remember once again what lessons we can take with us from Winter as we allow ourselves to HOPE for what Spring will bring! There’s something beautiful about giving ourselves permission to let HOPE rise up in our hearts because eventually, that HOPE begins to seep out on others! As we continue our series called, “Come Magnify the Lord With Me” we will acknowledge that we do have an enemy who loves to keep us isolated and silenced as he stirs the pot with our worries and fears. However, when we choose to turn our worries into worship, doors open, chains fall and we are blessed by getting to BLESS God in the midst of uncertainty! I will talk to you soon!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


27 Mar 2019

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GITM #10 Bob Goff

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Thank you so much for tuning in and for sharing this podcast with your friends! It has been so much fun for us to watch who all is listening around the globe, it has astounded us how God is using it! We’re so grateful! I’m so pleased to have gotten to sit down with Bob Goff for this episode! I’ve actually been holding on to this episode for quite some time as it was actually my FIRST podcast ever! Bob was SO gracious to come out to the house and sit around the table with me and some of my team. We had a blast hearing his stories that continue to challenge me to this day! Bob sent me a package this week…the kids have opened a Bob Goff care package before and so this time they recognized the fun, frizzy paper, the colored balloons and taffy that cushions whatever it is he has sent your way! In this case…it was a large, red, Christmas jingle bell ornament to celebrate that our Christmas record project is funded and is having the finishing touches put on it even now! We are so beyond grateful for everyone who has invested in this project. We pray that it is as special to all of you as it is to us! Enjoy today’s episode as I connect around the table with my friend, Bob Goff and have a glorious day! ~ChristySupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


31 Aug 2016

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Season 2 Ep 40 - Postures of the Heart Part 5

“A Heart of Welcome” As we trust God with the unfolding of us, a heart of welcome opens up for the unfolding of others… I’ve shared these heart postures over the years in many settings and this is always the posture that’s the most fun to talk about because it’s the most fulfilling to LIVE! Something supernatural happens when we place our trust in God for our own wants, needs and desires and even the things that we dream and plan! We freely begin to open up with lives of WELCOME that invite others into our “familiar” with our Father. Here’s to the unfolding of all of us to be what God has always intended for us to be…His life extended to the world around us. His “welcome”! I’ll talk to you soon! - ChristySupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


27 Apr 2018

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Season 2 Ep 39 - Postures of the Heart Part 4

Season 2 Ep 39 - Postures of the Heart Part 4 by Christy NockelsSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


11 Apr 2018

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GITM #4: Lauren Chandler

Hello and welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Today I’ll talk a little bit about the week we have just had in our nation - one we will never forget - I’m sure there are all kinds of prayers and songs rising up from the people of God over this but one that kept coming to my heart was a song that I wrote several years ago called “By Our Love”…Brothers, let us come togetherWalking in the SpiritThere’s much to be doneWe will come reaching, out from our comfortsAnd they will know us by our love…Sisters, we were made for kindnessWe can pierce the darknessAs He shines through usWe will come reachingWith a song of healingAnd they will know us by our loveThe time is now,Come Church ariseLove with His hands,See with His eyesBind it around youLet it never leave youAnd they will know us by our loveChildren, you are hope for justiceStand firm in the truth nowSet your hearts aboveYou will be reachingLong after we’re goneAnd they will know you by your love…I’m so grateful to say that my guest today is the beautiful Lauren Chandler. She is such a dear friend to me. Lauren and her husband Matt live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with their 3 children, 2 horses and 2 dogs, and Matt pastors The Village Church where Lauren regularly leads worship. Lauren is a wonderful woman, a lover of Jesus, a singer, songwriter and now author…but my favorite thing selfishly is that she’s my friend. Today you’ll get to hear how God intersected our lives at just the right moment about 14 years ago and how God used her in such a sweet way to change my life. Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)

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14 Jul 2016

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Season 2 Ep 27 - His Banner Over Me

Today we'll talk about how God can take even the smallest stirrings of our hearts and when we are faithful to sit with Him and listen and cultivate those stirrings, they can become a beautiful offering of His Kingdom coming to earth through us - displaying our "belovedness" to the world around us! Hear how the stirrings of my own life this past year have come together as an offering called "Be Held, Lullabies for the Beloved" and even hear the opening track called "His Banner Over Me is Love" - Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


6 Sep 2017

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Season 2 Ep 36 - Postures of the Heart Part 2

We’re going to look at the next “heart posture” today which is the heart that LOOKS UP! It sounds too simple, right? I actually think that God did intend for it to be simple but we live in a noisy world where we can SEE everything and we have to learn to clear the view… What does it look like to learn the habit of looking up and inviting God to LOOK AT YOU? What do we need to be looking to Him for? We’ll also learn that MOVEMENT IS HEALING! Just like our bodies need to move to heal, our hearts must also move towards our Creator. Sometimes it just takes looking up! These are all things we’ll talk about today as we take in what it means to have a heart postured towards Him, gazing at Him with the eyes of our soul. Look up with me! - ChristySupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


28 Feb 2018

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GITM #20 Chris Tomlin

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane Podcast! Today I’m going to share around what it has been like to get to share some of these songs from The Thrill of Hope, live! I’ve been teary eyed as I’ve shared the stories and the songs and it has been equally as meaningful to get to speak to some of you out on the road after the concerts - of what these songs have meant to you! And…our special guest today is the one and only Chris Tomlin! Chris and I have been friends for 20 years now and so much life has happened in those years and its just fun for us to sit and reminisce! We’ll talk about what married life is like now for Chris and of course him becoming a father of two in the past 5 years. It has been a beautiful whirlwind to watch, let me tell you! I hope you enjoy hearing from someone whose songs have probably graced your car or your daily jog and got you communicating to a living God who loves you! Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)

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8 Dec 2016

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Season 2 Ep 25 - Build My Life

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast - season 2! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back with you as we have some beautiful “stirrings” to share as this season unfolds! Today will be a moment for us to reflect on the wonder of summer and the posture it brings and how we can intentionally carry that wonder and that posture with us as we walk into all that the Autumn brings. We’ll also dive deep into what it looks like, in the same way, to look back on our lives at the “wonder” threaded through - the ways that God has been calling to our hearts even since we were kids - and bring it back to the surface in our hearts…to look through it like a lens so we can see beyond the to-do list today, right into the glorious things that God wants us to see about Himself and even ourselves. You’ll also get to hear a sneak peak of the song I’ll be releasing THIS FRIDAY called BUILD MY LIFE! I’ll share around how I’ve been praying and living it like a prayer lately. My hope is that it will be a song that you’ll want to sing and pray in this season of your life as well! Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)


15 Aug 2017

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GITM #8 Ellie Holcomb

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Thank you for tuning in week after week! I have been so humbled to get to sit down with so many sweet and amazing people over the past few months, it has been like drinking from a well! Today is no exception. I’m so glad that if you’ve never heard of Ellie Holcomb that you’re going to be introduced to her and her music or maybe if you’ve listened to Ellie for quite some time, you’ll get a little glimpse into her heart and her world. Ellie and her husband Drew (of Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors) are both incredibly talented musicians and singer/songwriters and you’ll even hear Ellie featured on many of Drew’s albums as well. Ellie’s dad, Brown Bannister was the producer of many early (and very successful) Christian artists like the Imperials, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman so she was raised around good, soul music her whole life. So it’s no surprise that Ellie just knows how to skillfully mesh the Word of God with that kind of music…the kind that seeps into your soul.You’ll also hear me share around the thought (and the scripture) that “all is ours in Christ” - which unfolds more of this posture of sitting in that bullseye place and living and even loving from this place. You’ll hear me even share some vulnerable moments as a Mom, leading my girls through life’s hardest question as a woman… Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/christynockels)

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10 Aug 2016

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