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Qawwali Music with Asif Ali Khan Ensemble

Asif Ali Khan is Pakistan's reigning prince of Qawwali music. His distinctive style of this form of Sufi devotional music, dating back 700 years, is characterized by full-throated vocals and energetic rhythms.

29 Apr 2014

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Summer of 2013: A Focus on Egypt and Turkey

This event was a panel discussion including Amr Adly, Ayça Alemdaroglu, Alexander Key, and Kabir Tambar on the popular protests and recent political developments in Egypt and Turkey.

10 Mar 2014

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Protest Soundscapes in the Middle East

This talk will explore the Tahrir and Gezi Park protests in light of some recent thinking about crowds and social movements.


14 Feb 2014

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Redefining Islamicate Knowledge

In this session of the workshop series, "Literary Cultures of Muslim South Asia", Audrey Truschke discusses Abu al-Fazl's Persian account of Indian learning


13 Feb 2014

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Local Poets, Regional Rivals

In this session of the workshop series, "Literary Cultures of Muslim South Asia", Kevin Schwartz discusses Tazkira writing on the periphery of the 19th century Persiauate world.


13 Feb 2014

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Women's Empowerment in the Xian Muslim District, China

The talk explores women's empowerment among Chinese Muslims (Hui) living in Xian, China. The speaker evaluates structural, agentive and affective dimensions of women's empowerment based on nearly two decades of research in Xian. (5/23/13)


26 Aug 2013

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Islam on the Silk Road

Johan Elverskog gives a talk to problematize the preconceived image that Islam is bad and violent, while Buddhism is good and peaceful. (April 26, 2012)


21 Dec 2012

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We the People: Faith and Democracy

The panel focuses on the historical, philosophical, and theological links between democracy, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. (April 12, 2012)

1hr 20mins

20 Dec 2012

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The Unripe Fruits of Rapprochement: Greek- Turkish Relations and the Cyprus Question in the Post Helsinki Era

Ioannis Grigoriadis presents an overview of Greek-Turkish rapprochement since December 1999. He discusses many of the intricacies surrounding Greece's relationship with the country of Turkey. (April 9, 2012)


20 Dec 2012

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Migration and State Formation in the Aftermath of the Ottoman Empire

Resat Kasaba identifies different types of migration in the Ottoman Empire, explains the forces that brought the shifts, and describes how these developments affected the status of the Greek population of Anaolia in the early 20th century. (February 15, 2012)


10 Apr 2012

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Incomplete Assimilation Among Muslims in France

David Laitin investigates why Muslim assimilation into French cultural norms is incomplete and provides experimental/survey evidence that reveals the low expected payoffs that Muslim immigrants in France receive for full assimilation. (March 1, 2012)


10 Apr 2012

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Minorities in the Middle East: A Roundtable Discussion

Hillel Cohen leads a roundtable discussion about minority groups in the Middle East. He looks at how they affect the current political, religious, and social graph of the tumultuous area. (January 31, 2012)


3 Apr 2012

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The Legibility of Ritual at the End of Al-Andalus

Seth Kimmel speaks on the transformation of scholarly disciplines in early-modern Iberia. Kimmel explores how the conversion of Iberian Muslims to Christianity in the early 16th century produced a new radically literal approach. (December 8, 2011)


18 Jan 2012

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Musical Geographies of Islam in Europe: Variations on an Andalusi Theme

Charles Hirschkind gives an overview of his research of contemporary Granadan musicians who perform medieval music, and people residing in and around, and passing through granada. (November 17, 2011)


18 Jan 2012

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Emergence of Nationalism in Greece and Turkey: A Comparative Historical Account

Thanos Veramis gives a comparative analysis of the emergence of Turkish and Greek nationalisms that were both influenced by the French post-1870 prototype, yet differ significantly in their foundations. (October 26, 2011)


18 Jan 2012

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