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Trail Runner Nation is devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community - from beginners to the pros! We offer tips and discussion regarding race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more from well-respected members of the trail community.

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Eat to Win with Dr. Phil Maffetone

To reach your athletic potential, Dr. Phil Maffetone shares the secret ingredient is in the kitchen.  Nutrition is the foundation for performance and recovery.   We open his Big Red Book and ask the author to connect his content to the trail.  We discuss protein, fats and carbohydrates as we literally sit at the kitchen table with Dr. Maffetone.  Closing Song by Dr. Phil Maffetone   Title Rosemary https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-all-need/id211046312

1hr 7mins

30 May 2013

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The Diet of the World's Fittest People with Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald (sports nutritionist, writer, athlete, coach) hits another home run with his latest book, "The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 Core Habits of the World's Greatest Athletes to Look, Feel and Perform Better".  (Whew, that was an endurance title).  Matt took the last two years to do in depth with the top endurance athletes from different sports and from around the world. 3 winners of the 33 Shake promotion: 1 Liz Morgan McGarraugh- bagged her goal of 1700 miles in a year, which - rather brilliantly - is 33 miles a week. What an excellent number.  PHOTO 2 Benfitz1.0  - for some great slow-mo trail action videos and an Instagram feed that is, basically, nothing but trail running. Apart from a few posts of trail running injuries…VIDEO  3 Lisa Fogg-Evans - awesome first night time solo trail run, hard core! VIDEO   You can win too.  Just post a photo or video showing how you enjoy the trails and tag it with #fueledby33shake and #inspiredbytrn.  A chance to win 10 satchels of 33 Shake energy gels and a chance to be the first (in the USA) to receive the 33 Shake All-in-one shake.

1hr 14mins

7 Jan 2017

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Curing Folks of Diet Cult Brainwashing - Matt Fitzgerald

"There is no such thing as the One True Way to eat for maximum health.  No diet cult is better than the rest, and a person need not join any diet cult to attain maximum health. An agnostic approach to healthy eating that forbids nothing, smiles upon eating for pleasure, and encourages individual choice can do the job just as well or better" - Matt Fitgerald, Diet Cults Well known sports writer, nutritionist, athlete and trainer, Matt Fitzgerald joins the Nation to discuss how diet cults have taken over our culture, vilified many foods and lead us with fear to join their restrictive diets. This is NOT another diet book, but rather a captivating book that invites us to objectively look at different diets and figure out, through scientific research, what is healthy eating. Links: Free Audible download of "Diet Cults" Purchase the book Link to Matt's previous podcast, "The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel" Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl

1hr 4mins

5 Jun 2014

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EP 472: Ten Things New Trail Runners Should Know

Do you remember your first trail run?  What was the first thing you learned? There are some differences everyone learns when transitioning to the trails.  Andy Jones-Wilkins joins The Nation and we talk about some things we wish we knew including: How to find a trail? What gear do you need? What techniques are different? How can I remain safe? What Etiquette is important to know Here is the article about the Emergency Puffy featured at Cruzet Running by John Anderson AJW's Coaching

1hr 18mins

22 May 2020

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10 Ways You Can Become Mentally Tough with Dr. Duncan Simpson

Wish you were tougher mentally?  Tough enough to achieve some goals that may throw mental or physical road blocks in your way? Dr. Duncan Simpson  is Assistant Professor in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology and is the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology Program.  He joins The Nation to explain how research has uncovered 10 ways you can become mentally tough. Here is our first podcast with : "Getting in Your Head"

1hr 19mins

2 Jun 2016

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Dr. Phil Maffetone was RIGHT all along!

Dr. Phil Maffetone rejoins The Nation to talk about insulin resistance and the addictive properties of sugars. Read his article, "Overfat Pandemic" We also discuss the recent Nike sub 2-hour marathon event and Dr. Phil's "1:59: The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Is Within Reach-Here's How IT Will Go Down, and What it Can Teach All Runners about Training and Racing" Get the Maffetone App HERE Take the 2 Week Test Get a taste of Dr. Maffetone's best articles HERE Phil Maffetone's MUSIC

1hr 17mins

8 Jul 2017

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Dr. Phil Maffetone - Building a Better Athletic Brain

Dr. Maffetone teaches us that the brain's role is often overlooked in training and racing, how to improve brain function through biofeedback stimulation, and how to develop and maintain a better athletic brain. Buy Dr. Phil Maffetone's Big Book of Endurance Training and Running Buy The Big Book of Health and Fitness Previous Podcast with Dr. Maffetone: Speed up by Slowing Down Eat to Win Transcription of Eat to Win Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition Check out the cool headlamps made for trail running at Petzl

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21 Nov 2013

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Author, Nutritionist, endurance athlete and coach, Matt Fitzgerald, joins the Nation to talk about what motivates us and how to train our brain to push our limits to a higher level.  In his new book, "How Bad Do you Want It: Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle", he relates exciting stories of athletes that have pushed beyond their mental limits to achieve extraordinary results.   As Matt relates what recent studies in neuroscience has taught us and how we can incorporate that into our training.  This is all woven into a dozen heart-pounding stories of endurance athletes.

1hr 10mins

9 Oct 2015

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Slow Down for Better Performance and Health with Brad Kearns

Brad Kearns was one of the top professional triathletes for nine years.  During that time, he won 30 titles worldwide including an amazing streak of seven victories in a row.  Brad just returned from the Paleo F(x) conference and chats with The Nation about Balancing of a rigid training plan and listening to your body. Slowing your training down to get more training effect Stress hormones Sleep more Brad's morning smoothie video Brad's cold therapy video Check out the Primal Endurance Podcast The Primal Endurance book Primal Blueprint web site

1hr 24mins

5 May 2018

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David Horton: Professor of Ultrarunning

We met David Horton at the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run.  David Horton is a 5-time finisher of this race and the winner of the first two.  We discuss with him the unique qualities that make this race one of the toughest runs in the world.  David has also completed over 160 ultras, has 40 wins, and many other ambitious running endeavors.  This gives him the authority to teach a class at Liberty University on advanced running.  In fact, they must complete a 50K race to pass the class!  David recently wrote an article in the April 2014 Ultrarunning Magazine, "Your First Ultra - You Can Do It" that offers some suggestions for your first ultra. Some topics: "Do I get to run or do I have to run?" "No discomfort, no gain" philosophy vs. "No Pain, no gain" Check out the Journey Film movie about David Horton's 2700 Pacific Crest Trail run  Here is a VIDEO clip. Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl

1hr 3mins

5 Aug 2014

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Anton Krupicka - Living "In the High Country"

Anton has come off a busy year of running and training culminating in the release of the Joel Wolpert film, "In the High Country".  (A MUST have $15 purchase) Tony talks about: his mountain running life-style and philosophy running form - efficient and quick making the movie his Nolan's 14 adventure running and racing in Europe HERE is the link to the first of three videos about Tony's attempt at Nolan's 14 this summer HERE is the link to one of our favorite videos of Tony running. HERE is the link to his Blog, "Riding the Wind"

1hr 16mins

24 Oct 2013

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Stephanie Howe: Nutrition for losing weight vs. improving fitness

Stephanie Howe, exercise physiologist, North Face elite runner, and coach, discusses nutrition with us.  Stephanie is a coach with Rebound Oregon with Jay Dicharry (his podcast) Diet fads Super foods losing weight vs. improving fitness: how and when to focus on each Fish oils which carbs should you use when training/racing? iRunFar interview with Stephanie Howe after winning Speadgoat 50K on 2 weeks training after and injury. Stephanie's Blog Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition Check out the cool headlamps made for trail running at Petzl

1hr 13mins

26 Sep 2013

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UTMB: The Biggest 100 Miler in the World - Part 1

The Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc (UTMB) has become one of the world's most desired races.  Why? This race series lasts from August 28th - September 3rd (2017) and offers many different race distances with breathtaking views. UTMB veteran and podium finishing Tim Toloffson and Sally McRae join The Nation to discuss this amazing race. Mandatory Gear List Sign up for Tim & Sally's coach, Mario Fraioli's "Morning Shakeout"

1hr 7mins

5 Aug 2017

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Roman Urbina runs with the Tarahumara

Pura vida is a characteristic Costa Rican phrase. It literally means pure life, however, the real meaning is closer to "plenty of life", "full of life", "this is living!", "going great", or "real living" What better way to celebrate Pura Vida and trail running than to take a vacation to Costa Rica and participate in  La Ruta Trail Race, a 50K or 100K of challenging trails. Wanna make it even better? How about inviting some Tarahumara to participate and give some of the entry fees to their struggling tribes. Wanna make it even better?  If you are a TRN member (and let them know), you will get a $100 discount on the race entry! Roman Urbina, a world-class multisport athlete who also puts on the Ruta de Los Conquistadore, a three-day  mountain bike race that goes from the pacific to the atlantic - also named as Time Magazines, "top 10 most difficult endurance races" - has developed a trail race that you will love! The 100K was described by famed Tarahumara, Silvino Cuberase Quimare (From the Novel Born to Run) as "one of the hardest ultras I've done".  It claims 13,000-foot total elevation gain and tropical heat for the first half of the race.  HERE is a fun video that Costa Rica TV produced. If you are interested, please contact Roman and he will even help make arrangements for you, your family, and friends: rurbina@adventurerace.com Get a free audio book download at www.audiblepodcast.com/trn

1hr 13mins

30 Aug 2013

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Ep 440: How to Finish Your Next Race Much Faster with Karl Meltzer

Karl Meltzer just won his record 41st 100-mile race in October at the Cloudsplitter 100- the most of any other person! He joins The Nation with Andy Jones-Wilkins to discuss one way to potentially shave HOURS off your next 100-mile finish. His philosophy: KISS- Keep is Stupid Simple. Trail running is a very simple and primitive sport that we might be making way too complicated and difficult. Making choices in your gear, drop bags, crew, pacing and aid station management can shave hour(s) off your time.  It might make it a more enjoyable experience too. Check out Karl's Coaching Services  Karl's Speadgoat Races AJW's Tap Room AJW's Coaching AJW's Almanac Podcast

1hr 11mins

1 Nov 2019

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Sunny Blende: Carb Burning vs. Fat Burning

What if there was a nutrition training program that is NOT a calorie-deficient diet, NOT low-carb / Atkins-like, NO need to count calories, and requires NO special foods or supplements? Our favorite nutritionist, Sunny Blende, teaches us how to train our metabolism: increase our fat burning enzymes so we can be efficient running machines! Sunny's Metabolic Efficiency article Phil Maffetone's 180-Formula Bob Seebohar's book "Metabolic Efficiency Training" Matt Fitzgerald's book "Racing Weight Cookbook" Vitargo and Ucan Outro Song by DJ A Smooth Other Podcasts with Sunny: Unbreakable review with Sunny Blende Ultrafuel for Ultrarunners - Sunny Blende Fueling for your first Ultra - Sunny Blende Metabolic Efficiency Training with Sunny Blende and Tim Flemming Sunny Blende - Fueling In The Heat "Race Course in Review" by Vasque Running Shoes Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition Check out the cool headlamps made for trail running at Petzl


23 Jan 2014

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Intuitive Training with Courtney Dauwalter

Courtney Dauwalter rejoins The Nation after earning a golden ticket into the 2018 Western States 100.  She has won her last six races and was overall winner at three of those.  She has been the first human to cross the line at 10 of the races she started including a 10 hour buffer between second place at the 2017 Moab 200. Courtney talks about her "old school" method of training which includes a more intuitive focus rather than a specific training program.  Part of this includes consistency and adhering to AJW's "10-minute rule" Previous podcast with Courtney

1hr 5mins

9 Feb 2018

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Karl Meltzer - Race Strategy

Karl Meltzer is the record holder for the most 100-mile trail wins and most 100-mile wins in one season.  He joined the Nation with a studio audience the day before Way Too Cool 50K to discuss his race strategies: How does he break up a 100-mile race How does he alter his training when he is injured How has his training changed over the years His multi-day records and upcoming attempt to break the 2200-mile Appalachian Trail record How is a multi-day race different mentally and physically from a 100-mile race He also talks about Wings For Life World Run coming up on May 4th.  100% of the $50 race fee goes to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Check out this video of Karl's Red Bull Human Express, his 2064-mile Pony Express record run in 2010. Check out our video simulcast HERE "Race Course in Review" by Vasque Running Shoes Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition Check out the cool headlamps made for trail running at Petzl

1hr 4mins

21 Mar 2014

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Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultra Running

Hal Koerner is a champion ultrarunner, shoe store owner, coach, race director, and movie starHal joins The Nation to talk about his newly published book, “Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultra Running” his 2013 Fastest Known Time record on the John Muir Trail with team mate, Mike Wolfe and the newly released Journey Film, “The Long Haul” Most common questions runner ask him in his store How to properly pass on a single track See The Long Haul Trailer #1 & Trailer #2 Read Mike Wolfe’s account of their FKT record HERE Visit Rogue Valley Runners Check out some of Hal’s races: Pine to Palm Lithia Loop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARTNERS OF THE NATIONTake the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl Get 20% off your purchase of INJINJI socks and wearbles by typing in the coupon code "TRNation" at check out (Valid in the USA only) Get $5 off your first purchase at HARRYS by using the promo code "TRN" at check out.

1hr 4mins

18 Dec 2014

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Stress + Rest = Growth - with the 3 Coaches

Ian Sharman, Joe Uhan and Matt Laye return to Trail Runner Nation to play the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down game covering these topics: NSAIDS Cryotherapy Whoop - recovery tracker Foam Rolling Visit College of Idaho with Assistant Professor, Matt Laye Sharman Ultra - Endurance Coaching Uhan Performance

1hr 15mins

19 Aug 2017

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