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Firmsconsulting maintains a 80% success rate at placing clients within McKinsey, BCG and Bain. This is the highest in the industry and the rate is higher if we include other firms. We achieve this rate because we only use former partners from McKinsey, BCG et al to develop our clients. This makes us unique. We never use analysts, associates, engagement managers or associate principals. We also carefully select and develop clients on their communication, image, technical and case interview skills. This podcast channel describes our lessons from training our clients.www.firmsconsulting.com www.strategytraining.com

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357: When business insight is less important?

OUR WEBSITE! https://www.firmsconsulting.com Free strategic thinking training episodes here: https://www.firmsconsulting.com ▽►CLICK THE SHOW MORE BUTTON◀▽ An episode 357 of Case Interviews and Management Consulting iTunes podcast is here, "When business insight / strategic insight / strategic thinking is less important?" Case Interviews and Management Consulting podcast is ranked among 5-10 top for careers in many countries worldwide.  Enjoy it and let us know your thoughts. Cheers, Kris (CEO, FIRMSconsulting.com) https://www.firmsconsulting.com/kris/ ►Our FC Insiders Content Website: https://www.strategytraining.com ►Our New Premium Members Content Website: https://www.strategytv.com ►Become Premium Member Here: https://www.firmsconsulting.com/product/premium/ ►Strategy Skills Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/strategy-skills-podcast-management-consulting-strategy/id1021817294 ►Management Consulting & Case Interviews Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/case-interview-preparation-management-consulting-strategy/id904509526 ►Building and Running a Consulting Firm Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/management-consulting/id1478201679?mc_cid=8582ee4e54&mc_eid=[UNIQID] ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Firmsconsulting/ ►Facebook groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/strategyskills/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/firmsconsulting/ ►Instagram (company): @firmsconsulting ►Instagram (Kris's personal): @kris.safarova ►Twitter: @firmsconsulting ►Kris's bio: https://www.firmsconsulting.com/kris/ ►Book Michael mentioned (paid link) - https://amzn.to/2S5Wd3u Marketing Saves the World, Bill Matassoni’s Memoir (Ex-McKinsey senior partner and ex-BCG senior partner, former McKinsey world-wide head of marketing). ►Recommended books (paid link) - https://www.amazon.com/shop/firmsconsulting Our e-mail for business inquiries: support@firmsconsulting.com — This video is all about business insights, the power of insight, strategic insight, business insight, business insights analyst, business insights essentials, business insight and analytics, good insight, great insight, valuable insights, your insight, an insight, more insight, my insights, insight business, strategic thinking, strategic thinking skills, strategic thought, develop strategic thinking, strategic thinking leadership, strategic thinking tools, becoming a strategic thinker, strategic and analytical thinking, strategic thinking and leadership, developing a strategic mindset, be more strategic, strategic thinking in the workplace, critical and strategic thinking, strategic and critical thinking, teaching strategic thinking, strategic thought process, thinking more strategically, strategic management thinking, creative and strategic thinking, thinks and acts strategically, becoming more strategic, strategic thinking for dummies, the power of strategic thinking, being strategic at work, being a strategic thinker, strategic thinking and decision making, a strategic thinker, strategic analytical thinking, thinking analytically and strategically, strategic thinking at work, strategic thinking and management, strategic and creative thinking, insightful. #businessinsights #strategicinsight #businessinsight


10 Nov 2019

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185 Mining Lessons

In this podcast, by the editor, we discuss the very counter-intuitive manner in which McKinsey and BCG partners manage engagements, teams and clients. We present 5 crucial differences which may seem nuanced, but have a powerful ripple effect in managing client relationships.Set in the Brazilian interior, this book follows an engagement team as they assist Goldy, a large Brazilian gold miner, in diagnosing and fixing deep and persistent organisational issues. This book will follow an engagement team over an 8 week assignment and explain how they successfully navigate a challenging client environment, develop hypotheses, build the analyses and provide the final recommendations. It is written so the reader may understand, follow and replicate the process.The book is 252 pages in length and written by former management consulting partners and case leaders. This is the only consulting guide taking readers on a day-by-day and step-by-step journey through a complete engagement. MBA students contemplating a career in management consulting will find this book to a useful companion introduction. Consultants can learn the techniques of the leading management consulting firms.This book contains the 252-page book and a single power point file of the material used in the book.


9 Mar 2014

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109 Build Hypotheses With Decision Trees

Building hypotheses is very difficult. Most candidates in a McKinsey, BCG et al interview would not know when to build the hypothesis, what comprises the hypothesis, how to test if it is MECE etc. This simple technique is one way to build hypotheses and used on real consulting engagements. It was developed to help candidates prioritize their analyzes and ensure the hypotheses are MECE. When practicing this technique note that the development of the decision tree must be done quickly and cleanly.


19 Dec 2012

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107 Demand Side Estimation Myth

The myth of demand side estimation cases is the greatest mistake taught in case books worldwide and is probably the worst technique a candidate should be using. Candidates around the world are taught that all estimation cases are market sizing cases and all market sizing cases must be done from the demand side. The problem is that not all estimation cases are market sizing cases and not all market sizing cases should be done from the demand side.Fortunately, it is easy to fix


7 Dec 2012

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254 How to Analyze Articles

This podcast teaches readers how to extract up to 80% of the useful information about an article before you even read the article. The podcast first explains the difference between news, facts and opinions, before showing you the steps to analyze an article. Finally, the podcast uses the recent New York Times article about McKinsey and Dominic Barton to apply these very same concepts. You will see that what McKinsey what you to read from this article is very different from the information you should have extracted.


23 Mar 2015

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312: How to Be Likeable

In this podcast we talk about one critical lesson from TCO III / IV: how being likeable effects one's performance during consulting case interviews. SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL UPDATES HERE & RECEIVE FREE CASE INTERVIEW TRAINING KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn WANT TO LEARN FROM FORMER STRATEGY PARTNERS? REFER TO THE FIRMSCONSULTING ORIGINAL TRAINING PROGRAMS.


31 May 2016

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297: How to be Productive

We receive many emails with questions about how to be productive. In this podcast, which builds on other points about this topic we have previously made, we discuss 6 other areas to consider. (1) Time management, (2) Managing obstacles, (3) 90% rule, (4) When to work, (5) Focus and (6) Why to work. Point 6 is particularly important. Many of the things we do at Firmsconsulting are never started with the intention to generate profits, and some never will. We maintain 3 iTunes channels, more than most firms, and we do it because we enjoy it and want to share our vast knowledge as partners. That is one of the most important lessons, which we will discuss today. SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES HERE & RECEIVE FREE CASE INTERVIEW TRAINING COME HANG OUT WITH US: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn


12 Jan 2016

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345: Consulting Interview Questions. Earning $17 per hour, no degree and dreaming of McKinsey and an MBA

"Consulting interview questions: Earning $17/hour, no degree and dreaming of McKinsey and an MBA" is episode 345 of our Case Interviews & Management Consulting channel. KEEP IN TOUCH:  Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn  WANT TO LEARN FROM FORMER STRATEGY PARTNERS FROM MAJOR CONSULTING FIRMS? SIGN UP FOR ACCESS TO SELECTED EPISODES HERE. https://www.firmsconsulting.com


8 Feb 2019

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206 Case Interview Coaching

This series of detailed podcasts provides prospective applicants to our program all the information they need to put together an application package, do well in the screening interviews, and, should they be the offered a place in the Firmsconsulting program, succeed at their McKinsey, BCG et al interviews.


13 Jul 2014

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220 Why Candidates Fail to Succeed

This is an important and wide ranging podcast around the theme of why candidates fail and some key observations from Felix in The Consulting Offer Season 1.


5 Oct 2014

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42 Traits of Successful Consulting Applicants

A continuation of a podcast series we regularly update which looks at new traits and examines some in greater detail. In this posting, we spend more time looking at experienced candidates. Experienced candidates face unique and material challenges such as being out of an university recruiting cycle (out-of-cycle), having to prove their analytic skills, having to prove their ramp-up rate etc. We discuss how successful clients in our program have met these challenges and thrived.


18 Nov 2011

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235 How Age Impacts Consultants and Applicants

Having spent a large part of my consulting career in my twenties, since I joined the Firm just shy of my 22 birthday, I personally know what it was like to successfully manage a young image. I was generally the youngest analyst, associate or engagement manager on a team, and a very young principal leading teams. I recall several times managing teams where the youngest person was older than myself. Those kinds of situations invariably raise challenges in controlling one’s image and client perceptions. In this podcast, I outline 7 things which can be done to control ageism, and begin by defining how younger and older consultants differ in the signals they send.


3 Jan 2015

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157 How to Influence Your Interviewer

In this podcast we will discuss a client who is very good at influencing the way interviewers work with her, and the subtle danger of her approach. A counter-point to this is another candidate who initially completely mismanaged his image, and we discuss the impact of his actions and what happened when he changed.


22 Sep 2013

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314: How Firms Judge Candidates During Case Interviews

In this podcast we discuss how interviewers judge candidates during case interviews. Specifically we look at how they determine whom are the top candidates. SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL UPDATES HERE & RECEIVE FREE CASE INTERVIEW TRAINING KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn WANT TO LEARN FROM FORMER STRATEGY PARTNERS? REFER TO THE FIRMSCONSULTING ORIGINAL TRAINING PROGRAMS.


17 Jun 2016

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325: How to Present Accomplishments

In this 325th and new episode of the Case Interview & Management Consulting podcast, audio version, we discuss how to effectively present your accomplishments. SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL UPDATES HERE & RECEIVE FREE CASE INTERVIEW TRAINING KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn WANT TO LEARN FROM FORMER STRATEGY PARTNERS? REFER TO THE FIRMSCONSULTING ORIGINAL TRAINING PROGRAMS.


23 Jul 2017

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64 Talk about a leadership example, sample answer

In this series of podcasts we look at each of the typical McKinsey/BCG FIT/PEI questions and provide a typical answer. Note, that while replicating this approach and standard will help you, we caution you that the main test of fit is in handling the cross-examination of your answer. Most candidates tend to be unprepared for that and we urge you to be very aware this will happen and to practice this interrogation style. You can never memorize your way out of these interrogations questions, since you cannot predict the actual question and, therefore, prepare for them. At least 20% of clients ignore this advice at their peril.Talk about a leadership example, sample answer


30 Mar 2012

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108 Speed is the Wrong Focus Area

Far too many candidates focus on being faster. That is another myth. Speed is an outcome of having good technique. So if you are slow, deconstruct your technique, analyze weaknesses and develop a new way to solve arithmetic. That is key. Unless your technique improves aka "your process to solve math," you will never improve. We explain how in this podcast. Moreover, if an interviewer or practice partner indicates you are slow, think carefully if your technique can be improved, versus merely trying to speak faster. Note, there are many different techniques to solve arithmetic problems so do not search for the "best" technique. Find one that works for you..


13 Dec 2012

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299: Best consultants are rarely the best case interview coaches

In this podcast, and related article, we discuss a common mistake candidates make. They assume because a consultant has a reputation for being a good consultant they will make a great case interview practice partner or an effective case interview coach. This is very far from the truth. Teaching is a skill. Great expertise at doing x does not at all imply great teaching skills for x. We see this most clearly in sports and even universities. The greatest sports coaches may have been good at the sport in their youth, but they were rarely the stars. The same applies in universities, the greatest researchers are often poor teachers. Picking a good consultant to be your case interview coach offers superficial comfort, but often does not help you much. SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES HERE & RECEIVE FREE CASE INTERVIEW TRAINING COME HANG OUT WITH US: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn


26 Jan 2016

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171 Structure Fails At 60% McKinsey Cases

At least 90% of aspiring management consultants assume that all McKinsey et al cases MUST be solved with frameworks. That is a dangerous myth. At least 60% of all McKinsey full cases (we are not referring to brainstorming, estimates etc) cannot be solved with structures and you will fail if you used structures to solve them. In this podcast, we use the experiences of a client, Felix, to explain how to identify this second group of cases and what you can do to solve them. We particularly look at Felix's coaching session with Kevin Coyne, ex-McKinsey Worldwide Strategy Co-Leader, in Season One of The Consulting Offer.


15 Dec 2013

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226 Poor Networking and Mentor-Mentee Etiquette

This podcast is linked to the recent quarterly article about the speech Marvin Bower made way back in 1964. Rather than focusing on the many useful elements of the speech, we will focus on the unifying theme of finding outstanding people, inspiring them and requiring the highest levels of conduct from them.


10 Nov 2014

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