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The show dedicated to revealing the plays of William Shakespeare as tasty entertainment for today’s hungry audience. Be you actor or observer, this show offers a fresh look at some very old goods.

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56 Difficult to stage effectively

Macbeth- Pre-show. Time to start our series on one of Shakespeare's darkest plays. It's all fun and games until you start slipping around in the gore. She's a witch, by Oland, courtesy of music.mevio.com 1971 Macbeth, directed by Roman Polanski 1979 A Performance of Macbeth, wit Ian McKellen, Judy Dench, and Ian McDiarmid Throne of Blood, by Akira Kurosawa 2010 Macbeth, with Patrick Stewart Watch it on PBS Men of Respect Slings and Arrows Shakespeare Retold Macbett (The Caribbean Macbeth) DOLTS Death Time/Weather/Nature Order the need of order is ever present Love or close cousins: Jealousy & Hatred Transformation high to low, low to high, hero to tragic figure, etc. Sovereignty Who owns me: my destiny, my body, my property, my virginity, etc.


6 May 2011

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196 Report of Naughty Persons

Henry VI part 2 – Act II Scene 1  King Henry and Queen Margaret, accompanied by quarreling nobles, are hawking in St. Albans when they encounter a miracle.


29 Nov 2019

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202 The Crown Undone

Henry VI part 3 – Act I Scene 1  To avoid further bloodshed, King Henry makes a desperate proclamation. I’m not not sure the Queen will agree. Chart of the Roses

1hr 14mins

1 Jul 2020

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12 O, loving hate

It’s act III, and everything is about to change. Spoiler alert: not everyone will make it out alive. Some of the music provided in this show, comes from http://music.mevio.com


22 Sep 2009

Rank #4

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05 It's the mercutio Show!

We're into Act I scene 4, and it's all about Mercutio. Forget Romeo and Juliet, this is the man of the hour. He's a bit raunchy, but you got to love him. otherwise he might not go away...


21 Jan 2009

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22 Cue the ghost

Hamlet 1.1 - we begin at midnight, in the cold… and already there is trouble in the air.


10 Mar 2010

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61 Sleep no more

Macbeth 2.1-2.2 – Darkness, screeching owls, daggers of the mind, and unseen voices in the night can only mean one thing: So long Duncan, we hardly knew you. You Can Never Hold Back Spring, by Tom Waits, courtesy of music.mevio.com Macbeth: A Novel Caliban’s Hour King Hereafter (Dorothy Dunnett) Lady Macbeth (Susan Fraser King) My Lady Glamis (Pamela Hill)


15 Jul 2011

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201 The White Rose Unveiled

Henry VI part 2 – Act V Scene 1, 2, 3  As York reaches for the crown, Yorkist and Lancastrian allies gather for the coming conflict.  The Comedy of Errors LIVE

1hr 24mins

1 May 2020

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21 Stick it Freud!

We begin our series on Hamlet by letting go of some of the baggage this poor play has had to carry around, while we shed some light on the myth of Hamlet’s mommy issues. Shakespeare Pie by The FuMP, courtesy of http://music.mevio.com


23 Feb 2010

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88 Shaken Not Stirred

1 Henry IV – Pre show/ 1.1 – We prepare for our sixth series, and find good old King Henry IV off to a halting start. Sally Brown, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of music.mevio.com DVD: Henry IV par 1, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Amazon Kultur.com

1hr 6mins

4 Sep 2012

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127 The Balance of Excess

Twelfth Night – Series number nine sheds the enormity of history, in favor of a comedy, where anything goes, as long as it's paid for. Brought to you by, Paul Ammann, Paul Jackson, Jason McDonald, Scott Maxwell, and Philip Hickman. To Each Their Own The Letterpress Shakespeare Stewarty: Twelfth Night Hudson Valley Shakespeare – Twelfth Night, 2008 Twelfth Night (6 Jan. 1969 Twelfth Night (1988 TV movie) Twelfth Night (Russia, 1978) Twelfth Night (1996 movie) Twelfth Night (Globe, 2012) Twelfth Night (PBS’ Live from Lincoln Center, 1998) Twelfth Night (Stratford Festival: Canada, 2011) Stratford Festival

1hr 5mins

6 Oct 2014

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63 Downside of Regicide

Macbeth 3.1-3.2 – Banquo has doubts as the Lord and Lady Macbeth settle into their new life of unease, suspicion, and bad dreams. Another Man's Vine, by Tom Waits, courtesy of music.mevio.com Dedicated to Paul Hernandez

1hr 1min

12 Aug 2011

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23 Welcome to Elsinore!

Hamlet 1.2 - Come meet the new King, his sometime sister-wife, and his chief-courtier-cousin-son, Hamlet.


24 Mar 2010

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128 Lost in Illyria

Twelfth Night – Act 1 scene 1 & 2 – There's heartbreak in Illyria as we meet Duke Orsino and the shipwrecked Viola. Featuring Matt Gordon and Eve Marie Mugar Lioness, by Kesang Marstrand, courtesy of music.mevio.com Shakespeare Project of Chicago The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ


28 Oct 2014

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141 Don't Fear the Lear

King Lear – We begin series number ten with an introduction to Shakespeare's hardcore tragedy about a King and his three daughters. We talk history, Quarto vs.Folio, and breakdown an impossible persona. Peter Brook, Lear Ian Holm, Lear Olivier, Lear PBS RSC 2009, Ian McKellen, Lear 2014 Stratford Festival Lear Globe Lear 2014 First Encounter: RSC King Lear Shakespeare Uncovered: King Lear with Christopher Plummer Sling & Arrows Season 3 Talking Lear: Simon Russell Beale on King Lear King Lear – Nothing will come from nothing Fool, by Christopher Moore PlayShakespeare.com

1hr 12mins

8 Jul 2015

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142 Something From Nothing

King Lear – Act I scene 1 – The King has decided to retire and demands to know which of his daughters loves him the most, as he breaks apart the kingdom. It does not go well. Featuring: Rebecca Gross Ran

1hr 25mins

29 Jul 2015

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89 Hal and the Fat Man

1 Henry IV 1.2 – A round of sack for everyone as we meet our wayward prince, Hal and his dissolute and debauched friend, Sir John Falstaff. Just Cant Drink Any More, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of music.mevio.com Looking for the remains of Richard III – BBC News and  The Telegraph

1hr 1min

17 Sep 2012

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43 Servants of air and earth

The Tempest 1.2b – Behind every great sorcerer, you'll find great servants- enter Ariel, and Caliban. Show me the magic! The Mermaid, by Great Big Sea, courtesy of music.mevio.com


17 Dec 2010

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75 The Lion Rampant

Richard II Act I scene 1-2 – Blood must answer for blood, as Richard tries in vain to tame two of his "leopards", and an old Duchess cries out for vengeance. Dracula, on CraftLit Lions and Leopard (Heraldry)

1hr 5mins

10 Feb 2012

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64 Dead Man's Party

Macbeth 3.3-3.4 – A bloody murder is carried out while Macbeth's grand feast gets underway- hey, who invited the bloody ghost? Zombie Dance Party, by Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion, courtesy of music.mevio.com

1hr 1min

26 Aug 2011

Rank #20