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Want to start and grow a life-changing business? Want to learn how to invest, build wealth, improve your relationships, and your health from the best experts in the world?Then the Mike Dillard Podcast is for you. Mike Dillard has built three, 8-figure companies from scratch, and today he’s dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge with the world. Subscribe now to get brand new episodes weekly from guests like Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Simon Sinek, Vanessa Van Edwards, Seth Godin, Tony Hawk, Gene Simmons, Brooke Castillio, Dean Graziosi, Neil Patel, Mike Rowe, and more…

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How To Build The Biggest Personal Brand In Your Industry... with Jack Canfield

About 20 years ago, around the age of 18, I remember walking through the aisles of my local bookstore, and buying a copy of my very first personal development book. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I knew that I needed to start thinking differently about my future. As I scoured the shelves, one book grabbed my attention. It was called, The Aladdin Factor, and it was written by a guy named Jack Canfield. That book set me down the path of personal growth and development that has shaped my life ever since. Since then, Jack has become of the of the biggest personal brands in self-help. His Chicken Soup For The Soul book series has sold over 500,000,000 copies around the world. And now that I had him on the phone for an hour, I wanted to ask him how he did it… When you look out at the world of personal development, there are thousands of speakers and authors who come and go. And yet only a handful have been able to make the kind of impact that Jack has… Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jim Rohn are some of the names that come to mind. Why? What have these individuals done in order to become the biggest names in their industry over the span of decades? How can you or I become the next Jack Canfield? Well that’s what we’re going to find out here today straight from the man himself.


2 May 2019

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How To Make A Fortune on AirBnb, Without Owning A Single Home… with Brian Page

There are very, very few business opportunities out there that truly impress me these days, but what you’ll learn about today from our guest, Brian Page, is one of them.   A few years ago Brian found himself at a point in life where he needed a plan B.   His background was in real estate, but after the market crashed, he found himself on the sidelines.   As many people have over the past few years, he started looking into AirBnb, and saw a huge opportunity there, but there was one big problem…   He didn’t have the funds needed to buy a house that he could list on the platform.   I’ve often thought about buying and renting out properties on AirBnb as well, but I don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money to acquire them.   Well that’s when Brian came up with a solution that rocked my world…   Instead of buying properties, he rented them, and then placed them on the short-term markets of AirBNB, Home Away, and VRBO.   Each home might cost him $2,000 to rent, but he was making $6,000/mo from his AirBnb guests.   Within a year he’d acquired control of dozen properties, all of which were making him income, and he didn’t have to invest a dime into any of them.   It is without a doubt, one of the most brilliant, and exciting opportunities I’ve ever seen, where you can literally build a real estate empire within a few years, without any kind of seed capital, or without any risk exposure to the markets.   And the best part, is that Brian has automated the entire process. Everything, from cleaning and servicing the homes, to wowing his guests, is outsourced.   He can literally run his empire from his cell phone on a beach, and today he’s going to share the entire strategy with you.   If you’re currently looking for a way to replace your income, and potentially build a massive income stream, this is the single best opportunity to do so, that I’ve seen in years.


20 Aug 2019

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Take Control of Your Brain, Take Control of Your Life With John Assaraf

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the past year from dealing with my health crisis, it’s that your thoughts literally create and control your destiny. You can use your thoughts to heal your body, to calm your mind, and to rapidly change your life for the better… I think Napoleon Hill nailed it when he titled his book, “Think and Grow Rich”... But if it was just that easy, why isn’t everyone walking around fit, happy, healthy, and rich? Why are the vast majority of people dealing with disease and stress, instead of living in their highest state of being? Well one of the reasons is that our brains process and create new mental circuits about a fearful or negative event, 10,000 times faster, than they do for a positive event. Our brains are wired to look for danger, and remember it. They are not naturally wired to focus on abundance, safety, and happiness. Once you’re aware of this, you’ll start to realize that retraining your brain takes a conscious effort. But once you learn how to control and direct your thoughts, you will start to create the life you truly want. Forget marketing, forget social media, and business strategies. Yes, those things are important, but mastering your brain first is THE secret ensuring those efforts are effective. If you have read the books on Phil Knight of Nike, Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson, you know that all of them have one thing in common… Each of them credit their success in life to adopting a daily mental training practice. and today you’re going to learn how to do the same from our guest, John Assaraf. John is an incredible entrepreneur who’s built 5 multimillion dollar companies, written 2 New York Times Bestselling books and featured in 8 movies, including “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. Today, he is the founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence based brain training methods to help you unleash your fullest potential and maximize your results. I’ll just say this… Buy John’s book, use what you learn for the next 100 days, and you will absolutely change your life forever. Resources: IgniteMyBrain.com NeuroGym.com Having It All: Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams Music: Track: XØ SELF - dR3ÄMS (ft. ARZĘ) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/q_fDMGiJNYQ Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/dR3AMS

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7 Nov 2019

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Master Your Morning, And You’ll Master Your Life, with Robin Sharma

It’s no secret that how your morning begins, will usually determine how the rest of your day will unfold. My previous guests and friends have mastered this process, and seen their lives transform as a result… Hal Elrod created the Miracle Morning process which dramatically changed his life the moment he started to apply it. And Aubrey Marcus shares his approach in his book, Own The Day, Own Your Life. In that book he shares a very simple premise… Which is that if you own and master your morning, you’ll own and master your day. And if you can experience the ideal day where you’re in flow, you’ll create the kind of life you could only dream about previously. Well today we’re joined by another extremely successful gentleman who has created his own process for mastering your morning. His name is Robin Sharma, and he has a fascinating story. For most of his adult life, he was a litigation attorney, but it was a career that made him miserable. He dreaded going to work every day, so he finally decided that enough was enough. He quit his job and dedicated his life to learning about personal growth, productivity, spirituality, and fulfillment. What he learned would eventually find its way into a book that he self-published and printed at Kinkos called, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. 15 million copies later, Robin has become one of the most successful and respected authors in the world. At the heart of his success, is his morning routine which he’ll share with you today here in detail. Whether you subscribe to Hal’s approach, or Aubrey’s, or Robin’s, one thing is certain… If you want to change your life, the very first step you take every single morning is the single most important part of the process. If you master your morning, you’ll win the day. And if you win the day, you’ll win in life. So without further ado, please help me welcome, Robin Sharma. Resources: The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Dreams The Greatness Guide: One of the World's Most Successful Coaches Shares His Secrets for Personal and Business Mastery The Prophet Music: Music by: Max Brhon Song: Humanity Licensed under a Creative Commons License


27 Jun 2019

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Inside a $17 Million Per Year Membership Business...With Brooke Castillo

If you are interested in creating a monthly membership business, or if you currently have one, this podcast could be worth millions to you. Today we’re joined by my friend Brooke Castillo, who’s the founder of TheLifeCoachSchool.com, and holy smokes does she have one hell of a story… Over the past few years, Brooke has gone from a place of debilitating depression, to building an online membership business that did $17 Million per year in revenue in 2018. This year, she’s on track to do $25 million, and get this… She intentionally works less than 3 days per week. So how’d she do it? Well your about to find out as Brooke opens up the curtain, and walks us through all of the private details of her business in complete transparency. This is by-far-and-away, one of the most valuable interviews we’ve ever had here on the show, so get ready to take some notes. With that being said, if you would like to start a business like Brooke’s, where you can package and sell your knowledge, or the knowledge of other experts, make sure you head to JoinMikeDillard.com and checkout the Knowledge Blueprint course that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are offering this week. I purchased the course a few days ago myself, and I can honestly say, that it’s one of, if not the best course on how to create an information business that I’ve ever seen. Why? Because you get the critical mindset piece from Tony Robbins that’s often missing from these kinds of programs, and you get to learn from one of the best marketers in the world, Dean Graziosi, on how to sell your product once it’s created. I’ve made over $60 million selling my knowledge over the past 12 years, so I should know this stuff backwards and forwards, but I have to say… I was taking notes from these two guys like I was a just getting started all over again. It really is that good, but registration closes on May 13th, so head to JoinMikeDillard.com if you’d like to join myself, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Brooke Castillo as a modern day teacher who has achieved financial freedom by simply helping other people solve their problems in life. This program is designed for complete beginners and veterans like myself, and it’s absolutely phenomenal. Now without further ado, please help me welcome, Brooke Castillo. Resources: TheLifeCoachSchool.com The Life Coach School Podcast EntrepreneurialBookkeeping.com Music: Music by: Ascence Song: Konnichiwa Licensed under a Creative Commons License

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8 May 2019

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How To Build Lasting Wealth… With Garrett Gunderson

If you’re an entrepreneur, this podcast has the power to save you at least $10,000 this year if you implement what you learn. Some of you will end up keeping millions of dollars in the coming years as a result of this episode. You see, at one point or another, you’re going to find out that making money, and keeping money are two completely different things. And you’re also going to find out that the decisions, actions, and personality traits that allowed you to make your money, are actually a liability when it comes to saving and accumulating it. So how do you avoid that trap? Well if you want to build real wealth and true financial freedom, the single most important thing you can do is to make a plan and a process to allocate the money you’re making, as it comes in. Now as business owners, the strategies and tools that we have available to us to build wealth, and reduce our taxes, are vast, and they are not created equal. CPA’s and financial advisors are not created equal either, and if you implement the wrong plan, it can lead to dramatically different results. Well, today we’re joined by Garrett Gunderson who is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met when it comes to saving money, reducing taxes, and building wealth. He is an entrepreneur like you and me, but he’d dedicated his life to this topic and his company Wealth Factory, was created to help business owners like you and me, achieve the financial freedom that inspired us in the first place. If you want to pay less in taxes, generate wealth automatically, and invest your money wisely, get ready to take some notes, because Garrett is about to blow you away. Resources: Wealth Factory Garrett.live Music: Track: Convex - Home Soon (feat. Micah Martin)[NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/9wHi4KYT6rk Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/HomeSoon


4 Dec 2019

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How To Get More Traffic, Leads, And Sales, With Vince Reed.

Well, this is it… The very last podcast episode of 2019. As you know this has been the most challenging and also the most rewarding year of my life, and I just want you to know how incredibly grateful I am for your support. I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be an absolutely incredible year, and I’ll continue to do my best to provide you with the knowledge, inspiration, and skills you need to bring your dreams to life. Now make sure you take a day or two this coming week to reflect back on 2019 and ask yourself what worked, what didn’t work, and what might you do differently here in 2020. Write down your goals, and then start to work backward so you can see exactly what you need to accomplish, and by when in order to bring those goals to life. If you’re a part of Mike Dillard Mentoring, you already know that we cover this process in detail so make sure you go back and review the goal-setting episode with David Osborne, how to create a life-changing morning routine with Hal Elrod, and how to create a Vivid Vision for your life and your business with Cameron Herold. If you watch and implement these three lessons this week, you will be unstoppable in 2020. If you don’t, you’re likely going to repeat 2019 all over again. And if you aren’t a Member of MikeDillardMentoring yet, make sure you jump on the waiting list over at MikeDillardMentoring.com. It is an unprecedented opportunity to get an entire year of weekly mentoring from myself, and an all-star cast of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. We’ll be opening up registration to new students on January 1st. Now with that being said, we’re going to end up the year talking about one of the most important topics in the world for entrepreneurs… How to get more traffic, more leads, and more sales in 2020, and to help us do that, we’re joined by one of the best online marketers in the world, my friend Vince Reed. Vince has an incredible rags to riches story that you’re going to hear today, and if you’ve ever been to the annual Traffic and Conversion event, you’ve probably seen him speak from stage, sharing his incredible knowledge when it comes to this important and fascinating topic. If you want to find out how Vince and I are going to build our businesses, produce more leads, and generate more customers in 2020, this episode is going to tell you how. Resources: NetDivvy.com VinceReed.com Follow Vince on YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Music: Track: Max Brhon - The Future [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/dRe_rS19E04 Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/TheFuture


26 Dec 2019

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How To Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It…

Today I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to someone incredibly dear to me… My friend Kamal Ravikant. Kamal and I met at an event in Austin about two years ago and he has become a friend, a colleague, and a mentor, not because of what he has accomplished as an entrepreneur, (which is substantial), but because of what he has overcome, and how he chose to face those challenges. Every business owner will go through their long dark night of the soul… An event or period in their life when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. A time that breaks your spirit, and that even can destroy you identity. During that period, everything you hold dear will be stripped away from you. Your business, your money, your security, your confidence, and your self-worth. In fact the only thing you’ll have left,is the reflection staring back at you in the mirror. It’s not the event or what went wrong that will define you, but what you choose to do in the moment, staring at yourself in the mirror, will. This is exactly where Kamal found himself, stripped, broken, and ready to end it all. And in that moment, he realized that there was one simple thing he could do to save himself, and turn it all around… And that was to simply learn how to love himself… Truly, and genuinely, for the very first time in his life. If you are depressed, unhappy, frustrated, angry, suicidal, or lost… There is a way back, and you’re about to discover it. I cannot think of a more valuable or powerful form of transformation than learning how to love yourself, so without further ado, please help me welcome Kamal Ravikant. Resources: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It Follow Kamal on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Music: Track: More Plastic - Summoning [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/e4Uk22G1ASg Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/Summoning


3 Jan 2020

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How To Build Wealth With Infinite Banking… With Patrick Donohoe

Welcome to the Mike Dillard podcast, where entrepreneurs like you, get the knowledge and skills you need to bring your dreams to life. Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite investment strategies for entrepreneurs. As your business and your wealth start to grow, you’re going to realize at some point, that making money is actually easier than keeping money. Why? Because the habits, mindset, and behaviors that allowed you to make that money, like taking risks, are the exact opposite of what you need to keep it and grow it. And what’s really interesting, is that entrepreneurs tend to think that investing, is the same thing as saving. That taking $50,000 here or $100,000 there, and investing that into other companies or startups is going to magnify your wealth. We’ll I can tell you from experience that, that’s rarely the case, even though it might feel like a similar activity. So what can you do to ensure that you don’t take unnecessary risks, and that you are setting yourself up to achieve your true goal, which is financial freedom? Well the first is to become aware of this trap, and the second is to invest your money in ways that will protect and grow it conservatively. Right now we’re overdue for a stock market crash. We’re in the middle of the longest bull run in history, and we’re hitting new all-time highs, which means one thing… A crash is on the way. It might take place in a few months, or in a few years, but every single day that goes by, brings it one step closer. The good news is that right now you have a chance to do something about, and to protect your wealth which is exactly what my guest Patrick and I are going to teach you how to do. This one single investment strategy has the power to completely change your life, so pay attention, take notes, and please help me welcome, Patrick Donohoe. Resources: HeadsOrTailsIWin.com Watch Patrick's Class - How To Build Your Wealth With Infinite Banking Listen to Mark Ford on the Mike Dillard Podcast Music: Music by: Lost Sky Song: Vision Licensed under a Creative Commons License


2 May 2019

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How To Make Millions Speaking From Stage With Pete Vargas

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a gentleman named Pete Vargas, and it turns out that over the past few years, Pete has become the go-to guy when it comes to anything and everything related to speaking from any kind of stage or platform… If you want to know how to craft an amazing talk that can move an audience... If you want to know how to craft an irresistible but casual, no pressure offer that can literally produce millions of dollars in sales in a single day... And if you want to learn how to get paid to speak from stages around the world, then Pete is your guy. And just to clarify, when Pete and I talk about speaking from stage, that includes speaking from an actual stage with a live audience, as well as speaking on a podcast, or a webinar. Well after he finished sharing a few stories with me about his work and what his clients have accomplished, I realized that I have been missing out on a massive, massive opportunity to make an impact, and grow my business. I’ve always known there were opportunities when it came to speaking, but I had no idea how big those opportunities were. In fact, a month later I flew out to Wisconsin and spent two days learning how to craft the perfect talk from Pete and his team, and it was just an incredible experience. Now personally, here’s why I’m making stages a huge priority for my business next year… It’s the best possible way to make an impact and build rapport with an audience. There’s no competition… You have a captive audience who’s there to hear your message, and if you decide to make an offer at the end of your talk, people tend to buy. And finally, it’s a consistent way to acquire new customers without having to worry about Facebook or Google’s algorithm. Stages have always been around, and will continue to be around no matter what happens on the tech side. Thankfully Pete was recently back in Austin for another business visit, so I invited him over the house to record this amazing interview so he can share his wisdom with you. Next year I’m going to start speaking from all kinds of stages, both real and virtual, and I think you’re going to want to do the same by the time you finish this incredible interview with Pete Vargas. You can also download his free training materials at http://www.MikeDillard.com/stages Resources: Why Stages Workshop Music: Track: Modern Revolt - VOLT [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/wA4AmHgPu9Y Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/VOLT


23 Oct 2019

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How To Never Forget A Name Again, with Chester Santos

Have you ever walked into a social event and introduced yourself to someone, only to realize that you’ve forgotten what they said just seconds later? I know that’s happened to me many, many times, and it’s a horrible feeling. Have you been in a meeting, giving a presentation, or on a phone call where you need to remember specific details, but mind just goes blank? Yep, I’ve been there as well. Well today I have the privilege of introducing you to Chester Santos. Chester is one of the world’s foremost authorities when it comes to memory, and today he’s going to teach you how to remember anything that’s important to you, forever. He’s been a speaker at TED and Google, and has been invited to share his knowledge with millions of people around the world through appearances on CNN, ABC, NBC, and the Science Channel. And what’s really interesting about today’s interview, is that he used me as his guinea pig. After teaching me his system live during the call, he took me through an incredible challenge that demonstrated the power of his system in real time. Within just a few minutes, I had to memorize a series of 15 random words, and then recall them in order both forwards, and backwards. Did it work? Did I make it? Please help me welcome the International Man of Memory, and let’s find out… Resources: ChesterSantos.com How to Win Friends & Influence People Music: Track: Unknown Brain - Say Goodbye (ft. Marvin Divine) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/SayGoodbye


14 Nov 2019

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How To Become The Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be…With Stef Sifandos

Today we’re have a chance to learn from a gentleman that I have a tremendous amount of respect for, and I’m sure you will as well after you hear his story today. His name is Stef Sifandos and Stef is a perfect example that all of us are absolutely capable of changing and becoming who we truly desire to be, no matter where we currently are in life. We’ve had a few incredible stories of transformations made by some of our previous guests on the show including Wes Chapman, Chris Cavallini, Lori Harder, and Gary John Bishop to name just a few. All of them were living out lives that were based on previous trauma. They were all in a place of anger, frustration, and suffering, and all of them eventually found a way to stop their downward spiral, make a change, and as a result, they are all spectacularly successful by any measure, as a result today. Having had the opportunity to hear about each of their transformations in detail through this show, I’ve noticed that all of them have 3 things in common… 1: A breaking point and a moment of decision where they said, enough is enough. 2: A deliberate and obsessive search for new knowledge, tools, and people that could help facilitate the changes they wished to make. 3: And finally, an unwavering commitment to the process, combined with patience. There was never a timeline or a deadline. The new journey they were on, was the destination, and it’s a journey that continues for each of them to this very day. If you take these three steps, you will completely transform your life, and if you want some help along the way, I’d highly recommend that you reach out to Stef. Resources: StefSifandos.com Follow Stef on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Music: Music by: Dirty Palm Song: No Stopping Love Licensed under a Creative Commons License


23 May 2019

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How To Live Forever, with Dr. Steven Gundry...

We live in an incredibly rare and special period in history right now... Why? Because if you manage to stay alive for the next 20-25 years, there is a very good chance that you’ll have the opportunity to live forever. The advances that are taking place right now in the medical field including gene editing, organ cloning, nano-technology, bionics, and cellular age reversal are happening at such an exponential rate, that we will have the ability to dramatically extend our lives here in the near future. We are the first generation that will have the opportunity, but if you want to take advantage of it, you need to focus on keeping yourself as healthy as possible for the next 20 years. Well today we’re joined by one of the most famous and respected surgeons and physicians in the world, Dr. Steven Gundry. As you’re going to hear today, Dr. Gundry pioneered the discovery and reversal of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the top two killers in Americans today. At the age of 70, Dr. Gundry continues to push the boundaries of medicine, and he still sees patients seven days per week, while also running one of the largest and most successful supplement companies in the world. Well today he’s going to teach you what you need to do to preserve your health starting now, so you can make it to the medical technology revolution that’s just over the horizon. Without your health, nothing else in the world matters. Listen closely, take action, and understand that your business goals come second to your health. If you put your business first, then you will eventually end up losing both, and I don’t want that to happen. So please help me welcome, Dr. Steven Gundry. Resources: DrGundry.com The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age The Plant Paradox Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Live Lectin-Free The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook: 80 One-Pot Recipes to Nourish Your Family Using Your Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, or Sheet Pan Music: Track: Sekai - Burn Me Down [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/2vFA0HL9kTk Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/BurnMeDown


10 Jan 2020

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3 Secrets To Building A Personal Brand…With Henry Kaminski

If you have a sales problem, you really have a communication problem. A lack of sales is the symptom of ineffective communication between you and prospects. To fix this kind of problem, you need to make sure you have your customer avatar clearly defined, and everything about you and your business, needs to shout to them, “I am the solution you’re looking for.” From the way you dress, to your website, to the words you use, and every step in between. At the end of the day, off of these efforts are designed to do one thing… Create a connection. Well today you’re going to learn how to do that from The Brand Doctor, Henry Kaminkski. Henry has an absolutely fantastic story of how he’s become one of the most successful band agencies in the online marketing industry, with clients that include Russell Brunson, and Kaelin Poulin from LadyBoss.com. Today he’s going to walk you through the 3-part branding framework he uses to help all of his clients become the go-to authorities in their niche. If you need some help and guidance creating your personal brand, then get ready to take some notes, and please help me welcome, Henry Kaminski. Resources: UniqueDesignz.net Follow Henry on Instagram | YouTube Resources: Resources: Track: Dirty Palm - To The Back (feat. Purple Velvet Curtains)[NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/HkbjsbwziZY Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/ToTheBack


13 Mar 2020

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How To Make The Entrepreneurial Leap With Confidence With Teneshia Jackson Warner

I think you’ll find today’s episode is extremely interesting for two reasons… When Teneshia Jackson decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship, she did so with nothing more than two suitcases, guts, and an idea… From her previous career, she’d identified an underserved niche in the marketing industry… Creating marketing campaigns for companies that were designed to speak directly to multicultural audiences. So she started a marketing agency from scratch to help them do exactly that. Today, EgamiGroup is an award winning agency with clients that include Proctor and Gamble, HBO, Target, Verizon, Oprah, and Major League Baseball. It’s an incredible accomplishment, and today she’s going to teach you some incredibly valuable lessons when it comes to starting a business from scratch, identifying your entrepreneur type, and how to overcome the hurdles all new business owners face in the beginning of their careers. But that’s not all… I have to admit that this interview was fascinating for me for a few reasons… One of which is the fact that I understand the value of creating marketing messages designed to appeal to different cultures, but that it’s never occured to me to do so. I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas which is one of the most multicultural cities in the United States, but I don’t look at people in terms of race or culture. We all have our biases when it comes to evaluating and judging others who do not look or sound like us, and we all deal with those biases in different ways. My way has been to intentionally ignore these differences, and to judge people based on their words and actions alone. So it was quite a light-bulb moment for me when I heard Teneshia’s story on how she’s built an incredibly successful business by directly acknowledging these differences, and creating marketing campaigns that intentionally speak to them. The bottom line is that you’re going to learn a lot today in an interview that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I believe you will as well. With that being said, please help me welcome, Teneshia Jackson Warner. Resources: TheBigStretchBook.com EGAMI Group The Dream Project Music: Track: ROY - Shining [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/gKFyuuXwxBU Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/Shining/p>


21 Nov 2019

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How To Master Money As An Entrepreneur…Krisstina Wise

Today I have the incredible privilege of introducing you to a very special person in my life, Ms. Krisstina Wise. As you’ll hear in today’s interview, Krisstina was my guardian angel when it came to my brain injury last year, because it turns out that she’s the only other person I’ve ever met who went through the exact same experience. Meeting her, and knowing that she made it through that ordeal was a life-line of hope that has been priceless during my recovery. And as I sat down to re-listen to this interview this morning before recording this intro, I have to say that I was shocked to hear my voice and energy level. We recorded this interview about 3 months ago, and the difference that you’ll hear in my voice now, versus my voice in this interview is astounding. Now health updates aside, today we’re going to talk about mastering money as an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs come from a place of pain or poverty, which is what provided the fuel that was needed to radically transform their lives for the better. Krisstina was no exception. But with new levels of money and wealth, will come new challenges and pitfalls if you do not train and teach yourself how to manage that money wisely. I’ve gone through this learning experience, Krisstina has gone through it, along with Ryan Deiss and several other guests we’ve had on the show. Well after Krisstina built up a tremendous amount of wealth and then lost it, she decided to master the game of money and identify the changes that we all need to make internally in order to build life-long wealth. The sooner you master money and what Krisstina teaches, the better of you’ll be. It would be easy to tell yourself that this is a subject you’ll go learn about once you’re making a lot of money, but that would be a massive mistake. Learn these strategies and skills now, even if you’re broke, and you’ll be so much better off once your financial situation does improve. This is one of those life-changing episodes that we often have here on the podcast, so make sure you pay attention to this one, because you’re getting insights to some very expensive lessons that were learned the hard way, before you make the same mistakes yourself. Resources: LearnWithKrisstina.com Music: Music by: Coopex & NEZZY Song: You and Me Licensed under a Creative Commons License


17 Jul 2019

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Why Internet Entrepreneurs Are Under Threat…Rich Schefren

Hey guys, I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet today because time is of the essence. A few weeks ago one of the smartest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met, gave me a ring to invite me out to a special meeting in Florida at Mark Ford’s house to talk about an initiative he’s put in place to try and save internet entrepreneurs. And I’m not the only one he invited… Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Curt Mally, Todd Brown, Neil Patel, Dean Graziosi, John Lee Dumas, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, and dozens of other leaders were invited to fly down to Florida today, right now to discuss the massive problems that are starting to arise for small business owners online, and what we can do about it. At the heart of the matter, is censorship. Facebook and Google own and control 90%+ of our communication lines these days. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Search, Gmail... These are the primary platforms all of us use to receive and send information between each other today, and these two companies are slowly destroying our free speech. If you say something they don't like, your ads get disapproved, or your account gets banned. Have some life-changing testimonials from your health and fitness customers? Too bad. You're not allowed to show them. If you write an article or blog post, or build a website about alternative health therapies, or unpopular opinions about the government, they take your organic traffic away and erase you from the internet. They're even manipulating and controlling our email inboxes now. If you include the "wrong words" in your emails, they go to the promotions tab or worse. EVEN THOUGH your audience opted-in to receive your emails. EVEN THOUGH your people liked your page, or subscribed to your channel. They created these platforms, sucked us all in, and then they changed the rules once they had a monopoly on speech and communication. It's affecting all of us... You. Me. And everyone else who does business online today, and it's only getting worse. So right now Rich and the rest of these leaders are holding a free live stream today on February 19th and 20th that you can watch at CSIBSecrets.com That Stands for the Committee To Save Internet Businesses Again, that live stream is available for free right now, and I’m scheduled to call in on Zoom here later today on the 20th at CSIBSecrets.com. If you’re hearing this after the live stream is over, head to that page anyway because I’m sure they’re going to offer a recording of some kind, and this is information you’ll want to have. Resources: csibsecrets.com - use code 7777 to register Follow Rich on LinkedIn| Facebook Music: Track: Olly Walker - Sorry (I Had To Leave)[NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/Sorry


20 Feb 2020

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Why My Friend Walked Away From A $100MM Business… With Tom Dyson

Today you’re going to sit down with me and eavesdrop as I catch up with an old friend that I haven’t seen in years... His name is Tom Dyson. Tom was the co-founder alongside Mark Ford, of the wildly successful investing and financial education company, the Palm Beach Research Group. Together, they turned the business into a $100 Million company. And then a few years ago Tom went through a divorce, depression overtook him, and he simply walked away from everything. Well today you’re going to hear the fascinating story of what happened, and why it ended up being a massive blessing in disguise. I’m thrilled to say that this story has an incredibly happy ending, but it certainly contains some very, very valuable lessons for all of us. Now given the fact that both of us are still in love with global economics and investing, we couldn’t help but dive into that topic towards the end of today’s interview. What’s going on with the markets? Is there a crash looming ahead, and what are Tom and I doing with our money? I think you’ll be shocked to hear the answers to those incredibly important questions… Resources: Postcards From the Fringe Follow HoboFamily on Instagram Music: Track: ROY KNOX x Tim Beeren - Save Me (Feat. Svniivan) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/_wgDPGBbfjU Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/SaveMe


13 Dec 2019

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How Giving Gifts Can Be The Ultimate Marketing Strategy...With John Ruhlin

We’ve all heard the saying that goes, “people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel…” As we enter the season of giving and gratitude here in the US, sending gifts to our family members, friends, and customers is a tradition. Giving a gift to someone can be an incredibly powerful act, for better or for worse. As you’ll discover through the amazing stories you’ll hear today, when done thoughtfully and with care, sending a gift to someone can open the door to new relationships and opportunities in a way that nothing else can. It can create a bond and a connection with someone that can last a lifetime, and that will never be forgotten. But when done incorrectly, it can have the complete opposite effect that you desire… It can actually cause the recipient to feel like another sheep in the herd, misunderstood, unappreciated, or even disrespected. And unfortunately, most businesses shoot themselves in the foot every holiday season with impersonal, and lazy gift-giving campaigns they send to their customers, when they would have been much better off, sending nothing at all. Well to help us understand the incredible powers and dangers that come with giving gifts, we’re joined by a gentleman who’s literally dedicated his life to this practice… John Ruhlin. The story of how John discovered the power of gifts is absolutely incredible, and the wisdom he’s gained along the way when it comes to building relationships using gifts is unbelievably valuable. Many of you will have your lives changed by this interview one way or another... Please share it with your co-workers, business partners, and family members because the gifts you give do create strong feelings with your recipients. You just want to make sure those are positive feelings of appreciation, love, and gratitude, instead of accidentally triggering the opposite. With that being said, please help me welcome, John Ruhlin Resources: GiftologyPlan.com Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention Music: Track: HYLO - Headstrong ft. Mikey Ceaser & Akacia [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/Ff6c5r-wyTA Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/Headstrong


17 Oct 2019

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How To Make Your Videos Go Viral...With Rob Dial

Have you ever wondered how some people get their videos to go viral on Facebook… Racking up millions, and even tens of millions of views for free? Well today we’re going to sit down with my friend Rob Dial who’s perfected this process over the years… In fact, Rob’s videos have been seen more than 1.5 billion times, and his podcast, The Mindset Mentor, routinely gets over 3 million downloads per month. If you head to his page on Facebook, you’ll find video after video with millions and millions of views. So it is luck? Is there some secret fraternity in Facebook that you have to get into to get this kind of reach, or is it something else? Well as you’re about to learn today, it’s really just psychology, combined with great storytelling, and Rob has perfected this process. What you’re about to learn today is almost never talked about publicly, let alone shared for free. This is a game-changing interview, so please help me welcome Rob Dial… Resources: Listen to the Mindset Mentor Podcast Follow Rob on Instagram |Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Music: Track: Axol & Hoober - How We Do It (ft. Marvin Divine)[NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: youtu.be/vUdp38fRyKQ Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/HWDI


30 Jan 2020

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