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WeChat, CoinMarketCap, Apple, Lightspeed, Jan Koum,

Don't expect Apple to merge iOS and Mac apps this year.http://bit.ly/qlearly540FB rolls out trial of 'dislike' button.http://bit.ly/qlearly541103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse.http://bit.ly/qlearly542Microsoft Chairman Becomes a VC at Lightspeed.http://bit.ly/qlearly543Another PayPal Co-Founder Is Embracing Blockchainhttp://bit.ly/qlearly544WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum quits over privacy disagreementshttp://bit.ly/qlearly545Telegram is now banned in Iran, affecting 40 million usershttp://bit.ly/qlearly547Google teams with NBC to build VR content for its TV showshttp://bit.ly/qlearly548Chinese government admits collection of deleted WeChat messageshttp://bit.ly/qlearly549Cisco sells part of its NDS video assets, acquired for $5Bhttp://bit.ly/qlearly551There have been twice as many tech IPOs in 2018 http://bit.ly/qlearly552CoinMarketCap gets iOS app http://bit.ly/qlearly553Twitter is blocking Cambridge Analytica http://bit.ly/qlearly554


1 May 2018

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T-Mobile, Sprint, Sergey Brin, Blue Origin, Disney

T-Mobile and Sprint sign $26.5B merger http://bit.ly/qlearly527Disney’s ‘Avengers’ $630M Weekend Debuthttp://bit.ly/qlearly526Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently tried to value itself at $8 billionhttp://bit.ly/qlearly528Google co founder Sergey Brin warns of AI's dark side.http://bit.ly/qlearly530When Ford will stop making most of its carshttp://bit.ly/qlearly531Burning Man’s Larry Harvey passes awayhttp://bit.ly/qlearly532Microsoft to spin its role in counterfeiting casehttp://bit.ly/qlearly533Apple is reportedly an insane ’16K’ VR headsethttp://bit.ly/qlearly534Tesla shareholder wants to remove Elon Musk from chairman positionhttp://bit.ly/qlearly535Facebook drops fundraising fees for personal causeshttp://bit.ly/qlearly536DocuSign raises $629 million after pricing IPOhttp://bit.ly/qlearly537Amazon scores another two years of ‘Thursday Night Football’http://bit.ly/qlearly538Blue Origin’s 8th test launchhttp://bit.ly/qlearly539


30 Apr 2018

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Microsoft, Charlie Lee, BMW, Smartsheet, HelloFresh

Microsoft surges 8% after Morgan Stanley says it will reach 1 trillion dollars market caphttp://bit.ly/qlearly157Facebook has lost $70 billion in 10 days — and now advertisers are pulling out.http://bit.ly/qlearly158BMW and Lexus look to car subscriptionshttp://bit.ly/qlearly15926 of the 115 most popular VPNs are secretly keeping tabs on youhttp://bit.ly/qlearly161Smartsheet files for IPO.http://bit.ly/qlearly162HQ Trivia’s first sponsored games roll out this week from Nike and Warner Bros.http://bit.ly/qlearly163Spotify thinks its revenue growth will slow, to reach 6.4 billion dollars this year.http://bit.ly/qlearly164HelloFresh is now bigger than Blue Apron in the U.S.http://bit.ly/qlearly165Advertisers will spend $40 billion more on internet ads than on TV ads this year.http://bit.ly/qlearly166Coinbase to support Ethereum ERC20 Tokenshttp://bit.ly/qlearly168Charlie Lee's Tweet: http://bit.ly/qlearly169


27 Mar 2018

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George Soros, Sam Altman, Skype, Telegram, Postmates

Twitter to Test a New Strategy to Stop Proliferation of Nastiness.http://bit.ly/qlearly270Spotify’s first hardware device might be this music player for your car.http://bit.ly/qlearly271Postmates and DoorDash have discussed a merger to fend off Uber, GrubHub and Amazon.http://bit.ly/qlearly272Microsoft will streamline Skype call recording with new Content Creator mode.http://bit.ly/qlearly273Best Buy customer info may have been exposed in data breach.http://bit.ly/qlearly274Russia is seeking to block secure messaging app Telegram.http://bit.ly/qlearly275Facebook Messenger will soon let you ‘unsend’ messages just like Mark Zuckerberg.http://bit.ly/qlearly276George Soros Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrencies.http://bit.ly/qlearly27710 Secrets to Achieve Financial Successhttp://bit.ly/qlearly278Joe Rogan Experience #844 - Andreas Antonopouloshttp://bit.ly/qlearly279Sam Altman - Startup Investor School Day 1http://bit.ly/qlearly280


7 Apr 2018

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Tim Ferris, James Altucher, H3 Podcast, Gimlet

New Jeff Bezos interview with Business Insiderhttp://bit.ly/qlearly517James Altucher, Guest Lecture 3/23/17http://bit.ly/qlearly518Reid Hoffman: Build A World-Changing Business | Chase Jarvis LIVEhttp://bit.ly/qlearly519Cardinal Conversations: Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel on "Technology and Politics".http://bit.ly/qlearly520H3 Podcast #2 - PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)http://bit.ly/qlearly521H3 Podcast #12 - Steve-Ohttp://bit.ly/qlearly522H3 Podcast #59 - Deadmau5http://bit.ly/qlearly523H3 Podcast #56 - Post Malone Live From The Hollywood Improvhttp://bit.ly/qlearly524Arlan Hamilton 1: Silicon Valley, by invite only.From - Startup Podcast by Gimlethttp://bit.ly/qlearly525Song: Poldoore - Morning Glory Thank you for tuning in. 📻✌️


29 Apr 2018

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Ryan Hoover, Eric Ries, Tony Robbins, Cyberattack

Amazon now sells more than 70 of its own private-label brands.http://bit.ly/qlearly281Postmates launching pickup feature.http://bit.ly/qlearly282Snapchat brings back chronological Stories feed for some.http://bit.ly/qlearly283Crypto exchange Coincheck, still recovering from $400M hack, sold to online brokerage.http://bit.ly/qlearly284Selina raises $95M to create a boutique travel lodging experience built around communities. http://bit.ly/qlearly285Tony Robbins dug himself into a hole last month. Now, the backlash is picking up steam.http://bit.ly/qlearly286Global Cyberattack that compromised about 200,000 Cisco switcheshttp://bit.ly/qlearly287Eric Ries - The Startup Wayhttp://bit.ly/qlearly288Communicate with Users, Build Something They Want - Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt.http://bit.ly/qlearly289Judd Schoenholtz' from Robinhood on This Week In Startups. http://bit.ly/qlearly290Thank you for tuning in! 📻✌️Our socials: http://linktr.ee/qlearly


8 Apr 2018

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Steve Jobs, Ray Dalio, Megan Quinn, Rob Dyrdek, Jeremy Liew

Ray Dalio: "Principles: Life and Work" | Talks at Google.http://bit.ly/qlearly209How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio.http://bit.ly/qlearly210Jason Fried (Basecamp) and Derek Andersen at Startup Grind Global 2016.http://bit.ly/qlearly211Founders' Stories: Basecamp's Jason Fried.http://bit.ly/qlearly212FundersClub Live Q&A with Megan Quinn of Spark Capital.http://bit.ly/qlearly213Pendomonium 2017 - How Product Experience Drives Investment & Opportunity Outcomes.http://bit.ly/qlearly214Startup UCLA Accelerator: Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed Venture Partners.http://bit.ly/qlearly215Steve Jobs rare footage conducting a presentation on 1980 (Insanely Great).http://bit.ly/qlearly2161997 WWDC Fireside Chat with Steve Jobs.http://bit.ly/qlearly217How to Get Clarity in Your Life | Rob Dyrdek on Impact Theory.http://bit.ly/qlearly218Behind the scenes at YC Demo Day, where the hottest new startups pitch their companies.http://bit.ly/qlearly219


1 Apr 2018

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Slack, Mt. Gox, MailChimp, Mozilla, 1Password, Zilingo

Snapchat Announces Group Video Chat for Up to 16 People and @ Mentions in Stories.http://bit.ly/qlearly249Mozilla is making a 'mixed reality' version of Firefox.http://bit.ly/qlearly250MailChimp's Ban on Cryptocurrency Marketing Is Causing Collateral Damage.http://bit.ly/qlearly2511Password replaces Teams Pro with new business plan.http://bit.ly/qlearly252Google matches 100 percent of its power consumption with renewables.http://bit.ly/qlearly253April Underwood is now Slack’s chief product officer.http://bit.ly/qlearly2546 River Systems raises $25 million for warehouse robots.http://bit.ly/qlearly255EO of Mt. Gox doesn’t want the leftover billion dollars worth of BTC.http://bit.ly/qlearly256Southeast Asia fashion startup Zilingo continues its meteoric rise with $54M Series C.http://bit.ly/qlearly257Thank you for tuning in! 📻✌️http://linktr.ee/qlearly


5 Apr 2018

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Satya Nadella, iQiyi, ProtonMail, MyFitnessPal, AngelPad

Why Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Is Tearing Up the Windows Business.http://bit.ly/qlearly190Tesla issues its largest recall ever voluntarily over faulty Model S steering. http://bit.ly/qlearly189Snap Cuts About 100 Employees in Latest Round of Downsizing.http://bit.ly/qlearly191"China's Netflix" raises $2.25 billion in IPO.http://bit.ly/qlearly192ProtonMail adds shorter pm.me domain to its encrypted email service.http://bit.ly/qlearly193FCC approves SpaceX plan for 4,425-satellite broadband network.http://bit.ly/qlearly194Under Armour Says 150 Million MyFitnessPal Accounts Hacked.http://bit.ly/qlearly195AngelPad, the accelerator, is raising a $50 million fund.http://bit.ly/qlearly196Thank you for tuning in!Twitter: https://twitter.com/qlearlycom


30 Mar 2018

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Spotify, Robinhood, Instagram, John McAfee, PillPack

Spotify is going public today under the ticker SPOT. Robinhood Launches Commission-Free Crypto Trading in 4 US States.http://bit.ly/qlearly231Google is banning all cryptomining extensions from its Chrome Web Store.http://bit.ly/qlearly232Musk's Joke Falls Flat Amid Tesla Model 3 Output Risk, Cash Burn.http://bit.ly/qlearly233Instagram abandons its Apple Watch app.http://bit.ly/qlearly234Instagram suddenly chokes off developers as Facebook chases privacy.http://bit.ly/qlearly235McAfee finds that gamers are strong candidates for cybersecurity jobs.http://bit.ly/qlearly236Walmart reportedly in talks to acquire prescription delivery service PillPack.http://bit.ly/qlearly237Over-the-counter cryptocurrency market moves over $100 million daily via messaging apps.http://bit.ly/qlearly238Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs From 2020, Replacing Intel. http://bit.ly/qlearly239


3 Apr 2018

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Marc Benioff, Fortnite, CubeYou, SenseTime

Tim Cook and Sergey Brin Met With the Saudi Crown Prince in Silicon Valley.http://bit.ly/qlearly291Fortnite is making close to 2 million dollars a day from iPhone users.http://bit.ly/qlearly292Tech billionaire Elon Musk plans hyperloop high-speed acceleration and braking test.http://bit.ly/qlearly293Facebook suspends another data analytics firm after CNBC discovers it was using tactics like Cambridge Analytica.http://bit.ly/qlearly294Netflix Could Pull Films From Cannes in Response to Competition Ban.http://bit.ly/qlearly295Salesforce is working on a blockchain product.http://bit.ly/qlearly296Apple will reportedly announce a red iPhone 8 tomorrow.http://bit.ly/qlearly297China Now Has the Most Valuable AI Startup in the World.http://bit.ly/qlearly298Thank you for tuning in! 📻✌️Our socials: http://linktr.ee/qlearly


9 Apr 2018

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Youtube, Zendesk, Virgin Hyperloop One, John Giannandrea

YouTube shooting: Female suspect dead, three wounded at HQ in San Bruno, California.http://bit.ly/qlearly240Zendesk hits $500M run rate, launches enterprise content management platform.http://bit.ly/qlearly241Spotify's First Day Trading Delivers $26.5 Billion Market Value.http://bit.ly/qlearly242JUMP Bikes weighing Uber $100m+ acquisition, investment offers.http://bit.ly/qlearly243Impossible Foods raises $114 million to create more plant-based meat.http://bit.ly/qlearly244Billionaire Virgin Hyperloop One Director Arrested on Fraud and Embezzlement Charges.http://bit.ly/qlearly245Snapchat reinstates Giphy stickers following removal of racist GIFs.http://bit.ly/qlearly246Apple hires Google’s former AI boss to help improve Siri.http://bit.ly/qlearly247Tesla Eases Cash Concerns With Promise of Model 3 Progress.http://bit.ly/qlearly248Thank you for tuning in! 📻✌️https://linktr.ee/qlearly


4 Apr 2018

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Dropbox IPO, Airpods, AirBnB, Google ARCore & Spinlaunch

Welcome to the first episode of Startup World brought to you by Qlearly.com. Here are today's headline. The Dropbox IPO is confirmed. Dropbox had 1.1 billion in revenue last year. They are expecting to raise $500 million plus. It is the first Y C Company to go public. Spinlaunch is raising a 30 million series A to catapult cargo into space. It was secretly founded in 2014 by Jonathan Yaney, who built solar-powered drone startup Titan Aerospace and sold it to Google. Apple plans to release an upgrade of the AirPods. The company is apparently working on water resistance and more Siri integrations. Apple CFO says wearable revenue rose almost 70% last year. Samsung brought an app back from the dead. Opera Max relaunched as Samsung Match.Airbnb takes on hotels with Airbnb plus and ticketing platforms with Airbnb concerts. Thank you for tuning in! Today's Product: Google ARCore Version 1


1 Mar 2018

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Boeing, Pandora, Ripple, Waze, AR Kit, Mazda

Boeing: Reports of WannaCry outbreak 'overstated and inaccurate'.http://bit.ly/qlearly180Pandora launches automatically generated personalized playlists.http://bit.ly/qlearly181Ripple gives away $29 million of its cryptocurrency to public schools.http://bit.ly/qlearly182Tim Cook on What He Would Do in Mark Zuckerberg's Shoes: 'I Wouldn't Be in This Situation'.http://bit.ly/qlearly183Mazda Announces CarPlay Support for 2018 Mazda 6.http://bit.ly/qlearly184Trump’s obsession with Amazon should worry you.http://bit.ly/qlearly185Lyft commits to closing wage gaps across race and gender.http://bit.ly/qlearly186Waze officially launches its ad program for small businesses.http://bit.ly/qlearly187ARKit-only apps top 13 million installs, nearly half from games.http://bit.ly/qlearly188


29 Mar 2018

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Twitch, Pinterest, Will Smith, MailChimp, Pokémon GO

Twitch employees hit with layoffs amid reorganization of some teams.http://bit.ly/qlearly197 http://bit.ly/qlearly200New York City is launching public cybersecurity tools to keep residents from getting hacked.http://bit.ly/qlearly198MailChimp clarifies its anti-ICO policy.http://bit.ly/qlearly199Niantic to settle Pokémon GO Fest lawsuit for over $1.5M.http://bit.ly/qlearly201Tesla says fatal crash involved Autopilot.http://bit.ly/qlearly202Snap will save $25 million this year after cutting 7% of its staff in two separate rounds of layoffs.http://bit.ly/qlearly203Pinterest's new feature takes the algorithm out of your feed. http://bit.ly/qlearly204Amazon’s Music Storage service will remove your MP3 files on April 30th.http://bit.ly/qlearly205UberRUSH is shutting down.http://bit.ly/qlearly206Google is shutting down goo.gl URL http://bit.ly/qlearly207AMZN rebounds as it always does after Trump’s early-morning tweet attack.http://bit.ly/qlearly208


31 Mar 2018

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Intercom, Pipefy, Lightspeed, Tenor, Josh Kushner

Apple’s new, cheaper iPad is very, very familiar.http://bit.ly/qlearly170You can now control GarageBand with your face on iPhone X.http://bit.ly/qlearly171Snapchat is building the same kind of data-sharing API that just got Facebook into trouble.http://bit.ly/qlearly172Facebook reportedly pauses smart speaker plans for obvious reasons.http://bit.ly/qlearly173Uber will not reapply for its permit to test self-driving cars in California.http://bit.ly/qlearly174Intercom raises $125 million to take on Salesforce.http://bit.ly/qlearly175Back-Office Integrator Pipefy Raises 16 Million dollars Series A.http://bit.ly/qlearly176Lightspeed just filed for $1.8 billion in new funding, as the race continues.http://bit.ly/qlearly177Josh Kushner's health care startup is now worth $3.2 billion.http://bit.ly/qlearly178Google buys GIF platform Tenor.http://bit.ly/qlearly179Thank you for tuning in! Twitter: https://twitter.com/qlearlycom


28 Mar 2018

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George Hotz, Rachael Horwitz, Ayman Hariri, Roger Ver

Amazon spent nearly $23 billion on R&D last yearhttp://bit.ly/qlearly300Instagram Nametagshttp://bit.ly/qlearly301Uber acquires bike-share startup JUMP. http://bit.ly/qlearly302 Comma.ai raises $5 million.http://bit.ly/qlearly303Coinbase hires Rachael Horwitz as its first VP of comms.http://bit.ly/qlearly304PayPal to roll out banking products for the ‘unbanked’ http://bit.ly/qlearly305Holberton raises $8M for its full-stack engineering school.http://bit.ly/qlearly306A sidelined wall street legend bets on Bitcoin.http://bit.ly/qlearly307How Vero Plans to Take on Facebook.http://bit.ly/qlearly308HQ Trivia gets social http://bit.ly/qlearly309Duolingo adds new language exercises http://bit.ly/qlearly310Twitter takes away at bitcoin http://bit.ly/qlearly311Cryptocurrency thieves are using verified profiles to scamhttp://bit.ly/qlearly312Mark Zuckerberg on C-SPAN3.http://bit.ly/qlearly314Song: Poldoore - Morning GloryThank you for tuning in! 📻✌️


10 Apr 2018

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Mark Zuckerberg, Nokia, Bitcoin, Crypto, Ninja & Drake

Mark Zuckerberg’s notes from today’s hearing.http://bit.ly/qlearly315Zuckerberg shoots down conspiracy theory that they tap your microphone.http://bit.ly/qlearly316‘There will always be a version of FB that is free'.http://bit.ly/qlearly317Crypto startups bypass FB ad ban with sly marketing tricks.http://bit.ly/qlearly318Google Is in Talks to Buy Nokia's Airborne Broadband Syste.http://bit.ly/qlearly319Instagram’s brings portrait mode to most iPhones and some Androids.http://bit.ly/qlearly320Ninja played more Fortnite with Drake, who gave him 5,000 dollars for winning a game.http://bit.ly/qlearly321Apple Must Pay 502.6 Million dollars to VirnetX.http://bit.ly/qlearly322New Data on Cryptocurrency Trading Underscores Japan as a Major Hub.http://bit.ly/qlearly3238 Policemen in India arrested for extorting 200 Bitcoin from a businessman.http://bit.ly/qlearly324Song: Poldoore - Morning GloryThank you for tuning in! 📻✌️


11 Apr 2018

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Tim Cook, Telegram, Silicon Valley, NBA, Blockchain

Tim Cook addresses Facebook privacy, U.S./China relations at Beijing event.http://bit.ly/qlearly140Tesla to Slow Deliveries in Norway on Report of Dangerous Trucks.http://bit.ly/qlearly141NBA testing 99-cent stream that lets you watch the final quarter of a live game.http://bit.ly/qlearly142Telegram chalks up 200M MAUs for its messaging app.http://bit.ly/qlearly143HBO’s Silicon Valley gets the VR treatment for Season 5.http://bit.ly/qlearly144American Express quietly acquired UK fintech startup Cake for $13.3M.http://bit.ly/qlearly145The US Postal Service Is Looking at Backing Up Data With Blockchain.http://bit.ly/qlearly146Y Combinator’s Jessica Livingston on Dropbox IPO: ‘It was just a dream of ours’.http://bit.ly/qlearly147Facebook was warned about app permissions in 2011http://bit.ly/qlearly148This week in tech, 20 years ago (Yesterday, March 24)http://bit.ly/qlearly149Thank you for tuning in, we will be back tomorrow ✌️


25 Mar 2018

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Emmanuel Macron, Barry McCarthy, Toshiba, Red Hat, Nift

Red Hat looks beyond Linux.http://bit.ly/qlearly227Alphabet will operate a fleet of 20,000 Jaguar cars for its driverless ride-hail service by 2022.http://bit.ly/qlearly221Emmanuel Macron talks to wired about France's AI strategy.http://bit.ly/qlearly222Meet Barry McCarthy, the man behind Spotify’s daring public offering.http://bit.ly/qlearly223Nift raises $16.5M for a new kind of gift card.http://bit.ly/qlearly224Clipisode launches a ‘talk show in a box’.http://bit.ly/qlearly225‘Highly critical’ CMS bug has left over 1 million sites open to attack.http://bit.ly/qlearly226Toshiba's $19 Billion Chip Sale Set for Delay.http://bit.ly/qlearly220Apple doesn’t understand what makes Chromebooks great.http://bit.ly/qlearly228South Africa has an untouched $10M fund for internet accessibility.http://bit.ly/qlearly229Here are the best gags of April Fools’ Day 2018.http://bit.ly/qlearly230


2 Apr 2018

Rank #20