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424-Roasted Carrots w Sesame, ORange & Honey

Here is a quick episode about a simple dish that is still perfect for this time of year as I record in March 2019. It's simple and easy to prepare and vegan for those following that lifestyle. Enjoy...more shows coming soon!! Keith


18 Mar 2019

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276-Making Rustic Barely Kneaded Bread

On today's show I walk you thru the creation of my favorite bread, a rusitic bareley kneaded round loaf that is amazing! Everything about this recipe is terrific....especially the crisp outside texture and the perfect crumb inside. Super easy..just takes some time.


27 Mar 2015

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295-Making Shrimp n Grits with Cheddar Chive Grits and Shrimp Reduction Sauce

On Today's show I discuss how I make shrimp n grits, The grits have cheddar cheese and garden fresh chives along with some roasted red peppers. The shrimp were marinated, then grilled to perfection and placed carefully on the wonderful grits then adorned with a heavenly drizzle of the shrimp reduction sauce.  When done the meal is a feat for the senses. All the elements to a memorable dish lie within this creation.


24 Jun 2015

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389-Making Sauerkraut At Home

Making sauerkraut at home is a simple, fun and rewarding activity. Instead of paying for probiotics that may or may not be working you can eat your own SUPER POWERFUL probiotics contained in sauerkraut. Some laboratory tests have shown that homemade sauerkraut can contain trillions of gut-friendly bacteria in a 4-6 oz serving that is also delicious and versatile. Take it slow at first, eat only an ounce or so the first few days to allow your gut to get used to the superfood. Learn more by visiting Harvest Eating


9 Mar 2018

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201-Thanksgiving University-Bread and Rolls

A little chat on bread and rolls, here are my thoughts on bread with the big meal.


24 Nov 2013

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284-Making Tamales, A Mexican Specialty

On today's show I walk you thu making tamales a classic Mexican dish that is amazingly diverse and incredibly delicious. Tamales are also gluten -free making them safe for Celiacs too. I made some pinto bean and cheese tamales the other night that turned out really nice, see Facebook.com/harvesteating for a photo and visit Harvest Eating.com for the recipe.


5 May 2015

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375-Keto Beef Casserole

Here is a super-simple keto friendly beef casserole. Video for this will be in the Keto Mastery Course at Tasty Education.com


7 Jul 2017

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134-Local Food Movement Gaining Momentum

great news for local food....listen to the latest show


10 Apr 2013

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287-Sesame Ginger Flank Steak w Aspragus Spears-PRAYER REQUEST FOR OMI

On today's show I discuss a rather simple Asian inspired dish that uses fresh spring asparagus; sesame ginger flank steak with asparagus. This is made with a wok and uses common ingredients. We love simple Asian food and this dish is no exception. Check out the video of this recipe at Harvest Eating.com


14 May 2015

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230-Low Carb High Fat Diet

On today's show I will use the D word. I discuss a diet strategy or lifestyle stragey called Low Carb High Fat. Basically limiting the carobohydrat intake to less then 60 grams per day, with no gluten, and eating copius amounts of fats. I choose butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, ample nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans. Also, meat like chicken, beef etc.


9 Jul 2014

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296-Cooking With Fresh Spring Peas-Ideas For A Long Time Subscriber

On today's show I discuss ideas for cooking with fresh spring peas. Unlike canned or frozen peas, which have their place, fresh spring peas are truly luxurious. Rather rare these days, fresh peas are amazing ingredients and a treat to cook with. I mention some very specific ways to cook with peas like a cilantro garlic pea cream sauce served over roasted halibut, curried peas, rosemary garlic peas over pasta and much more.


25 Jun 2015

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169-Mexican Food-Colorado Update and Much More....

In this episode recored outdoors in Colorado I disuss some Mexican food..good and bad....then describe a great dish I made last night. Also, some updates from vacation here in Colorado.


31 Aug 2013

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374-Potato Crusted Lemon Chicken, Bacon, Shallots, Basil

Here is a simple recipe that produces amazing results. Takes less the n30 minutes start to finish. It comes with a jazzy lemon sauce that is bright yet rich...a show stopper! I strongly prefer chicken thighs for this one, chicken breasts are, well....dry! Stick to the tighs but also note I prefer boneless skinless thighs. Get the recipe here.


2 Jun 2017

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200-Thanksgiving University-Brussels Sprouts

In this segment I discuss making a perennial favorite of ours, brussels sprouts in Mornay sauce....YUM


24 Nov 2013

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152-CODE RED-Inflamation

In this episode I share a personal struggle I am having with inflamation and arthitis and what I am trying to do about it. Bread, wheat will be on the choppign block for hte next few weeks minimum.


12 Jun 2013

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397-Don't Burn The Meat

A quick episode today...I want to encourage you all to use indirect cooking for your bbq's. The cost of meat these days is nuts! Why burn or overcook it? Just use the simple indirect cooking method. I have sadly seen so many bbq's go bad in recent years because of people using sticky, sugar-laden marinades and sauces and leaving meat on the direct heat too long. By creating an indirect cooking area on your charcoal or gas grill you can sear and mark your items then finish them to proper desired internal temp without burning them. Here is a good article by Kingsford Charcoal that details this. Love the show? consider becoming a Harvest Eating Insider. Also, try my Harvest Eating premium organic spice blends free...just cover shipping. I hope you enjoy the 4th of July holiday!


3 Jul 2018

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174-Ideas For Cooking WIth Local Fall Apples

In this epsiode I discuss some of my favorite ways of cooking with apples...making apple cider, roasted apples, apple pie, apple tarts and curried apple onion compote. Check it out and share your ideas...


23 Sep 2013

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422-Migas, A Rustic Mexican Breakfast Dish

Today I am discussing Migas, a very rustic dish that Mexican's enjoy with day-old tortillas, eggs, chilis, onion and usually cheese. I find this to be one of my favorite breakfast dishes to splurge on once per month. Not exactly lo-carb! However, extremely satisfying. I love it with Cotija cheese. Cotija is a Hispanic-style cheese named after the town of Cotija in the Mexican state of Michoacán. This hard, crumbly Mexican cheese is made mainly from cow’s milk. This cheese is very flavorful and adds that finishing touch to the dish. Be sure to check out Harvest Eating's Store to get some spices


15 Jan 2019

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166-Whitefish Montana, Crepes and Lots Of Random Thoughts

On today's episode I discuss a recent trip to Whitefish Montana and many other random topics.

1hr 2mins

14 Aug 2013

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338-Thai Spring Rolls

Today I discuss the the light and delicious Thai spring roll. Popular all over Asia, these rice paper wrapped rolls are light, healthy and full of flavor and texture. They can be totally vegan if you leave out the fish sauce.  Making them takes time but you are rewarded with a terrific treat.


20 Apr 2016

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