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FernDog149: 6 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Listen

Many people are frustrated and angry at their dogs because they “just don’t listen.” This common problem is usually less about the dog and more about the situation we put them in. In this episode, I’ll show you your dog’s perspective and explain exactly why your dog isn’t as compliant as you like and then show you the ways you can change things and get your dog to take more direction on a regular basis. In this episode 2:11  Expecting the wrong thing 4:15  Practice matters 6:42  Reassessing your expectations 9:35  Is energy killing you 12:00  Your outer environment 14:50  Assessing and improving your relationship


6 Jun 2018

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GDA82: Training While Walking Your Dog

You’ve heard me go on and on about how important walking your dog is but did you know that you can use your walks as training opportunities? Oh yes – working on some training with your dog while going for a walk is a great way to get some better leash manners from your dog, increase your communication and make your stroll more of a team activity. This episode will get you set up on how to use your walks as partial training sessions, and the following 2 episodes (GDA83 and GDA84) will guide you through your walk. In this episode 1:10  Why the walk is so important 1:55  Defining the walk 3:23  Mix it up 4:01  Who’s walk agenda are you on? 5:59  Intro to the Walk n’ Train Trax 8:07  Setting expectations 11:00 Equipment needed Links Wooftrax app


16 Sep 2015

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FernDog148: Understanding The Dog You Have

So many people are frustrated with their dog’s behavior when the dog is just being himself. It’s not that they want to misbehave, it’s that they are just acting according to their personality characteristics. In this episode, we’ll explore how you can better understand where your dog is coming from so you can finally see your dog for who he really is and create a better world for the both of you. In this episode 1:59  My upcoming speaking engagements 4:58  The role of breed 7:00  Personality first 10:03  Different dogs, different experience 13:24  Using training 15:50  Creating a happy balance Links World Dog Expo


23 May 2018

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FernDog150: How To Achieve More Success As A Dog Trainer

DOGBIZ SERIES – This episode is for all my dog trainer friends. We’ll discuss 7 keys to having a successful, long term business as a dog trainer. I’ll share with you some of the things that I’ve done to grow my business over the last ten years to give you some new things to try for yourself to have more success. In this episode 0:50  Why I’m doing dog business episodes 2:28  How I started out 5:08  Get smart 8:20  Learning the business side of things 12:20  The dangers of being a “dog person” 14:44  Casting judgement 20:04  Developing the right relationships 22:38  We’re all on the same team Links Free guide: 5 Quick & Simple Ways To Promote Your Dog Training Business


13 Jun 2018

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FernDog140: Balancing Your Dog’s Needs With Your Busy Life


18 Jul 2017

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FernDog120: Teaching Your Dog To Walk Off Leash


2 Aug 2016

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GDA61: Dealing with Leash Reactivity

By far the most common thing people hire me for is dogs that are reactive to other dog while on leash. To us it seems strange that our lovable dog would act so grumpy toward another pooch, but it’s actually quite common. When we put restraints (leash) on our dogs we change natural behavior and introduce tension into our dogs. And tension is never a good thing. Leash reactivity is caused by a variety of factors and understanding both the cause and the ideal treatment plan is the best way to help it improve. In this episode we’ll discuss what’s going on with leash reactive dogs and go over how you can work with them to change their behavior pattern. In this episode  1:20  5 causes of leash reactivity 2:30  What to do if your dog has a bad experience with another dog 4:15  Genetic factors 4:46  How fenced in yards can increase reactivity 7:19  Balancing treatment and management 10:12  Changing your dog’s state of mind 12:09  How repetitions leads to bad habits 14:00  Finding your dogs threshold of tolerance 18:54  The power of a pack walk 22:47  Working in the environment 25:32  Experiment with some training leashes/collars 30:34  How our energy can affect our dog’s Links Blog post: Take That Mailman Subscribe To The Show And get the Great Dog Gear Guide free.  Yes - Subscribe Me No worries, I'll protect your email with a pack of wild Chihuahuas


18 Feb 2015

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FernDog125: 7 Things You Think Are Good For Your Dog But Are Bad


26 Oct 2016

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FernDog114: The 3 Musts of Having a Great Dog


1 Jun 2016

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FernDog139: 7 Things That Dog People Do That Piss Me Off


11 Jul 2017

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GDA70: How To Stop Jumping

Let’s face it, just about everyone has a problem with their dog jumping up on people in the beginning. It’s because dogs love us and are very excitable, which is understandable, however it doesn’t make it any less annoying. The problem is that many people are actually rewarding the jumping instead of discouraging it. In this episode I’ll show you how you can easily get your dog to keep his paws on the floor. In this episode 1:00  My online Basic Obedience & Manners class 3:52  Your dog’s perspective on jumping 4:40  Easiest way to get rid of jumping 6:19  Dog training mojo 7:38  Make people a calm trigger 8:45  What to do for strangers 9:26  Training an alternate behavior


15 May 2015

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FernDog146: Why I Don’t Like Fenced In Yards

This may shock a lot of people out there but I believe that having a fenced in yard increased the chances of behavior issues and I actually don’t like them for dogs if used improperly. I know that’s hard to understand, considering almost every other dog “authority” says that a fenced in yard is a plus for having a dog. Take a listen to my reasons and you just might find yourself rethinking that fenced in yard of yours. In this episode 1:32  Pointing the figure at rescues 4:42  Exercise? . . . no 6:24  Dogs will be dogs – always 7:58  The repetitions will hurt you 10:30  My encounter with an “undomesticated” dog 12:00  The one thing you NEED to do but don’t if you have a fenced in yard 13:51  Call I got that proves it all 16:44  My plea for rescues


2 May 2018

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GDA77: Mouthy Dogs & Leash Biters

So you’ve got a good dog, but . . . He’s a bit rambunctious, likes to play rough and bite the leash like it’s a game of tug of war. This behavior seems innocent enough at first but gets old real fast and is something you need to be addressed. I’ll explain why your crazy dog does what he does and what you need to do to save your hands from bruises and your leashes intact. In this episode  0:57  Enjoy your dog today 3:40  Why dog’s are mouthy 4:13  Always think of the big picture 6:45  Rules of play 9:55  Begin treating leash biting before you leave the house 11:35  Why dogs like to bite the leash 12:40  Your dog’s “sweet spot” 15:01  Making your walk a training exercise This episode is sponsored by 4Knines: high quality car seat and cargo covers for your vehicle. www.4knines.com GDA SPECIAL: use this coupon code at checkout and get 10% OFF your purchase: ADVENTUR


13 Aug 2015

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GDA112: How To Exercise Your Dog Passively


17 May 2016

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FernDog132: Territorial Dogs


15 May 2017

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GDA89: How To Speak Dog

The big problem between dogs and people is that we are speaking two very different languages and neither of us is really understanding the other. As humans, we rely on verbal methods of communication, whereas our canine companions are non verbal. So we both keep talking but very little of our messages are being received as intended. Now I know your dog is smart and can make many word associations, however he’ll never learn the language of English. So it’s up to us to bridge the gap and learn how to speak in our dog’s language. The good news is that it’s not the hard if you learn how. And that’s what I’ll be teaching you right here. In this episode 0:49  All of Fern’s Spanish 1:40  Three cheers for 4Knines.com 4:01  The problem between people and dogs 4:49  Does yelling work? 6:42  Can dogs sense fear? 10:30  The impact of eye contact 13:33  How you can use physical presence 14:40  How much discipline is necessary 16:57  The best way to communicate with an anxious dog 18:00 Think like a dog This episode is sponsored by 4Knines: high quality car seat and cargo covers for your vehicle. www.4knines.com GDA SPECIAL: use this coupon code at checkout and get 10% OFF your purchase: ADVENTUR


20 Oct 2015

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GDA108: Dog Training For Busy People


5 Apr 2016

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GDA87: The Right Way To Play with Your Dog

Do you know how to play with your dog? Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? Well if you’re just letting your dog run around like a crazy dog you could be setting yourself up for some behavior problems. In this week’s podcast I’ll go over the smart way to play with your dog so that your pooch will be well mannered at playtime and other times as well. In this episode 0:57  My new website! 3:20  This is all Victoria Stilwell’s doing 5:50  How to most people play with their dog (that’s not helpful to you or your dog) 7:21  Play, the great reward 9:35  The rules of play 10:15  My one big rule for play 11:42  Who’s idea is it? 13:30  Watch the energy 15:54  Using training in play 17:34  Tug of war – good or bad? Links My new website This episode is sponsored by 4Knines: high quality car seat and cargo covers for your vehicle. www.4knines.com GDA SPECIAL: use this coupon code at checkout and get 10% OFF your purchase: ADVENTUR


7 Oct 2015

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FernDog124: Teaching Your Dog To Wait


18 Oct 2016

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GDA58: Proper Puppy Socialization

Lack of socialization is an epidemic and one of biggest causes of behavioral issues in adult dogs, and most people have no idea how to properly socialize their new puppies. Combine that with the multitude of misinformation online and from some trusted professionals it’s no surprise that there is so much confusion as to what is the best and safest way to socialize. Socialization should start early and is very time sensitive. In this episode you’ll find out exactly where those pups should be socialized and how every dog’s plan for socialization differs. In this episode you’ll learn: When is the right time to begin socialization What exactly do we need to be exposing puppies to How long should socialization continue The myths of puppy socialization Links: Operation Socialization Socialization Myths Behavioral Vaccinations for Your Puppy Expert interviews on Socialization Subscribe To The Show And get the Great Dog Gear Guide free.  Yes - Subscribe Me No worries, I'll protect your email with a pack of wild Chihuahuas


28 Jan 2015

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