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Episode 137: Steven vs Amethyst

GC13 and Sophia are here to talk about Steven vs Amethyst. Yes, the episode turned out to be far more innocuous than the title sounded back when we first learned about it, but Amethyst was still being hit with the feels. This episode is a top contender on some favorite lists, and with moments like the … Continue reading


1 May 2017

Rank #1

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Episode 21: Laser Light Cannon

GC13 and Hunter discuss the second episode of the series: Laser Light Cannon and discover an interesting fact: the second and second-to-last episodes of the season both involve Steven riding onto the beach to save the Crystal Gems. Is this a coincidence, or are the sneople at it again? Has the question of why the … Continue reading


25 May 2015

Rank #2

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Episode 289: The Steven Universe: Future Finale

GC13, Ken, Isabelle, Sophia, and David discuss the final four episodes of Steven Universe: Future: Homeworld Bound, Everything’s Fine, I Am My Monster, and The Future. You saw the episodes. What should we say here? How about a request? What ways do you think that Jasper will carry on her campaign of petty evil through Beach City? This was … Continue reading


31 Mar 2020

Rank #3

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Episode 228: Change Your Mind

GC13, Isabelle, Sophia, and David discuss the 44-minute episode Change Your Mind. Wow. Just wow. The episode definitely feels like a series finale (though we have official word that more Steven Universe is on the way, even after the movie), and so it worked in a lot of stuff. If there’s anything to complain about, it’s … Continue reading

1hr 12mins

28 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 181: I Am My Mom

GC13 and David discuss the (current) peak of Aquamarine’s glory: I Am My Mom. It’s the second of three episodes Aquamarine has been in so far, and she doesn’t let us down. Even Topaz is a sweetheart, protecting Connie from Amethyst’s questionable attempt to rip her out and then attacking weakly enough for Connie to block … Continue reading


5 Mar 2018

Rank #5

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Episode 173: Stranded

GC13, Isabelle, and Sophia discuss the lore bomb also known as the Stranded event, containing Lars of the Stars and Jungle Moon. Seeing Lars and his off-color crew was quite fun, even if the episode raises certain questions about how far Lars really has come (and how good he is at estimating relative ship speeds). It was Jungle … Continue reading


8 Jan 2018

Rank #6

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Episode 249: The Steven Universe movie will be a musical

GC13, Isabelle, and David discuss Carton Network’s announcement that the upcoming Steven Universe movie will be a musical. Really, is anyone surprised by this news? No, the movie being a musical wasn’t obvious beforehand, but it does definitely fit with the series (and with the episode Mr. Greg in particular). Now we just need to wonder … Continue reading


24 Jun 2019

Rank #7

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Episode 110: Drop Beat Dad

GC13, Sophia, and Hunter real talk about the second episode of the Steven Nuke: Drop Beat Dad. It’s about a DJ’s dead beat dad—who knew? Are you ready to Guac? Have you ever had a dream? Seen a glorious future for yourself that you yearn to achieve? Steven has: he wants to be a roadie. This is … Continue reading


24 Oct 2016

Rank #8

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Episode 260: Steven Universe: The Movie

GC13, Isabelle, Sophia, and David discuss Steven Universe: The Movie. It finally happened. There’s a movie for the series, and of course it’s a musical (shake a leg for Mr. Greg why don’t you?). What was your favorite song? We like basically every single one. Even if there are lots of questions to ask about the … Continue reading


9 Sep 2019

Rank #9

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Episode 206: The Trial

GC13 and David discuss The Trial, made particularly interesting because now we know whodunnit: nobody dunnit. Really, we’ve learned so much since then. After Reunited we even know why Yellow was so angered by Zircon accusing her of shattering Pink: she was the one who let Pink have a colony in the first place, making her responsible. … Continue reading


27 Aug 2018

Rank #10

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Episode 243: Sunday Clothes

GC13 and David discuss the Craig of the Creek episode Sunday Clothes, the best way to wear your Sunday clothes on a Saturday. We don’t know exactly how old J.P. and the gang are, and we don’t know who Kit sells the golf balls she trades for to, but we know that Kelsey is a master … Continue reading


13 May 2019

Rank #11

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Episode 286: In Dreams and Bismuth Casual from Steven Universe: Future

GC13, Isabelle, Sophia, and David discuss the beginning of the end of Steven Universe: Future: In Dreams and Bismuth Casual. This is it: the happiest Steven is likely to be before the finale. Savor it. Savor the Camp Pining Hearts reboot, the skating rink, and Cam’s Camshafts. Dreams continue to be weird in Steven Universe, even in … Continue reading


10 Mar 2020

Rank #12

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Episode 3: Winter Forecast

In the third episode of the podcast, GC13, Ken, and Dakota discuss Winter Forecast, but not before discussing the big news of the show’s upcoming crossover with fellow Cartoon network program Uncle Grandpa. Also discussed are Garnet’s future vision, her status as a fusion, and a continuation of last week’s discussion about the lighthouse gem, the … Continue reading


23 Feb 2015

Rank #13

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Episode 161: Trivia Night 2

GC13, Isabelle, Sophia, and David have the second Lunar Sea Spire trivia night. This was a much more competitive trivia night than our first. Again we’d like to thank those who submitted trivia questions (especially anything that gives GC13 an excuse to do a Jasper voice). So, tell us how you did in the comments. … Continue reading


16 Oct 2017

Rank #14

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Episode 155: That Will Be All

GC13 and David wrap up the Out of This World discussion by talking about That Will Be All. When Ms. Sugar joins the storyboard team you know it’s going to be good, and That Will Be All didn’t disappoint at all. Though we unfortunately only just got to meet the Famethyst, at least we know Amethyst had … Continue reading


4 Sep 2017

Rank #15

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Episode 203: Harmony #1

GC13 and David discuss the first issue of the Harmony miniseries. While we’re no closer to knowing for sure whether the comic ties in to the movie, we at least got to see the early stages of the effects the harmony core can have. We also got a new Sadie Killer song, in comic form. … Continue reading


6 Aug 2018

Rank #16

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Episode 204: Mortal Folly

GC13 and David discuss Ms. Sugar’s sixth Adventure Time episode: Mortal Folly. It’s the first Lich episode, and they made sure he was quite the presence. Even if they didn’t know what they would end up doing with him, they knew one thing: the Lich is not funny. He definitely controls the screen when he’s on … Continue reading


13 Aug 2018

Rank #17

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Episode 245: Escape From Family Dinner

GC13 and David discuss the Craig of the Creek episode Escape From Family Dinner. Familiar, why is this so familiar? Get your favorite dad joke ready, because Duane’s bringing the heat. The steaks couldn’t be hotter. Also, please press F to pay respects to J.P.’s phone. This episode of the podcast (should have been) sponsored by … Continue reading


27 May 2019

Rank #18

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Episode 116: Three Gems and a Baby

GC13, Sophia, and Hunter have the goods with a discussion of Three Gems and a Baby. Well if baby Steven isn’t just the cutest baby we’ve ever seen… Greg also helps him get a diamond onto his chest, not long after we get confirmation on the cool kids’ ages. So what do you think? Does a … Continue reading


5 Dec 2016

Rank #19

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Episode 288: Mr. Universe and Fragments from Steven Universe: Future

GC13, Ken, Isabelle, Sophia, and David break down Mr. Universe and Fragments. Oh boy those were sure two episodes, weren’t they? Do you remember back when Steven was happy? We do. So did Steven have a bad childhood? Does he know how to pick his mentors or what? These episodes should have you ready for the finale, … Continue reading


24 Mar 2020

Rank #20