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A new weekly podcast series with Myself (ChuckieOnline) and Poet talking about any and everything. Basically a counseling session.

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Wired Less!

Wireless Festival - one of the biggest musical festivals in the country - has just gone but after that weekend Chuckie believes that the live performances from artists are below average. Agree? Also, a little review on Drakes 'Behind Bars' with Link Up Tv#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@SavageDan_10@MangaStHilareYoutube.com/ChuckieOnline

1hr 29mins

12 Jul 2018

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HALFCAST PODCAST: Do You Agree with Interracial Dating

This one is a deeeeeeeeeep one. Loads of people requesting to talk about interracial relationships. This conversation came off the back of a man named Dr.Umar saying that a certain black man who had married a white woman was a mistake. Below were some of the questions raised:- Why do so much black men date outside there race?- Does dating outside your race cause more problems then good?- Can a white women understand or empathise with their black boyfriend (husbands) struggle?- Are black women more angry?#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnlneSavage DanGuests: @CraigxMitch / @Ayishat_Akanbi / @SnipsTweets / @ZezeMillz

1hr 51mins

13 Jul 2017

Rank #2

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Is Love Blind Tho???

Netflix provided the greatest shittest tv of all time with 'Love Is Blind' - a game where a bunch of men and women go on blind dates, propose to each other, go on holiday, live together and then potentially get married.....all within 2 months (if that). We discuss the talking points in detail.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@Tolly_T

2hr 15mins

8 Mar 2020

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HALFCAST PODCAST: The Angry Black Woman

Why don't feminist keep the same energy with Kim Kardashian? What was the issue with her hair? Why does the 'Angry Black Woman' stereotype still exist today? Should SteffLon Don own her tweet from the past (If she said it)? Was Not3 showing a lack of support to black woman over the Mabel situation??? Today was a deep one.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnlineSavage DanGuests: @SianAnderson & @NadiaJaeInsta: @HalfcastPodYouTube.com/ChuckieOnline

1hr 23mins

1 Feb 2018

Rank #4

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It started off with Dot Rotten in the battle field by himself and as it stands right now, Wiley & Stormzy are going at each other. Both have dropped two diss records / war dubs. Who's winning? Also, Is "Suck You Mum" in a clash going too far??#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUK

1hr 19mins

9 Jan 2020

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Afro Child!

Poet & David Vujanic are now 100% self-employed - They discuss why. Poet talks on his Gasworks interview with African Child. We discuss who is possibly the most under rated UK artist right now and the success of Afro Nation. Plus more. Enjoy!#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUK@DavidVujanic@MilageUK@Skitsbtrapstar

1hr 57mins

7 Aug 2019

Rank #6

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SPOILER ALERT ::: IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED 'TOP BOY' BUT PLAN TO, SKIP THIS EPISODE UNTIL YOU HAVE. However, if you have....lets talks about it. The review of the long awaited 3rd season of Top Boy.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@JulieAdenuga@CraigxMitch@DjSlickUK

1hr 43mins

26 Sep 2019

Rank #7

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Chocolate F#@kery!

In the past we've had conversations about R.Kelly and the dark cloud that hovers around him. A new documentary recently came out called 'Surviving R.Kelly' which put more light on the sexual abuse he seems to be putting young girls & women through. We discuss it. Also, a few stories around our New Years.

1hr 50mins

9 Jan 2019

Rank #8

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Wretch 32 is special guest this episode and with his new album entitled 'Upon Reflection' dropping, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on his career and figure where he's at in life right now. But first discuss why we're happy to hear Cashtastic's back in England after being removed and sent to Jamaica, plus question why some artists are not walking with security.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnlineGuest: @Wretch32

2hr 1min

22 Oct 2019

Rank #9

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HALFCAST PODCAST: They Didn't Get It! Guest: Giggs

This is a special one. We had Giggs come sit with us and he talked everything from More Life backlash, Wamp2Dem, not having the information on what was achievable, never compromising + plus alot more#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKGuest: @OfficialGiggsInsta: @HalfcastPodYouTube.com/ChuckieOnline

1hr 47mins

26 Oct 2017

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Wild Thoughts

Just a few wild thoughts:Salute to Prodigy from Mobb Deep.First thoughts on Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled.?What would a Dizzee and Wiley clash sound like?#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUK

1hr 6mins

22 Jun 2017

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HALFCAST PODCAST: Chris & Kem? Wowowo!

Chris & Kem has a new single out called 'Little Bit Leave It' which is a phrase from Lethal B. Is it a culture jack move? Should they of given Lethal B the heads up?What you think of Krept & Konan's new release 'wowowo'? Too americanised?Why Dizzee has a right to be pissed off#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage DanInsta: HalfcastPodYoutube.com/ChuckieOnline


5 Oct 2017

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HALFCAST PODCAST: H&M - Humans & Monkeys

H&M released a new clothing campaign and within that campaign a picture of a black boy wearing a T-Shirt saying "Coolest Money In The Jungle" surfaced. People are upset. Fake outrage or nah?Plus, would you date a transgender?HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage DanInsta: HalfcastPodYouTube.com/ChuckieOnline

1hr 43mins

11 Jan 2018

Rank #13

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Chicken Shop Fears!

Recently Giggs took offense to a comment made about UK Rappers not supporting grass roots platforms by black women. Was he right to be offended or does that statement hold some weight? But first, we discuss...'12 Fears Men Never Talk About'.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@Savage_Dan_Guests: @DJSlickUK / @MaddersTiffInsta: HalfcastPodYoutube.com/ChuckieOnline

2hr 12mins

15 Aug 2018

Rank #14

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Can white people make black jokes? Do black people get a pass when it comes to making white jokes? Is so, why? Also, we discuss the Anti Knife campaign which involves a chicken box, Notting Hill Carnival and Anthony Joshua's attitude change. Enjoy!#HalfcastPodast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUK@SavageDan10

1hr 52mins

22 Aug 2019

Rank #15

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HALFCAST PODCAST: What Is A Disrespectful Compliment?

Long time friend Maya Jama joins the us for a quick vibes.* Uck Queen goes on tour?* Maya talks about being called 'Pretty for a Somalian'* Most people who commit crimes in central are black wearing gangster clothing???? That was a police officer said is fact!#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKGuest: @MayaJama

1hr 28mins

19 Jan 2017

Rank #16

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Does all of rapper 6ix9ine's actions make him a 100% troll or was some of his actions outside out trolling?#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUk

1hr 3mins

5 Oct 2019

Rank #17

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HALFCAST PODCAST: Where Do You Draw The Line?

At what point would you stop listening to someones music? What type of crime would they have to commit for you to stop listening to them??Is there a lack of women at wireless? +More#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetCornerUKSavage DanInsta: HalfcastPodcastYoutube.com/ChuckieOnline

1hr 33mins

25 Jan 2018

Rank #18

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Santan Brit!!

Too many things to discuss this week. Pop Smokes passing, whether or not people idealise drug addicts, Sneakbo finding Dot Rotten, Wiley vs Stormzy (AGAIN) and Santan Dave's performance at the Brit Awards.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@SavageDan10@CraigxMitch

1hr 45mins

20 Feb 2020

Rank #19

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No Camera's, Just Love & A&R's

A&R Director Alec Boateng joins Chuckie & Savage Dan to discuss singing Stormzy, talks whether instinct still plays a roll in industry buildings and misconceptions of the role he plays.Plus....Why are people more quick to take their phone out and record instead of help? And, is love realistic in 2018?#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnlineSavage DanGuest: Alec BoatengYoutube.com/ChuckieOnline

1hr 59mins

21 Jun 2018

Rank #20