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Sidney Greats Lectures (1) Lent 2012

The Sidney Greats lecture series is designed to provide introductions to great books and ideas to members - undergraduates, graduates, Fellows and staff - of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, giving them an opportunity to learn and think about ideas in fields other than their own. The introductions are provided by academics, and the speakers are chosen not necessarily because of their particular specialism in the field but because of their ability to communicate the importance of the subject to a general audience. In making these lectures available to the public as podcasts, we very much hope to encourage a wider audience to embark on their own explorations of these subjects.

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Prof. Adrian Poole on the Homeric Poems

Prof. Adrian Poole, of Trinity College and the Faculty of English, introduces Homer's 'Iliad'.


20 Mar 2012

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Dr Tim Lewens on Darwin

Dr Tim Lewens, of Clare College and the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, reflects on Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species' and its relationship to modern Darwinism.


20 Mar 2012

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Dr Patricia Fara on Newton

Dr Patricia Fara, Fellow in History and Philosophy of Science at Clare College, introduces the life and thought of Sir Isaac Newton, placing his great 'Principia Mathematica' in context.


20 Mar 2012

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Clive Wilmer on Dante's 'Divine Comedy'

Clive Wilmer, a Fellow in English as well as a poet, introduces and reflects upon Dante's 'Divina Commedia', focusing particularly on the first part, 'Inferno'.

1hr 6mins

20 Mar 2012

Rank #4

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Dr Edward Wilson-Lee on The Bible

Dr Edward Wilson-Lee, a Fellow in English, provides a guided tour to the contents of the Bible and reflects on some of the narrative and rhetorical forms we have inherited from it. Owing to a technical glitch, this talk was rerecorded after the event.


20 Mar 2012

Rank #5