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Rank #129 in Self-Improvement category

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Want to start and grow a life-changing business? Want to learn how to invest, build wealth, improve your relationships, and your health from the best experts in the world?Then the Mike Dillard Podcast is for you. Mike Dillard has built three, 8-figure companies from scratch, and today he’s dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge with the world. Subscribe now to get brand new episodes weekly from guests like Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Simon Sinek, Vanessa Van Edwards, Seth Godin, Tony Hawk, Gene Simmons, Brooke Castillio, Dean Graziosi, Neil Patel, Mike Rowe, and more…

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Want to start and grow a life-changing business? Want to learn how to invest, build wealth, improve your relationships, and your health from the best experts in the world?Then the Mike Dillard Podcast is for you. Mike Dillard has built three, 8-figure companies from scratch, and today he’s dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge with the world. Subscribe now to get brand new episodes weekly from guests like Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Simon Sinek, Vanessa Van Edwards, Seth Godin, Tony Hawk, Gene Simmons, Brooke Castillio, Dean Graziosi, Neil Patel, Mike Rowe, and more…

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My respect!

By guinancio - Dec 04 2019
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Mike keep doing this amazing job. Good information and insights! Love it! Thank you!

Powerful Questions

By Steve4235 - Sep 21 2019
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Mike you are an expert at asking powerful questions! So grateful for your work!!!!!!!

iTunes Ratings

475 Ratings
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My respect!

By guinancio - Dec 04 2019
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Mike keep doing this amazing job. Good information and insights! Love it! Thank you!

Powerful Questions

By Steve4235 - Sep 21 2019
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Mike you are an expert at asking powerful questions! So grateful for your work!!!!!!!
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Rank #1: How To Make A Fortune on AirBnb, Without Owning A Single Home… with Brian Page

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There are very, very few business opportunities out there that truly impress me these days, but what you’ll learn about today from our guest, Brian Page, is one of them.   A few years ago Brian found himself at a point in life where he needed a plan B.   His background was in real estate, but after the market crashed, he found himself on the sidelines.   As many people have over the past few years, he started looking into AirBnb, and saw a huge opportunity there, but there was one big problem…   He didn’t have the funds needed to buy a house that he could list on the platform.   I’ve often thought about buying and renting out properties on AirBnb as well, but I don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money to acquire them.   Well that’s when Brian came up with a solution that rocked my world…   Instead of buying properties, he rented them, and then placed them on the short-term markets of AirBNB, Home Away, and VRBO.   Each home might cost him $2,000 to rent, but he was making $6,000/mo from his AirBnb guests.   Within a year he’d acquired control of dozen properties, all of which were making him income, and he didn’t have to invest a dime into any of them.   It is without a doubt, one of the most brilliant, and exciting opportunities I’ve ever seen, where you can literally build a real estate empire within a few years, without any kind of seed capital, or without any risk exposure to the markets.   And the best part, is that Brian has automated the entire process. Everything, from cleaning and servicing the homes, to wowing his guests, is outsourced.   He can literally run his empire from his cell phone on a beach, and today he’s going to share the entire strategy with you.   If you’re currently looking for a way to replace your income, and potentially build a massive income stream, this is the single best opportunity to do so, that I’ve seen in years.

Aug 20 2019



Rank #2: How To Build The Biggest Personal Brand In Your Industry... with Jack Canfield

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About 20 years ago, around the age of 18, I remember walking through the aisles of my local bookstore, and buying a copy of my very first personal development book. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I knew that I needed to start thinking differently about my future.

As I scoured the shelves, one book grabbed my attention. It was called, The Aladdin Factor, and it was written by a guy named Jack Canfield.

That book set me down the path of personal growth and development that has shaped my life ever since.

Since then, Jack has become of the of the biggest personal brands in self-help.

His Chicken Soup For The Soul book series has sold over 500,000,000 copies around the world.

And now that I had him on the phone for an hour, I wanted to ask him how he did it…

When you look out at the world of personal development, there are thousands of speakers and authors who come and go.

And yet only a handful have been able to make the kind of impact that Jack has…

Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jim Rohn are some of the names that come to mind.


What have these individuals done in order to become the biggest names in their industry over the span of decades?

How can you or I become the next Jack Canfield?

Well that’s what we’re going to find out here today straight from the man himself.

May 02 2019



Rank #3: A Blueprint For Building Massive Wealth… with Kris Krohn

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The biggest problem when it comes to building wealth, is that there isn’t one clear-cut way to do it.

If you ask a successful, rich individual what the best way is to become wealthy, all of them will give you a slightly different answer.

And that’s tough because it creates confusion. Who is right, and which path do you follow?

Well that’s exactly what Kris Krohn experienced in his early 20’s, when he was trying to figure out the best way to create wealth with real estate.

Kris was dead-broke at the time, and he’d found plenty of answers when it came to building wealth, but he just didn’t know which one was correct.

So he did something that few people do…

He put all of his options on paper, and he ran the numbers…

What he discovered was a strategy that clearly stood above all the rest, which he’ll share with you here today.

Twelve years later, Kris has has bought and sold over 3,500 real estate properties, and makes millions of dollars per year in passive income.

In fact, his most recent deal alone will produce over $80,000 per month in cash flow.

Now there’s a second part to this story that we’re going to dive into as well, which is how I found Kris…

And that was a few months ago, while surfing YouTube.

He’s been producing a phenomenal stream of video content that is growing his channel by 20,000 to 30,000 subscribers per month, and I wanted to figure out what in the world he was doing, and how.

It’s safe to say that this is one of the most valuable episodes we’ve had here on Self Made Man, so buckle up, and please help me welcome Kris Krohn. 

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Aug 01 2018



Rank #4: 12 Months To $1 Million, With Ryan Moran

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If you’ve ever had an idea for a product that you’d just love to create and bring to life, but you just didn’t know where to start, then today’s episode is for you.

We’re going to sit down with my good friend Ryan Moran who’s one of the best entrepreneurs and coaches I know of when it comes to this topic.

He started down this path himself when he created a supplement company years ago for less than $1,000, and eventually sold that business for more than $10 million dollars a few years later.

So how’d he do it?

Well that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Form how to come up with your product idea, to how to get your very first customers, and everything in between.

If you want to develop and launch a physical product business, right now’s the best time in the world to do it, because everyone’s hungry for business, and every cost is negotiable.

This is going to be a life-changing interview for some of you, so get ready to take some notes, and please help me welcome, Ryan Moran.

Resources: 12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur Follow Ryan on Instagram | Facebook


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Apr 22 2020



Rank #5: Take Control of Your Brain, Take Control of Your Life With John Assaraf

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If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the past year from dealing with my health crisis, it’s that your thoughts literally create and control your destiny.

You can use your thoughts to heal your body, to calm your mind, and to rapidly change your life for the better…

I think Napoleon Hill nailed it when he titled his book, “Think and Grow Rich”...

But if it was just that easy, why isn’t everyone walking around fit, happy, healthy, and rich?

Why are the vast majority of people dealing with disease and stress, instead of living in their highest state of being?

Well one of the reasons is that our brains process and create new mental circuits about a fearful or negative event, 10,000 times faster, than they do for a positive event.

Our brains are wired to look for danger, and remember it.

They are not naturally wired to focus on abundance, safety, and happiness.

Once you’re aware of this, you’ll start to realize that retraining your brain takes a conscious effort. But once you learn how to control and direct your thoughts, you will start to create the life you truly want.

Forget marketing, forget social media, and business strategies.

Yes, those things are important, but mastering your brain first is THE secret ensuring those efforts are effective.

If you have read the books on Phil Knight of Nike, Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson, you know that all of them have one thing in common…

Each of them credit their success in life to adopting a daily mental training practice. and today you’re going to learn how to do the same from our guest, John Assaraf.

John is an incredible entrepreneur who’s built 5 multimillion dollar companies, written 2 New York Times Bestselling books and featured in 8 movies, including “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.

Today, he is the founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence based brain training methods to help you unleash your fullest potential and maximize your results.

I’ll just say this…

Buy John’s book, use what you learn for the next 100 days, and you will absolutely change your life forever.

Resources: Having It All: Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams


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Nov 07 2019

1hr 6mins


Rank #6: How To Always Profit First... with Mike Michalowicz

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Today’s episode is one of the most important we’ve ever produced on this show, because it acknowledges several huge financial traps that most entrepreneurs will certainly face.

We’re joined my Mike Michalowicz, who’s the author of one of the most important books that I’ve ever read, “Profit First”.

Now there are two primary traps that we’re going to discuss today…

The first is a vicious cycle that many entrepreneurs will experience, and that’s the cycle of paying yourself last as the business owner.

99% of the time, if you have expenses that need to be covered to keep your business operating, you’re going to pay those expenses first, even that doesn’t leave enough money for you personally.

This increases stress tremendously, and it constantly puts you in a short-term reactive state of emergency, instead of a proactive state of steady, stable growth that reduces your stress, and allows you to make better, long-term decisions.

The second trap that we’re going to run into, has to do with the way you manage your company’s finances.

If you’re a small business with less than 10 employees, there’s a very good chance that you run your business by simply looking at the current balance of your checking account.

If there’s money in the account, great! You’ll find a place to spend or invest it until it’s gone, and you’re back a square one again.

I can’t tell you how common these traps are. Ryan Deiss shared the fact that he went through these same patterns until he found Mike’s book. I’ve gone through them as well, and so has Mike.

If you’ll take a few days to implement Mike’s system in Profit First, I firmly believe that it will completely change your financial life, and your relationship with money.

Your profits will increase, your stress will decrease, and you’ll build a more stable and successful business.

So please help me welcome Mike.

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Feb 07 2019



Rank #7: Master Your Morning, And You’ll Master Your Life, with Robin Sharma

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It’s no secret that how your morning begins, will usually determine how the rest of your day will unfold.

My previous guests and friends have mastered this process, and seen their lives transform as a result…

Hal Elrod created the Miracle Morning process which dramatically changed his life the moment he started to apply it.

And Aubrey Marcus shares his approach in his book, Own The Day, Own Your Life.

In that book he shares a very simple premise… Which is that if you own and master your morning, you’ll own and master your day. And if you can experience the ideal day where you’re in flow, you’ll create the kind of life you could only dream about previously.

Well today we’re joined by another extremely successful gentleman who has created his own process for mastering your morning.

His name is Robin Sharma, and he has a fascinating story.

For most of his adult life, he was a litigation attorney, but it was a career that made him miserable. He dreaded going to work every day, so he finally decided that enough was enough. He quit his job and dedicated his life to learning about personal growth, productivity, spirituality, and fulfillment.

What he learned would eventually find its way into a book that he self-published and printed at Kinkos called, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.

15 million copies later, Robin has become one of the most successful and respected authors in the world.

At the heart of his success, is his morning routine which he’ll share with you today here in detail.

Whether you subscribe to Hal’s approach, or Aubrey’s, or Robin’s, one thing is certain…

If you want to change your life, the very first step you take every single morning is the single most important part of the process.

If you master your morning, you’ll win the day. And if you win the day, you’ll win in life.

So without further ado, please help me welcome, Robin Sharma.


The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Dreams The Greatness Guide: One of the World's Most Successful Coaches Shares His Secrets for Personal and Business Mastery The Prophet


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Jun 27 2019



Rank #8: How Marketing is Changing... with Seth Godin

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Today we’re joined by the one and only Seth Godin to talk about a topic that we live and breath every single day, which is marketing.

Specifically, we’re going to dive into the revolutionary shift that is taking place today when it comes to your marketing, as the internet continues to transform from a tool for spreading a message to a mass audience, into a tool that allows us to reach into incredibly valuable micro communities.

One of my favorite takeaways from this interview was the answer Seth gave when I asked him two important questions…

First, How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing today?

And second, do you need to make sure that your message is everywhere, at all times, as the fight for attention escalates.

The answers he gave were unexpected, and incredibly insightful, which was really the theme for this entire show.

If you want to know what you need to do as an entrepreneur if you want to win and thrive, in this quickly changing world, this is the interview you’ve been waiting for.

With that being said, I have surprise for you guys today…

Over the past week, I’ve recorded a series of six training videos for you that are designed to walk you through the six stages that you’re going to go through in your journey as an entrepreneur.

We’re going to start at the very beginning and we’re going to dive into the the changes you need to make to your mind and your body, if you’re currently stuck, and if you want to start making radical changes in your life.

Next we’ll dive into the one single thing you must do, if you want to build wealth, become successful, and achieve financial freedom.

You’ll learn how to start your very first business in a way that maximizes your chances for success,

How to generate leads and traffic…

How to invest the money your business makes…

And much, much more.

But the best part, is that all six of these training videos are completely free, and you can go watch them right now at

So please enjoy them, and now let’s welcome, Mr. Seth Godin.

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Nov 29 2018



Rank #9: How to UnF*ck Yourself…With Gary John Bishop

Podcast cover
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Welcome To The Mike Dillard podcast, where entrepreneurs like you get the knowledge and skills you need to bring your dreams to life.

Well gang, welcome to the new format and the inaugural episode of the Mike Dillard Podcast.

Wait a minute… What? Where did Self Made Man go?

If you’re wondering what in the world is going on, and why I’ve changed the name of the show, head over to my YouTube Channel and please watch the video that I just posted this week which will give you all of the details. Make sure you hit the subscribe button as well because I’m going to start posting videos there on a regular basis.

With that being said, I can tell you this…

Part of the reason for the name change is a result of the personal work I’ve done over the past year, that you’re about to discover here today.

We’re joined by Gary John Bishop, and this interview is one of the single most profound discussions that we've ever had on this podcast over the past four years.

So who is Gary? Well, for the most part, he was just a regular guy meandering through life, when he found himself attending a personal development conference many years ago on a whim.

He wasn’t necessarily searching for answers at the time, but he decided to go on the recommendation of a friend, and what he learned during the next few days would completely transform his life.

Now you’re clearly into personal development, which is why you’re listening to this podcast right now.

But here’s a question for you…

Why aren’t the lives of everyone who dives into the personal development process, radically changed?

How many people do you know, and maybe you’re one of them, have read all the books, listened to all of the podcasts, and attended all of the events… And yet they still struggle?

Well, that’s what you’re going to discover here today.

Resources: Follow Gary on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life Stop Doing That Sh*t: End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back


Music by: Star Party Song: Legends Licensed under a Creative Commons License

Mar 21 2019



Rank #10: Mastering Influencer Marketing... with Brittany Hennessy

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If the most valuable commodity in the world today is attention, then influence is the measure of one’s ability to successfully direct that attention towards a desired outcome.


And as for entrepreneurs like us, there are two ways to tap into the power of influence. We can become an influencer in our own right, gathering and directing attention where we wish, or we can hire those with influence, and pay a fee to tap into their stream of attention and credibility.


Both are extremely powerful ways to build a business and sell products, but using them correctly is an art as much as it is a science.


So today we’re joined by Brittany Hennessy, the author of, “Influencer, Building Your Personal Brand In The Age of Social Media” to help us navigate the opportunities that are available to people on both sides of the fence.


Brittany is the former head of influencer marketing at Hearst Magazines, and today she’s the co-founder of, a mobile application that matches destination companies like hotels, with global influencers, to create a win-win marketing opportunities.


She is also a judge for the annual Shorty Awards, the largest awards show in the world for companies and influencers who are pushing the boundaries of social media.


In today’s interview, Brittany is going to provide you with an excellent lay of the land when it comes to tapping into the power of influence and social media, and she’s also going to give you a handful of incredibly valuable resources that you can use to increase your personal influence, or to connect with existing influencers that you could potentially hire or partner with.


This is a fantastic interview that will provide you with an incredible amount of clarity on a market strategy that is as equally powerful as it is misunderstood.   Resources: Follow Brittany on Instagram Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social MediaDuct Tape and a Dream Photo Editing Tools - Canva | Pixlr Post Scheduling Tools - Later | Planoly | Buffer   Music:

Music by: Andromedik

Song: With Me

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Dec 27 2018



Rank #11: How To Build Lasting Wealth… With Garrett Gunderson

Podcast cover
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If you’re an entrepreneur, this podcast has the power to save you at least $10,000 this year if you implement what you learn.

Some of you will end up keeping millions of dollars in the coming years as a result of this episode.

You see, at one point or another, you’re going to find out that making money, and keeping money are two completely different things.

And you’re also going to find out that the decisions, actions, and personality traits that allowed you to make your money, are actually a liability when it comes to saving and accumulating it.

So how do you avoid that trap?

Well if you want to build real wealth and true financial freedom, the single most important thing you can do is to make a plan and a process to allocate the money you’re making, as it comes in.

Now as business owners, the strategies and tools that we have available to us to build wealth, and reduce our taxes, are vast, and they are not created equal.

CPA’s and financial advisors are not created equal either, and if you implement the wrong plan, it can lead to dramatically different results.

Well, today we’re joined by Garrett Gunderson who is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met when it comes to saving money, reducing taxes, and building wealth.

He is an entrepreneur like you and me, but he’d dedicated his life to this topic and his company Wealth Factory, was created to help business owners like you and me, achieve the financial freedom that inspired us in the first place.

If you want to pay less in taxes, generate wealth automatically, and invest your money wisely, get ready to take some notes, because Garrett is about to blow you away.


Wealth Factory


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Dec 04 2019



Rank #12: Capitalizing on The Cannabis Revolution... with Christian Hageseth

Podcast cover
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There are two industries around the world that are on the cusp of exponential growth…

The first is crypto currencies and assets like Bitcoin, and the second is grass, ganja, the reefer, mary jane, aka, marijuana.

Thanks to the states of Colorado and Washington, the doors were opened to the recreational legalization of cannabis in 2012.

Since then 47 out of 50 states have legalized marijuana sales for medical use, while 11 have made it fully legal for sale recreationally.

But those laws are changing incredibly fast as the general public’s perception of marijuana has started to change, and as these state government’s begin to the see the considerable amount of tax revenue being generated by this new industry.

Within the next few years, the recreational sale and use of cannabis will be legalized across the country.

Just like Crypto, this decriminalization process has kicked-off a new gold rush for savvy, forward thinking entrepreneurs.

The race to capture the next $100 Billion market has begun, and today we’re joined by one of the biggest players in the industry, Christian Hageseth.

Christian is the Founder of Green Man Cannabis, which is an award winning cultivation and dispensary company out of Colorado.

Today, Christian is creating the first dispensary franchise through the ONE Cannabis Group, and they will be taking the company public in Q1 of 2019.

Whether it’s creating your own line of CBD supplements, buying a One Cannabis Franchise, or simply investing in the stock of these companies as they start to go public, the opportunities this new industry is creating for entrepreneurs like you, are absolutely endless.

If this is an industry that you’d like to learn more about, and learn quickly, then I’d recommend picking up a copy of Christian’s book, Big Weed. In a nod to Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol, Big Weed will bring you up to speed on every facet of the industry, and give you a basic lay of the land so you can start to understand it, and identify opportunities.

So without further ado, please help me welcome, Christian Hageseth.

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Dec 06 2018



Rank #13: How To Get More Traffic, Leads, And Sales, With Vince Reed.

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Well, this is it… The very last podcast episode of 2019.

As you know this has been the most challenging and also the most rewarding year of my life, and I just want you to know how incredibly grateful I am for your support.

I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be an absolutely incredible year, and I’ll continue to do my best to provide you with the knowledge, inspiration, and skills you need to bring your dreams to life.

Now make sure you take a day or two this coming week to reflect back on 2019 and ask yourself what worked, what didn’t work, and what might you do differently here in 2020.

Write down your goals, and then start to work backward so you can see exactly what you need to accomplish, and by when in order to bring those goals to life.

If you’re a part of Mike Dillard Mentoring, you already know that we cover this process in detail so make sure you go back and review the goal-setting episode with David Osborne, how to create a life-changing morning routine with Hal Elrod, and how to create a Vivid Vision for your life and your business with Cameron Herold.

If you watch and implement these three lessons this week, you will be unstoppable in 2020.

If you don’t, you’re likely going to repeat 2019 all over again.

And if you aren’t a Member of MikeDillardMentoring yet, make sure you jump on the waiting list over at It is an unprecedented opportunity to get an entire year of weekly mentoring from myself, and an all-star cast of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

We’ll be opening up registration to new students on January 1st.

Now with that being said, we’re going to end up the year talking about one of the most important topics in the world for entrepreneurs…

How to get more traffic, more leads, and more sales in 2020, and to help us do that, we’re joined by one of the best online marketers in the world, my friend Vince Reed.

Vince has an incredible rags to riches story that you’re going to hear today, and if you’ve ever been to the annual Traffic and Conversion event, you’ve probably seen him speak from stage, sharing his incredible knowledge when it comes to this important and fascinating topic.

If you want to find out how Vince and I are going to build our businesses, produce more leads, and generate more customers in 2020, this episode is going to tell you how.

Resources: Follow Vince on YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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Dec 26 2019



Rank #14: Billionaire Founder of Activision Games Talks About The Future of Crypto… with Howard Marks

Podcast cover
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Today we have the incredible opportunity to talk to the Billionaire Founder of Activision and Blizzard games, Howard Marks.

Howard purchased Activision games way back in 1991, and has grown it into the multi-billion dollar publishing company behind Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

Today, he is also diving headfirst into the crypto industry through his latest company,

StartEngine is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to raise money through the crowd, by offering real equity in their business.

Today, Howard and Startengine are also on the cutting edge when it comes to crypto-assets, and it’s one of the first platforms in the world that’s helping entrepreneurs launch STO’s which stand for Security Token Offerings.

These are legally compliant security tokens that represent real ownership and equity in a crypto company.

As I’ve mentioned before, security tokens will be one of the biggest ways that crypto will change the world because they’ll allow us to tokenize any business, instead of just that can afford to go public.

But what I loved most about this interview, was the chance to talk to Howard about the changes that crypto will bring to the gaming industry.

As you’ll hear, we’ve both seen the writing on the wall, and that digital objects of value secured on the blockchain, will completely revolutionize the gaming industry in the years to come.

This is an absolutely incredibly opportunity to learn about this new industry from one of the leaders in the space.

With that being said, I would encourage you to consider putting a small amount of money into the crypto market now, and in the weeks and months to come.

As of today, the market is down 80% from it’s all time high a year ago, so if you want to buy low and sell high, now is the time to start building your positions in these assets.

If you need help learning how to do that, head over to today.

I’ve put together a brand new Master Class that will teach you everything you need to know to buy and safely store crypto, and the best part, is that I’m going to give you access to my personal portfolio as a free bonus.

If you don’t know where to start, or which assets to invest in, my portfolio will save you a ton of time and research.

So head to now to learn more, and please note that registration for this Master Class will close this Thursday night, on January 10th.

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Jan 08 2019



Rank #15: How To Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It…

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Today I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to someone incredibly dear to me… My friend Kamal Ravikant.

Kamal and I met at an event in Austin about two years ago and he has become a friend, a colleague, and a mentor, not because of what he has accomplished as an entrepreneur, (which is substantial), but because of what he has overcome, and how he chose to face those challenges.

Every business owner will go through their long dark night of the soul… An event or period in their life when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. A time that breaks your spirit, and that even can destroy you identity.

During that period, everything you hold dear will be stripped away from you.

Your business, your money, your security, your confidence, and your self-worth. In fact the only thing you’ll have left,is the reflection staring back at you in the mirror.

It’s not the event or what went wrong that will define you, but what you choose to do in the moment, staring at yourself in the mirror, will.

This is exactly where Kamal found himself, stripped, broken, and ready to end it all.

And in that moment, he realized that there was one simple thing he could do to save himself, and turn it all around…

And that was to simply learn how to love himself… Truly, and genuinely, for the very first time in his life.

If you are depressed, unhappy, frustrated, angry, suicidal, or lost…

There is a way back, and you’re about to discover it.

I cannot think of a more valuable or powerful form of transformation than learning how to love yourself, so without further ado, please help me welcome Kamal Ravikant.


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It Follow Kamal on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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Jan 03 2020



Rank #16: How To Create Powerful Online Communities With Jono Bacon

Podcast cover
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The concept of community has made a dramatic shift over the past two months, hasn’t it?

The sense of community we’d normally experience at work, or school, or simply going to the grocery store, or eating at a restaurant has been taken away.

And they’ve been replaced with online communities.

Work meetings have moved from boardrooms to zoom rooms.

In many ways, as an online entrepreneur, things are largely the same. I still have a 20 foot commute to work every morning, and I still conduct business with my virtual team… Well virtually…

But here’s what has changed…

Micro communities have popped up online, and these communities are largely determined by your current mindset, mental state, goals, and sources of media consumption…

For example, I’m in two private groups on WhatsApp…

One group consists of entrepreneurs like Eben Pagan, Annie Lalla, Marie Forleo, Joe Polish, John Lee Dumas, Dean Gaziosi, etc… This group is focused on two things… Making sure everyone’s businesses are holding up, and the second, finding a way to help and serve the rest of society.

The second group consists of friends of mine who have been through market crashes before, who have contacts in the military, and who are making sure everyone’s covered should a worst-case scenario take place.

And then there’s a third group, which I’ll simply refer to as Facebook and the 3,500 friends I’m connected to on there.

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed has become an absolute dumpster fire.

It’s a full-on sewer pipe straight into the brain right now.

Blame, finger-pointing, victim-hood, conspiracy theories, dispresect… All lead people to the same destination…

A place filled with fear, disconnection, anger, frustration, trauma, and failure.

You cannot think creatively when you’re looking at a virtual car wreck all day. You cannot lead, motivate, or inspire your team. You cannot solve your problems, create solutions, or wake up feeling empowered.

Ultimately, your tribe will determine your destination, and after observing these different dynamics for the past two months, it’s become extremely clear to me that another option is needed.

We all know the saying that you will get the results of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

Well I want you to take a long hard look at who you’re spending your time around online, and on Netflix.

Are you rummaging around in Facebook dumpster fire because you don’t know where else to go?

Are you poisoning your mind with garbage like Tiger King every night?

Yep, I watched it. On one hand it’s another car wreck you can’t look away from. And on the other, I felt like I’d just eaten a rotten meal that just poisoned my body.

The most valuable asset you have right now is your brain, and your brain is a sponge that will soak up everything you expose it to, for better or worse.

So I decided to create a new community. Something that was private and off of Facebook.

It’s called Revvenue Mastermind, and the goal or Revvenue is simple…

Over 100 A-players like the Founder of Sam Cart, two real estate billionaires… Two social media titans that run the campaigns for Brendon Bruchard and Russell Brunson, the best Facebook ad experts in the industry, the best YouTube ad agency owners, Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA, the best funnel builders, the best mindset coaches, and more…

Have all joined Revvenue in the last 48 hours for two primary reasons…

They want to be a part of a healthy community, and they want to surround themselves with other people who are focused on coming out of this situation bigger, better, wiser, and wealthier than before.

There’s no talk about a virus in the group. There’s no finger pointing, politics, or blame. And there’s no conspiracy theories or negativity allowed.

Every week, we jump on a live zoom call together as a group, and we solve your problems, we provide each other with support and ideas, and we share valuable connections, resources.

This is a community that improves your life, in every single way, and it’s the most valuable asset you can access right now.

If you’re listening to this podcast and if you’d like to join the group, just head to Revvenue is spelled with two V’s because our goal here is to rev up everyone’s revvenue so you can keep your bills paid, your employees paid, and the economy turning.

There’s even a way you can turn Revvenue into your very own income stream, and you can learn more about that as well at

If you’d like to join, there’s a nominal fee that we’re using to cover the costs of running the group, and to support several charities that are providing food and shelter for people who can’t afford to take care of themselves right now.

Right now until this Saturday, you can get a 33% discount off the normal price we’ll be charging moving forward, so make sure you head to to learn more ASAP.

Now with that being said, we have a special guest on the show today who happens to be the world’s foremost expert on building communities.

His name is Jono Bacon.

Jono helps companies build healthy and thriving communities and cultures. He’s previously served as the Director of Community at Github, Canonical, and XPrize.

His clients include Intel, Google, Sony, Deutsche Bank, Santander, and Hacker One.

He is the author of a brand new book called, “People Powered - How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, And Teams.”

If you lead a community of any kind, or if you see the value in starting one right now, you’re about to learn how to do that from the foremost expert in the world.

And yes, he’s also a Member of the Revvenue Mastermind.

Please welcome, Jono Bacon.

Resources: Follow Jono on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Teams


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Apr 16 2020



Rank #17: How To Make Millions Speaking From Stage With Pete Vargas

Podcast cover
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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a gentleman named Pete Vargas, and it turns out that over the past few years, Pete has become the go-to guy when it comes to anything and everything related to speaking from any kind of stage or platform…

If you want to know how to craft an amazing talk that can move an audience...

If you want to know how to craft an irresistible but casual, no pressure offer that can literally produce millions of dollars in sales in a single day... And if you want to learn how to get paid to speak from stages around the world, then Pete is your guy.

And just to clarify, when Pete and I talk about speaking from stage, that includes speaking from an actual stage with a live audience, as well as speaking on a podcast, or a webinar.

Well after he finished sharing a few stories with me about his work and what his clients have accomplished, I realized that I have been missing out on a massive, massive opportunity to make an impact, and grow my business.

I’ve always known there were opportunities when it came to speaking, but I had no idea how big those opportunities were.

In fact, a month later I flew out to Wisconsin and spent two days learning how to craft the perfect talk from Pete and his team, and it was just an incredible experience.

Now personally, here’s why I’m making stages a huge priority for my business next year…

It’s the best possible way to make an impact and build rapport with an audience.

There’s no competition… You have a captive audience who’s there to hear your message, and if you decide to make an offer at the end of your talk, people tend to buy.

And finally, it’s a consistent way to acquire new customers without having to worry about Facebook or Google’s algorithm.

Stages have always been around, and will continue to be around no matter what happens on the tech side.

Thankfully Pete was recently back in Austin for another business visit, so I invited him over the house to record this amazing interview so he can share his wisdom with you.

Next year I’m going to start speaking from all kinds of stages, both real and virtual, and I think you’re going to want to do the same by the time you finish this incredible interview with Pete Vargas.

You can also download his free training materials at


Why Stages Workshop


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Oct 23 2019



Rank #18: How To 10X Your Business with Data And Dashboards... with AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell

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If you’re going to build an online business these days, you must have access to clear and accurate data.

You need to know what activities are producing a return on your investment.

You need to know who’s buying your products, and where they’re coming from.

You need to know what your customers are worth over time.

And this data needs to be accurate.

Without it, you’re flying blind, and as you’ll learn today, getting a solid data foundation in place is easier said than done.

Thankfully, we’re joined by AJ Yager, and Meaghan Connell today, and they own one of the fastest growing data companies in the world for small to medium business owners, PraxisMetrics.

They help create easy to understand, and accurate data dashboard for companies large and small, and in fact, their current list of clients includes Organifi. Black Rifle Coffee,, and Self Made Man.

As a business owner, I need to know what’s happening in my business.

I need to know that data is accurate so that I can make the right decisions based on what I’m seeing.

I need to pull in and consolidate data from various sources into one dashboard, and I need it to be simple and easy to understand.

A few years ago, these capabilities were only available to extremely large companies who could afford to hire a full-time data analyst, but today, Praxis is providing small 6 and 7 figure businesses with these abilities for a fraction of the price.

So if this is an area of your business that you know you need help with, you’re in for an extremely valuable episode today.

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Jan 17 2019



Rank #19: Inside a $17 Million Per Year Membership Business...With Brooke Castillo

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If you are interested in creating a monthly membership business, or if you currently have one, this podcast could be worth millions to you.

Today we’re joined by my friend Brooke Castillo, who’s the founder of, and holy smokes does she have one hell of a story…

Over the past few years, Brooke has gone from a place of debilitating depression, to building an online membership business that did $17 Million per year in revenue in 2018.

This year, she’s on track to do $25 million, and get this…

She intentionally works less than 3 days per week.

So how’d she do it?

Well your about to find out as Brooke opens up the curtain, and walks us through all of the private details of her business in complete transparency.

This is by-far-and-away, one of the most valuable interviews we’ve ever had here on the show, so get ready to take some notes.

With that being said, if you would like to start a business like Brooke’s, where you can package and sell your knowledge, or the knowledge of other experts, make sure you head to and checkout the Knowledge Blueprint course that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are offering this week.

I purchased the course a few days ago myself, and I can honestly say, that it’s one of, if not the best course on how to create an information business that I’ve ever seen.


Because you get the critical mindset piece from Tony Robbins that’s often missing from these kinds of programs, and you get to learn from one of the best marketers in the world, Dean Graziosi, on how to sell your product once it’s created.

I’ve made over $60 million selling my knowledge over the past 12 years, so I should know this stuff backwards and forwards, but I have to say… I was taking notes from these two guys like I was a just getting started all over again.

It really is that good, but registration closes on May 13th, so head to if you’d like to join myself, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Brooke Castillo as a modern day teacher who has achieved financial freedom by simply helping other people solve their problems in life.

This program is designed for complete beginners and veterans like myself, and it’s absolutely phenomenal.

Now without further ado, please help me welcome, Brooke Castillo.

Resources: The Life Coach School Podcast


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May 08 2019

1hr 4mins